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Anonymous 129361

did you play with dolls as a child?
i played with dolls a lot until i turned 11

Anonymous 129363

i did and used to play with winx/bratz/barbie dolls until i was like 12
and here as an adult i collect animu and idolmasterfigures

Anonymous 129370

You stopped?

Anonymous 129401

I stopped halfway through elementary school. I shifted more to video games and visual novels.

Anonymous 129403

No. I played with stuffed animals.

Anonymous 129405

Not really, I only had one doll my grandma had given me. I mostly played outside or on the computer.

Anonymous 129427

i had some bratz dolls, i cut the hair off of them though

Anonymous 129438

I played with dolls until like 10 along with my MLP ponies. They were simpler times

Anonymous 129442

i used to play with monster high dolls, and also with stuffed animals, cars and dinosaurs. i never really played outside, this all happened in my living room

Anonymous 129446

I had Barbie dolls when I was really little, along with these horse toys, not like MLP they were bigger, looked like real horses but with pretty colors and stuff. Also dinosaur toys and Legos and Knex(loved these!) Sidenote but I really got into drawing dinosaurs with lots of teeth as a kid too

Anonymous 129627

yes i played with bratz, barbie, polly pockets and baby dolls.

Anonymous 131447

I played with dolls until I turned 16 or so. My stories got super degenerate around the age of 8, tho. I collected Monster High afterwards.
Also, now I'm saving to buy my first BJD. They're so unbelievably pretty.

Anonymous 131449

I had one barbie doll that a friend gifted me for a birthday, I didn't play with it a lot. It came with butterfly hairclips and a metallic skirt with butterflies printed on it, I kinda want to see a picture of it again just to be nostalgic. When we were over at my aunt's, me and my cousins would play with the massive bucket of barbies and barbie furniture and clothes my aunt had, left overs from her daughters who were all teenagers or young adults by that point.

Anonymous 131450


I had the same one.

Anonymous 131452

I found a whole box of random Lego on the side of the road when I was about 6 and took them home. I had to hide them from my dad for the next 8 years, but I played with them daily until I was about 13. Literally never owned a doll, but I found a knockoff Barbie box on the side of the road and cut out the back with a picture of the doll and pretended she was a gigantic godqueen avatar of myself who brought civilisation to the Lego people. She was a harsh goddess who demanded much, but she brought stability, culture and plenty to a barren, barbaric people.

Anonymous 131462

Or maybe not actually, I was half asleep when I read your post

Anonymous 131470


i used to play with petshops a lot, i also owned the VIPs pet shop plushies, i wondder if some other anons remember them too!! there was a website for them where you could play a little bit like the webkinz, good times… I wish it was archived but looks like its not considered to be internet lost media

Anonymous 131485

I didn't play with fashion dolls like Barbie, but I love collectibles like Littlest Pet Shop and I was obsessed with them.

Anonymous 131486


Anonymous 131488


Anonymous 131496

Nope. I had a Barbie that fell into my possession but I was too embarrassed to ask for another one. The moment I was old enough to have self-awareness I stopped using my superhero 'action figures'. My friends had Bratz but I found Bratz kind of… Grody? Tacky? Even now I find them unappealing. Honestly, I was a kid with a lot of weird hangups. I'm general I didn't like representations of people in my toys. I preferred arts and crafts. The only time I was okay with people in my toys was when they were Lego people, because I guess I got a sense they were less cringe and childish because they were just parts of the Lego sets and I 'made' them. (Again, weird hangups.)

Anonymous 131500

Beanie babies, the older ones with simpler designs. Loved those things

Anonymous 131523

i always wanted one of those lps plushies </3

Anonymous 131535

I played a long time. I had barbies, bratz, myscene, polly pockets and winx. Althrough Winx was more for collecting purpose since I was a huge fan of the serie at the time. I stopped playing around 10 or 12 I don't really remember. I just know my parent renovated the house a bit and that part included my room. Because of that, I had to move all my toys in boxes and because of that, all the polly pockets I had (and between my sister and I, we had an absolute ton) were lost. I still want to find that freaking box, I loved all those polly pckets so much

Anonymous 131558

yes, but rarely. never really babydolls though.

Anonymous 131572

I didn't like playing with baby dolls as a kid. The only times I enjoyed it was when I managed to convince my crush to play dad.

Anonymous 131605

i liked stuffed toys better because you could throw them and not worry about them breaking

Anonymous 131685

I was never much into dolls. Sometimes people would get them for me when I was still like 4 years old and no one had figured out my lack of interest quite yet. I let my little brother have them instead and he seemed to enjoy them. Then again, he was an actual hand flapping autist and just liked pulling the heads off. Those poor, poor Barbies.

Vaguely remember also having a Cabbage Patch doll someone got me, which I also didn't care for. My mother made a big deal about it, probably because it was a "popular" toy. Think she liked it more than I did and may have possibly ended up adopting it when I didn't. My pals were a stuffed snowman, blue whale and turtle. Still have them, still in excellent condition for their age. Best frens.

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