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Anonymous 129047

What season is your favorite and why?

As someone who experienced both extreme winter and summer I'd say the best season is summer/early fall

Anonymous 129070

If I really had to choose, probably mid spring to early summer Everything's gorgeous when greenery starts to bloom whether it rains or the sun shines and it's not uncomfortably hot yet. The only season I actively dislike is winter, it's bland and cold and we don't even get snow.

Anonymous 129079


Anonymous 129084

Early winter, early spring and fall. But I'm kinda upset that it isn't dark at 5pm because it goes with my depression and I like it being dark all the time

Anonymous 129112

Fall winter and spring but I hate summer unless I'm able to swim

Anonymous 129113

Fall cause I can relate to the leaves T_T

Anonymous 129132

Early spring when it's not too hot or cold and there's no mosquitoes yet, or late autumn when it's not too hot or cold and the mosquitoes are all gone. There may be a pattern here, but I can't seem to find it.

Anonymous 129185

I love fall because the weather is usually nice - chilly but not freezing - and all the leaves changing color plus halloween are nice
I also love spring, everything is blooming and green, and it rains a lot too and I love gray skies and rainy days

Anonymous 129351

I like muggy summer, just the nostalgia I have hanging out in the dead of summer at night fills me with so much positive feelings that any other season just doesn't compare. I like fall too but knowing winter is just around the corner leaves a bad taste for me.

Anonymous 129432

Winter. If I'm not shivering it's too warm

Anonymous 133678

fuck summer there are bugs. autumn is the best season

Anonymous 134511


Probably spring, because it's not too hot and doesn't have the flaws winter bring. ACs aren't commonplace in my country so summer is hard to deal with. I also hate it because summer means my loud neighbours (and their kids who are then at home 24/7 because of summer break) blast terrible music in their garden almost all day.
I really hate how it gets darker earlier in winter, it makes me feel like I've wasted time and I much prefer the daylight. When I went to school, I'd get off at the wrong bus stop way too often in winter because it'd be too dark to properly see. And if it doesn't snow in at least December then I always get dissapointed!

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