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Anonymous 132222

I have a fascination with wanting to use artillery and nukes to glass the earth.
Something seems satisfying about like slowly pushing back the borders of civilization like that and like boxing in/clearing it out.
I've regularly fantasized about making missiles go off and seeing them overhead
Does anyone else here do this or am I just crazy

Anonymous 132225

I think you're a bit nuts but the nazi salute is cool.

Anonymous 132228

I'd love to sit in a dark, evil lair and quietly stare at a bunch of military intel on a screen while being the dictator of a giant authoritarian empire as much as anyone else, but actually nuking everyone? A little rude smh.

Anonymous 132250

Hello biden. Didn't know you browse underground imagebards.

Anonymous 132257

People who say they don’t have nuke fantasies are lying.

Anonymous 132271

What movie is that gif is from? I really want to see it. Looks interesting and uncommonly well-animated.

Anonymous 132272

I have literally never fantasized about this. The thought never crossed my mind. I think it's because it's too terrifying, too total, too real, and too 'unnatural' for me to fantasize about. I'm already so afraid of death from above, I don't want or need to put more thought to it. Sometimes I do imagine post-apocalyptic scenarios without humans; or an Earth where the land is scorched by cataclysmic and global natural disaster. Life must begin again. It's fun to imagine a new era of Earth; how it would evolve. But nukes? Can't say I've ever approached it from that angle.

Anonymous 132273

definitely something by studio ghibli, it could be Nausicaa

Anonymous 132283

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Anonymous 132296

>or am I just crazy
This one.

Anonymous 133320

target locked.webm

Ill turn the second key

Anonymous 133324

join the russian army they hate trannies and use missiles to push liberals back

Anonymous 133364


I have, but only when listening to Zyklon-B. And Zyklon-B is supposed to be ultra nihlistic so nukes bad.

Anonymous 133365

>I have a fascination with wanting to use artillery and nukes to glass the earth.
OP you are valid and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Anonymous 133366

no, i have no interest in being pointlessly destructive. retard tier thinking. it takes 100x the brainpower to build and a literal downs chimp brain to take pleasure in destruction. it's just depressing and kind of pitiful tbh

Anonymous 133815


Same but i just want to burn everything down

Anonymous 138715

If there was a button that would kill 90% of humanity I'd push it in a heartbeat even if it meant I'd die too

Anonymous 138716

>Does anyone else here do this
No, why

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