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Anonymous 131678

Is it best to just accept and live life as single and childfree never starting a family? It feels like you can't trust anyone in todays society. No matter how nice the person seem, it can just be an act.
That person is just using you
That person is just settle down for something less out of desperation
You can end up having life regrets if you have kids with that person you thought was the right one but turned out to be the wrong

Anonymous 131706

She didn't hit him enough.

Anonymous 131748

According to quick google search her networth is less than 10 million as low as 2 million
Shes a gold digger and staged everything. She knew Johnny had personal problems about violence and also a networth over 100 million. She used him to get his money. Her plan failed. Fuck that bitch

Anonymous 131782

I wouldn't say her plan's failed but she's gotta feel embarrassed for the rest of her life

Anonymous 131783

I dunno given how public opinion seems to have shifted I reckon she'll have a lot of trouble finding acting jobs once this is over unless she's got some damning evidence on Depp that isn't him being on drugs.

Anonymous 131788

Do what you want with good people.
If you find no one yes its best to just be childfree.
Personally I was aiming for staying a virgin because I lost hope of finding someone. I eventually did. I want children with him.
I'm all for having children personally. But I dont think everyone is made for that.

Anonymous 131798

Honestly I don't even care if she hit johnny Deep or not, I am just mad that they ruined my entertainment by taking him out of movies I liked. So now I hope she gets fucked and gets taken out of movies as well.

Anonymous 131821

Lmao so?

Why should she feel anything for the rest of her life??

He was "equal amounts dirtbag" , the things he texted towered over anything she did because it showed what kinda person he really was

"Hopefully that cunts rotting corpse is fucking decomposing in the trunk of a honda civic "

" I will fuck her corpse afterwards to make sure she's dead"

He sounds just like the vile irredeemable scrote filth from rk9. She must have sensed that from the start.

Nothing she ever wrote or said came close. He was famous for hitting people on sets and being generally impossible to work with.

I'd honestly just grab popcorn if I could watch men like him destroyed. He was FIFTY years old she was 30 years younger. I really don't care who fucks him up. It's sweet sweet karma.

There's a reason no one ever believes the guy. They betray the filth they are early on, one way or another.

Also people are forgetting this is a civil court not criminal and Johnny Depp is the plaintiff they are literally all in court because of him not her. His whole team has smug attitudes whilst on the stand and his lawyers were literally smiling and laughing when they read those texts in open court. It’s super on brand for an abusive man to wear down his partner through the courts and that’s what I think this whole trial is about.

Anonymous 131827

you are bringing your baggage into a situation where it doesn't apply

i'm guessing you also ignored the picture of depp with bruises under his eyes and his entire face swollen. his security also said he had scratches on his neck. meanwhile amber had no injuries at all

Anonymous 131836

Apparently she got arrested in 2009 for hitting her ex gf at an airport. The ex gf backpedaled but she still got arrested and had to show up in court. If it quacks like a duck…

I personally do not care too much, only in it for the juicy drama, but how do you explain the recording where she insists she only "hit" him instead of "punching" him, and the other one where she dares him to come forward as a domestic violence victim and see if people believe him?

Anonymous 132012

yeah apparently it was her dog. medical proof that it can't controls its bowels or smth, also some texts where she says that her dog shits everywhere

Anonymous 132485


Huh. Man, I really did not expect to see so much blatant support for JD here but then again I'm not really surprised. Since when did y'all suddenly start supporting men like this? She's not the "perfect victim" and apparently means that he is innocent then.. got it.

Anonymous 132486

I hate rich people.

Anonymous 132493

>Since when did y'all suddenly start supporting men like this?
I'm not looking at it like:
>"A.H is woman = good, J.D man = bad"
Fact is, Johnny is a druggy scumbag and Amber is the most despicable cockroach I've ever seen, but who is objectively in the right in this case? It's Johnny. I'm not going to pretend it isn't simply because AH is a woman even though I know better. She's a horrible person, I hate people like her and she deserves to be locked up
I don't "support" him, I'm not a stupid little fan girl of his, infact I think he's just a typical celebrity asshole and I don't care for him what so ever, but I do think he's innocent to these allegations. She has nothing and has embarrassed herself greatly

Anonymous 132545

Shouldn't have ruined my Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts.

Anonymous 132592

"people" with BPD are demons

Anonymous 132605

Fundamentally we are made to pass on our genes. I think it's reasonable to assume then, that at the very least we need a good substitute. I just use my vibes and have good friends that I know I can rely on, and that seems to work as a supplement just fine. Recently I actually got a girlfriend, and hopefully that'll last, but even if it doesn't plan B is pretty alright. I eventually plan on raising clones of myself anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Brought to term by someone else, because eck

Anonymous 132610

you're overthinking it. why do you want a family/children so bad? you need to free yourself from that expectation before you can even fully address the possibility. focus on yourself. what does it mean for you to be happy alone? explore that. then, circle back around to this topic.

Anonymous 134593


Whenever I think about family and kids all i ever see is my bpd mother and shit father arguing while my brothers and I were left alone and forced to go without any form of emotional support and getting shit on for it. I hate the idea of family.

Anonymous 134598


Is this what having kids does to you? before she had a kid she looked 10 years younger

Anonymous 134599

she just has no make up and overrated facial features. hollywood never picked up the prettiest, there is unironically cuter or more beautiful women on instagram if you search well enough.

Anonymous 134603

You're clearly either scrotes or trashy chimp pickmes in denial. Most women on earth are downright ugly compared to her. Chimps chimps chimps

Anonymous 134607

But you also sound incredibly obsessive and angry to the point you can't think straight, you should take a break from the media and things that trigger you this way. It's not worth losing your mind over either

Anonymous 134609

she looks just fine, but used to look better. it might be an unluckier angle and moment. wother way she's very good looking, and the truth on why she looks worse now is unneeded plastic surgery. check Lorri Hill's new video on her.

Anonymous 134618


Stress of publicity would age you too if you're entire life was always put on blast, be thankful it's not. It's why we should stop giving a fuck about celebrity debacles. Can't believe people genuinely give a fuck about this shit.

Anonymous 134620

it's called middle age, that's what happens when you get older. plus didn't she have a surrogate?

Anonymous 134628

>Is it best to just accept and live life as single and childfree never starting a family?
I would say it's certainly the safest, but you actually betray what is best yourself.

Being with someone and it not being an act. They're not using you. You're what they wanted. You have kids with the right person.

Problem is you have to take risks to get the best in life. If you don't want to take risks, that's fine. You won't get the worst of life, you won't get the best either.

Anonymous 134645

But i'm not. You can't read anything negative without thinking they are angry. I don't want to say it, the word gets tossed around everywhere on the internet it's basically a meme, but you are probably projecting

Anonymous 134647

Having kids with the right person isn’t the best in life for everyone

Anonymous 134652

She's a exact replica of the bitch that bullied me through high school so it's personal

Anonymous 134686

It was a shit movie anyway

Anonymous 134723

Most people are ugly. Big whoop. She looks like she hasn’t slept in a year.

Anonymous 134777

are you fucking racist?

Anonymous 134822

That’s an adult woman

Anonymous 134834

Im sorry but the first pirates is not a shit movie and it really has no business being as good as it is.

Anonymous 134853

>Is it best to just accept and live life as single and childfree never starting a family?
???? Are you fucking kidding me OP, did you just realize this?

Anonymous 134876

Admin chan why did you delete my post calling Amber a whore for running my pirates of the Caribbean. Don't tell me you are a Margot Robbie fan.

Anonymous 134899

>Is it best to just accept and live life as single and childfree never starting a family?

What's the root of suffering? It's being born.
I do not want to force a soul to be thrown into the pit of hell that is this world for my own comfort.

Anonymous 134924

I always thought that it is me most egoistical and cruel thing a human can do - boring a new life in the world
How evil should you be to do something like that

Anonymous 134952

Well if you want kids, then you should work towards having kids. If you don't want kids, then don't have kids. If you can't find a good man, then maybe you are looking in the wrong places? I find that farmers, and practical workets (construction, carpentry etc.) are the most honorable and work oriented people. The more rural you get the better, the closer to the city the worse it gets. But peoples experiences may differ.

Anonymous 135022

Life is risk/reward yes there is suffering but there is also beauty in living on through all of it. In almost every case: having an experience > no experience. Say if you were born with a genetical skin disease that makes you utterly deformed or hurt just by feeling the wind. Or another major birth defect. Humanity is pretty cool overall despites it's flaws so I want everything to last that is the reasoning for popping new generations and also to leave legacy right, art and such. Not that any other animal in the planet will comprehend it but it will stay there for a long time.

Same they make a TV series of every issue they got. I bet this is already solved but they want to extend the fuck out of all the drama just to make some TV money.

Anonymous 135046

Wow dont move to the south anon. I will crush your worldview

Anonymous 135297

Chimps in this context is someone who acts like a dumbass anon not what you’re thinking of

Anonymous 136451

Amber Heard got fucking rekt lol

Anonymous 136468

It was glorious, nona.

Anonymous 136477

Are you a pickme or moid?

Anonymous 136483

I think it was fair after the media spun this as a "feminist issue" I hate when they do that. It's unfair for both feminism and the moid that was the victim. The result was fair and stop falling victim from mainstream media narrative spins this is all they do be smart. The media itself is the force behind punishing the trans agenda into feminism which is incompatible so I ask that next time you judge with more suspicion about what is being spun out. Amber was just taking advantage of a degenerate alcoholic but the degenerate alcoholic was by far a more law abiding citizen and a less awful person than her. He isn't without flaws of course alcoholism and drug usage moids are shit to be around but this one was mostly harmless except to himself.

Anonymous 136484

That's right , keep defending alcoholic moids, maybe your father will pay attention to your pickme attitude

Anonymous 136499

This might be too much to ask, but I'd really appreciate if someone could spoon-feed me on how Amber Heard could possibly be the victim in this situation. I'm not saying Johnny Depp is innocent, he's trash for dating a much younger woman than himself to begin with.
Still, it doesn't make sense. Take the finger incident for instance. If she had injured a finger of a caveman tier violent moid, he'd return the favor at least twice as bad and beat the shit out of her.

Anonymous 136538

The finger incident is complete bullshit, the way he claimed it happened would defy all laws of physics and common sense. You're taking at face value the testimony of a man who, at that time, was busy completely wrecking his apartment in a drug-fuelled lunatic rage.

I don't care about Heard but it drives me up the fucking wall to see mainstream trends ganging up on her exclusively while ass-kissing a confirmed violent alcoholic drug addict male who's ten times the PoS she could ever hope to be.

Anonymous 136549

>amber throws glass bottle at him
>she hits his finger and it gets cut deeply

how did that defy physics? thats what I got from the whole explanation.

Anonymous 136550

She sold a video to tmz 5 years ago where he was pissed off and slamming cupboard and shit. It caused a him to lose roles and money. So he finally got around to suing her for loss of income. Thats the whole trial.

Anonymous 136551

The nuanced answer is that they are both shitty people and mutually abusive towards each other. Having physically injured mutually. The side you pick depends on whether you think it's okay for Depp to lose roles and income over this and for Amber Heard to not have.

Anonymous 136552

The side you take is bitches be lying like always

Anonymous 136556

I don't think it's that simple. She clearly lied about being hit and about the broken nose, so who knows what else she lied about? I wouldn't support her simply for lying about the abuse, this stupid shit hurts women who were actually abused. Even if JD was violent too, she is the bigger asshole.

Anonymous 136560

Amber is a pickme

Anonymous 136562

Two different doctors explained that the incident he described would have resulted in a crush injury, which he did not have. They also said there was no glass in the wound, and that his injury appeared to be the result of having his finger stuck between two hard surfaces. He most likely gave himself the finger injury, which is what Amber said happened. On another recording, you can hear him yelling at Amber to cut him and when she refuses he threatens to cut himself. He is a manipulative liar.

Anonymous 136563

JD isn't going to wifebeat you, no matter how much you simp for him

Anonymous 136566

Why in the fuck would you trust him more though ?? He's equally impossible to trust,and clearly lied just as much. Unless of course this is just you teenage fangirling over behaviorally inept swine who "you still cant/wont believe is a rotten shill! uwu"

Anonymous 136567


Anonymous 136574

It required zero trust for johnny to state that as related to the matter in this case, amber lied

Anonymous 136587

I do believe both are guilty, but I believe her claims of the supposed abuse are ridiculous and will hurt truly abused women who want to go public. If he abused her as much as she did, she should have better proof. All this was stupid, she should have shut up and kept her money from the divorce.

Ok turdfag, Amber won't abuse you no matter how much you simp for her.

Anonymous 136766

Depp is pretty degenerate, but narcissists aren't even people. And you guys are defending one because it happens to be a woman. Couldn't be me.

Anonymous 136946

Amber is only bad because she has abused other women and is trying to pretend she is an abused housewife and it's insulting to actually abused women.

Depp isn't any better than any other shitty moid. Why the fuck is he going after a woman so much younger than him in the first place? Creepy predator just like every other moid. If any of his retarded fangrils read the way he talked about Amber in that text and didn't recoil or become disgusted with him and the way he talks about women, you need help.

He pretends to be a nice guy who respects women, but he's a disgusting objectifier and sexist just like all moids whenever they get rejected or "hurt" by a woman. And his letter after the trial, talking about "we should believe men, too" lol fuck no if he actually cared about abusers, he'd acknowledge they are mostly men and comparing the two is fucking absurd. He clearly did the trial mostly for his ego, not to help anyone. He wanted to get back at her. Moids can't be altruistic.

Anonymous 136976

Heard and Depp should be forced to marry. They are made for eachother. Both rotten individuals. Her oped and hes “actually i was abused :( :(“ remarks are insults to victims everywhere.

Anonymous 136981


>the way he talked about Amber in that text

Anonymous 136987

just don’t be a crazy coke head married to a crazy coke head and you should be a-ok

Anonymous 137124

I have more respect for the person who abused a cocksuck who defended Roman Polanski and bragged about doing similar things than a cocksuck who defended Roman Polanski and bragged about doing similar things.

Anonymous 137127

THANK YOU. Anyone who pretends to see good in a guy who would talk like that has to have serious brain damage I'm js

Anonymous 137190

Why do some people assume JD being a bad person must mean Amber is a good person? What if both are trash, Depp being an alcoholic drug addict doesn't make Heard any less of a lying BPD narcissist

Anonymous 137199

Yea I really dont get it either. You had two rotten people being rotten to eachother, one wrote a article trying to slander the other and hoard all the victim points and the other shit head decided naw lets make this all public. Justice was served

Anonymous 137213

> Justice was served
Most defamation trials end up getting truly "determined" during the appeals. It would be surprising if Heard does not try to appeal.

Anonymous 137436

100% you can't trust people especially m*n and having kids is just dooming more people/women to LIVING HELL

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