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It cant rain all t…

What does your S.O. smell like? Anonymous 131264

My husband smells like warm musky wax. When we snuggle I like to picture his smell like drawing with crayons in a sunlit, dusty attic. I find it comforting.

Anonymous 131270

Literally nothing. He has no smell.

Anonymous 131271

How is that possible? Is he Japanese?

Anonymous 131278

Do Japanese men not smell?

Anonymous 131288

nta but it's a stereotype that japanese people don't sweat. they don't sell deodorant much there and it's always an issue for foreigners. obviously they do sweat a bit though

Anonymous 131289

Everyone smells but most deodorant there is "non-smelling" and they try to never have a smell. They don't even wear perfume which is lame but it is what it is at least their culture is clean in other ways.

Anonymous 131848

he smells like paper and raw coffee grinds. It feels very warm and heavy, like a big tight hug The things I would do to huff him again…

Anonymous 131947

Did you break up?

Anonymous 131979

He smells like whatever the hell I want because he's not real

Anonymous 131991

Cocoa powder on a squashy moss plant in the forest.

Anonymous 132002

I fell so hard in love with a friend that when he asked to do some washing at my place, I stole an unwashed pillowcase and two shirts so I could smell him in bed. He smells like savoury cooking oil, worn leather and woodshavings.

Anonymous 139103


we are in an LDR!! We will be meeting again soon though and I will be taking full advantage of his physical presence by being with him 24/7 and just hugging alot :3 (and the occasional smooch)

Anonymous 139168

like skin

Anonymous 139169


The reason the Japanese don't typically smell isn't that they don't sweat (jesus christ they would all be dead the first summer), it's that their sweat doesn't contain the chemical responsible for BO.

The gene responsible for that chemical is also inexiplacbly connected to what type of earwax you produce. So while the Japanese don't have as bad BO as Europeans, they have dry ear wax that clumps up heavily in the ear canal.

Anonymous 139170

He smells musky and astringent (and I like this smell a lot).

Anonymous 139346

Best I can describe it as is "sharp", sweaty but not really, just sharp, almost like herbs and spices actually, but not really. Just sharp.
Its funny because I remember having a crush on a kid in middle school, once I brought a sweater of his home to sew it for him, and I smelled it all night long before I brought it back. It smelled strikingly similar to my current fiance. I guess I have a type :)
>we are in an LDR!! We will be meeting again soon though and I will be taking full advantage of his physical presence by being with him 24/7 and just hugging alot :3 (and the occasional smooch)
Yes! Me too! We are supposed to get together monday and I will be doing the same. Good luck to you :)

Anonymous 139363

im not sure how to describe, she has bit of a sour musk scent but not in a bad way, nor is it intrusive. just barely subtle

Anonymous 139370

fun fact: the contraceptive pill can change which men you find smell good, meaning you can end up marrying a disgusting scrote and not realize it until you try for a baby

Anonymous 139401

Weird, yet delicious, mix of musk and fine wood. He's also really good at choosing colognes so it's a plus.
But his "natural" smell drives me crazy. I love hugging him in the mornings.
I've heard about that and I find it quite scary. I'm glad I've never been on the pill.

Anonymous 139409


seems a little weird, but i recently went to visit my ex (who im still in love with :/ he broke it off when i visited last after being LDR for 2 years) and he smells just.. manly?

its strange. good strange. most dudes just cover themselves in cologne and hope it attracts but he doesn't, and he just smells manly.

to go into more depth, its like a deep smell, kinda musky/sweat smell? its just really fucking alluring ugh

Anonymous 139410

I’m so jealous of people who smell nice naturally. My sweat smells like onions, regardless of my diet. I even tried taking fenugreek as it’s supposed to make you smell like syrup but it didn’t work. My diet is pretty good so I’ve no idea what causes it.

My SO has the same nice musky smell as the others here. It’s funny, I’ve always liked how my partners smell but to them they always think they smell bad. Maybe someone out there will love my onion smell?

Anonymous 139694

I wish I had a smelly man to curl up with at night. We can be smelly and hairy together.

Anonymous 140395

Many Asians have a specific gene that makes them have no smell. My boyfriend is Vietnamese and doesn't stink no matter how sweaty he is.

Anonymous 143093

oh thank you! I hope everything went well with ur SO I will be meeting mine in 2 weeks and I cant wait!!!

Anonymous 143116

he smells like laundry and paper, he is overly cleanly

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