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Anonymous 128739

I wish I was a cat. I would be lazy all day and everyone would love me. Anyone else like that?

Anonymous 128740


That's a perfect life, agreed
But, on the other hand, cat can't use internet and enjoy media
I think I surely could live with out it (as a cat), especially if I'd live in a warm climate and my owner would let me out (I'd prefer to have ones)

Anonymous 128749


Anonymous 128752

Nah the only reason id like to be a cat is because of their appearance and their physical abilities. But i dont really like their lifestyle.

Anonymous 128823


I want to be a smart cat

Anonymous 128908

I believe in you. You will be the first cat to cure cancer.

Anonymous 129030


This is why I decided to become a kot. Everybody refers me as "cat" : family, friends, coworkers. I meow on a daily basis, nobody minds since i'm the cat. Like cats, I walk with a perpetual smile on my face, so everybody sees me as a blissful creature. I love being a cat, and people love me for it.

Anonymous 129031

Anonymous 129032

bleh, the channel owner disabled to video playback for external sites. try this video instead.

Anonymous 129033

I knew a guy in high-school who liked this and he was also a wrong generation guy

Anonymous 129064

what do you think about becoming one of these cats? (click for video)

Anonymous 129066


Anonymous 129090


I wish I was a cat and that I had a cute cat boyfriend and that we lived in a barn together. During the day we could go outside and roam around and then at night we could catch mice to eat and cuddle up when we were full and fall asleep in a hayloft or something.

Anonymous 129093

I love cats they're so cute adorable and love how they're lazy and they don't open up to fake bitches

Anonymous 129108

Are you neutered? How do you react when other cats cross into your territory?

Anonymous 129170

I wish I was a cat too so I have an excuse to be kinda an asshole and still get cuddles and pets. I'd just hope my owner isn't evil though

Anonymous 129189

>Are you neutered?
No, wild cats don't get neutered. I'll keep my ovaries, thank you!
>How do you react when other cats cross into your territory?
We usually engage in the mandatory hissing contest of the feline code of conduct. If no agreement is found this way, a slapfight occurs.

Anonymous 129191

ive often wished i was a dog so i could just be loved and pet and taken care of

Anonymous 129295

I'm looking to adopt one at the moment, my baby is getting old and would benefit from being around a young lively puppy. What are your rates, hourly or bi-weekly?

Anonymous 218698

Honestly I have this thought/fantasy of just being wrspped up with a cat sleeping the way they do. It must be so cozy and comforting. Being petted would be nice, too. I used to do dry brushing and it was heavenly.

Anonymous 218713

>I used to do dry brushing and it was heavenly.

Why did you stop?

Anonymous 220803


>10 months since I posted this thread
>still not a cat
end it

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