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Mini Fanzine project Anonymous 129738

I would like to make mini fanzine
in a cute aesthetic, in there
we could have mini manga oneshot!
The theme would be like cute, horror or romance… As long it's about WOMEN and not too much work
Who wants to join?

Anonymous 129739

this is such a cute idea! would you like a poetry section? i'd love to write it/find poetry for it.

Anonymous 129740

Sure!!!! I could even illustrate your poem if you dont mind!!! I think it’s a good idea

Anonymous 129767

I'd love this! Lainchan already has one so why not us?

Anonymous 129794

id join anon, are you looking for other artists?

Anonymous 129805

I would contribute! I think "cute," "thank you," or "friendship" would be cute themes. Or seasonally themed like "spring" or "summer."

Anonymous 129811

That is so cute ! I'm also glad the anons replying to you aren't bitching about your idea, unlike on /cgl/ when someone comes up with any creative project.

Anonymous 129817

Yes!! Let's do it!!
I love those fresh themes!!
I'm so happy and hyped too!!

I should create a discord so anyone who wants to join can dm me

Anonymous 129887


Would luv 2 join! do you want us to post examples of our art?

Anonymous 130015

Sureeee ! I will show too

Anonymous 130279


Anonymous 130280

My discord:
add me if anyone wants to draw, write
in the fanzine

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