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Reproductive rights Anonymous 132021

If they affect you, here is the thread.

All year long gnarly old men have been in the background obsessing over whether we have them or not. They're not just obsessed with taking down abortion, they're obsessed with hacking up your right to use birth control too.

I'm not making this up, they've recently gone after a 1960s law that legalized married couples using birth control! (Guess where). There are/were only a FEW senators standing in their way.

The US is going south fast for women's reproductive health and rights. If "the powers that be" change hands again the zealous freaks will ruin it for every normal person out there.

It's not just about banning abortion, (whether you were raped or not!!!!!) It's worse than that. If you haven't heard any of this yet, you weren't paying attention enough

The fact that I can't say in detail which disgusting laws the senate narrowly prevented from passing, "lest it become politics" blows me away. If we can't talk about it here in cc where can we? Reddit the tranny internet capital ?? (Trannys are political too HELLO)

If this thread gets deleted I'm just going to assume the board is run by filthy scrotes. Reproductive rights are essential to basic health and wellbeing. Welcome to discussing what you will do without reproductive rights

Anonymous 132022

just stop having sex with men lol

Anonymous 132026

That's fucking ridiculous for most people. It's easy for me actually because I enjoy being single and being without the burden of a relationship, but this thread has to apply to everyone. Maybe consider that first.

Anonymous 132031

herbal abortion.jp…


I know it can be a toss up with any kind of herbal remedies, but I think it's still important information to know, in case the worse continues to happen. This zine goes into all kinds of different herbs, the potential side-effects and does a good job of reminding women that natural solutions aren't always the best or most well-advised.

With states banning abortion and ever encroaching on birth control, anything that can potentially help is vital.

Anonymous 132033

This thread is going to get deleted or moved because there's already an abortion thread in /hb/, lurk more

Anonymous 132039

This isn't a thread about abortion it's about the assault on reproductive rights in general. Abortion was an after thought.

Anonymous 132044

it matters for women who are raped. but if you're a normie sex-haver / moidlover, it's basically your own fault.

Anonymous 132047

Excuse me what if you find someone whose halfway descent and neither of you want kids or would rather postpone them?? Fuck right off with that ignorant childish nonsense

Anonymous 132078


birth control can affect your mood and the way you think, even down to who you are attracted to. the reason its been pushed for women more than men is because they know men are violent chimptards and the consequences of these alterations could be worse. make men wear condoms or get surgeries instead of using bc.

Anonymous 132079

Yeah, not a fan of just being treated like another resource for men to hoard and trade around. The worst of them seem to just want women to stay in the stable like good livestock regardless of any goals or aspirations we may have outside of it, as if women aren't thinking human beings and whose only purpose is to cook meals and spit out babies. Even the more moderate ones often skew that way. The lawmaking men are men and so will prioritize men's concerns over everything, which is securing their reproduction through manmade laws. If that means throttling womens' freedom or treating them like soft property, it's a sacrifice they're willing to make women take.

Anonymous 132085

There's no point in putting up with men if not for children. Theres a reason why women bother staying with men they dont love/who abuse them : bc of children most of the time.
I really love my boyfriend and he's decent and competent in many ways but if not for a serious relationship that wil result in something more meaningful that dick in vagina, Id rather stay alone and working on myself for myself only according to my own standards only.
Not for my whole life, Im still young and I enjoy the kisses, but I wouldnt plan on something long term just because he's "decent".
People put up with others bullshit because they have something more important than that to protect. Something thats above their ego and sex once in a blue moon.

Anonymous 132086

go back to r/childfree moidlover

Anonymous 132087

If birth control were outlawed, my painful, severe, debilitating cystic acne would come back. Birth control is the only thing that helps my condition, and lots of other women's conditions as well. I'm not worried though since I live in an extremely blue state.

Anonymous 132088

Your cystic acne has some other cause, and birth control is not fixing it, just suppressing it

Anonymous 132089

Ok, please explain what is causing my cystic acne, since I'm sure the myriad of doctors I've visited during my childhood and adulthood were wrong. And that all of the research linking hormones with acne are wrong. Please enlighten me.

Anonymous 132091

Don't trust anyone on this website, they have a crabs in a bucket mentality. Trust your doctors only

Anonymous 132101

Excuse me!!?? Children ruin your body, your finances, your freedom, your career, your marriage, your savings your travel plans, your mind

Get a clue tradfaggot you couldn't pay me a million dollars to join the breedstock coral with you. Even if you did I'd just pocket it and cruise the rest of my life. Cry more bitch t('>'t)

Anonymous 132115

No it doesnt lol
Your body yes,but other things is just muh hedonism.
If you think thats whats more important to you then okay its logical, not my personal choice and I do consider it to be a bad judgment of valie but its yours.

But thats not true for everyone. Only scary part for me is the health one. Other things are personal adjustments and/or coping.

Anonymous 132117

Unfortunately, studies have proven that women who have children are unhappier than childless and child free couples. Their average happiness only rises to meet childfree couples after the children have moved out and produced grandchildren.
As women, it is simply not worth the hassle of risking your life and likely becoming permanently injured merely to bring more souls into existence only to suffer.

Anonymous 132120

>she says on a femcel board
Preaching to the quire, Nona

Anonymous 132128

I find it really sad that there are women out there who think their only purpose is to produce men. Imagine thinking you're just a womb with tits, it's straight out of horror

Anonymous 132139

Now you sound like a bona-fide moid faggot or brainwashed cult mongerer.

All of my friends who have children are tired and run down and often strained in every aspect of their lives. I thank my God everyday I'm not one of them. The older I get, the more I notice how much I dodged a MASSIVE bullet.

Especially considering men shunt the mass of the domestic / parenting shit onto you.

Why don't you just admit you're an LDS escapee while you're at it if you're going to try to ram that "parenting value" crap at me. Unless your true love and practically your hobby is children, it honestly just looks miserable and selfish even.

Especially with the state of the world, the way it is. The environment being pretty much destroyed. "Oh but that's not your problem, the future is your children's problem you're just here to bring them the gift of life!"

Selfless my ass. You just don't wanna be left out by the precious bored to death women in your Facebook feed.

Enjoying children is fine and all but it isn't remotely common. When you REALLY get into the daily struggle that is raising kids it just looks like the end of your life, and like inviting misery, for 18 -20 years, which by the end of all that? You're haggard and broke, bit nothing in the world has changed. If anything I'd just feel sorry for the kids I'd have to introduce to that.

Anonymous 132140

Not a femcel, try not to label us all thanks.

Anonymous 132147

I want children because I like children and I want to have offspring. I want to have my own children.
Then again its not for everyone.

What I said is that if I didnt want children, then I would simply not bother with men.
I perfectly know how maternity and pregnancy are considered and treated and thats precisely why Im angry about it.
I am in peace with being a woman today and yes men are cruel and have womb envy. Im not going to give up on the gift of life which should have been actually protected and sanctified the right way rather than treated like men's right, just because parenting is hard.

I dont think everyone should be parents. No I dont think reproduction is my only role in the role (also we need men for that as well, and its not even just a human thing, its just how we survive as a specie in general).

This world is not a world for women nor mothers but Im not going to die with regrets just because of the environment (as if having everyone childless was the actual solution, rather than big changes in means of production and economical policies)

Anonymous 132148

Seems like the first post was jocular in nature, Nona.

>Lest it become political
I think what the admins meant by "political" is just the typical /pol/ troll shit, as well as slinging labels like "left" and "right" around as if they have meaning, as opposed actual politics (I know, the English language is slowly being bastardized, nothing means what it means anymore and confusion is the end game). Hopefully that's what they mean - maybe the rule should be updated because I agree that politics should be discussed in a civil manner, and I don't just mean politics on women's rights (I'm sick of the stereotype that the only politics women care about is feminism, seems most scrotes have a bigger issue with it than me).

As for the topic of the thread, there are legitimate reasons to ban birth control (e.g. I will never take the pill because of how bad it is for my health, I will never have an implanon, nor will I use any other lab-produced chemicals to prevent reproduction). With that said, I have nothing against condoms (it's really no issue for me), and I read in a book that some indigenous cultures used a certain plant as a male contreceptive - I'd be interested in seeing a study on this and its validity, as well as whether it's healthy. Honestly, I'm with the first post, I don't really enjoy sex and can do without it. I also know that rape exists, so it's not always enough to just be abstinent. Of course, I think that these chemicals should not be banned, but warning labels should be put on the boxes, and women should be educated about the risks of female birth control as well as suitable alternatives. I believe that women should collectively boycott contraceptives until pharmaceutical companies research and sell safe alternatives, but it's extremely farfetched to think men would do anything to improve the quality of life for women.

Really what is needed is quality education. If you look at the birth rates in African countries, you'll see that the more young girls are educated, the lower birth rates go. The best angle that will please the most people is to advocate for improved public educational facilities - it will reduce the amount of casual sex/prostitution/unwanted pregnancies (conservatives are pleased), it will reduce recreational drug use (most people are pleased), it will reduce crime (almost everyone is pleased), and it will boost the economy. I know the cc rules say no conspiracy theories, but I think the reason America (I'm sorry to all nonas who live in the US) has such low educational standards is by design - it makes sense to keep you all dumb and useful, because really what your leaders want is a cushy life where they can palm off work onto slaves, as opposed to a strong and functioning economy where everyone pulls their weight.

Anonymous 132149


Anonymous 132160

But I want to have sex with hot men nona
Also if you let them take away your right they will never stop until you don't have any rights left

Anonymous 132165

I cant argue the "sex with hot men" bc the very pro chastity for both men and women.

As for second part I cant give real insight either because Ill just say - women should be doing it themselves and not let men get anything. Hence the "stop having sex", which means for me "stop socializing with men", which means give men what they pretend to want : stop giving them any attention. Ignore them completely until you can get something from them as well.

Anonymous 132180

sex is overrated unless it's someone you love and trust
but it will take some time for most women to figure that out after they've been conned by the faux feminist hookup culture meme
yeah you can fuck a hot guy and it will feel good in the moment but afterwards? you're still lonely and they'll probably want nothing to do with you

Anonymous 132184

Having a single child is, by an order of magnitude relative to having two of them, the most environmentally friendly choice an average individual can make. Source: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/aa7541/meta

Of course, the problem is going to be so long lived that it will take several generations to both stabilise it and fix it, so unless we want to just give up we must make sure that we don't disappear as a species so that we can clean up the mess we've made.

Anonymous 132211

A single child yes why not, nothing against that.

I was saying that being childless wasnt really the best option we had on a large scale. Not just for the environment btw.

But now how do you propose that for all countries and how do you apply that in a way men wont start killing their daughters then kidnap and rape the few women alive like its happening in china and india ?

Anonymous 132246


Oh hell no.

There had better protests and riots over this.

Anonymous 132248

Oh fuck that
I'm in DC and I'm ready to protest tomorrow over this bullshit

Anonymous 132249

Idk what you mean anon. When talking about hot men I don't mean fuckboys, I mean they're hot both on the outside and the inside.

Anonymous 132253

Ignoring the whole "when do you become a person or at the very least entity with some for of rights" side of things, as pro-choicers always do, this entire thread is hard evidence that the progressive left is dysgenic. At current population trends, something like 90% of the people born in the US will be to Mormon, Amish, Catholic, or Islamic parents by 2100. What happens to women's rights and the environment or whatever else everyone is talking about in this thread when the entire country is a religious extremist whose only exposure to women is via pornography or extremely annoying feminists on the internet?

Anonymous 132254

>My mother was a well-off white Christian when she had a late miscarriage of a very much wanted pregnancy. She had a D&C at a facility that handles abortions, she was able to get treatment quickly from experienced providers, it was emotionally traumatic but she was physically unhurt and is still with us today.

>If our state's abortion ban had been in effect (we never repealed after Roe vs. Wade), I believe this happened late enough that she would have had to travel out of state, probably to California. At the time, my siblings and I were nine, seven, and four; arranging multiple days of childcare and inter-state travel on short notice would have been much, much more difficult than getting one of the other moms in my Girl Scout troop to watch us for the afternoon while she and Dad went to the clinic downtown. It would have taken days to arrange, more to actually happen.

>I don't know what the odds of sepsis in that situation are, but I'm just as glad we didn't have to find out. Once this goes through, people are going to find out. We are going to have our own Savita Halappanavar, and I hate that.

Anonymous 132255

There's a reason conservatives are obsessed with pumping out babies. They want to fill the seats of political office with their ilk. They want to overwhelm and drown out all voices they hate; they want rule guaranteed by their majority.

Anonymous 132256


Anonymous 132258

Prepare to get teargassed by pigs.

Anonymous 132262

The metro opens at 5am so I'll probably be there by 6-7am. Expecting a huge crowd, would love to post updates here but I'll probably get blocked due to posting from mobile. Also if anyone wants to meet up I'd be cool with that too but don't be surprised by how short I am lmao

Anonymous 132263

I’m going to be lonely either way. The only reason to be against other women hooking up with chads is if you’re an incel.

Anonymous 132264

For the record I'm phoneposting on Android, but put your safety first. Look up phone safety advice from the 2020 protests. Keeping it off is best, thumbprint/face id is next best.

Anonymous 132268


you guys are fucking me up, relax, there's already a lot of people there

Anonymous 132270

>I grew up in a right wing family and was raised to believe liberals were all about murdering babies. I didn't understand what the big deal was about just not aborting the baby and giving it up for adoption. I read a lot of pro-choice arguments that seemed to me very stupid.

>As time went on and I drifted leftwards I started to be more agnostic on the abortion issue. I moved out of the US to a country with a generally less insane attitude towards abortion so it rubbed off on me.

>I got married. We were on birth control for a while, but finally decided we were ready for a baby, so started trying to conceive, and I became pregnant with my now daughter, who is lovely.

>And I spent that pregnancy furious. I had been lied to. No one had told me the truth about pregnancy. I wanted that baby and I'm glad I had her but the actual reality of what pregnancy is, is hidden from women and even more so from men.

>As I vomited and the vomiting made me pee myself and I cleaned up my vomit and pee while fighting off another wave of vomit, I thought about how there are people out there who want rape victims to endure this against their will. Watching my body change was horrific (I know some people like it, but I'm not one of them), but at least I chose it, at least I wanted what came at the end of it, at least I had a supportive partner (and a country with decent maternity leave policies). The vomiting and acid reflux did permanent damage to my teeth. And although I did eventually get an epidural during my delivery, the time before the epidural arrive remains the worst pain I've ever had, like when they reset the bone of my leg but over and over and over.

>And - and this is the really important part - my pregnancy was a relatively easy one. What I hadn't known until I got pregnant was that until you have a baby women don't share their pregnancy horror stories. There's a taboo against it. Even afterwards there's still a taboo but not as strong and if you are honest about having hated pregnancy women will open up and share (it's a risk, there are people who respond super judgmentally). Pregnancy is nine months of suffering for a lot of people. Nine months is a fucking long time. Oh, and I haven't started to talk about the afterwards - for 1/3 of women major abdominal surgery, for most of the remainder vaginal tears, you lose a massive amount of fitness you have to slowly regain, and by the way, your hormones can cause you to go literally insane. My PPD was not subtle about it - there was a sane part of my mind left watching as the rest got submerged in crazy thoughts.

>And they'd like women to be forced to endure this. They'd like the threat of this to be hanging over women at all times. They want abusive men to be able to keep their wives constantly pregnant until they die.

Anonymous 132275


>In the United States, thirteen states — Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma,[1] South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,[2] Utah, and Wyoming[3] have trigger laws that would automatically ban abortion in the first and second trimesters if the landmark case Roe v. Wade were overturned.[4][5][6] Illinois formerly had a trigger law (enacted in 1975), but repealed it in 2017.[7][8][9] Also, nine states — Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia, and Wisconsin as well as the already mentioned Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas, still have their unenforced pre-Roe abortion bans on the law books. Those laws are not currently enforceable due to Roe, but could be enforced if Roe were overturned.[5]

Just so nonas know what people are talking about when they start mentioning "trigger laws".

Anonymous 132290

>"Hold your nose and go vote," he said. "You have to decide which one of the two [Trump or Clinton] that you would trust to appoint justices that are going to protect our religious freedom as Christians."

– Rev. Franklin Graham

This quote from a conservative leader encapsulates just how well the U.S. right understand the importance of voting. A conservative president nominates conservative Supreme Court Justices. Clarence Thomas, the longest-serving Supreme Court Justice, was nominated by George Bush and has served for 30 years and 192 days. Yes, this court decision happened during a Democratic presidency. But Trump nominated not one, not two, but three conservative Justices during his term. The justices Trump nominated will be with us for decades to come.

Anonymous 132293

man jacket.jpg

>we hold all the positions of power and make all the laws
>but we are oppressed by women
>so let's ban birth control
>and demand women have sex with us right now or else rape
>also we're banning abortion
>if women listen to my sexual demands, they're sluts and deserve poor treatment
>if women do not listen to my sexual demands, they're demons and don't see my value and deserve poor treatment
>I must ensure my genetic line continues and have lots of kids
>it's women who are obsessed with having children
>they're all hateful and evil and stupid and don't deserve respect!
>but having a loving wife and caregiver for my children is my goal
>women were perfect and trad back in the day, but women have always been evil
>women are much more stupid than men and only exist to make children for me
>but raising the kids is the mother's job
>I'm a man, so I'll be working and drinking with the boys
>if my children don't turn out the way I want, it's the mother's fault
>beating my wife is fine if she doesn't meet my standards
>but if she doesn't show genuine love, care and affection while cooking all my meals and polishing my knob then something is wrong with her
>she should greet me like a dog at the door when I get home and fetch me my slippers regardless of my conduct
>I'm are smarter and stronger and more logical and more emotionally stable
>men are the ones killing each other and committing violent crimes
>also men have better discipline and self control
>which is why it's women's fault men do any of those things and they must be controlled
>any and all violent crime is because black people, gender does not play a role
>men never want to have sex with more than one woman ever and so never cheat
>it's women that are sex-crazed maniacs
>I am super perfect and blameless in every way and nothing bad is ever my fault
>women are evil and to be hated for all of the world's ills
>including this random person that women made me decide to start punching for no real reason

I think that reproducing should be treated as an important decision that both sides weigh in on as they both play a role, but giving moids full control over calling the shots when it comes to this sort of thing is ABSOLUTELY INSANE and anyone with an ounce of logic or pattern recognition could see it's a horrible idea.

Anonymous 132294

muh abortion.png

Anonymous 132297

Hell yeah

Anonymous 132300

based post

Anonymous 132322

My body is still my choice, laws aside, so I choose to not have a child invade my womb when I don't want it by not having sex, simple as.

But my sympathies are with the pro-choice side. Maybe people who are too stupid to use birth control should not be allowed to reproduce. So leave it to the states, which is what probably will happen.

Anonymous 132325

i dont care about sex but i care about people other than myself, also its control sex today and control something else tomorrow, no woman should let this slip

Anonymous 132332

I think it would be nice if women were more willing to kill for their rights. What is a voice without teeth? I'm pretty sure if I ended up in a rape-baby situation and was told "deal with it" as a lawmaker implied, I would have a lot of trouble restraining myself from becoming a martyr.

Anonymous 132344


I'm here babes

Anonymous 132345

cocoa confused.png

how many people are there? how rowdy are the crowds? what are they doing besides holding signs?

Anonymous 132348


There's at least five hundred people here, pro choice catholics, pro choice jews, media. Rep Van Hollen and Sen Blumenthal just spoke, and now there's an abortion recipient from Florida here talking about her difficulty receiving healthcare. A handful of pro life protestors blew horns but they gave up

Anonymous 132350

The moids are starting to get louder but the police are holding them back

Can you post video files here?

Anonymous 132351

I'm pretty sure you can

Anonymous 132354

how many are there??
is it the proud boys??

Anonymous 132355

I can't figure out this webm shit
Don't know who is counter protesting but they came up behind us
Also there are two security guards next to the speakers, pretty sure they have concealed carry

Anonymous 132360

Video works good by the way keep us updated

Anonymous 132363


Cell service is shit
It's hot and humid now
Public speaking stopped but they will be back around 5
This nice lady said yes to a photo

Anonymous 132364

Not sure why they're suddenly putting up barricades

Anonymous 132365

They said it had to do with the women's march

Anonymous 132369

don't you have a job?

Anonymous 132371

I am a grad student so technically yes but it's flexible

Anonymous 132375

thank you for keeping us updated nona

Anonymous 132377


Everyone is sitting down waiting for 5pm when the women's march is supposed to start. The media is set up further away. I did see a CBS cameraman in front of me during the gathering earlier

Anonymous 132379

Huge turnout and people keep coming

Anonymous 132381

Be careful

Anonymous 132386

Again I'm sorry cell service is so shit
It takes fifteen minutes to upload a thirty second clip
Now they're chanting fuck joe biden because the first time he mentioned abortion in his presidency was today
I think you guys would like it here, there's a lot of angry woman energy

Anonymous 132401

Protest ended, nothing happens in this video besides you see signs and the crowd

Surprisingly the riskiest part of the protest wasn't the counterprotestors because they came at 3pm and left after 45 minutes. At one point the crowd was looking like astroworld, I barely had room to move and I'm shorter than most girls, and it was made worse by people crowding the front. A girl even fainted in front of me because she didn't have anything to drink. At least the police were quick to offer her help. I have more videos on my dslr but can't upload them now

Anonymous 132403

The banning of Plan B is good because it in large part literally gives rise to trannydom. Exposure to elevated levels of biosimilar progestogenic compounds (some of which are 100x more powerful than actual progesterone mind you) is one of the leading causes of lasting gender dysphoria. Not to say some trannies aren't getting psyopped into it, but Plan B causes an immeasurable amount of harm to children, and I mean immeasurable in the quite literal sense. It could be part of the decreased testosterone levels in modern day males or the increased testosterone levels in modern day females, just on the whole. Fiddling around with our endocrine system is just too risky, and so Plan B should be Schedule II at the VERY least.

Anonymous 132409

so do you guys think the protesting will have any result on the ruling? can't wait to hear their stupid opinions by the psychotic men and coney barratt. i'm sure the dissenting opinions will be scathing

before, kavanaugh said he didn't want to address roe v. wade at all (shortly after he was appointed). nice about-face there, brett, you doughy, alcoholic bitch-faced fuck

Anonymous 132482

No. Unfortunately conservatives are a histrionic bunch so I don't think this will ever stop being a motivator for them to vote. Kinda like how they constantly live in fear of losing their guns. Weird how they don't care about their right to privacy. I bet if someone told them they had to donate blood to someone they'd lose their shit about their rights being denied too.

Anonymous 132484

No but I think the right will hemorrhage votes in the upcoming midterms and primaries after this. I think they really shot themselves in the legs with this, they're going to experience a ton of whiplash.

Anonymous 132491


Anonymous 132492

holy shit funniest misspelling i've seen in a while
nona it's choir

Anonymous 132501

Screen Shot 2022-0…

it's actually how the theaTRe kids spell it

Anonymous 132512

nick is a self-hating gay man.

Anonymous 132517

I don't understand, don't conservatives dislike minorities? Minorities commit far more abortions. It's the first cause of death for African Americans. Why would they want to have more minorities? Do they just not know this?

Anonymous 132521

I studied theatre enough to not spell it "theater" but you will not convince me it's quire

Anonymous 132522

weird post…
>commit abortions
doesn't read well

Anonymous 132523

agreed. that's a big ask, ngl. "quire"? QUIRE? with a 'q' and no 'h'? i could MAYBE accept choire but quire is a fucking abomination.

Anonymous 132525

This is a split between RWers online, secular ones recognise that and support abortion rights since they view it as eugenic, whereas trad religious types are applauding it for ethical reasons and don't really see the long-term effects you're describing, and the two factions hate each other on this issue lol.

Anonymous 132530

Republicans think banning abortion makes them as great as Abraham Lincoln.

Anonymous 132532

don't they hate lincoln?

Anonymous 132534

Idk I'm just repeating what they say to me I'm as confused as you.

Anonymous 132546

probably not, lincoln was republican himself

Anonymous 132552

Back in the day republicans acted more like democrats though, and vice versa. FDR basically flipped the parties philosophies when he brought America out of the great depression with the new deal. After him the republicans and democrats began acting more and more like they do today. The GOP really became what it is now during the 70s.

Anonymous 132553

every alt rightist I've seen has hated lincoln with a passion. the only ones I've noticed that like lincon are the ones who say he would have deported all africans if he hadn't been killed

Anonymous 132555

>alt rightist
There's your problem. The weirdos on /pol/ aren't representative of the typical republican voter.

Anonymous 132556

This is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about ! vvv

"If the Supreme Court Can Overturn Roe v. Wade, It Can Ban Interracial Marriage"

“The GOP is going to overturn Roe v. Wade, and that’s only the beginning.”

When I pitched a column with that headline last week to my editor, I didn’t anticipate we’d read an unprecedented leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion that would explicitly overrule a woman’s right to abortion—something that’s been “settled precedent” for half a century.

Well, here we are now, thanks to a fully radicalized right-wing movement engaged in a zero-sum absolutist game to attain minority rule for white Christian men by any means necessary.

Next month, the Supreme Court will finally rule in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, regarding a Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. A similar law was recently passed in Florida which was in part inspired by the Texas heartbeat bill that has spawned draconian copycat bills across the nation.

If the court upholds the law, and overturns Roe and Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, which affirmed that the state is prohibited from banning most abortions, the ruling will allow its right-wing majority to zero in on marriage equality and the use of contraceptives, which will be next on the chopping block.

By overturning Roe and Casey, America will join only three other backsliding democratic countries in the past 30 years to restrict a woman’s right to abortion. Meanwhile, 59 countries have expanded access.

The opinion of four men and Justice Amy Coney Barrett will lead to a likely prohibition on abortion in 26 states. In Texas, for example, a doctor could go to prison for life if they perform an
abortion on a woman who was raped by a family member.

In the leaked draft opinion, Justice Alito justifies his ruling by claiming abortion isn’t an unenumerated right, and “the Constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.” Well, same-sex marriage and the right to contraception are also unenumerated rights. The draft opinion assures us that overturning Roe would have no such impact on these other rights. However, by the right-wing majority’s very own logic used to dismantle Roe, these unenumerated rights don’t have any protection. But, hey, moderate Republican Sen. Susan Collins trusts these justices, so we should too!

Unlike many of my colleagues in the media industry, I take Republicans at their word. Like helpful James Bond villains, they’ve been telling us the plot all along, but many refuse to take them literally and seriously. During the confirmation hearing of Justice-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson, Republican senators gave us a sneak preview of their ambitious goals to strip away our hard-earned rights.

Sen. John Cornyn attempted to make the case that Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized gay marriage, was faulty and an “edict” of the Supreme Court. He has an ally in Justice Alito. In a controversial 2020 speech at the Federalist Society, Alito whined that straight, religious families are apparently the real victims of marriage equality because people like Alito can no longer say, “that marriage is a union between one man and one woman. Until very recently, that’s what the vast majority of Americans thought. Now it’s considered bigotry.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Marsha Blackburn openly said she opposed Griswold v. Connecticut, a landmark 1965 decision that granted the right to privacy and paved the way for Roe. Specifically, it allowed married couples the right to buy and use contraceptives without government restrictions. Sen. Blackburn, of course, believes the decision was “constitutionally unsound.” She is joined by Sen. Mike Braun, who went a step further and said he would even be open to overturning Loving v. Virginia—which legalized interracial marriages nationwide.

Braun, instead, wants to let the states decide the issue (because that has worked out so wonderfully in the past for Black people trying to live their lives without fear of violence, harassment, inequality, and discrimination).

I wonder how Justice Clarence Thomas, who is married to Ginni Thomas, a white woman, would vote if such a challenge to
Loving were brought before him? Maybe he’d take one for the team.

If all of this seems outlandish, well, so was the idea of Roe being overturned. Currently, we have Republicans banning books across the country, and passing laws designed to intimidate educators for teaching about diversity and “divisive” topics.

A grand undoing of civil rights by the right wing is now an all-too-possible reality, and we have to be prepared.

Melissa Murray, a legal scholar and professor of law at NYU, agrees with me that Republicans will most likely focus on gay marriage and contraception after they’re done hollowing out Roe. “Courts are the weapon of the minority,” Murray told me last week, before Justice Alito’s majority opinion was leaked. “Republicans are trying to do in court what they can’t do in majoritarian politics.”

Professor Murray said the dismantling of marriage equality could be a long-term project—by emphasizing First Amendment rights and religious freedoms to create religious accommodations and objections to same-sex marriage.

For example, the conservative majority in 2018 ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple on the basis of a religious objection. Cases like this will allow the religious right to use the Supreme Court to chisel away at gay rights. “Once you narrow the space for same-sex couples to exercise their rights, once you normalize that they can’t expect equal treatment, then you’re on the road to normalizing different treatment,” Murray said, adding that it only takes about 10 to 20 years to entrench and mainstream such ideas.

“Republicans complain about liberal judicial activism, until they obtain power and use the Court to invalidate the will of the majority.”
Carlton Larson, a constitutional law professor from UC Davis King Hall School of Law, believes it’s possible that the Supreme Court could reverse Obergefell.

“This Supreme Court is being far more aggressive on a number of issues than I had expected. Two years ago I felt quite confident that Obergefell would not be reversed. Now it’s at least possible,” Larson said, adding that there’s some reason for hope. “On balance, I still think rather unlikely, given the huge number of marriages that have been entered into in reliance on Obergefell, and the lack of any obvious harm to society as a result.”

Still, Larson stresses that Obergefell was decided primarily as a substantive due process opinion, which allows courts to protect certain unenumerated fundamental rights from government interference.

If the conservative majority of the court is determined to undo the entire line of substantive due process cases as illegitimate, then it might not only be Obergefell, but also Griswold and Eisenstadt v. Baird (which gave unmarried people the right to possess contraception), up for reversal.

“I think reversing every single substantive due process case is a step too far even for this court, although there are probably a few justices who would be attracted by it,” Larson added, citing
Pierce v. Society of Sisters—which allowed parents the right to send their kids to private schools—a decision of which conservatives were (and are) in favor.

Unfortunately, there’s no need for Republicans to be logically or morally consistent to achieve their end game.

For example, Professor Murray says that executive privilege is not an enumerated right in the Constitution, but Republicans are fine with Trump exercising the privilege to escape accountability. There’s no mention of qualified immunity in the Constitution, but Republicans grant police officers all the qualified immunity they want to escape accountability for their abuses—often at the expense of Black communities.

Republicans are for national security, until they’re fine openly supporting a violent insurrection and a coup. Republicans are pro-free market and pro-corporate speech, unless a corporation like Disney pushes back against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and then they’re perfectly fine using the government’s power to punish them. Republicans are the alleged defenders of free speech, unless, of course, that speech threatens them, then they’re fine banning books.

Republicans complain about liberal judicial activism, until they obtain power and use the court to invalidate the will of the majority.

When I talked to Professor Murray last week about the possibility of the majority losing all of these hard-earned rights, she was shocked that people weren’t taking the threat seriously. “No one is doing anything,” she lamented. “We are asleep at the wheel.”

It seems the leaked opinion finally got people’s attention. Crowds started gathering last night outside the Supreme Court demanding protection for women’s rights and upholding Roe v. Wade. Democratic Senators are openly calling to codify Roe into law by eliminating the filibuster. With almost 70 percent of the population against overturning Roe, Democrats have a galvanizing issue to mobilize their voters and even some independents.

Sometimes it has to get worse for things to get better. At the very least, it forces people to wake up.


Anonymous 132559

"Republicans complain about liberal judicial activism, until they obtain power and use the Court to invalidate the will of the majority.”

Whenever I hear someone surprised by their hypocrisy, I'm in aghast. Why would you expect something else from a psychopath? They've basically taken the sides of rapists and ultra wealthy shits and you still don't see them in that light? How do you pretend for so long ?

Anonymous 132562

Dang, first time in my life I read this. I never considered it that way… God damn

Anonymous 132566

alt righters hate republicans and conservatives, they're closer to facist

Anonymous 132569

mucho texto

Anonymous 132571

abstinence is only a solution until men get pissed and decide to rape women to get what they want. I'm genuinely certain there's going to be an increase in sexual violence.

Anonymous 132590

Every woman in a stand-your-ground state should get a glock. the moment a moid starts to get uppity, just shoot him.
Hell, even if you don't live in a stand-your-ground state, you can still shoot moids if you feel threatened enough.
There must be an immediate culling of violent horny moids

Anonymous 132594


I'm dead y'all

Anonymous 132600


look at this dude

Anonymous 132601

Conservatives are from my interactions with them pretty concerned about privacy, especially technically inclined conservatives, of which there are a pretty penny among the new generation and overseas. Mental Outlaw isn't exactly conservative, but he draws in a lot of conservatives to his audience, and they're very concerned about privacy. I mean hell, look on Twitter right now, the Conservatives are pretty much all on board with freeze peach and Twitter transparency, and the biggest stink about Musks genuine policy proposals regarding privacy is coming from, well mostly sex workers, but the second largest vocal population is conservatives.

Anonymous 132611

They don't have sympathy for weaker people. Or anyone who is affected by unusual circumstances in their life. They genuinely think homeless people and illegal immigrants are stealing their tax money and should die. In this situation they think that women should be forced to carry babies because they had premarital sex and that upsets their religion. So it'll teach them a lesson when they're on food stamps and working for minimum wage. And don't forget that they're also somehow the victim with their tax money not being spent on bombing the middle east or something. Don't get confused with all that nonsense.

Anonymous 132621

I think their concern about privacy comes more from religious morals rather than a genuine care for women. Though, I don't see an issue with sharing a belief with conservatives.
>They genuinely think […] illegal immigrants are stealing their tax money
They are. Illegals get free Medi-Cal here. Money is being taking out of my paycheck to pay for people who aren't supposed to be here. Not a conservative, but fuck them.

Anonymous 132622

Enjoy having a child because brock turner came inside you and left you then

Anonymous 132623

My country has banned abortions since forever and I don't think you guys even fathom how bad this will get. Poor women here have between 3 to 7 kids each, middle and upper class women with money are the only ones with access to illegal safe abortions.
So since poor women have so many children, poverty rates are through the roof, most of those kids are uneducated or have bad state education, so when combined those things create exorbitantly high crime rates. Violent crimes, murder, kidnapping, domestic violence, sexual and physical child abuse. All those are rampant and are almost exclusive committed by the poor majority who stays poor because they have a million kids from several baby daddies living in violent homes with no education. It's the cycle of poverty on steroids.
Also 7 out of 10 kids get sexually or physically abused since mom can't keep track of them all and dad is absent, so nearly all of them grow into traumatized adults with mental issues. It's really bad.
Needless to say it has also created a culture of "have babies so my man will support me and won't leave" for women and "it's ok to have a lot of kids and gfs, you can just leave if it's hard" for men.

Anonymous 132624

I'm pro-choice fucking retard.

Anonymous 132625

Oh but you don't want your tax money going toward illegal immigrants so it shouldn't pay for abortion clinics

Anonymous 132626

I don't want my $ going to illegals. I'd be happy with my $ going to abortion clinics.

Anonymous 132627

Too bad because we both know which one is going to be which this summer

Anonymous 132628

How are those two things related? Why are you acting like that?

Anonymous 132630

>“The unborn” are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage that you dislike; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn. You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe. Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn.”

>― Methodist Pastor David Barnhart

Anonymous 132631


Anonymous 132648


Anonymous 132652

the thing about the people who want to ban access to birth control and abortion is that they have no pretenses that it will stop 1.) non-procreational sex 2.) abortions. in fact, the people who purport this ideology often do those very things themselves. this isn't about the hypocrisy among conservatives and religious fundamentalists, though. because hypocrisy can be elided as human error - we're all fallible. the truth is much more insidious than that. these people know how to control people and they know how to do it through the law.

Anonymous 132655

NTA but she's right about the logic. Under bipartisanship, it doesn't matter if you agree with one thing or the other. If you vote for the republican party, you're voting against money going to either of those things, so what you personally believe is not relevant.

Anonymous 132659

So people aren't allowed to have balanced/centrist opinions because… voting?

Anonymous 132661

Mods just deleted the last few posts because politics is not allowed lol

But it's clear there is a diversity of beliefs here which is interesting

Anonymous 132664


Moids keep losing
There's going to be another protest in four hours in front of the Supreme Court so I'll see if I can post more videos this time

Anonymous 132684

If you live in a place that is close to an abortion state you can get it there in case some dude cums inside. Even then I hope yall are not retarded and always make moids wear condoms or you take the pill.

Anonymous 132685

Are you going to vote for Democrat tho? The tranny party? this is how they get you.

Americans need to start picking up Third Parties in mass.

Anonymous 132708

Some fake ass prog Christian

Anonymous 132713


Protest is a lot smaller today but it's also about to rain and it's a weekday. There's going to be more rallies throughout the week

Anonymous 132715


cool signs as usual

Anonymous 132730


Anonymous 132732

>he who hath no uterus should stfu
my favorite.

Anonymous 132733


i'm physically sick and i don't even live in louisiana, those poor women

Anonymous 132735

they are sick, they're going to prosecute so many innocent women who suffered a miscarriage

Anonymous 132766

>The first clause in the Bill of Rights states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

For the last time, stop bringing up Christfaggotry nonsense, it has nothing to do with US abortion law and is completely irrelevant to discussion.

Anonymous 132778

Bitch Magazine went under, feminist blogs died off a long time ago… I dunno, this attack on abortion is also reminding me that I feel like places to have a robust discussion of how women are oppressed on the axis of gender and how other oppressions intersect with that just… don't exist anymore.

(I mean, to be fair, blogs in general are dead so a lot of sites to actually really discuss things are dead, I realize we're living in web 2.0 shitpost hell.)

I remember how wanky and heated the comment sections got at Feministe (even though I also miss that, lol) and I know Shakesville apparently turned into a culty shitshow and I remember all the fighting about racism – this stuff has never been easy or drama-free. But I feel like the discussion matters? So much of the framework of feminism we talk about now comes from those discussions.

Anonymous 132784

I'm a millenial radfem and I know exactly what you mean. The trannification and pacification of feminist spaces is tragic and has effectively killed most of them off.

The cultural shift from 'hey a lot of men are kinda creepy and rapey let's be wary of them and look out for other girls and try to keep each other safe' to 'hey lets all become amateur pornstars and let creepy boomer moids buy our nudes for 5 dollars/let's all become christian tradwives to appease men and maybe that will make them nice to us, even though men still hate us more than ever. also don't say anything about trannies because we don't wanna make a scene' happened almost overnight and it's crazy.

I think another problem is social media made everyone so hyperinidividualistic that they were so wrapped in themselves and didn't even see this overturn coming. 2009-2015 era radical feminism was so comfy and was a huge online community: you really felt like women were supporting each other. Now most feminist spaces are completely moidcentric and full of yas kween sell your body for money shills.

Anonymous 132787

Women's rights are women's rights, point blank. Volcels, femcels, women have sex with men, women who have sex with women, weirdo cavedweller women who have no concept of human sexuality. It effects all of us.

Anonymous 132803

>muh constitooshun
Literally nothing in the constitution remotely mentions abortion. Just because something is omitted from the constitution, not explicitly banned in thr constitution, doesn't mean its legal across the U.S. and "unconstitutional" to ban. The constitution literally means jack shit today anyways (both for Americans and the other 97 percent of the world not residing in America). Multiple parts of the constitution are violated and they get violated in different ways every day. Not that I can blame people for violating the constitution; we live in a different world now and what worked for society 200+ years ago doesn't work now with technology rapidly advancing and judeo-christian values society then was built around falling apart. The constitution, much like the Bible, is read by people and interpreted however they think it will benefit them today. They don't truely read or follow it, they pick and choose parts to follow and use it to find loopholes in rules to push their own agendas. Both have lost their original meanings and have become basically meaningless. We've outgrown them, they once served as a framework to build life around but now we have expanded beyond that.
No, I don't believe our rights should be infringed on. I am very strongly libertarian and seeing freedom restricted makes me madder than I have the energy for these days. I just get very annoyed when people keep talking about the constitution when it means basically nothing now, its an obsolete document. I don't believe our rights even come from the constitution (the constitution has no logical source for our rights, claiming erroneously that they are given to us from the God of an obsolete religion I don't follow because they were mad about paying their taxes), its just logically unhealthy at a core level for people to be ruled by another person, and when certain core rights become infringed on, most notably free speech, it invites an evil kind of fascism into the room that we've all seen to fail time and time again. Its inhumane.

tl;dr shut the fuck up about the constitution, brainlet

Anonymous 132804

No it doesn't effect us all, if you don't have sex then you don't have sex lmao, that is just what retarded hetero sex-havers try to brainwash you to think so they can have more support to push their agendas.

Anonymous 132808

>if you don't have sex then you don't have sex lmao
Hopefully you don't get raped then.

Anonymous 132833

Lol the constitution is absolutely not obsolete and is the basis of Burger freedom. Try and take away the second amendment and watch half the country's moids chimp out.

Anonymous 132834

Not everyone here is an asexual femcel ffs. That's an anomaly.

Anonymous 132836

If you care about women at all you'll see why this ruling is terrifying.

Anonymous 132840

Man… I'm so glad this place exists right now. All of the conversations about Roe vs. Wade on my timelines have turned to TIMs, how TIMs are effected by misogyny and we can't forget to include them when discussing the misogyny of this case, how we can help TIMs during this trying time. I'm not even as gender critical as most of you nonas (like, my instinct was to use trans women not TIMs, but I know that won't fly here). Still. It's very… exhausting.

Anonymous 132841

If women aren't allowed to have abortions even in cases of rape but men are allowed to keep the 2nd amendment, then women should be allowed to shoot every male they feel might try to rape them. Causing chaos is the only answer to fascism.

Anonymous 132854

I read in the news sometimes of rapey moids getting shot and it warms my heart.
Troons can help it. they're mentally ill, attention whoring rejects.

Anonymous 132872

>women should be allowed to shoot every male they feel might try to rape them.
Yeah that sounds completely reasonable and a fair way to structure a society.

Anonymous 132873

And forcing women to birth kids they don't want is totally reasonable and fair too. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Anonymous 132878

i don't think guns are a great idea, but i find it funny you're criticizing that anon's suggestion and not the overturning of rights to female autonomy. but yes, it's not a great way to structure a society, that's why the root cause of it (not making abortion accessible) is the actual issue.

Anonymous 132882

Exactly. It's pretty funny to try and ban abortion even in rape cases but still allow guns, and expect women not to want to shoot guys who rape them and try to force them to carry a child to term. I'd rather be a murderer than get raped or have a kid I don't want.

Anonymous 132915

then do it pussy

Anonymous 132953

Do what? Retard

Anonymous 132960

It's called hyperbole, ya dingus.

Anonymous 132964

>If you think women should have basic reproductive rights you're probably uuuuuh heterosexual
There are monumental benefits to the advancement of society when women have access to birth control and, if birth control fails, abortion. Believe it or not, impoverished women in crime-stricken areas popping out unloved, uneducated babies is extremely beneficial to the people who would halt society's progress.

Anonymous 132965

The grossly unethical adoption industry is slavering for the imminent end of Roe v Wade. The Alito/Barrett draft, in fact, refers to "the domestic supply of infants."

Kathryn Joyce, author of The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption, has been reporting on the connection between anti-choice legislation/activism and the adoption industry for years, as well as how evangelicals pursue a strategy of "conversion to Christ by adoption." This article is from 2013:

Joyce's commentary from this week:

My favorite quote:
>First, adoption is an industry driven by supply and demand, as unpalatable as those terms may sound when we're talking about human children. Second, the reflexive liberal retort to anti-abortion rhetoric — well, those right-wingers had better be ready to adopt all those extra babies! — badly misunderstands how this particular industry works.

#AdopteeTwitter has been discussing the SCOTUS leak and pointing out how it demonstrates that adoption is not an unqualified good. Here's a long tweetstream here about the sorry state of adoptee rights in the US:

Adoptees have been speaking about this for decades! Adoptive parent legislators Bush(es), Abbott, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Donna Campbell etc. write adoption law & policy in THEIR favor while voting AGAINST adoptee rights along w/ The Gladney Center for Adoption.

Anonymous 133000

I hope this isn't going too off-topic, but you can read up on horrific adoption cases by ~*good Christian parents*~ that end in abuse and trauma and even death. Carri and Larry Williams already had seven biological children when they adopted Hana Grace-Rose Williams from Ethiopia. Not long after she died of hypothermia and malnutrition, after being beaten, starved, stripped, and spanked for several hours. Their adopted son, also from Ethiopia, testified at her trial.

Anonymous 133003

SA to clarify, the abuse happened over several years.

Anonymous 133010

More unwanted babies is a collective L for the entire society so yeah it affects you and everyone else.

That aside, I can't understand why abstaining from sex is such an impossible feat for so many people.

Anonymous 133016

>why can't people just abstain from the basic human needs of intimacy and relationships

Anonymous 133021

You don't understand. I have to have unprotected sex because… I just have to okay?!

Anonymous 133022


I just lost my last bit of faith in humanity.

Anonymous 133027

And condoms never break and birth control never fails.

Anonymous 133059

But they are so draining and most socializing is a parade or a pagent that makes you deeply disgusted with yourself in some way.

Most of its tedious, and the kind of men, men bring you around are often gross af. How many times in my life have I HATED being around a guys slimy fucking friends??? How many times did I have to pretend like I like it? People are so revolting, especially when it's like getting to know someone's disgusting BIL.

I hate pretending to like people I irl just want to lob a fucking grenade at.. Having to pretend that I like most people??? It's such a burden it is so so so nauseating. I'm only blessed when I get the f out of there.

Anonymous 133063


i am at a loss of words, this is the level of entitelment i usually see troons have

Anonymous 133070


Men are getting too fucking bold

Anonymous 133076

We need a hero to stand up and ban sex instead.

Anonymous 133079

hooooooooooooly shit. she just doesn't get it.

Anonymous 133080

sa well, she probably does get it. but inevitably folks like this have specific beliefs, whether these be religious beliefs or beliefs born of racebaiting divide-and-conquer propaganda, that lead them to these faulty conclusions.

Anonymous 133081

this is what most men believe and want. it's why we, as women, need to wake the fuck up re: our class consciousness. we have the vote. USE YOUR FUCKING VOTE!

Anonymous 133086

Oh no… what would we do if this complete waste of space hadn't been born.

Anonymous 133099

Just tired.jpg

I feel sad for hetero women, but I'm worried they'll try to ban same-sex marriage after seeing what they're doing.

Anonymous 133101

all my burger sisters should watch this

Anonymous 133105

Promising to reverse Roe vs. Wade has been a wedge issue Republicans use to secure office for decades. If they successfully destroy women's rights in this country they'll need a new issue to focus on, and gay rights has long been a favorite. Right now the Republicans are mostly milking the trannyism panic, but that'll dry up sooner than later and gay rights will always be a surefire way to entice Black, Latino, and other traditionally Democratic voters into their fold.

Anonymous 133110

they need more obedient expendable workers birthed by the poor. there are multiple reasons why abortion and anti BC sentiment is so heavily pushed by the right. mind you, peter thiel is a literal gay dude, so, how religious is this guy? probably not very in actuality. money is a main goal for many of them.

Anonymous 133116

Men are getting too fucking stupid, is more accurate. I thought conservatives are normally against sex outside of marriage. But this ban would only discourage sex within marriage and then probably have the side effect of increasing sex between people who aren't married or discouraging marriage.

Anonymous 133117

These types do their damnedest to convince women that having fifteen babies is her destiny, and believe that marital rape doesn't exist. And they want the rest of the country to think like them. So. Trust me. They'll be making sure sex still happens in these marriages.

Also: They only obtain political gain from peeping in on certain people's sex lives. Liberal, college-educated caramel-skinned 20-somethings having safe, consensual hookups might be something they take potshots at but it's just a distraction. Popping out legions of white X-tian babies to fill the seats of congress and boards of big businesses is what it's about, and as mentioned in this thread—encouraging poor married couples to have more mouths to feed.

Anonymous 133126

Abortion was a traditionally Catholic bugbear in the United States for the longest time. Keep in mind that Catholics have long been an othered group in Protestant America. It was a huge deal when the first Catholic, John F. Kennedy, became president. People treated Kennedy with the same conspiracies you would see about a Muslim or Jewish president today.

Before the 1970's, the average Protestant Republican wasn't overtly enraged over abortion. That isn't to say there weren't Protestant Republicans who were opposed to it, but it wasn't party platform.

From Wikipedia:

>By 1965, most Americans, 77 percent, wanted abortion legalized 'where the health of the mother is in danger'

Keep in mind this was 1965, when 69% of Americans were Protestant. 70% of Americans said that religion was "very important" in their lives.

>In the late 1960s, a number of organizations were formed to mobilize opinion both against and for the legalization of abortion. In 1966, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops assigned Monsignor James T. McHugh to document efforts to reform abortion laws, and anti-abortion groups began forming in various states in 1967.

>In 1966 the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) asked (then Rev.) James T. McHugh to begin observing trends in the reform of policy on abortion. At the time then Fr. McHugh was Director of the United States Catholic Conference (USCC) Family Life Bureau […] The NCCB asked Fr. McHugh during its annual conference in April 1967 to organize the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) [[probably the oldest and largest anti-abortion organization in the United States]]

>"The only reason that we have a pro-life movement in this country is because of the Catholic people and the Catholic Church", stated the Executive Director of NRLC James T. McHugh in 1973.

>Early abortion laws only allowed the procedure when the woman's life was in danger. At this time many Republicans and Democrats as well were for less strict abortion laws.[58] Between 1974 and 1978, studies showed that political ideology had a very weak correlation with support for abortion rights. The correlation between political party identification and support for abortion rights was even weaker.[59] Mary Louise Smith, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee from 1974 to 1977, was pro-abortion rights.[58]

>In 1976, Democrat presidential candidate Jimmy Carter and incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford held somewhat similar positions on abortion.

>During his presidency, Republican President Gerald R. Ford took a moderately conservative stance on abortion, despite First Lady Betty Ford's urges for him to take a liberal stance on the issue. After winning the primary, Ford stated he was also unconditionally anti-abortion and fully supported the Republican platform in 1976. Still, Ford later stated that he was pro-abortion rights after he had left office[60] and Betty Ford was supportive of the decision made by the court in Roe v. Wade.[58]

So, what changed?

Anonymous 133133


Pedo phenotype desu

Anonymous 133165

That is in no way even remotely comparable. Now you just sound like raging psychopath on a rampage because you don't get to hear what you want.

You cannot use a woman's body against her will period. It doesn't matter if it's a fetus or an egg, you can't force a woman to give you her kidney to save a life, just like you cant force her to donate blood.

There are tons of people dying all over the country because they need a kidney or a heart transplant, we don't criminalize people who refuse to donate lungs etc, without written consent, and we never will.

What in christ gives you the audacity to tell me a women's uterus is any different? We are not human incubators that become 18 year free slave laborers.

If someone doesn't have the means to raise the damn child, it's none of your fucking business. You cannot force them into something even worse than donating a kidney.

Hell, you couldn't even harvest a dead woman's organs without her prior written consent ! How are you doing to treat her uterus the same way?!

And anyway how the fuck do you intend to police mail in abortions genius? It will never work

Anonymous 133212

I've seen convincing arguments that Republicans turned to abortion when they could no longer use segregation to secure the vote in the south.

Anonymous 133215

When a fetus is still incubating the mother and fetus are symbiotic. Mothers and babies can "trade" cells during pregnancy. Fetal cells find their way through the placenta and into the mother's bloodstream. They will grow in her blood and organs, and even in her brain, for the rest of her life, making her a genetic chimera! This is called microchimerism.

Point is pregnancy isn't just carrying around a fetus for nine months then popping it out. It's a Big Damn Deal, something that changes your life forever. Saying that women shouldn't have a choice in it is absurd.

Anonymous 133220

Great points, but they make me strongly reconsider who I'll have sex (and run the risk of pregnancy) with, rather than actually aborting, which sounds even more terrifying now. I'd hate to do that to myself, then further lie to myself that it's no big deal and turn bitter.

Anonymous 133221

My goal isn't to convince anyone to abort when they don't want to (!!!). The thought of that being anyone's goal is bone-chilling. And completely at odds with reproductive rights.

Anonymous 133279

I would never get an abortion but that doesnt mean I want to stop other women from accessing them when they need one. Wtf is wrong with scrotes and pickme christians?

Anonymous 133317


Men should be required to pay child support as soon as the egg is fertilized

Anonymous 133325

Who is this? She looks familiar

Anonymous 133327

it's jodi arias

Anonymous 133415

>>citation needed
and no, not the study on flies.

Anonymous 133864


I'm here again babes. Huge turnout. At least 17,000 people

Anonymous 133869

you're at the protest? awesome, anon. this is great.

Anonymous 133874


i assume (or hope) blue is an 11-year-old who has never taken a class on basic biology but kek

Anonymous 133875


It's super chaotic around the Supreme Court and the police are forming a line between the marchers and the stationary protesters but I don't think it's needed. There's no pro life people here at all

Anonymous 133876

Anonymous 133877

word if men don't want to pay child support for every egg they possibly fertilized getting their dicks wet they should practice abstinence or get a vasectomy until they're financially ready to support a child

Anonymous 133878

And to add, in general there's a whole bunch of cellular cross-over between mother and child during pregnancy. Their bodies are communicating with each other non-stop. Maternal cells train the child's immune system, for example.

Anonymous 133879

>There's no pro life people here at all
Of course, it's in new york.

Anonymous 133880

What? The Supreme Court? Do you have brain problems?

Anonymous 134190

>wanting to be alive
how can anyone be so entitled as to prefer their own existence over death!

if you found out your mother was raped when you were conceived, you should immediately commit suicide in her honor.

Anonymous 134191

yeah, being born is something that changes your life forever, too…

Anonymous 134192

So, if I understand correctly, because of the fact that the mother has lots of biological communication with the fetus, that means the fetus no longer has its own bodily autonomy, and the mother's body has eminent domain to decide whether the fetus, an entity having it's own unique DNA (albeit 50% of the mothers), is worth terminating all on her own accord. Where is the autonomy of the fetus!

Anonymous 134197

How would a fetus be able to decide anything for itself, even if you gave it the choice??? If it's a bad time to raise a kid not much in your control can change that. What you're asking is ridiculous.

Anonymous 134218

Fetus has no autonomy since he cannot survive outside the mother.

Anonymous 134221


"STILL USE PRIVATE AND SECURE BROWSERS TO MAKE THESE PURCHASES AND CHECK YOUR BANK DISCLOSURES RE: privacy information. Do not post about it and do not leave digital trails about if and when you do this"


Anonymous 134222

It's actually not that new but still posting it here for anyone who needs to know

Anonymous 134232

So we should execute people on life support?

Anonymous 134253

It's none of your damn business either way. You cannot force a person to donate an organ to save another person's life.

You can't even harvest organs from the DEAD without written consent. What in the FUCK gives you the audacity to assume you can commandeer a uterus and then condemn a lady to 18 months of financial and parental slavery without their consent?? Were you an actual rapist parasite in your past life? You can't scrote!! Whether you like it or not I would take that abortion abortion pill or go to another state for one. Hell I'd fly to England to get an abortion!… and guess what! I would feel virtually nothing over it. So cry yourself to sleep over it I guess since you get so involved in other people's business?? Serves you right!

Seriously in the grand scheme of things.. No one cares and it's better for everyone involved to abort when the mother isn't ready to have kids. What in the fuck can YOU as another clueless entitled filthy degenerate moid know about needing to emotionally prepare for raising kids in the best circumstances?? You scrotes can't even wash your own asses correctly!!! You can't even take out the trash without being told!! Why in christ would I trust you with a decision like that !!!!????

You just try to push your low degenerate standards onto everyone else to have control over something you naturally shouldn't, spreading your genes. There's a reason women have wombs and men dont. You need to stay in you're own clueless fucking lane!

You don't care whether the mothers financially stable or emotionally invested, or whether she's even addicted to heroin while pregnant!

Its beyond obvious your kind don't care. They never have, we see right through you from the start. You can put away the act, like you have any humanity. You're just obsessed with spreading your shit genes.

The more a guy is open to a thing like abortion, and what happens to that child in the long run.. the less I see him as an entitled loser degenerate btw.

Anonymous 134307

Even if abortion was murder, which it isn't, murder isn't always wrong, so.

Anonymous 134312

lmao exactly
>muh murder
i can think of at least a couple of instances where murder is the best course of action. there is not universally wrong or right actions, it's all case by case.
also none of the pro-lifers actually care about life, it's all about controlling women lol notice how theyre alway crying about responsability, mature enough to have sex then mature enough to give birth and parent etc… and barely ever say anything about the philosophy of life. not that there's much to say, considering its a fetus lmaoooo

Anonymous 134325

>>causing death and destruction on an incomparable scale in times of war is the same as extracting a bunch if unwanted cells

How do scrotes even justify this kind of logic ? living proof right here scrotes pull their logic out of their asses

Anonymous 134329

They can't justify it because it isn't based in logic. Once you realize that misogyny is their motive, you realize it's futile to argue with them for hours on what constitutes a "human life."

Anonymous 134331

but man is rational sex, woman emotions??
shoots a supermarket because yes

Anonymous 134336

Don't you know anon? The sex that commits the overwhelming majority of all violent and sexual crime is le logical sex!

Anonymous 134341


Abortion legality by country ! Because he doesn't believe it's most often only banned in third world countries.

I REALLY want to live in the United States of crime and poverty anon!

Anonymous 134376

If the family decides to, yes. That's what we do now.

Anonymous 135224

What do you mean murder and rape is illogical??? What else am I supposed to do if I can't get laid?

Anonymous 135360

To be honest I think having abortion be a local level issue is more beneficial for me since that means I have more power to influence the discussion. Local level politics is very vulnerable to the opinions of the local people while the feds are overwhelmingly influenced by kiddie diddlers and the men you despise. It would be very easy for local nonas to band together and protect abortion.

Anonymous 135361

Without the influence of the feds abortion could be viewed on a more personal, practical basis since its no longer risky to view it that way due to the feds.

Anonymous 135442

The end result of making it a local issue is that some states are going to ban it, which will lead to some number of women being forced into birthing rapist failedmale spawn. In no world is this a good thing. I don't give a shit about whatever principle someone tries to invoke to defend this, it's shit.

Anonymous 135453

>the feds
The fuck are you talking about?

Anonymous 135468

Alito wrote about “therapeutic abortion” as a nascent compromise that was crushed by roe
This is what he’s talking about https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/2019/06/09/when-abortion-was-illegal-post-series-revealed-how-women-got-them-anyway/
> “You need $50 each for two psychiatrists,” he explains. “They write up consultation sheets saying you have threatened to commit suicide because you are pregnant, and then you find a gynecologist who will do a TA (therapeutic abortion) for depression.”

Is getting an abortion after bribing doctors to rule you as mentally I’ll a compromise? Or boot on neck?

Anonymous 135470

Compared to what? Making slavery a federal issue? Yes let's let the corpos decide our reproductive rights that's going to end so well.
No state is going to outright ban it or force rape babies. Not even Alabama wants to do that and its fucking Alabama.
the federal government enforces a lot of laws often through monetary rewards which we could do without or do better if they weren't in the way. The drug war is a good example of this. It really isn't the feds business getting involved because someone snorted crack but they do and then they take the crack and snort it themselves. Greedy piggies why would I trust them with anything?

Anonymous 135473

also comparing slavery to abortion is disingenuous to say the least lol.

Anonymous 135474

> No state is going to outright ban it or force rape babies
Nice defense mechanism https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/05/25/politics/oklahoma-abortion-ban-hb-4327-signed-governor-stitt/index.html
Basically everything but death babies illegal
And it looks like the best you can hope for in 30 states is heartbeat bills

Anonymous 135482


>the federal government enforces a lot of laws often through monetary rewards which we could do without or do better if they weren't in the way. The drug war is a good example of this. It really isn't the feds business getting involved because someone snorted crack but they do and then they take the crack and snort it themselves. Greedy piggies why would I trust them with anything?

Anon the DEA is clearly not after your crack for their personal use. Are you talking about the Federal government withholding funding from states not complying with US law or what? I can't tell what you are getting at.

Anonymous 135587

Why? And the comparison arose because Anon said that all laws should be decided at the state level. We already had a war about this, some states are super gungho about slavery and would make it legal if they could.

Anonymous 137774

Can you elaborate ?

Anonymous 138284

Unironically this. I'm a perverted woman but it's been pretty easy giving up sex for the past several months. Idk why women are acting like this isn't the best option. A sex strike would be great.

Anonymous 138667


I just found out a family friend is pregnant again.

Let's call this friend Susan.

The way I found out Susan is pregnant? My mom invited her to our house, and Susan kept throwing up the whole time.

Susan already has one kid. The first pregnancy debilitated her. The doctors were afraid her organs would fail at any second. She literally had to stay in the hospital for half of it, and after the pregnancy she was basically bedridden for a year.

But Susan's husband, let's call him Jeremy, really, really wanted kids.

Once again, Susan is medicated to hell and back. This pregnancy was accidental, but they decided to go through with it. She can barely leave her house, and has to plan any outings weeks in advance (she cancelled on my mom multiple times as she was too sick to leave the house, something I wasn't aware of before this just now.) All of the food she eats only stays down for a few seconds before she retches it back up again. We didn't even eat with Susan while she was at our place but she still kept vomiting.


After Susan left, my mom… well. I don't really know how to describe it. She was just filled with this sort of quiet contemplativeness. I've had some Feminist™ conversations with my mom before, but never one about reproductive rights. But fuck, we got into it.

I've always known that my mom didn't plan to have me nor my two siblings. Even if it wasn't obvious from the timeline of the pregnancies (my younger sibling was born when my mom was at an age most women would not be encouraged to have a baby), she's basically told me this in confidence. My dad did not give a flying fuck and was always happy when my mom got pregnant, even if she had conflicting ideas about how big our family should be. After the last pregnancy my mom got a tubal ligation.

Well, today, in ranting about how Jeremy refuses to get the snip – she ended up telling me that my father refused to get the snip.

This was a revelation to me. I've always admired my mom for her tubal litigation. She confessed to me that she hated being pregnant (and that I was an especially difficult, devastating pregnancy).

So, knowing that my dad refused to get a relatively un-invasive, easily reversible procedure? Even after seeing all of the suffering my mom went through, and knowing she didn't want more kids? Even if my mom went through three births where she had to be drugged up, and three major medical recoveries where she had to be stitched up and in one case hospitalized for a long time after!? And the postpartum depression!? He couldn't even do that small snip.

Made me feel weird and sad.

It also reminded me of seeing my dad cheerfully playing with Susan's kid while chatting with Jeremy, and thinking about how both my dad and Jeremy had to do fuckall to reap the benefits of having little kids running around, and how useless my dad is when it comes to childrearing, and the fact that it's well known that Jeremy is a very… old-fashioned sort of father and husband. In the "1960's nuclear family dad" type of way.


My mom is usually very supportive of whoever around us gets pregnant but I felt her anger today.

This is so fucking cruel and even if I know intellectually that I can't project my own beliefs about reproductive rights and healthcare onto Susan and that if she wants to take her pregnancies to term nobody can stop her nevermind that she didn't want kids before she met Jeremy, I'm just so tired and sad and fuck.

I just needed to vent.

Anonymous 138668

SA also it makes me admire my mom even more for her tubal ligation. Even if she wanted the first three kids insomuch as she knew the kids could be cared for equally, and that five was a good size for a family, she knew five was enough, put her foot down, and said that's where this ends – even though I know my dad wanted a bigger family. What a badass.

Anonymous 138685

Ew I'd of put my foot down after zero.

Anonymous 139416

no way.gif

U.S of America…


Anonymous 139495

Women who won't stop having sex with men deserve reproductive rights.

Women who can't stop having 'sex' with men deserve reproductive rights.

Anonymous 139522

If we're going to punish women for making bad decisions why not punish states for the same by having them fund taking care of all those unwanted kids on their own dime? I don't want my money lining the pockets of a fiscally irresponsible state I don't even live in.

Anonymous 139531

Right? If we're going to punish women for making mistakes, let's force promiscuous men to get chemically castrated or force men who have fathered 5+ children to get vasectomies.

Anonymous 139535

No more Viagra either. I don't want to pay for some old man to have sex when it's his own fault he didn't take care of himself when he was younger.

Anonymous 139541

I just want a hug.

Anonymous 139542

Anonymous 139568

Anyone going to a local protest or does it feel too pointless at this point?

Anonymous 139738

I don't think SCOTUS is going to do an immediate backflip on a ruling they just overturned, purely due to protest pressure/civil outcry.
Not that there's no point to protesting, but what you'd basically be hoping for now is for congress to legislate something federal.

Anonymous 139972

Isn't that technically what they say they want anyway? Wasn't most of the leaked ruling all about how abortion access should have been accomplished through legislature?

Anonymous 139976

that reasoning is a tool. the senate wouldn't protect the voting rights act, they know that many states are heavily gerrymandered to produce positive results for the GOP, they know they have engineered state legislatures to favor the insanity of the far right, etc. they have installed right wing top elections officials. it's impractical and undemocratic because they have cut at the ability for actual democracy to take place at state level especially. much of this was done recently, making it even worse than how it was in 2020.

Anonymous 139977

>Wasn't most of the leaked ruling all about how abortion access should have been accomplished through legislature?
Technically, yes.
In practice, as far as the Republican party (who is basically the face of the pro-life side as much as the Dems are the face of the pro-choice side) goes, I don't think Republican politicians have ever been subtle about their arguments against abortion being purely religious/moral and having nothing to do with the mechanics of the actual court decision. Like, I've never heard of a pro-life politician saying "the constitution doesn't offer any explicit protection for abortion which is why the decision needs to be returned to the states." It's always more along the lines of "abortion is evil and we need to STOP it."

I can't read the minds of the SCOTUS justices, but many of them are card-carrying Republicans and it's not completely unrealistic to think that some justices might use their position to try to enforce policy changes based on personal beliefs instead of the law, potentially enough of them to sway a majority decision.

On paper, "the constitution doesn't provide this, make an amendment/federal law if you want it" is a sound argument, but that's assuming passing such legislation is possible and it won't simply be perpetually shot down/deadlocked.
In theory that's the hazard of a democracy and just means there isn't enough support for the thing and it shouldn't be passed anyway, but politicians rarely play fair.

Anonymous 139983

Protest by spreading awareness of the sex boycott. Knife scrote faces good by bringing them the sex recession on steroids.

Anonymous 139985

I'd rather lure scrotes with the promise of sex before castrating them.

Anonymous 140035

Wish I could be there to see the glory

Anonymous 140221

Mandated male birth control fucking when, scrotes who want to bang that also don't want to be fathers need to be the ones to pill the fuck up with their own damn money.

Anonymous 141939

from a reddit thread about things they don't tell you about pregnancy

>You haven’t actually stopped peeing until you try it once, stand up, sit down and then pee a second time. Leaving the house without doing this will bring you a world of regret (especially since public restrooms aren’t a thing right now.)

>Your nipples will leak without telling you and then they will dry, and you’ll look down the next morning and immediately think you have cancer or a rare nipple disease oh my god.

>Speaking of nipples, they are permanently erect now and they feel like fire at all times. You can cut glass with them. You are now Andy Bernard in that episode of The Office with the rabies fun-run.

>Your baby can, and WILL, kick you square in the butthole from inside the womb. They do not apologize. Do not expect flowers.

>First kicks don’t always feel like butterflies or a fun little goldfish. They can also feel like your bladder is trying to off itself one explosion at a time. It will launch you off the couch in a panic and there is nothing you can do about it.

>You won’t know where your stomach is anymore now that your organs are all squished around. Your doctor doesn’t know. Your midwife doesn’t know. Nobody fucking knows but you’ll still get reminded that it’s there by the HOT LAVA heartburn that happens if you even THINK about a banana before going to sleep.

>Doing the dishes takes three sessions because standing up is impossible for more than two minutes. You will feel like you need an oxygen tank. Or a priest.

>Constipation is more difficult than normal because, as you may remember from #6, you don’t know or understand where your organs are anymore. Your body is just trying to poop but your liver and kidneys suddenly have to voice their shitty opinions, as well as whatever the hell is in your ribcage at the moment, and you more than likely will google “AM I DYING?” at four AM. This will happen more than once.

>What nobody mentioned is the peach fuzz that doesnt fall out and my blonde beard can rival my husbands.

>My stomach was so fuzzy… then the fuzz turned into long hairs and it wasn’t as funny any more.

>Pregnancy rhinitis. I've had a stuffy nose and sounded like Darth Vader since like, 10 weeks or something.

>My stuffy nose and sneezing is a real showstopper when I'm at the grocery store!

>What got me however was constant nose bleeds after month 4 or 5.

>Hemorrhoids. No one told me about the hemorrhoids

>The pain of round ligaments. If I roll over too quickly its like being stabbed by a sharpened lollipop.

>With previous pregnancies I would get the round ligament pain when I would stand up too quickly or twist in a weird way or something. With this last pregnancy, it would strike when I was doing nothing at all. Just sitting on the couch, or it would wake me up at night when I was just lying in bed.

>Don't even get me started on the symphony of toots I've been producing.

>I think the gas is the worst part for me right now. I’m 17 wks and I’ve had pretty terrible gas since about 8 wks. I feel awful for those around me as I really can’t control it.

>I am like, 80% farts these days. It feels like some days it’s constant!

>Literally NO ONE ever told me that my rib cage would expand and that it would fucking hurt. It's finally getting less bad at 33+5 but ouch.

>I was NOT ready for the rib cage expansion. I went from a 32 band to 34 band at about 20 weeks along and thought that was it. Nope. Currently 39 weeks and a 38 band. From 32 to 38!!!!!

>Dude my ribs expanded a solid 5 inches. It was insane. And it didn't help to have little man kicking them every now and then. They've gone back done a few inches (almost a month pp) but I still get twinges as they go back to normal)

>Wait until you get a full on hand, or foot, or knee UNDER your rib cage.

>The nighttime hip and leg pain is enough to make you actually dream about amputation. So that’s fun.

>The excess vaginal discharge, I have to wear a pad pretty much at all times because it's never ending.

>I've got acne on my face, neck, chest, back, and butt, and every once in a while, if I'm lucky, I'll also get a pimple on my crotch! I even got a surprise one in my armpit last week! Yay!

>HOT LAVA HEARTBURN!! I'm not alone! I ate a piece of bread for breakfast and every time I burped I could feel the lava coming up in my throat.

>I just brushed my teeth and am laying comfortably in bed, which was a procedure. But now I feel the heartburn. Worth it to get up to get a tums? Suffer through heartburn? Reposition body and pillows again? Ohhh the humanity.

>I’ve fire-burped myself awake with middle of the night acid reflux a few times in recent weeks, so that’s been an exciting discovery

>[Lightning crotch] It’s a pain many women get while pregnant in their pelvic/lady bits area. It literally feels like an electric shock, or a bolt of lightning, running through your bits. It’s the worst.

>My personal favorite is “am I nauseous or am I just hungry?” There is no in-between

>For the first 16ish weeks for me it was: nauseated because hungry. But can’t eat because nauseated.

>Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. I asked my boyfriend to just cut my hands off at one point. I had no idea it was a thing.

>[Re: Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel] I can’t grasp anything without intense pain

>The skin tags. So many skin tags since I’ve been preggo. Never gotten one before

>I now have 2 sleeps per night. My first sleep goes until somewhere between 3-5AM. Then I wake up feeling like my bladder is going to pop if I don't pee immediately so I do that. Then I'm awake for 1-2 hours, trying to get comfortable again, until I fall back into second sleep. But sometimes I don't get second sleep at all. It's great.

>my joints are now so loose that my thumbs dislocate?

Anonymous 142084

You couldn't trust them to tell the truth about being on the pill.

Anonymous 142266

Screenshot (1722).…

Fuck, s. I just saw this tweet. I grew up being told that women hit the wall at 18. I keep seeing how much older women are hated, how difficult they have it, and I'm scared. I'm scared that we're turning more pedophilic. We have juries and judges who give harsher sentences on boy attracted pedophiles, but give lighter sentences to female attracted pedophiles. How do you not get depressed knowing that your age is a factor as to how you are treated? I'm 19, and on the day I turned 18, I was crying and scared because I hated that all of a sudden I was considered both "legal" and something hated. https://twitter.com/Yockey_Revival/status/1547605145797550085

Anonymous 142272

this tweet makes me actually physically stomach sick

Anonymous 142273


Look at the replies there is hope

Anonymous 142284

That looks like a troll account to me

Anonymous 142286

>sex is overrated unless it's someone you love and trust

so presumably that excludes all males, it's impossible to trust someone belonging to an antagonistic faction of people that have been enslaving your class of people since the dawn of civilization, and even before that.

Anonymous 142311

The problem has nothing to do with women. The problem is the environmental, dietary, and hormonal distortions that cause men to have retarded opinions like this. Yknow what, maybe not even that, he should be completely blamed for being like this. He needs to go to hell.

Anonymous 142419

Some states in the U.S. don't allow pregnant women to get divorced.


Anonymous 142421

Funny that pro abortion people always go after edge cases, but instead of just fighting to make abortion legal for those edge cases (rape, incest, death of the mother, etc.) they fight to make it legal just because. Maybe treat sex more responsibly and not give it ASAP. You'd filter out most low quality men because they would see they aren't getting sex any time soon and end it, or behave in a way that makes you want to end it with them.

Anonymous 142472

The problem is many or most of the "edge" cases can't be proven definitely–either there's a lack of evidence, or a process that takes weeks to go through. So, the process to even apply for an abortion worsens the situation and magnitude of the pregnancy.
So many of these cases round back to someone being in desperate need of an an abortion for a reason that can't immediately be proven or…proven at all.

So, that rounds back to it needing millions of more tax dollars pumped into playing 3D chess with legal red tape for every exception and even then mostly failing because of the nature of these things.

Also, the better option is complete female separatism. I agree, I hate casual sex, all that, but the majority of women who wait many months are still burned and then have invested 100s of hours of their lives and endless energy into a dead end.

Anonymous 142498

retardchan, stay out of important political discussions

Anonymous 144990

i know a lot of people who are anti-abortion are undercover 'muh white genocide!1!!!!' types who want As Many White Babies As Possible but even if you follow that ideology of needing to produce more white babbies, one woman >>> one baby, every time. one woman can have literally a dozen babies in her lifetime, and she'll be more enthusiastic about having and raising the kids when she's the one choosing to do so. other white women will see their peers receiving healthcare that prioritizes her needs while she actively and enthusiastically chooses to have and raise babies despite there being another clearly defined option (abortion) and that will lessen their hesitation and fear over pregnancy and make them think more positively about the prospect. a white woman who dies because the doctors prioritized the baby's life over her own or who kermits because she was forced to give birth against her will provides no biological advantage.

Anonymous 145077

How do these states justify not allowing abortion in the case of rape. They really don't give a shit about women.

Anonymous 145919

Based. That's the only way to defend against rapey moids at this point. But, one question, how would you avoid getting caught and tried?

Anonymous 148075

“They asked me to tell you what it was like to be twenty and pregnant in 1950 and when you tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant, he tells you about a friend of his in the army whose girl told him she was pregnant, so he got all his buddies to come and say, “We all fucked her, so who knows who the father is?” And he laughs at the good joke…. What was it like, if you were planning to go to graduate school and get a degree and earn a living so you could support yourself and do the work you loved—what it was like to be a senior at Radcliffe and pregnant and if you bore this child, this child which the law demanded you bear and would then call “unlawful,” “illegitimate,” this child whose father denied it … What was it like? […] It’s like this: if I had dropped out of college, thrown away my education, depended on my parents … if I had done all that, which is what the anti-abortion people want me to have done, I would have borne a child for them, … the authorities, the theorists, the fundamentalists; I would have born a child for them, their child. But I would not have born my own first child, or second child, or third child. My children. The life of that fetus would have prevented, would have aborted, three other fetuses … the three wanted children, the three I had with my husband—whom, if I had not aborted the unwanted one, I would never have met … I would have been an “unwed mother” of a three-year-old in California, without work, with half an education, living off her parents…. But it is the children I have to come back to, my children Elisabeth, Caroline, Theodore, my joy, my pride, my loves. If I had not broken the law and aborted that life nobody wanted, they would have been aborted by a cruel, bigoted, and senseless law. They would never have been born. This thought I cannot bear. What was it like, in the Dark Ages when abortion was a crime, for the girl whose dad couldn’t borrow cash, as my dad could? What was it like for the girl who couldn’t even tell her dad, because he would go crazy with shame and rage? Who couldn’t tell her mother? Who had to go alone to that filthy room and put herself body and soul into the hands of a professional criminal? – because that is what every doctor who did an abortion was, whether he was an extortionist or an idealist. You know what it was like for her. You know and I know; that is why we are here. We are not going back to the Dark Ages. We are not going to let anybody in this country have that kind of power over any girl or woman. There are great powers, outside the government and in it, trying to legislate the return of darkness. We are not great powers. But we are the light. Nobody can put us out. May all of you shine very bright and steady, today and always.”
— Ursula K. Le Guin

Anonymous 150288

out of all the major decisions you will make in your life, becoming a parent is the only irreversible one. you can sell a house, quit a job, divorce a spouse. you cannot unhave a child. you cannot opt out of being a parent once you've become one.* you cannot take a step back for my own sake, or else your child will suffer. because you go through periods where it's so hard. and no matter how much you want that baby you might have a moment or many, many moments of "oh my god what have i done" and you can't go back. not ever. and the only thing that pushes you forward is how much you wanted your child, even knowing the hardships. that comfort is not there when the child is unwanted.

*inb4 "you can put them up for adoption!" – i said what i said. when you step back, the child suffers. for every child that is happily adopted by a couple that want a child for simple reason of thinking they would make good parents and would enjoy raising a human being there is a child who is battered around foster care until they turn 18 and are left cold on the streets. there is a child who is adopted by a rich scrote who molests them. there is a child who is adopted by fundie parents who simply want to grow their numbers yet neglect their dozen children.

Anonymous 151574

>In 1970, Barbara Ehrenreich gave birth to her daughter Rosa in a public clinic in New York. "I was the only white patient at the clinic, and I found out this was the health care women got," she told The Globe and Mail newspaper in 1987, "They induced my labor because it was late in the evening and the doctor wanted to go home. I was enraged. The experience made me a feminist."
RIP Barbara Ehrenreich

Anonymous 151766


Can any nona with experience tell me if this actually works?
I don't like to take any medication so I would prefer this tbh but it is expensive so please tell me if it works.

Anonymous 153675

If mother rabbits are pregnant during an unsafe time, they can reabsorb the embryos into their own bodies.
>Her body absorbs the nutrients back into her system. There may be many reasons for this such as stress and infection or even a problem with the formation of her embryos.
Based rabbits.

Anonymous 153728

Very smart ngl. It doesn’t make sense to bring offspring into a world where they are likely to be killed or injured as soon as they come out the womb anyway

Anonymous 154029

Wtf rabbits are cool

Anonymous 154031

Please get off of 4chan nona, holy shit. This isn’t a normal way to think of yourself.

Anonymous 154046

>anime girl pfp
lmao every time

Anonymous 162993

Apparently a few animal species can do it.
>Animals prone to fetal resorption are dogs and cats that live in crowded kennels, mothers from puppy mills, malnourished dogs and cats, animals subjected to inbreeding, and animals living with undiagnosed diseases before breeding.
>In fetal resorption, the entire chemical mechanism favors the mother and reabsorbs the fetus as the whole along with the placenta.

Anonymous 172238

>A History of Birth Control
interesting video

Anonymous 173309

birth control is overprescribed and has many negative effects

Anonymous 173312

do some research if you are interested, i really dont feel like writing an essay right now.

Anonymous 208495

in prince harry's book, spare, he says he was using the laughing gas meant for meghan's pain management during birth to take hits for himself. he says when a nurse tried to give laughing gas to meghan for the pain there was none left. he describes how the nurse looked at the empty tank and then looked back at him:
>I could see the thought slowly dawning. Gracious, the husband's had it all. "Sorry," I said meekly.
harry writes that the mood changed when doctors decided to give his wife an epidural to ease her pain:
>The anaesthetist hurried in. Off went the music, on went the lights. Whoa. Vibe change.

Anonymous 208501

For the love of God why would anyone get married

Anonymous 208503

I can't believe people hate on Meghan when Harry exists.

Anonymous 208512

What a bastard.


This. Why would you willingly marry a member of the sex class that has subjugated yours for centuries. If you know all about the vile shit men throughout history have done to women, why on earth would you ignore all that and date/fuck a man because >oh well it won't be like that for me. How are you sure? Men often become a different animal when they already got what they want.

Anonymous 209525


I hate men so much from all the things they did and still do to women in girls in large amounts across the globe, I really have to wonder why more women aren't waking up and hating men more than ever. More of us have the internet. We can go on pages, look at numbers, and even witness what men do to women over the littlest things, yet if a woman in 2023 were to say "I hate men", she's still going to be looked at like she's the wicked witch of the west. How is hatred of the collective of men not justified when they commit around 90-fucking-percent of all violent crimes against women, children, and even other men across the whole world?? They even make up the vast majority of pedophiles, but even joking that women should abort male embryos will have men AND other women screaming that you're a "dumb, evil western woman who needs to be more humble". Even on many radfem circles, women STILL think that it's "too far" or "hypocritical" to just hate men in general. It drives me up the wall with how goddamn defended men are.

Anonymous 209526

>I really have to wonder why more women aren't waking up and hating men more than ever
And did you find an answer to that? because I'm wondering too…

Anonymous 209530

>more of us have the internet
for me internet was the problem- no, specifically being raised by the internet and being inundated with women hate from a young age, i grew into a self hating pickme

Anonymous 209533

You want my serious take? Because some men in the normie world really aren't bad. It especially used to be this way before internet porn. There was innocence and people try to reach for it and would rather deny/ not expose themselves to shit. But it doesn't take much to get pushed out of that security bubble. Not much at all. People are obsessed with appearances though and that's how they survive ?

Anonymous 209538

What do you mean? Do you mean women didn't know all the details and stats about the true nature of men in the times before the internet, so that's why they haven't collectively gone against men?
Well, that makes sense why women aren't hating men en masse then, but what about now, when facts on their crimes are easily accessible and widespread, and you just have to step 2 feet online to see men shitting on women for anything?

Anonymous 209643

I feel like 3% of men "aren't bad". Also we live in a post internet porn world.

Anonymous 209668

Samefag. Well that's extremely hard to gauge, and as someone whose never used a dating app and only dated casually bCk in the day you might be right and I might be wrong but this is a lot of people's take nonetheless.

Anonymous 209690

What does porn have to do with anything?

Anonymous 209692

nta but the post shes replying to says
>It especially used to be this way before internet porn.

Anonymous 209694

Again, what does porn have to do with anything?

Anonymous 209696

Because most moids are porn brained degenerates. Why are you being such a newfag?

Anonymous 209698

Because I don't see how porn is a problem when things like Fifty Shades Of Grey exist.(retarded moid)

Anonymous 209700


Anonymous 209703

lmao ilu mods

Anonymous 209710


When American males are so pathetic that they have to ban abortion to be extra sure that they'll continue their genes. Like how retarded do they have to be to still be against abortion, even though abortion means that they no longer have to pay child support for an unwanted child since there would be none?? Maybe their unhinged brains make them see themselves in a bunch of unwanted embryos.

Anonymous 209736


I would abort if I had a son and this raid is only making me feel it more.
Why would anyone want a child who could grow up into a violent rape ape if you don't constantly monitor them? Them and their scrote friends who influence each other into monsters

Anonymous 209737

Anonymous 209738

Women should do a reverse China on male embryos

Anonymous 209924

I’m with you, anyone have any practical advice on how to make sure we can do so in a safe, stealthy manner when abortion rights are being restricted in a lot of places, and most male partners would not be on board? Realistically how easy would it be to abort male fetuses at the stage when the sex can be determined? I’m 100% serious and want to be prepared.

Anonymous 209927

I know there's a book somewhere about naturally inducing a miscarriage, I don't know how safe it is but I'll link it if I ever find it again
> most male partners would not be on board
I find convincing the women to be on board to be a more pressing matter, this is a very niche ideology you know? most women are only "men haters" as a joke, it's really hard to make them do anything that matters…

Anonymous 209936

Most important thing is probably to tell NOBODY, not even your best friend. Never go to the doctor. Just order the pills on line and do it.

Anonymous 210009

How can you receive the pills you've ordered if abortion is illegal in your state, like in Alabama? Do your packages get seized or something, or can they get delivered with discreet packaging and you wouldn't get caught by the postal service?

Anonymous 210049

Places like Texas ban abortion pills through the mail, but this is difficult to enforce realistically and you should be pretty safe if a friend living in a legal state helps you out by sending some. I knew people who shipped each other stuff like adderall and thc candies across state lines even though that’s illegal too, they just disguised them well and didn’t send huge amounts at once. Try UPS or FedEx and avoid the regular postal service just to be on the safe side.

You can also order from a foreign pharmacy or get in touch with an abortion rights organization that will help you get around laws with loopholes, or just straight up help you with extralegal tactics. Women on waves has been doing this for women in countries where there’s zero abortion rights for decades.

You can also DIY abortion pills, which is not as dangerous as it may seem but definitely be smart about it: https://archive.org/details/FTVDIYA

Otherwise, you may need to take advantage of any opportunity that will allow you to travel out of state to get them in person at a clinic. If you live near the Mexican border you can go across and get them OTC.

Anonymous 210050

Usually they arrive. You can also get a PO box and send them there.

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