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shit bpd people say Anonymous 129397

shit bpd people say

Anonymous 129400

Yeah I knew one once, its cringe.

Anonymous 129425

>projecting their BPD on literally everyone they encounter

Anonymous 129428

or the classic "i know i hurt you but its my bpd" as if that excuses everything

Anonymous 129572

I’m sorry my illness inconveniences you in a minor way, but I deal with it all the time :(

Anonymous 129580

>"When I'm with you I feel so calm"
>"I love you"
>"I've never felt like this before :)"
>"don't worry, I won't leave you like they did"
>"I'm not using you for your apartment and sex, that's ridiculous. How could you even accuse me of of something like that? It's your friends telling you that isn't it. I told you they're jealous of what we have. I told you and you didn't listen, you never listen to me. You make me feel like shit all the time over things you make up in your head. Acting like this.. It's no wonder he left you. I'm starting to think you didn't tell me the entire story anyway, why would someone just do something like that? Oh, you're sorry. You're sorry after everything you've done. Bullshit. Stop? I'm not saying anything mean, what are you talking about? Stop crying. Stop crying and talk like an adult. If you could control your emotions I wouldn't have to leave. Hey.. Hey.. Okay. It's okay. Just stop crying and come here.. It'll be okay.. Shhhhh.. That's it baby. Stop apologizing. Just come closer. You know I care about you. Cmere"

cue sex

Anonymous 129598

classic BPD (I can't tell if this is a triggered BPDoid or a spot on impression of one)

Anonymous 129623

that's some Quality Time ass shit

Anonymous 129655

There was a BPD moid I was talking to before he ghosted me kek. For context, we've known each other since we were 11
>some long ass text out of nowhere that was like, "I've been thinking about you ever since I came home from university for summer break. I think you're beautiful and I think there's a chance we're compatible."
>for starters I'm not really into him physically, plus I know he's some type of mentally unstable. It's not like he's a deadbeat either, he's a law student and we get along quite well as friends. I decide to give him a chance
>we start talking and I take hours to respond
>"REEEEEEEE did I scare you off because of my BPD? I'm so attached to you"
>I'm confused as fuck but kek'd because what in the fuck is this mental illness
>cue two weeks later he ghosts me
>thank god
s, never give BPDfags a chance.

Anonymous 129727

I was friends with this BPD guy, he was really nice actually, well, he used to constantly apologize for "insulting" me or something but I'm too retarded to realize when people are being mean like that so we got on well. It was online so. One guy used to constantly tell me he was malicious but I never really saw it, sure he would lash out but I always sort of got why and it didn't effect me because again, couldn't realize when he was a dick. Or he would do something like jokingly call me a thot and then apologize over and over again like it meant anything lol.
BPDs be crazy. Massive drama whores and massively self destructive. They eat themselves up. Kind of sad.

Anonymous 131960

Is BDP just the new "autist" in internet lingo?

Anonymous 131965

i take meds for bipolar disorder and i thank god every day that i do not have bpd, they're just kind of fucked

Anonymous 131982

No. BPD is mostly associated with drama queens that ruin relationships that an autist wouldn't have even gotten into in the first place.

Anonymous 132007

your kind should be put in special camps tbh

Anonymous 134219

Bipolar is equally fucked you’re not special

Anonymous 134801

do they say anything? all i ever hear is incoherent screaming and crying

Anonymous 134805

youre forgetting door slams nona

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