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misogynistic women in politics Anonymous 129914

I used the word pick me becuz buzzword so dont mind it

i just find it funny how some women in politics are there saying… women shouldnt do politics
I mean, especially in the past
I think its a way of survival. Pilar Primo was out there saying women be submissive women be housewives yet she didn't have any children. Her life was mostly politics.
Scholtz-Klink was out there telling women who work to stop and obey to males, their superiors, yet she was very involved in politics, had discussions with political men, wrote, etc.
according to wikipedia she said women can work if it doesnt make them independant. proves the point that women do work and what bugs people is when it gives them the ability to be self sufficient.

"women, don't be opinionated, don't do politics, don't work!"
- a women involved in politics who works with other men

Anonymous 129915

a woman* sry

Anonymous 129917

This sort of reminds me of YouTube tradwives

Anonymous 129918

In polítics you need priorities over your principles and values. Comies dont value property, nazis don't value equal rights, these woman just don't value other womans wellbeing. They care about keeping the Status Quo, wich is a very human thing to care for.
A dependent house wife with kids and fearfull of god is their utopía.

Anonymous 129920

Did they really say that, or did they say that's what the majority of women tend to do? Those are very different things. One can think it's ideal if the majority of women follow a certain life path while following another without being contradictory. Exception proves the rule and what not. Not saying this is my opinion.

Anonymous 129924

They led the feminine sections of their parties. Men led and they repeated what they said, while at the same time not really respecting it themselves.
The nazi one even put pressure on women who didnt follow these ideas and had some other feminine sections deleted out of rivalry.

Anonymous 129925

I like the idea of being a stay at home mother btw. I just hate what it was made about by men. It has become a way of humiliating women.
Women aren't housewives out of love in their perverted brains but out of being inferior and not being able to do anything else. Sick minds

Anonymous 130200

Tradwives on ytb can be nice, such as ms midwest. I like women who simply do vlogging without being too political about it. Ms midwest has her antifeminist moments yes but its mostly nice, tranquil vlogging and tips for women who wish to follow this kind of path which is not immediately wrong. The only real important choice is actually the husband. Then economically or whatever its an individual situation, its personal business.

I find these women dangerous when they encourage women to become soulless creatures who follow a how-to-be-female guide who believe every word alphawannabe males say. To be a non educated woman is a male fantasy. Same reason why they like us young : easy to manipulate. Thats a no.

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