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male quotes Anonymous 132015

funny how we give any credit to what some men in the past say for no valid reason at all except that people decided they were wise bc muh big words muh penis

it really really happens often that someone will quote some man as an argument. "its true because this XY said that 200yrs ago" no sir, his opinion gets as much credit as we give it. its not a valid opinion just because you tell a famous name after it.

Anonymous 132029

I like that one from Napoleon about wanting his wife to be all stinky when he gets back from campaign.

Anonymous 132045

Appealing to malethority is useless in establishing a conclusion. Sometimes they say something funny though.
>To the one defecating here. Beware of the curse. If you look down on this curse, may you have an angry Jupiter for an enemy.
t. dead pompeii moid

Anonymous 132052

Males are so weak for the concept of authority, that's so funny to me
I have never understood that

Anonymous 132064

yeah there are funny quotes
also one nice thing about it is to look in the author private life and see how it contradicts the quote.

but yeah, men will say they are rebels when they mock women for being muh submissive then its all about authority and order when women are "chaos" (chaos being about women having choice) and independant (not being considered property like a vulgar chair)

Anonymous 132084

>gotta pop a squat
>get cursed because someone chain letter graffiti'd the stall
>volcano blows, killing everyone
>a god is still mad at you
People in Pompeii had it rough.


Haaa a lot of the ones about women tend to be projection, too. Even Buddhist writings describe women as obsessed with having kids and being insatiable sex addicts. While women exist with those traits, they seem way more common in men whose entire mindset and mode of behavior revolve around jamming their dick into things. To the point where they need to build up entire schools of thought to try to restrain their unstoppable constant sexual cravings. There's also a lot of the usual blaming of women for the faults and weaknesses of men so they can raise themselves up as superior paragons. You now, the "I am super good, it's WOMEN that are evil because they make me horny; I'm blameless because I can't control my own actions I am the victim here" we've all heard a zillion times.

Anonymous 132150


posting moid quotes

Anonymous 132151

im so despondent a…

Anonymous 132152


Anonymous 132153

dostoevsky, freedo…

Anonymous 132154


Anonymous 132156

a study of the pop…

Anonymous 132159

Anonymous 132182

are quotes really used in an authoritative manner often? nobody puts authority into dead century old geezers, the quotes just put certain things nicely

Anonymous 132183



Anonymous 132199

Yeah, they sometimes use it to troll or because they cant find any argument themselves.
I've seen them cite some dudes from the past a lot to justify their opinion. Of course its also a way to perform and make it sound better. Still, I always think : why do I care? My mom and dad have a better and bigger influence on me than these men. I'd rather quote my mom than an Average Prostate Owner just because he has a dick and published a book or two.

Anonymous 134193

The sheer amount of arrogance in this thread is astounding.

Anonymous 134588

>funny how we give any credit to what some men in the past say for no valid reason at all except that people decided they were wise bc muh big words muh penis

I would agree if the only reason they're famous is for having a penis then what they have to say isn't of much value.

Anonymous 134633

This, quote, the man behind it, and everything about it is just so interesting to me.

Anonymous 134635

Well it's natural that entitled men, who feel they are smart and important can be pretty arrogant

Anonymous 134636

It literally could be written on livejournal circa 2006 by some emo dude?

Anonymous 134638

Anti-intellectualism takes many forms

Anonymous 135052

He lived in a failing country with no jobs or future and with children being prostituted in public, so he got depressed.
Not really that crazy in my opinion.

Anonymous 135054

Anti abortion trump voter detected

Anonymous 135059


Agreed. I love the lack of context and thought put into most of what has been espoused here. The post about quoting muh mom takes the cake.

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