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Do you have something occupying your thoughts constantly? Anonymous 132541

do you have brainworms? do you have something occupying your thoughts constantly currently?

currently, i have Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm supposed to be doing more productive things, but my brain is going "heeeeeyyy, do you want to look at Sonic the Hedgehog stuff?"

Anonymous 132544


Those are not fun brainworms. As soon as I relax i start feeling so bad about myself.

Anonymous 132588

I fire a constant stream of digital media into my brain so that I never have any thoughts, lest they overwhelm me.

Anonymous 132599

I shall love and treasure this duck for the rest of time

Anonymous 132602

I feel like im either thinking of Estinien from or my OC’s and the world they live in or feeling bad at myself for not learning data analysis/blender/art like i wanted to.

Anonymous 132604

I decided to go out on a limb and went to a gaming store looking for an RPG group to play with. I met a group that'll let me join the next game they play, but the GM was there laying out a massive table-sized tactical map for a wargame they play with 16 people that the store runs. I read the rulebook all in one go and signed on as a Finnish commander in the Winter War and Continuation War, and now I can't stop thinking or talking about it. I joined the discord group and as I was writing out some ideas I had, I realised I'd written a long essay and just deleted it all. Washing dishes, I think about where I'll position my AT units for initial contact. Making food, I think about where I need to place logistics hubs near the front lines. Filling out paperwork I become terrified of letting my team down by being overrun in the south.

Until this week I knew next to nothing about WW2, outside of the basics, and even less about warfare in general, but for some reason this big wargame has triggered some deep autism and now I've been scrolling wikipedia entries and reading books on the topic nearly 12 hours a day.

Anonymous 132613


The riddler from The Batman 2022. It might be basic right now, but god I can’t stop thinking about him. Something is wrong with me.

Anonymous 132614


Whatever is wrong with you is making you develop based taste

Anonymous 132616

obsessing over lolita fashion
I'm always thinking up dress designs and coming up with cute prints in my head, or thinking of coords I could make
I don't even own any lolita dresses nor have money for brand so I wish I could get it out of my head

Anonymous 132617


I don't know, I think it's kind of fun that it's interested you that much that you're getting into the history of it all.

For me, I've been really into wanting to plant all kinds of herbs and go foraging. Except I live in an apartment, have only a small space for a few plants that I can't even keep away from my cat. I keep on wanting to make a violet syrup with the violets outside and while I'm almost 100% sure they aren't the poisonous look-alike that is periwinkle, I somehow can't convince myself they're violets.

Anonymous 132650

same here but with drawing the character i fixate over
" hmm i feel like doodling " x " in that style of pose, or should i do it in that pose that is more ero once i get on my tablet? "

Anonymous 132683

You sound so fun to be around ! Those are so amazing, are they everywhere where you live? I have a little porch garden at my apartment. It's not much but I have chives, cilantro, basil's, and chillis.

I want to get a planter for the railing so I can grow more. I would fill it with more chives, rosemary, thyme and possibly keffir lime leaves. :o

Anonymous 132699


Sometimes I imagine I win the lottery, like 1.000 million euros, and I spend hours thinking what specific pieces of land of my area I buy or where do I start building my mansion and how do I decore it.

Anonymous 132704

Napoleon. I have saved thousands of pics of him already.

Anonymous 132727

Imeverywoman420 that you?

Anonymous 132729

Semantics in politics. Its a fucking rabbit hole I can't get out of.

Anonymous 132786


Anonymous 133626

No, that’s not schizo enough.

Anonymous 133842

photo_2022-05-11 1…

frogs and my friend

Anonymous 134393


i came to this thread to post exactly this… amen miner, lets gooooo
I consume so much riddler content it's insane but I'm grateful to finally be obsessed with something again. if I'm not obsessed with something or I don't have brainworms I get crazy anxious and I feel like Im missing something integral to my life……

Anonymous 134398

My husbando tbh.

>if I'm not obsessed with something or I don't have brainworms I get crazy anxious and I feel like Im missing something integral to my life
Same, I need an obsession to stay sane every day. I mean I'm getting better but I still need to feel that high.
Come to the Danofagging thread on /m/

Anonymous 134405


If you can draw, please create lolita art! I wear the fashion and lately I am constantly going through my wardrobe making new coords and trying them on. I have so many put together that I haven't worn yet, but they sit hung up waiting for me.

Anonymous 134406

I'm thinking about how it seems like without sabotage nothing will be done about climate change. However I also don't want to destroy property. Isn't there another way?

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