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Weed out males online? Anonymous 131237

How can I tell who's male and who's female online?
Especially on public discord servers, is there a way to tell which discords are going to have more women on it?
I want to join a discord to play games but I'm tired of men acting weird if I join VC or sexualizing anything I say.

Anonymous 131238

Shitscord is full of moids. There’s not going to be a public server with female majority. Best you can do is create a private server and add women on an invite only basis.

Anonymous 131239

Where do I meet women?
I don't use social media, leave my house, or have traditionally feminine hobbies

Anonymous 131245

Men are typically incapable of writing thought-out, insightful responses. They prefer conversing with strawmen and bringing up completely irrelevant points all the while being actively disrespectful. Keep an eye out for that, esp here.

Anonymous 131247

Thanks , but I'm not looking for debates, I just want to play Minecraft and chatting about books.
I want to have a friend who's female in a female-only space that isn't TRA. Every space that's mostly female, like Tumblr, is full of trans/nb ideology and people praising men over the bare minimum.

Anonymous 131250

Maybe start a thread to see if any other women are interested in creating a female-only server together. create a throwaway email for them to contact you, then make sure they confirm with a vocaroo recording or VC before joining (female voices are really hard to fake, even with voice changers… you just know). Don't give out any personal information and if you have doubts, don't be afraid to kick 'em out.

Anonymous 131253

How do I weed them out, then?
That's not allowed on this board

Anonymous 131291

real women rarely use anime avatars now. leave that behavior to trannies to learn to filter them.

you can also ask them to post hands.

Anonymous 131292

>They prefer conversing with strawmen and bringing up completely irrelevant points all the while being actively disrespectful

god, this is so true. I got into an argument with a man a few months ago who kept trying to come out on top in a debate but would pull out these irrelevant points that didn't really have much to do with the conversation while completely ignoring almost everything I was saying before dumping some random links for books on me, told me to read more, insulted me, and then rage quit the convo

Anonymous 131299

Any male that is entitled or debates.. is borderline fascist or is bossy. Not even worth it. Cleanse the gene pool and Yada Yada haha women are lucky that they can weed our fucks like this if they want.

Anonymous 131317

Honestly didn't used to assume such things but at this point extremely lowbrow stuff should out them like crazy. I.e., expressing a standard you have, making a joke related to manlets or small dicks, etc. It sounds really dumb, but repeatedly I have noticed it baits men like crazy. If you see an anon trying to shit on your tastes, standards (bonus point if you have one that excludes most men), etc., it's likely a man.

Anonymous 131327

You seem like you're a man. Straight-up asking "Where do I meet women?" is typically only something a man would say.

Despite what others may say or think, there is no true real way to sus out a man or woman online without a shadow of a doubt. Especially if a man happens to be particularly in-tune with empathy and emotion, and a female happens to be particularly brutish and curt.

Anonymous 131328

I'm not a man, just socially inept.

And my question is yet to be answered. I want to be able to guess, at a first glance, if the majority of people on a discord will be male or female. If discord is no good, the where do women hang out? You tell me, find a hobby and connect with women who share it. No shit, of course. But HOW do I find the women? I have no idea where people hang out.
Which social media, what tags on discord, what hobbies are most likely to be female dominated?
I have no idea. I don't use social media or talk much to anyone. I just want a friend who wants to talk about Minecraft, RTS, books, and art. These are all common hobbies, yet I'm still at loss. I just don't want to talk to 15 year old pronoun kids. I want to talk to a woman my age who's fairly normal.

Anonymous 131332

Does that apply to all anime profile pics or just obnoxious shit like idols, sailors or vocaloids? I know someone who uses one that claims to be female, but it doesn't appear to be from the usual toss-up.

Anonymous 131345

ask them if they love hitler. all men love hitler. idk why

Maria 131348

sounds like youre trying to make a harem you degenerate

Anonymous 131435

On image boards, maybe. I was playing vidya with some group, male and female, and all the girls were talking about how much they loved Hitler and how his moustache was really cute. I mean the girl who brought him up was kind of a weirdo, sweet, but odd. She was later reciting verses from the bible while we were all playing, so ya know…

What i'm trying to say, I think, is that everyone on the internet likes Hitler

Anonymous 131436

People like charismatic people and leaders and are usually willing to overlook any negatives, often because they don't actually care about them and not because they support their ideologies, although sometimes, this blind initial support leads them to adopting those ideologies. You can find people supporting Hitler, Mao Zhedong, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Gaddafi, etc. despite the political practices of these people being completely counter to how they choose to live their lives. People are naturally drawn to charisma and status, and when they lack strong convictions or beliefs, they will admire anyone who displays those traits.

Anonymous 131499

Are you playing overwatch or minecraft? Me and a few girls have a community where we play in an all girls discord. There are a few guys but they are restricted to two channels, the rest are girls only. It's very cozy and supportive. Even if you don't play ow or mc its still a nice private space for women. If you want in, add me (spirit#9372)

Anonymous 131539

>and when they lack strong convictions or beliefs, they will admire anyone who displays those traits
Perhaps that is a thing, but I don't see it. They just end up being Nihilistic, apolitical or Anarchist and hedonistic and take that as their cause to find some sort of meaning

Anonymous 131561

"MOIDS could be here" she thought, "I've never been on this public discord server before. There could be MOIDS anywhere." The cool fan wind felt good against her bare forehead. "I HATE MOIDS" she thought. Fleetwood Mac Dreams reverberated her entire room, making it pulsate even as the $2 chamomile tea circulated through her delicate thin veins and washed away her (merited) fear of XYs on the internet. "With a nickname, you can be anyone you want" she said to herself, out loud.

Anonymous 131562

Wow that's literally me

Anonymous 131601

Unfortunately moids are spreading around the internet like bacteria. they hate the idea of a space not being theirs, so they do everything to flood it even if they don't enjoy being there. I'm the anon from >>131499 and guess who was the first to write to me about the discord. A fucking moid who shouldn't be here yet still thought he could get in.

Anonymous 131615

I instinctively distrust all charismatic and attractive people for this reason

Anonymous 133321

I'm in a Discord server that's got a decent female population, although I don't believe we are the majority in there. (.gg/deadserver) Admins ban every tranny they find too. I have thought about making some run-off served exclusively for the women in here. I quite like a bit of them.

Anonymous 133397

Joined out of curiosity, It's mostly male. Admins look decent though. I hope you will post the discord to cc when you make one that is female-only.

Anonymous 134418

Random from my experience but a lot of women go to video games where they can be support or nurture the team like MMOs or overwatch. I have found vast amount of women in these 2 games compared to any other games I have played.
Not that you should have to join a hobby or a game you do not like just to find women. Of course then you have dedicated websites, subreddits, discords for women and through meeting women on those sites they can lead you to more.

Anonymous 134419

VR chat has a lot of women and basically is a chat room with a VR avatar. IDK how to use it neever played it but seen it on webms

Anonymous 134556

It’s gotten a lot harder these past years
A lot of the spaces with a high female population are sadly hugspaces that have tons of enbies moids and troons all in the mix
It’s hard to tell for real unless you hop in a vc
And I’ve surprised a fair few bunch of people when I started talking cuz my pfp and posting style are not exactly obvious

Anonymous 134677

One subtle thing i've noticed about scrotes is that they often ask rhetorical, "gotcha" type questions (that fail miserably at their goal lol).
For example if you talk about the fact you wish to have a boyfriend, they will be like "what do you bring to the table?". Their first goal is to neg you when they know you're a girl, even if you didn't say anything that is out there.
Another type of scrote question is the minimizing rhetorical question. For example if you state you don't trust men who seek out submissive and fragile women to lock with kids, the moid in disguise will be like "what's wrong with wanting a family?" as to sound like the actual victim of a cruel sjw peeminist!!1 society that won't let men have the perfectly reasonable goal of a family. Which is not even what you were saying or implying.
Self-victimization and negs are the hallmarks of a scrote in female spaces.

Anonymous 134741

You can look through ovarit for discord servers. If you find one you like I'm 100% there will be splinter servers. If you can't find one then make your own and share it on ovarit.
This probably won't apply for everyone but joining non-English/non-Western servers that advertise themselves and women only try looking for communities made for women of a specific faith or religion that doesn't advertise itself as LGBTQ+

Anonymous 134873

How would you conversationaly bring up that sort of statement? I can't see dialog reaching in that direction organically.

Anonymous 134930

do you know of any in particular that you consider to be good or interesting?

Anonymous 134956

Ask them to share their pinterest account
If they have none - …

Anonymous 134973

I have nothing on my pinterest account, I keep stuff in my computer folders

Anonymous 134979

you are not going to find a women only gaming community online. trannies make this impossible.
by the way, even if a voice sounds convincingly female that doesn't mean anything any more. there are sophisticated voice changers now that do more than just shifting the overall pitch. at this point it would take HD video to confirm that a person is female online and soon enough even that won't work any more. "women" will only exist irl, not online.

Anonymous 135080

Anonymous 136227

"what do you bring to the table?" isn't a rhetorical question you're being asked what parts of yourself you're confident in. If you get defensive about it it's the same thing as saying 'none'.

Anonymous 136229

Hey do you know which of these voice changers are the best ? Or know much else about them? I want to try sales calls this way! so I can pitch sales aggressively like a guy without any judgement and make more money. Lol sorry so offtopic but I rely know nothing about these

Anonymous 136234

Over 1000 hours in fl studio

Anonymous 136258

You say this like every single thread about men on here isn't almost entirely comprised of people listing off what they expect from men or what they already bring to their table. You sound like someone who doesn't like to examine themselves critically

Anonymous 136271

Not the anon but it doesn't matter since expecting someone to be submissive to you is gnarly and creepy all by itself. That was the CULTURE for eons so WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? This still somehow us hard for you to understand? Why shouldn't we be extremely doubtful and thorough ? What do you think we're stupid ?

You must be if you still don't get it. Living in Mr opportunistic rapey lala land all by yourself, defensive and selfish before anything.

Most men just aren't worth it.

Anonymous 136273

Ask them to describe a typical period in detail.

Anonymous 136343

Did she hit the nail on the head scrotes?

Anonymous 136344

love how this thread is weeding out scrotes by itself, keep it real nonas

Anonymous 136345

"What do you bring to the table?" Is the sorta question I use to filter for lvm. Answer doesn't matter as long as they don't get upset by the question. Presumably it's being used on her too, to the same effect

Anonymous 136346

Do you look for lvm and hvm on male only imageboards on threads where they talk to each other about a girlfriend?
The context of the thread is how to spot a male larping in a girls only space, not a one-on-one interaction where both people know each other's sex and probable romantic intentions.

Anonymous 136352

Isn't it a perfect arrangement!

Anonymous 136358

And I'm saying I've used that particular line as well as having had it used on me. Getting upsetti spaghetti about it is a sign you're lv not that the person you're talking to is male

Anonymous 136363

No, the question in general doesn't bother me. It's a bit probing, which could be rude depending on context, but nothing to get offended by.

It'd be like a work friend asking "Oh, what experience do you have in this field?" And you immediately assume they're implying you're incompetent. It's totally insecure.

Anonymous 136366

It's more like if you invited a work friend hang out and they asked "What's in it for me?"
I think any sane person would take that as a sign that they're not likely to be a very good friend.

Anonymous 136368

I'm not sure how the phrase "what do you bring to the table" could ever come up in conversation without there being some sort of discernment taking place already. Like a person talking about their wants for a partner, or a discussion about work responsibility, or some competetive context? Like if somebody hits you with that out of the total blue then sure that's a weirdo move but then the thing to be mad about is the non-sequitur not the oh-so-rhetorical nature of the question.

So if we're going to be pedantic, then the apt comparison is that you're at a function with somebody which you both agreed to attend. You then ask how they want to cover their half of the bill and rather than agree to pay/apologize/get confused/ask for money/any other reasonable response they get mad at you for bringing it up at all.

To put it another way "what's in it for me/them/us?" Is a perfectly reasonable question if it's in the context of some apparently risky venture. It's also then very telling when she gets defensive about it.

Anonymous 136413

And I'm saying that this is a totally different context, so it doesn't make sense.
We're talking about larping scrotes and how to identify them on CC, not in the dating game or other similar contexts.
If you did that on CC unprompted on a post where a girl talks about her dream bf then yes people are going to think you're a scrote.

Anonymous 136414

Sorry but what "risky venture" is it the one of a girl daydreaming on an anonymous imageboard about a cute guy lmaooo
Are you guys even contextualizing this?
I've seen posts of likely scrotes negging girls with these questions on cute harmless bf threads before. It's one thing to ask that to someone you're thinking about dating, it's another to have clearly ridiculizing intents on a girls board.

Anonymous 136540

The response being made isn't inherently moidy is my point. Would it be mean & scummy for me to type out how little your 2D husbando wants you back? Yeah absolutely, real rain on the parade. Does telling people that they're being unrealistic about their wants spontaneously grow you a wiener? Probably not, though I haven't tried it yet.

Also the context was ' if you talk about the fact you wish to have a boyfriend '. Presumably this example was a real boyfriend? So asking what the other party is bringing goes hand-in-hand with whatever they're expecting from their partner.

Anonymous 136553

You could ask them. I mean, if you are going to go on VC with them you will find out anyways. And if they are being creepy and sexualizing everything before you use VC chances are they are a moid and even if they are not, you don't want to play with that kind of weirdo anyways. You don't know what sex anyone is until you hear them on mic. That's the only way you can truly know. I don't assume anything until I hear them

There are guys that pretend to be girls and girls that pretend to be guys for what ever reasons, and I have seen people have two accounts and pretend to be the opposite sex or just as another person. You don't know shit until you hear them on mic. There are a lot of weirdos online men and women, just stay away from them seriously. You don't have to figure out they are a moid or not

I've seen some cases…

Anonymous 136695

I love taking the piss out of people.

Anonymous 137258

Damn guess I'm actually a tranny.

Anonymous 137284

Mine are exactly equal….
Am I a groomer :(

Anonymous 137629

use a gender ambiguous handle, don't be the first to talk in vc, and use some edgy dark souls profile picture to avert the male gaze

protecc urself its priority

finding other girls though it depends, i've found the smaller the circle for whatever interest u have is where ur more likely to find because if server is like 30 active ppl they dont let the creeps harass

speaking from experience been making lots of new friends on going on really small discord groups nice to find other girls in things i like

Anonymous 137709


are there males in these small discord servers? what about troons?

Anonymous 137722

yep, but they're everywhere, but you look like a guy online like this to them so they don't bother

I notice some girl just deal with the bullshit and put on a cat or girly anime profile pic and express their femininity openly, no clue how they have the mental to deal with so many moids like that, i can't do

but makes easier to approach cuz its like "hi mask off im girl too" when u talk to them on vc or sumthin if they're likeable u kno

sorry for bad english am greek

Anonymous 137724

just so u kno the troons make themself obvious cuz porn addicted retards and in their profile or bio they hav dumb shit like she/they/her or sumfin makes easy to avoid

Anonymous 137744



Anonymous 137747

You just gave me a great idea for a gameshow: retarded, or male?

Anonymous 137785

A male posted this

Anonymous 138644

i dont know why this thread has so many replies and arguments. its fairly simple to weed out males online, theyre so glaringly obvious.

1) they talk about sex excessively. they bring sex up when nobody was talking about sex in the first place, they make sexual innuendos and jokes excessively and inappropriately, they will lead the topic of discussion, no matter how non-sexual it is, to sex. *this isnt to say women dont talk about sex, they most definitely do, but it lacks degeneracy. even if it does contain degeneracy, female degeneracy is very different from male degeneracy.
2) since were on the topic of male sexual degeneracy, when they talk about sex it will include BDSM, rape/non-con, loli/underage, femboy/futa, feet, coprophilia, giantess, vore and many other degenerate kinks concentrated in males.
3) like many other women in this thread have mentioned, typical male behavior. they will try and assert themselves as intellectually superior to you. you will find youre defending yourself in the middle of talking to them when you were initially discussing a very innocuous topic, or a simple difference of opinion. you will also find them starting arguments for not reason, also over simple differences of opinion when it comes to fairly innocent topics. they have to be right, always, and anything other than their opinion is wrong and must be corrected. they will talk to you like youre dumb and quiz you unnecessarily on topics of mutual interest because women are too dumb and vapid to enjoy things as deeply as they do, to enjoy things that arent stereotypically feminine.
4) political beliefs. it is so easy to spot a male based on their political beliefs. i dont really have to explain it, its stuff regurgitated from /pol/ on 4chan, youll know it when you see it. like sex, they also have a tendency to lead the topic of discussion back to politics, or bring it up unnecessarily.

thats about it. its especially easy to weed out males on public discord servers because you can look at their chat history and look for male behavior. unfortunately, most public discord servers are overwhelmingly male, so youre better off making your own server and adding women on an invite only basis when youre sure that theyre women. best of luck to you nona.

Anonymous 138645

cant believe i forgot the most male behavior of all: hitting on you. because they dont think women can have the same tastes as them, theyll think youre rare and try and get you to be their girlfriend. the worst of them will sexually harass you and send you dick pics and ask for nudes, and when you reject them they will react bitterly.

Anonymous 138646


I think I may be pure schizo but from what I’ve noticed.
women generally sound a bit more animated over text especially on platforms on discord. Not to say this is the default of course but men (trannies ESPECIALLY) seem to have a pattern of kind of awkwardly butting into things instead of just going for conversation. The internet also did not lie about keysmashes being a female thing from my experience the only guys who keysmash a lot are autistic.

Anonymous 138656

dang i guess i must be trans then

Anonymous 143278

To weed out troons vs. actual women in online communities (especially heavily male-dominated ones), look at who openly admits to being female. If someone has a visibly female username and "she/her please uwu" in their info section, you can safely assume that they are MtF.
Actual women usually don't go around shoving their sex down your throat at every opportunity because they know that being openly female in male-dominated spaces usually comes with constant male belittlement and sexual harassment.
You might assume that troons would try to hide their status as brave and stunning "women" out of similar concerns, but no - subtlety is not a concept known to your average MtF. They will always be 100% in your face about their gender identity, in a way no actual woman would be. They may even want to deliberately make themselves a target for sexual harassment because it gets them off somehow.

Anonymous 249426

hmmm not always, but you could discern from character/show. even then, i know many women who have anime PFPs from scrote-audience shows; whether you interact or not is up to you. i find kpop/celeb pfps usually are women. i feel like someone's bio or lack of is a much better way to get a grasp of someones personality, age and gender though.


Anonymous 249441

>Normie women don't hate men and don't hate troons
i don't live in the us, but this hasn't be true to my experience.
i know a lot of normie women who are very hostile to both men and troons.
hating on troons is typical for normie women even, while hating on scrotes is a more recent trend but it's picking up very quickly and intensely (rightfully so), and i feel like it will only get "worse" as time goes on as it gets popularized by mainstream media like Barbie and as more and more women find out about shit like andrew tate and its minions and how much males idolize them.

Anonymous 249462

My ring finger is much longer than my index finger, this just has to do with testosterone in the womb, I'm still female

Anonymous 249464

Men (boys, let's be honest) are always quick to respond rashly and act defensive. You could talk about your ideal man and they'd suddenly act like you offended them and begin to insult you or act petty. They also act fussy when you start getting attention, but this is more common with troons who know deep down they can't compete with a "biological female." Their male side then lashes out; being shitty is ingrained in them.

Anonymous 249485


lol on one hand my ring finger is longer, on the other my index is longer

Anonymous 249487


Same. They flip-flop on my right and my left. Does that mean I got un-even testosterone distribution in the womb or is it just a quirk of nature?

Anonymous 249497

i really wish my ring was longer than my index, it's correlated with testosterone/estrogen ratio in the uterus exposure. sadly i was poisoned by estrogen for far too long and now i'm unstable and prone to bpd and eating disorders

Anonymous 249683

90% of those women are fakeboys though or more insane. i forgot to add a solatorobo furry nona off here i wonder if she's still around :/

Anonymous 249685

mods deleted that post but i think it was legitimate. even if wasn't, i mean, the art side of furries does immediately cancel any moidlike behavior and most furries are actually in stem believe it or not

Anonymous 249707

maybe in case it was bait, i thought the nona was just joking though

Anonymous 249713

They can see everyone's post history, so maybe this poster posted something incriminating elsewhere after that one.

Anonymous 249795

Hey, I still do.

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