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2022-04-28 11_33_3…

fds has left reddit Anonymous 131620

they issued picrel statement on twitter. I agree with everything they're saying but I really wish they had stayed because it means thats one less women-centered place on that platform, not to mention it was basically the only sub that wasn't completely open to everyone (like twox). I know people on this board probably dont care about reddit but it still makes me sad

Anonymous 131621

I also see a lot of other meme subs and male dominated places celebrating the fact they're gone. pisses me off

Anonymous 131624

FDS sucks.
Hopefully a place that isn't riddled with enabling takes replaces it, that's why I moved here. I couldn't handle constantly seeing women guide other women down the path of self sabotage with smiles on their faces.

Anonymous 131625

I thought the whole point of reddit was you got to manage your own r/whatever page? idk I never used the site.

Anonymous 131646

The issue with reddit is that mods and admins there are more often than not power hungry losers. They have the power to get rid of entire boards as they please, so every female and lesbian centered subreddit has become a tranny board. The only female exclusive subreddits are pornographic. All the gc subreddits were removed years ago. It’s a cesspool.

Anonymous 131647


At some point it was, but moderation has a way of attracting the worst people with the worst biases.

Anonymous 131661

FDS peaking.png

Picrel is the post and comments they were reported for, they then decided to move before getting banned. Reddit is a hellhole filled with troons and coomers constantly invading women's spaces so why waste energy fighting to stay on that shitty site.

Anonymous 131713

Let reddit die.

Anonymous 131738

It's not dying anytime soon

Anonymous 131757

What do you mean by self sabotaging?

Anonymous 131763

some of the advice on there definitely was a little intense/out there, but finding that subreddit helped me recognize some shitty patterns I was getting into with men. I also had been interested to see people talk more about TIMs in dating in context of FDS stuff, hope to see more of that on the site.

Anonymous 131781

I just want help dating as a bisexual ;_; it seems like everyone else hates us or doesn't even think we're real

Anonymous 131820

this. there were crazies but a lot of advice was very good and it was a great way to see what real women had to say, and to share their stories.

Anonymous 131823

They left on their own or they were banned from reddit?

Anonymous 131824

Scrote bitching, to distract from scrote problems.

Anonymous 131826

"Sabotaging oneself" by either only seeking out the best guys or choosing to stay single to avoid the hell that comes with the usual.

Hes basically furious a lot of women probably wouldn't touch him with 50 ft pole :l

Anonymous 131850

Wdym by “one less” i think FDS was the last female centric subreddit. Beauty and makeup don’t count and neither does that weird xx subreddit since it’s inclusive

Anonymous 131855

they chose to leave before they got banned

Anonymous 131891

Why would they have often banned?

Anonymous 131896

there's less than 30 posts in this thread, did you read at all? see >>131661

Anonymous 131935

Everyone loves bisexual women, though.

On the other hand, bisexual men are universally by women and gay men alike.

Anonymous 131939

*universally hated by

Anonymous 131956


Yeah, once they ban r/fourthwavewomen, it's over.
Women HAVE to get the fuck out of there ASAP. No one should be participating in a platform that hates them, much less trying to change them via liberal feminism, any endeavor to do so is futile.

It is truly a sad thing to see the death of radical feminism on mainstream social media. But we can still influence women indirectly by talking about specific radical feminist points like, say, pornography and "homeland security" (human trafficking), or pro-choice and the "political implications of it in environmentalism," and so on.
The moids may have made it harder to inform women about radical feminism, but we should never give up. Rather, we have talk about it more and louder, especially when a relevant local, state, national, or international news is known to many, and an alternative point of view is open for hearing in order to change people's perspectives on a given feminist issue. See, for example, how women who volunteered in World War II used their experience helping with the war to improve women's right to work.

Anonymous 131961

Enabling what?
I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and will say (newbie) FDSists sometimes did very stupid things on their own, like comically moving the bar even higher on what constitutes a HVM. However, that was only one or two FDSists at most who were most likely trannies, so moids take it as if everyone was doing it–which is a known fact that they love to cherry pick and report subs based on that.
Reddit is also going to go public. So it is no wonder that their freedom of managing your own r/whatever is soon to be gone, and will be completely managed by investors.
Hope the site dies alongside the investments, fuck them.
That post in particular lasted a long time, and probably the most radical, ever.
>Not as a costume
This was meant to those sexist as fuck "drag queens," so that statement triggered misogynistic gay men too.

Anonymous 131968

How are drag queens sexist? They're just funny-looking faggots.

Anonymous 131974

Oh Nona, anything vaguely feminine, regardless of its context, is reinforcing harmful sexist stereotypes, don'tcha know?

Anonymous 131977

>vaguely feminine
Drag queens aren't "vaguely feminine", they're hyperfeminine caricatures of what faggots think women are.

Anonymous 131985

How are drag queens vaguely feminine?

Anonymous 131994

They are practically making a joke out of women, that's what.

Anonymous 132003

>Uses the term faggot
>In the radical feminism thread
You are literally as disgusting as the TIMs scrote. Gtfo and go shit up your own boards.

Anonymous 132005

faggot faggot faggot fagoit faggot gaggot

Anonymous 132030

I think it's pretty clear you've never seen a drag act in your life if you think they're sexist. Yeah, they're caricatures, but they don't make fun of women.

No, not really.

Anonymous 132050

Looks like whoever is running FDS is trying to turn this into a business lmao.

Anonymous 132051

Did I miss something? Radical feminists fighting for faggots' rights now?

Anonymous 132055


Anonymous 132060

Oh no, the toddler baby threw a tantrum and used a bad word. How will the entirety of crystal cafe ever go on? :(
Thank you. These invasive species are just so stupid. They don't even understand the most basic of concepts and how ideologies are related to each other. But what else do you expect from men when they've been catered to their whole lives? They've never had an original thought in their lives, they just parrot whatever is most convenient to them at the moment.

Anonymous 132185

A lot of the good advice there is immediately followed up with something of extreme levels that no functional human would meet. I saw multiple examples of "this man is great but has this one thing…" and being told to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The fact there's good advice thrown in makes it easy to assume the rest is well rounded too.
It's a subreddit filled with souls of no humility or self-awareness looking for the paradigms of male existence, and they rarely look within themselves first. But you really can't expect much from Reddit, I guess. People forget that incels were birthed there too and have their own hugbox. The website encourages that kind of insanity. Transactional and selfish thinking here is grossly referred to as a male mentality, yet those subs lives and breathe it.

Anonymous 132187

ur a faggot

Anonymous 132189

Can you give examples of the extreme stuff? I'm morbidly interested.

Anonymous 132190

don't you mean dyke? you're on a female board, fucking idiot

Anonymous 132666


Article by 4W: https://4w.pub/female-dating-strategy-has-abandoned-reddit-for-good/

being a female reddit mod sounds like torture

Anonymous 132671

So while males are occupying women’s spaces you tell it’s good for women to run away from hostile spaces
Separation will never work
I think we need to be visible and presenting, other way - it’s like making them a favour

Anonymous 132672

>how ideologies are related to each other.
Ew, you smell like an intersec libfem

Anonymous 132674

Why are you trying to tone-police in an anonymous imageboard? Saying "faggot" is not nearly as bad as being a moid trespassing in a female-only board.

Anonymous 132682

inviting redditfugees was a mistake

Anonymous 132937


>So while males are occupying women’s spaces you tell it’s good for women to run away from hostile spaces
It is good to run away from hostile spaces when it is certain that your point of view will not be thoroughly considered, and there is not a single ounce of resemblance to civil discourse with those who do not share the same opinion as yours. Forcing any engagement with them is a complete waste of energy that will result in nothing but time of your life that you will never, ever get back.
So what to do, then, when a space that was meant for women is gone for good? 1) Move somewhere else where there is some certainty that your opinion will not be shit on, and continue being you by being outspoken, visible, and fierce. Or 2) create a new space altogether where it is indeed a woman's space, as set in stone.
>Separation will never work
No it doesn't and never has, if you mean IRL separatism. That would require insane amounts of 24/7 security like in Umoja, Kenya, but also armed to the teeth by ourselves as any separatist movement would require a paramilitary, and no nation on earth is going to back up a separatist movement.
But online? It can almost work as the only barrier is the risk of espionage (e.g., a biological woman bribed to infiltrate a given women's community, only for said woman to give her account to a perverted transvestite).
>I think we need to be visible and presenting, other way - it’s like making them a favour
Sure, I agree we have to be visible instead of cowardly. But you're also making them a favor on staying there, wasting your time, and also making them profit by data-mining your writings, thoughts, hobbies, etc., the latter being the case for reddit right now.

Anonymous 132951

lol ur a faggy fag fag

Anonymous 133286

it's not just the radfem subreddits, though. the powermods have been going after everything from gossip subreddits for influencers to anything slightly criticial of china and the ccp. back during the height of the pandemic hysteria, they went after the covid people, even when they were just venting their frustrations because isn't that what the whole point of reddit is? nope, apparently you weren't allowed to even say, "i am tired of wearing masks and miss living a normal life" because obviously that meant you were a dirty, stinking, evil covidiot/q-anon clown.

they kept antagonizing the turbo autists at r/drama, and then got mad when they retaliated, and still whined when they moved. they tried to do the same thing to r/kotakuinaction, but the mods there were smart enough to ban any discussion on transgenderism before they ended up like r/drama. they've used r/the_donald as their baseline excuse for why they've decided to crack down so hard on subreddits now for "abusive" language or anything which upsets whoever is financially backing them because they hate the bad press that came along with it. the more investors they get, the worse it will be. eventually, it'll probably just end up turning into another facebook/metaverse shithole since that's essentially what it's become; just look at the front page and all the stupid, normcore, mindless posts that people upvote now. i am showing my age here but i hate how literally every community eventually turns into this because it really is the gentrification of the internet.

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