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Moid Copium Anonymous 130480

Post funniest moid copes in this thread, whatever it may be about

Anonymous 130483

The male penis is irrelevant anyway. Autistic males are so repulsive they could have an 8 inch dick and it wouldn’t matter because no woman would want to be around them for more than 5 seconds, let alone see them naked.

Anonymous 130486

I wonder who even invent the concept of a bigger penis being better for sex
It doesn't make any sense

Anonymous 130492

moid propaganda

Anonymous 130493

I'd like to hear his reasoning.

Anonymous 130495

bigger is better up to a point. it feels more full. too big is just painful while too small feels like nothing

Anonymous 130502

That lizard on the right has boobs

Anonymous 131863

Having a micropenis must suck. It's a dealbreaker for a huge majority of women (and gay men). There's no surgery or fitness regimen out there that would help you have a bigger one. You're relegated to fetish and kink communities and hyperspecific dating sites where you announce the status of your genitalia in the hopes some woman will tolerate your micropenis.

Anonymous 132412

weird that men on imageboards apparently just love scat so much they have to save it to their computer, look at it a shit-ton (kek), find the right pic of a guy's hairy asshole letting out a gnarly load, then come post it here. pretty laborious for people who claim to be totally not gay. sounds pretty fuckin' gay if you ask me

Anonymous 132718


Anonymous 132913


Anonymous 132917

very good.

Anonymous 132920

but the kids dying of hypothermia because genius wants to be off the national powergrid and price gouge for $1800 per kWh (vs 11 cents pre emergency) can't be used as a political football the way "babies" can, so already alive kids can die in droves from his actions and it's fine. terrible person.

Anonymous 222461


Haha, women decorate amirite fellow chads?

Anonymous 222464


Lol moids are mad that their places look like some cardboard boxes, so they try to make women feel bad for making their homes look like actual homes. I'd gladly take a "feminine" apartment with "live, laugh, love" and vanilla scent everywhere over a barren hamster cage that some moid calls a home.

Anonymous 222466

i thought "scrotes are visual creatures"? guess thats only when they want to watch porn

Anonymous 222472

i asked a moid who lived alone once why his flat looked like that and he told me his room back at home was very decorated but here it doesnt matter since he had no one to share it with and enjoy. Idk i guess some moids might not care what it looks like but others may like it but just deprive themselves because they feel like its pointless when they are alone.

Anonymous 222494

sometimes moids do things that depress themselves as punishment for being single. Weird, I know.

But a look into how moids think.

Anonymous 222504

They have always depended on the women in their life to decorate, mothers, sisters, partners… When they start living on their own they literally don’t know how, even if they’d like to. It’s sad really

Anonymous 223077

Last one I talked to noted that the inexpensive studio and single bed apartments favored by male bachelors typically have living agreements that involve significantly more stringent standards for scuffs on walls, and bans on nailing or tacking up posters, paintings etc. So decorating would be the most expensive options for home decor, standing furniture. Which defeats the purpose of moving to the cheapest, smallest flat available.

Anonymous 223083

I dont have an issue with people who decorate but tbh I don't see the point. Its so much effort for what? It doesn't make anything feel "homey" it just overwhelms me because its cluttered with stuff that has no real purpose.

Anonymous 223340

I agree to an extent, I like to avoid items that have no function but look for functional items that are decorated and well designed. Unfortunately they are usually antiques or luxury items that cost way too much

Anonymous 223710



Penis size is confirmed by nose size. Perhaps this is why poltard moids hate white girls that had black or brown guys

Anonymous 223947

There's a difference between being a messy person and neatly decorating one's room. Shoeboxes are just sad. Flowers are based. Deal with it.

Anonymous 224048


Old white moid rapes and kills and rapes young Iranian girl and only gets 2 years

Anonymous 224071

Penises are not prehensile and dextrously animate and designed to please women the way tongues are. Penises are rigid bodies designed by nature to stimulate the males' yaoi holes.

Anonymous 224117

Nona I spent too much time laughing at “yaoi holes” just now and know I’ll be laughing at this intermittently for days. Thank you lmmaaaooo

Anonymous 225656

I wonder if those studies included guys who do manual labor as guys who exercise. Exercise is healthier then manual labor because its goal is to train your muscles and make you healthy. Balanced exercise where you train all the muscles you want in specific balance that you desire, with planned breaks and perfect poses will do better for you then repeated shoveling motion while being bend over for 2 hours straight, and then after 15 minute pause another 4 hours on repeat. Thought that would not explain the white part

Anonymous 225659


Source of the retarded geek boy propaganda: (https://www.pawbypaw-ut.com/web-stories/why-geeks-make-great-husbands/)
It's pathetic and funny when males try to make women buy into the bullshit of nerdy, unathletic, unattractive looking, socially stunted, IT-obsessed dipshit moids being the best "husband material" out there. Everything that was written in that pathetic slideshow was such a fucking cope. Ugly, nerdy, shy males are not better than "le jocks" or "the cool kidz". This "humbleness" is a blatant lie to ensure that they get laid, because geeky, unattractive men have made it clear many times that they'll mistreat and cheat on their girlfriends just like any other scrote once they get the chance. The slideshow even tried to use The Big Bang Theory as evidence of geek men's "adorable quirkiness", but the irony in that is that the show is about geeky, pathetic men as much as it is misogynistic against its female characters, which says it all really.

Anonymous 225690

They overexercise to the point of causing damage to thier body and then gobble up a bucket of nutrients in form of pure chemicals.

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