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Art websites? Anonymous 130090

I've been looking for an art hosting website or forum that has an old internet feel. Think of classic Deviantart, New Grounds, AO3, etc. I dislike modern UIs and not being able to customize my profile in the slightest.
I don't like Neocities because, even if there's a community, there's no way to easily interact with others and share my art.
Tumblr is the best I got so far.
What do anons recommend?

Anonymous 130092

NewGrounds still exists I dont know what you need?

And in Tumblr you can customize everything if you get a theme, there is even a 4chanism or something like that theme to make it look like an image board.

Anonymous 130096


Anonymous 130097

Only site I've been on which allows profile customization is toyhouse if you buy premium. You can html/css anything. But no community despite having a forum. No communities on the internet anymore.

Anonymous 130174

Just trying to weight my options, see different communities. Maybe there was something out there I haven't heard of. Regardless, I think the site isn't as important as to how people interact with it.
Tumblr is fine, I like tumblr, people are nice, but it gets too political at times. I supposed NG is also okay.
I never got an invitation code for it since I don't know anyone who uses it.

Anonymous 130179

How do you interact with people on tumblr?
I know there are comments, ask and notes, but comments are so rare

Anonymous 130180

Try https://www.reddit.com/r/codesfortoyhouse/ I got my code from there months ago. People just give it away since premium users get invites each month and generating invites costs them pennies

Anonymous 131156

I hate what deviantArt has become, flat design hell with tedious UI that seems to tell you to spend as little time on the site as possible. Why are they doing this

Anonymous 131159


they tried too hard to fit in with modern times eventually pushing their loyal community away. I miss deviantart prior to the eclipse update, the profile customisation was insane and so much fun. I remember when people with deviantart premium could make their profiles look so unique. Now with eclipse not only do we lose that, we also get a convoluted UI that requires more steps to do things compared to the prior one. Picrel is some random non-core/premium membership dA account in the old layout. Miss those times.

Anonymous 131178

itaku.ee just popped up recently, I enjoy it, but it's definitely not as community driven as Devart was. Still small enough to have a soul though.

Anonymous 131179

Sorry, forgot about the note of profile customization. It's basically Twitter levels unfortunately. I wish for the same, profile customization is an extension of artistic prowess.

Anonymous 131180

Comments are rare on images, but if you look at the texts they're more common.

Anonymous 131210

Try pixiv maybe. Not really old style but not overly modern either

Anonymous 131683

Please join pixiv so I'm not the only western artist there that isn't posting degen underage shit. I just like the UI oh my god

Anonymous 134391

Looks promising enough

Anonymous 134583


why can't we just have an art site that's not focusing on degen porn that also has a nice UI? Is it really that hard to unite these two things?

Anonymous 134584

Porn is banned there

Anonymous 134585

Yeah but it'S mostly for professionals and their portfolios, I meant something more community oriented and casual where it's nice to talk to people. Like deviantArt used to be before the terrible changes

Anonymous 134595

I’d like a more hobby based platform, i’d feel so embarrassed if i posted my work there. I miss deviantart

Anonymous 134597

deviantArt these days really reminds me of the dead internet theory. There's still lots of users going by raw numbers, but people hardly interact and it feels like most views and favs these days come from bots.

Anonymous 134608

Pixiv. It may be Japanese but there are a lot of great artist on there.

Anonymous 134622

Am i the only person who doesn’t mind an art community where there’s porn (that’s unavoidable anyway) i feel like early 2010s art side of tumblr was perfect. The userbase was mostly female so the porn was well done and drawn beautifully and not degenerate or fetish focused and we had plenty of cute art. I miss it so much

Anonymous 134653

I fucking hate that if you're not going to draw porn then you're doomed.
Coomer fucking world.

Anonymous 134665

I don't mind occasional porn in general but it feels like whenever it's allowed it's basically taking over the site.

Anonymous 134687

And when its not allowed the site dies, like with tumblr lol

Anonymous 134693

I actually liked when they decided to ban porn on their platform, because the best content on Tumblr was the non-pornographic content and there were other sites for that express purpose already. It was annoying to randomly see dick when you just wanted to check your dash.

Anonymous 134722

Is tumblr still active though? It seems so scattered and hard to form a community there

Anonymous 134724

yeah, it isnt what it uses to be, but tons of people still use it and tags still update daily and ppl check them.
lots of artists left after the promban tho, so im sure ppl will appreciate if more start posting art again, there are too many stolen memes as content on fandoms tags now…
theres also has been a revival of the rp scene here, if youre into that. I keep seeing new rp blogs popping out and posting.
also the new owners are actually working on tumblr… lots of updates are dumb or even bad, but at least theyre listening to the userbase and making changes.
i made a new tumblr acc just to post my gifs, im completely silent, dont follow anyone nor interact and i still get notes and even followers, if you actually talk to people you will get a mutual circle in no time

Anonymous 134725


Anyone know buzzly.art? I used to post there for a while until it turned out that the people running the site are hilariously incompetent. I've seen some other wannabe dA alternatives come and go aswell, there seems to be a sad theme where people trying to start deviantArt alternatives turn out to be fucking retarded.

Anonymous 134726

thanks anon! you made me kinda excited to make an art account on there. being on twitter and other art platforms is kinda lonely

Anonymous 134727

ppl dont interact (as in reply to your stuff outside tags in reblogs), but a trick is to sent yourself anon aks from time to time, if people see youre open to talk/reply, theyre way more likely to do so themselves :'p

Anonymous 134738

> The userbase was mostly female so the porn was well done and drawn beautifully and not degenerate or fetish focused

Lol what are you on about? A lot of female artists drew very degen things and pretty much popularized a lot of fetishes that are now very common in fanart.

Honestly it's nice seeing other people happy about the porn ban. Not sure if it matters but I noticed that tumblr users have become idk more coomer brained/degen for a while.
How are they incompetent? It seems fine just kind of overrun by furries which isn't bad in of itself.
Tumblr is always a good option imo but nowadays it feels much more truer to the idea of blogging rather than the weird quasi-social media. I think most fandom activity has moved to tiktok, instagram, and twitter.

Anonymous 134742

>popularized fetishes that are common in fanart
like what? i know troon shit wasn't really that popular back then. it existed but it was still niche and it didn't take off till mid 2010s.

Anonymous 134832

>How are they incompetent
They aren't able to formulate a proper TOS and site rules and keep changing shit on the fly resulting in regular asspain and different groups on the site fighting each other(eg people pro and opposed to feral porn whatever the fuck that is), and that keeps happening. They disabled the ability for people to delete their accounts and cancel subscriptions for a while after one of those shitstorms which is illegal by EU law(and probably anywhere else too) and resulted in several people suing the site.
And the moderation was basically Twitter on steroids resulting in nonsensical reprimands and bans.
I really liked it initially because of the nice UI but I ditched it for now and am just hoping they'll get their shit together eventually.

Anonymous 134989

i gave up on it

Anonymous 134991

>I actually liked when they decided to ban porn on their platform
Me too, I was so annoyed seeing cringe coomer takes about how nobody needs a site
without porn
Idk, I still use it and post things
The only obstacle for me is the bot banning fake blood/gore

Anonymous 135077

tumblr aint dead

Anonymous 135288

newgrounds is pretty good for posting art, but it's full of coomers so theres that. they have adult content ratings you can filter out, though, and there's no dumbfuck twitter drama going on.

Anonymous 135293

No it's very muc alive but there are ads in the profiles now.

Anonymous 135294

It almost died because it wasn't getting monetized enough before. They've also now released a "blaze" feature, where users just pay to promote their own posts, basically. That's going about how you'd expect, but the users (myself included, to some degree) appreciate it as a part of the culture…. I guesz.

Anonymous 135794

I don't know. If pixiv wasn't a pain in the ass in letting you only mute one tag, I'd force every art person I know to join me. I do like seeing some porn, so I don't have 18+ content universally filtered (which is an option in account settings), but please pixiv… at least let me mute shota in addition to loli…

Anonymous 135796

Same, but it feels like as soon as porn is allowed a platform basically becomes mostly porn. That's why it's better for a platform to ban pornographic imagery I think, people just can't control themselves

Anonymous 135937

Isn’t mastodon good? Its kinda like twitter with servers you can pick nsfw free servers but i always see artists using it as an addition to their twitter and not as a stand alone platform. I don’t know

Anonymous 136111

If the posts in this thread indicate anything, none of them are emotionally equipped to handle it's uncensored nature.

Anonymous 136117

Anonymous 136124

My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous 136134

Oh god, it is always the worst snowflaky people who are there
I mean if you despise twitter culture, then mastodon culture is like ten times worse

Anonymous 136417


>muh censorship
Art sites always banned certain kinds of content, for example dA banned hardcore pron from day one even in the old times. I don't mind tasteful nudity but excuse me for not wanting to be subjected to autists gay nazi fursonas fucking each other in the ass every time I dare to unmute mature art. There's enough places for porn on the fucking internet, why do everything has to have porn?

Anonymous 136611

You say this like DA's "sfw" art is better. I'd rather see decent coomer art than all the gross fetish junk people skirt the rules with. In the end, all that matters is having the tools to hide it and preferably proper tagging systems.

Anonymous 136622

As said, why do you have to have porn everywhere? There's plenty places where you can share porn. Why can't there be some places without porn?

Anonymous 136636

It's my expression, and my expression isn't worth less than anyone else's just because it indulges in sensitive topics.

Anonymous 136683

Then why aren't you masturbating nude in public? You're merely expressing yourself

Anonymous 136706

then express yourself in websites that are already nsfw friendly instead of trying to turn everything into coomer world

Anonymous 136731

I do… this entire reply chain is because someone randomly cried about me using an uncensored platform and saying they didn't have the mental faculties for it.

Anonymous 136734

Alright, then I gracefully admit I was wrong.

Anonymous 136899

No you just implied, in response to people saying that porn doesn't have to be everywhere, that they're somehow less mature and not able to handle the superior nature of the uncencored spaces you inhabit. Apparently not being a terminally online coomer that has to be surrounded by their fetishes 24/7 without the ability to shove them into everyones face all the time like a tranny makes you a special snowflake.

Anonymous 136909

Sounds like a you problem

Anonymous 136964

This isn’t even a real problem, the algorithm on every site is decided by you based on who you follow and what you like. If you’re seeing porn everywhere on twitter and other uncensored sites that’s on you. Who the fuck are you following? Lol.

Anonymous 136990

>Honestly it's nice seeing other people happy about the porn ban. Not sure if it matters but I noticed that tumblr users have become idk more coomer brained/degen for a while.

Same, anon. I actually felt dread when I saw some people on Twitter talking about returning to Tumblr because of Bezos. No, please; stay put. The people who left out of "solidarity" were just as problematic as the coomers who clogged up fandom tags. It's nice to have a place that focuses on art and not default/yeild to coomer shit. Even if you like that stuff, you need a break.

Pretentious rant: I like creating artistic nudity and tasteful erotica; but there's tons and tons of art sites that already allow that. I do wish there were a site that allowed it and banned pure degeneracy. A good example is how dA bans so much, but allows a lot of disgusting vore and inflation because it's "SFW." So much is umbrellaed under the definition of 'sexual freedom,' they're really comparing a semi-decorative piece of a naked couple in embrace to a hyper furry gangbang bukkake full of degrading dialogue. I do my own hosting, but it would be nice to have a community who shared the same ideals in the NSFW department.

>I think most fandom activity has moved to tiktok, instagram, and twitter.

Discord, too. Save for Discord, I hate this. Most of the fandom engagement there feels disingenuous.

They need to tweak their bot a bit. I've seen it flag completely SFW things just because of the colors used.
>Me too, I was so annoyed seeing cringe coomer takes about how nobody needs a site without porn
Reminds me of the time I got into a fight with someone who was using Tumblr to solicit her live cam shows, sometimes even face-to-face meets. She lost it when I told her that, if it were so vital, she'd use sites actually dedicated to that shit, or have her own webpage.

Anonymous 136992

*Musk, not Bezos. I'm still waking up and getting my stupid billionaires confused.

Anonymous 137008

>muh algorithms
they aren't perfect and peopel still tag their art wrong either because they'Re retarded or want to evade mature filters for more views, you eventually get cringe coomer shit sooner or later everywhere it's allowed

Anonymous 137073

Ignore it then. Stop derailing threads with your anti porn larp.

Anonymous 137093

you are a moid and a coomer

Anonymous 137157

Ugh discord,
I don't use it and not planning to and I get a little fomo
I joined one for following very specific tiny fandom, but never participated in anything
I don't like discord channels being so closed - they are not an open field you are not really attached to (like tumblr or twitter) but more of a "friends chat"
They are not my friends
I don't know them, I don't wanna know them - I just want to be an occasionally visiting spector…

Anonymous 137589

ayrt and I would only recommend Discord to someone, say, peddling commissions to a server so big that it's easy to treat like business; or as a way for you and a few buddies you can trust already within a niche to share a small and cozy server together. Otherwise, I get what you're saying. Most servers have a "too personal too fast" energy to where it feels like it has nothing to do with the theme/topic the place is supposed to be about.

Anonymous 137592

>too personal too fast
that's why I prefer forums, you just can't have the same in depth communications going on over a long time in a real time chat compared to forums.

Anonymous 137661


I decided to check into deviantArt again because of this thread and it makes me so fucking sad. The site is barely working with half of the features being borderline or fully broken. And the 'newest' section is saddening, it's not just the low quality autism art that people used to mock dA for(people doing these at least tried), it's now mostly straight up spam, be it commercial or just low quality shit that people dump there for shits and giggles because no one cares anymore.
It feels like the final stages of abandonment before a site goes 404, the whole site feels like an abandoned house riddled with pawn shop ads and smashed in windows with the occasional homeless taking a crap there. It's like watching the house you grew up in rot and fall apart. Fuck me I'm sad now.

Anonymous 137664

Half the site is weird fetishes or celebrity edits. I’m surprised it hasn't been taken offline yet.

Anonymous 137665

the sanic OC's made in paint everyone made fun of back in the day are high art compared to what you see there today

Anonymous 137707


oh shit, i hadn't thought about deviantArt pulling a 404, but that's what happened to tinypic. photobucket is still around, but it got all fucked up.

Anonymous 137708



i would hate to see it go despite what it's become. it really feels like a cornerstone of the internet.

Anonymous 137713


It just feels desolate, like there's only a small group of actual people left with the rest being bots submitting random stuff and giving each other traffic.
It can't even die with dignity since it's long past that point, this place has no dignity left. It's like the website equivalent of a crack addict

Anonymous 137734

I imagine that hypnosis fetish art about celebrities with a particular smell, that sour smell that people get when they sweat alot and don't wash for a long time. No way this art has a nice smell.

Anonymous 138881

>dA is about to become even worse
they're doing the impossible

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