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i love women Anonymous 129654

i'm not a lesbian because i have crushes and feel attraction towards men almost exclusively and fell in love deeply with 2 moids but i'm extremely indifferent to men and masculinity.
i dont care for male celebrities, never had a crush on one of them, male bodies and faces and uninteresting and boring to me, almost repulsive, meanwhile i think girls are pretty and sensual and i'm raptured by beautiful girls in an artistic sense (but also average or below girls, i just think women are neat). i admire female celebrities a d important figures, i care only about girl groups in k-pop, i think porn is gross but i'd much rather watch lesbian porn than gay porn, or a solo girl rather than a moid, and i prefer and nearly only watch media with female main characters and preferably a large female cast (if theres no men even better).
im obsessed with women in this non sexual, non romantic way and i dont know anyone who likes women as much as i do while simultaneously being this uninterested in masculinity without being at least bi. hell i know lesbians more interested in men celebs and whatnot than me.
i know this sounds like a comphet cope wall of text but honestly i wouldnt care about being a lesbian that would be even better because men are despicable, but unfortunately when it comes to the real thing id only be into it with a man.
anyone else like this? im curious

Anonymous 129666

>i have crushes and feel attraction towards men almost exclusively and fell in love deeply with 2 moids
>i'm extremely indifferent to men and masculinity.
So… how does this make sense?

Anonymous 129670

I'm exclusively attracted to males but I don't feel any humanity from them. I don't think there's anything wrong with admiring women OP and you don't need to be a lesbian to think they're aesthetic.

Anonymous 129672

You sound like a moid I knew that hated women to the point he tried to trick himself into only finding boys attractive/aesthetic. Hopefully you find peace at some point.

Anonymous 129673

thats why i made the thread lmao, because it doesnt make sense to me either but its how i feel nonetheless. i dont find men appealing, and yet i found myself in love with 2 of them. idk i guess sexuality really is complex, maybe for some a but more than others.

thank you nona! this was cute and clarifying.

i am at peace and i dont force myself to like femininity and girls lol on the contrary i always feel im forcing myself when it comes to appreciating boys and boyish stuff

Anonymous 129678

Are you a teenager

Anonymous 129684

I think I kinda get where you're coming from. Aesthetic and artistic appreciation is a thing. It's not about sex or relationships as much as just delighting in something that you find to be beautiful. Sound about right?

Anonymous 129685

>fell in love
quite possibly a teeny bopper

Anonymous 129686

I’ve seen SO many threads on cc with this exact same premise. You’re straight. Its ok to be straight.

Anonymous 129687

If you wouldn’t eat a woman out, you’re straight.

Anonymous 129688

You're normal OP, you don't have to fit into some label either. I think what you're describing is how most moids feel about women anyway.

Anonymous 129701

Posts like this always give off the vibe that you see women as "art" so to speak, which means you still see women as objects. I knwo I'm probably wrong, but every time I hear "women are so beautiful, women are art :) and men are so ugly ugh :( I'm still only attracted to men tho" all I hear is "I see men as human beings that don't have to be attractive and women's purpose is to be looked at and consumed like products"

Anonymous 129704

OP is just a straight girl who wants to feel special.

Anonymous 129707

she is probably just into cute boys but makes a huge fuzz about it. Either way likely she is very young so she will figure it out as she grows up.

Anonymous 129759

So women who don’t go down on male are not straight, understood

Anonymous 129779

What? Just keep the reasoning simple you like benis or vegana. And thats it. benis is straight, vegana is lesbian, both is bisexual.

Anonymous 129807

If you don’t like pussy you aren’t lesbian. Simple as.

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