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Anonymous 13366

Hey miners which country are you from?
Have you ever lived/studied abroad?
What was it like?

me first:

I've lived my entire life here although I've been to florida once and it was amazing except for the fact that back then it was raining a lot there and we ended up mostly indoors. I wish I could visit Canada and/or maybe some European countries like Sweden.

Anonymous 13367


Anonymous 13369

Hi Brazilnon, have you spent most your life in the one city/town? An interesting country.


>No, but education is shit here so I'd like to.

Anonymous 13370

Yes, I've lived my entire life in the same place. Sometimes my family leaves home to spend the weekends in a small house in the countryside.

>education is shit here so I'd like to
what do you mean?

Anonymous 13375

s - 2208019 - 1g…

I'm from Brazil too. Never studied abroad but my first international trip was to the US of course I went to Orlando, Florida when I was 15 years old and I recently went to Tokyo, Japan.

I actually almost went to Denmark last year to study and work but unfortunately it didn't work out.

Anonymous 13377

Why Canada? It's the most boring country on the planet.

Anonymous 13387

I am from Singapore!

I've never studied abroad yet, but I'll be going to University College London in September. Looking forward!

Anonymous 13389

i'm from the philippines but i was born in chicago!
i'm going to move to arizona some time within this year.

Anonymous 13390

>Hey miners which country are you from?

Somewhere in South America. Not Brasil.

>Have you ever lived/studied abroad?

Left my country right after I graduated from High school to go to the US to study.

>What was it like?

It was fucking amazing. Best time of my life 10/10 will do the same in my next life.

Why did I choose to go study abroad? I HATE the south american mentality regarding…well literally everything. So close minded for so many things. It was all about who are you related to, who are your parents, status status status. Got sick of the hypocrisy of all the people around me. I left and so far Ive never gone back and Im glad.

Anonymous 13391

I thought you were me for a second until I read you want to go to Canada and Sweden. I'm brazilian too, and I've only been to the States.
I never studied abroad and it'd be kind of hard now since I'm done with my studies (at least for now). I'd really like to live abroad, but I don't really have a ~favorite~ country I'd like to go to. Maybe my boyfriend's native country, but that's it.

Anonymous 13393

I'm from a Southern European country and studied in France for a year. Best time of my life, can't wait to go back and live there for good. I've visited London too, it was great but I wished I could've stayed there longer than three days.

Anonymous 13394

>Hey miners which country are you from?

>Have you ever lived/studied abroad?

No and no. I wanted to study abroad for a year, in Japan, because my college would have payed for the tuition and maybe the plane ticket and I would have improved both my English and my Japanese way faster. And I also want to visit the country in general and it would have been a great opportunity to stay away from my family since I don't like them all that much and I have almost no private life because I live with them. But I didn't have enough money for housing, food and textbooks so I gave up. I couldn't even get a student loan because you need a guarantor and my parents refused for really petty reasons. I'll graduate soon and just try to travel during the holidays now that I have more money but it's just not the same.

I have family abroad but I don't like visiting their
(our?) country because it's just not safe and I hate everyone's mentality over there. And last time I went there I was stuck in my aunt's house for over a month not being able to talk to anyone except the 3 same people because of the language barrier and with no internet, among other things. No thanks.

Anonymous 13404

>Hey miners which country are you from?
I'm a South Slav
>Have you ever lived/studied abroad?
A lot, around Europe mostly.
>What was it like?
It really depended on how easy the language was + people's English skills. In general I didn't like Northern Europe that much, they don't have a very good opinion of us and were kind of racist at times. Like I could see in their eyes that they see me as nothing more than a dirty gypsy after their precious snow money. They're only as nice as common courtesy dictates but never more than that. I made lots of good friends there despite that so it's not like I think they're all collectively evil, I mean more shopkeepers and people like that.
Germans were similar, but a lot of people from my country go there because it's easy to find work. Southern Europe was much nicer and the people were great. I liked Greece and Portugal a lot, but some cities felt really unsafe since they were very touristic and crowded and salespeople are super pushy.
Back home shopkeepers like to keep an eye on you and follow you around the store a lot but they're not dicks about it and they never force you to buy stuff.
Most people on the streets and on public transport also leave you alone, I never felt unsafe walking around at night since people are in general ready to defend you if you get mugged or assaulted (even frail old ladies will come over to help). In Barcelona I felt really unsafe, Athens too.
Hungarians are really sweet as well, living in Budapest was nice.

Anonymous 13405

>Hey miners which country are you from?
Brazil too

>Have you ever lived/studied abroad?

Yes, I spent one year abroad in France

>What was it like?

It was pretty fun! I made good friends there and the scholarship I got was very nice and I could save money to travel a lot, I only regret that I went there in a period of my life when I didn't care about my grades and my academic future, so it was basically a sabbatical year. If I could go back in time I would probably have gone to the USA instead of France since my friends who went there had a lot more experience with research and it would be much better for my career.

Anonymous 13407


Don't say that anon!
Also, I've never seen snow in my entire life…
hey! nice to see other people that live near me does any of you use discord?
Also, crystal cafe has a discord channel if you're interested.

Anonymous 13408

Canada, lived in the same spot most of my life. I want to spend a year or two in (western)Ukraine, maybe longer if I end up really liking it

Anonymous 13435

Why Ukraine? I think I get the appeal, but I wonder if your reason's the same as mine.

Anonymous 13447

I'm American, but I go to uni in Canada.

Pretty much my only reason for coming here was that uni prices (for international students) were about the same/a little lower than the top unis in my state, so if I was going to pay that much anyway, might as well.

It's comfortable. I like the lowkey vibe compared to the US.

Anonymous 13449


I like the architecture, It has a lot more character than what I'm used to, both the cathedrals and the soviet-era buildings. I also like the food and the culture. The people are supposed to be pretty friendly there. Also I'm of Ukrainian descent and I've always wanted to become fluent in the language.

Also, and I feel kind of bad for saying this but I'm poor, since their economy is so bad right now a dollar goes a long way. I read in an article that the average hotel room is like $14 canadian and you can eat at a nice restaurant for under 10 dollars.

Anonymous 13453

I did go on a trip with my high school during the summer to Spain and Italy but there was no real "studying" involved.
I do plan on studying abroad but I'm not sure where. I'd love to do Japan or The Netherlands but I barely know either of the languages…

Anonymous 13455

2016-06-20 17.51.2…

Anonymous 13468

Ohh, I ended up spending a few summers in rural ukraine some years ago, in a small soviet hotel. that was so nice i wish i could go there again
i loved the atmosphere, everything had a familiar and nostalgic feeling about honestly, the comfiest place I've ever been to, and the sea was really warm
don't know about the cities tho

Anonymous 13622


Southern Europe oi, mineiras lusófonas
Yup, studying in Germany. It has done wonders to my character in what comes to living independently, knowing how to solve problems on my own and generally taking control of my life. It's also good for the cv. It made me realise what I like about my country and what is absolutely screwed up, justifying my previous frustrations.
Germany is very good for traveling around because it's very central. Only last semester I've been to the Czech Republic and Sweet, and I'm writing this as I drink my latte in Copenhagen. Will be going to Vienna next month and plan on visiting a bunch of other places. I've never been out of Europe , hoping on going to the US or Japan/SK in the near future to study.
I feel crazy lucky and I recommend at least a semester abroad for anyone who has the chance to do it, it's really worth it.

Anonymous 13623

I meant Sweden lol

Anonymous 13624

I've never been outside my country and I'll probably never go because when I do I have money I have no time and when I have the time I don't have money.

When I was still in HS my class went to the Czech Republic and Budapest and I was the only one that didn't because I didn't want my parents to fork out so much money. Big regrets tbh.


No but i'll live in Indonesia very soon, not a choice though it's obligatory:/

Anonymous 13648

Lived in a few different countries. Switzerland itself is nice but studying there not so much. I would like to visit the USA/Canada in the future and maybe study there for a bit.

Anonymous 13654


I'm currently studying in the UK. I like it a lot and I'm hoping I'll be able to get a job to stay after graduation. I might consider working in a European country, I just don't want to go back to America quite yet.

Anonymous 13655

spanish inquisitio…

Spain, been here for my whole life and only travelled inside of it and it's closest surroundings.

Nope, but between the political climate (especially where i live) and shit job opportunities (or lack thereof), i'll probably move out eventually unless it magically gets better, eventhough i really like it here.

Would like to live the weeb dream and try Japan for studying a while but it feels like a waste of time since a degree over there is basically paperweight back here. I'd like to try studying aboard somewhere in Europe eventually tho since it seems a very good experience.

If i had to eventually leave, for living i would prefer somewhere that is close to here and has a similar vibe (so probably Italy tbh).

Anonymous 13663

Where are you from in Morocco? I have family there, I'm curious.

Anonymous 13672

I'm from the UK. Never studied abroad, although I regret not doing that now. Have only ever left the country a few times anyway.

Anonymous 106416

longshot but anon wtfffff i am in your exact situation what !!!!! i am so shocked i thought this was me at first. are you ? i dont know. i almost feel like throwing up. are you there in indonesia ? i am so nervous i could kill myself i really dont want to leave morocco

Anonymous 106420

If you're still here: why? Just curious, I don't know why out of all countries in the world you'd want to travel to here.

Anonymous 106424

Brazil. I studied in Australia for 6 months in 2007 as a highschooler.
Not really good. Spent most of my time on the Internet, just like I do now. The biggest difference was that I was the best student in my entire class for those 6 months.

Anonymous 106428

>Hey miners which country are you from?
>Have you ever lived/studied abroad?
I have done some internships around Europe and some volunteering stuff around the globe but the economy of Turkey has been so bad over the last 7 or so years that you literally can't afford to leave the country let alone stay and study in one unless someone sponsors you. So unless I find a qt bf from first world, I appear to be stuck here for a good while now.
>What was it like?
Traveling really grows a person imo, it forces you out of your comfort zone and puts you under circumstances where you either become a normie or die pretending to be one, at least till you get back to your hikikomori ways. And not to mention all the people you get to meet and relationships you will leave behind to look back in the future. The memories of that kind will always give you a clear indication of how much you have grown over time. Forexample the dialogue of which country has the most fuckable people always shifts around as you all progress in life as a friend group who travels and comes across each other from time to time. But based on all my info over the years:
good food, cheap unless you live in a shithole like me, hot language, history and places to visit are absolute kino at its peak, if you live in a smaller city; you get insane amounts attention if you are blonde or look foreign in some particular way. It is like you are giving people a story about having done it with a foreigner, which is for some reason a cool story for people who live and die in the same place they are born. People being up close is kind of scary though, so I'd give a 7/10
>balkans ( don't @ me even the language is almost the same in most of them)
also cheap, terrible roads, currency is different in almost every single one, having to buy stuff becomes a nightmare when this is combined with non english speaking cashiers, small cities with good air and nature, and in "big" cities commie blocks are weirdly adding sovl into their weirdo city planning type, people are just mean instead of being insincere like in greece though, so I'd give a 6/10
its cheap and most certainly a unique experience, but overall pretty bland other than the Georgian wine 5/10
>middle east (I only have been to syria, iraq and iran so far)
Terrible food, electricity cuts off, phones can't get signal most of the time especially for iraq, iran overall is the most livable one but you still get fined for not wearing a hijab even in a literal fucking car, historical buildings are pretty much gone in almost all of them, I had heard some orgies being organized while I was in Iran due to police literally being unable to search your house due to religious reasons but wouldn't count on it, I'd say no to all 3 unless you are running from something. 2/10
I had volunteered in uganda for 6 months in a project where we built a school/orphanage, and I am sad to say the place is worse than it looks in the movies etc, food is decent, has a very different neighborhood wifes discussing shit culture, young girls are taught to wash their period products to reuse them again in some gross manner due to basic human needs being a luxury to most people there, cheap 4x4 cars you can have fun in sand with like in arabic countries but women somewhat is allowed to drive here, insanely dangerous place if you are white as the kids tend to shout muzungu and stuff, smoking is forbidden yet weed is allowed??, their local alcoholic drink is terrible too, no taxis since they are replaced by these motorcycles that are dirt cheap and insanely dangerous as well, sex is kind of an impossibility due to all the disease you could contract; which is terrifying especially while playing with kids there if you are in my case, you get to see really big birds alongside usual safari animals if you go to like national parks, It most certainly is an adventure but way too dangerous depending on where you live there. 5/10

Anonymous 106592

Just try and say that to a Quebecker, and make damn sure that you have that thing in your mouth that rugby players wear to avoid losing their teeth when you say it!

Anonymous 106596

>you get insane amounts attention if you are blonde
I thought they had enough blonde people that it's not some novelty for them…

Anonymous 106601

>Hey miners which country are you from?
>Have you ever lived/studied abroad?
I spent a year in London in my late teens
>What was it like?
I was miserable tbh

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