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Anonymous 133826

how to use scrotes pornsickness to make business?
not porn but something more or less related to sexy women but not outright prostitution, like hooters or maid cafes
theres a lot of men ready to blow their money in places like that and we should take advantage of that

Anonymous 133832

Don't you realize that will only contribute to the problem in the world

Anonymous 133833

moids are beyond saving might as well capitalize on it lol

Anonymous 133839

Buy a cheap tablet you can draw with
Get a slightly distinguishable style
Make borderline nsfw hornybait memes
Get commissions

Alternatively, not pornsickness, but draw a relatable/disabled sad anime girl getting bullied, and let men commission you to draw them happy

Anonymous 133873

This works. Protection instinct is easy moid bait.

Anonymous 133919

this, you don't fix the rape problem by exposing more of them to porn and at a younger age

Anonymous 133920

Where is is this moid “protection instinct” irl?

Anonymous 133932

That's the point though. If they had to have a protection instinct in real life, they would actually have to change themselves and do actual work. Whereas if they just read an manga about a little girl who needs protection, they can imagine themselves being the true hero without having to do any work or change in any way.

Anonymous 133960

im op and thank you for the idea nona, you're a devilish mastermind

Anonymous 133995

Making a career out of catering to men is going to leave you burnt out and depressed. Not only will you have to cater to the whims of your male audience, constantly producing content that suits their tastes while ignoring the fact that you're contributing to their delusions and actively making the world worse, but there is absolutely zero way to make it as an erotic business without having to constantly interact with your audience in a parasocial way. Playing the girlfriend role, basically. So, if your audience is 99.9% men, you're going to have to interact with legions of horny men on a regular basis and put on a smile and pretend it doesn't hurt or make you uncomfortable. A lot of them will initiate contact under the guise of a commission or business opportunity, promising great things, but pull out once they've gotten their rocks off from Talking To A Girl.

Anonymous 133999

518 yCq5wKL.jpg

NA but keep in mind all of this
Applies to being an erotic artist as well.

Honestly, if you're looking to make a quick buck and can write fairly decently, try banging out some niche erotic selfpub books and sling them on Amazon and other ebook sites. You can make a few hundred to a couple thousand a month if one of your books takes off or becomes a meme. They're fun to write, have a mostly female audience, and are so fantastical you don't need to sacrifice your soul to write them.

You can use automatic writing bots to fill out the bulk of the story if you genuinely hate writing, as well. Just don't rely on writing bots to produce the whole thing, for a number of reasons.

Anonymous 134000

NTA but fucking kek nona, thanks for the business idea. That title sounds like a light novel title but way more entertaining

Anonymous 134002

No prob.

Here are some popular writing bots:

A good bot for inspiration, but keep in mind it lifts text from various sources and will sometimes spit whole chunks of books, essays, and articles at you verbatim. Don't copy/paste from it without editing unless you want to (rightfully) be accused of plagiarism.
Creates nice, generic filler sentences.

Most selfpub authors who make more than pocket change know it's all about presentation, self-promote, and are prolific enough to build up a dedicated audience. They almost always have a specific niche (like dinosaur porn). Write about something that genuinely interests you – like, these dinosaur porn authors obviously know a lot about dinosaurs and love talking about them, kek – because otherwise making $0 to $2.90 the first few months can be a downer.

Anonymous 134008

being an erotic artist is as soul erasing as being a factory worker, at least in my experience
makes me feel like im no artist, but just another coom machine for smelly moids
I wanted to be an artist, not whatever the fuck this shit is

Anonymous 134016


Why don’t you create erotic art for a female audience instead?

Anonymous 134018

just draw anything sexy and you can build a business. draw a sexy toaster and they'll go hogwild for that shit. literally anything. these idiots can be memed with sexy dom anime girls telling them to off themselves, literally. they literally like shit like that, they're so warped.

Anonymous 134023

a lot of fujoshi/yumejoshi women are willing to shell out $$$ for art and merch of their husbandos so this might not be a bad idea, but it is a lot smaller of a niche than doing art for coomer scrotes and may require dealing with customers who can't speak any english
this is really interesting nona, do you have some examples of books of this kind that have been successful? I've been told I'm a good writer and could use some extra income

Anonymous 134080

>but it is a lot smaller of a niche
Niches are where the money is at. You will actually stand out instead of being "Shitty Artist With Off-model Pinups #58962" and thus more likely to be noticed. Men also like porn with intimacy and two visible partners in it. A poll made on r/FemgazeHentai (back when it was palatable) revealed that despite being a sub for "female porn" majority of users were still male (something like 51% answered male)

By appealing to that smaller niche you will not only make art that appeals to you as a woman (making your workflow smoother, morale boost), providing for a market that doesn't get enough content, you also appeal to both men and women.
In theory it's better to fill the yumejo/femgaze niche based on these factors.

There is also an untapped market in otome games - they have only gotten more popular over the years, a slow but steady growth - so much that the amount of games localized this year and the last could be considered record-breaking. The fact that more games are being localized means that JP companies (who are usually meek and reluctant to branch out) are making good sales in the west.
Despite the demand however, there are no good, professionally made OELVNs for women. Perhaps you could name a few good ones but I've yet to play one that matches the quality of JP localizations. There are more OELVN kickstarters than releases - despite successful fundraising sloppy "devs" just take the money and run. Sorry for going on a tangent, I'm just passionate on the subject.

TLDR there is also a market for professionalism in western indie GxB games.

Anonymous 134183

Based post

lbr though, it's way easier to build a male audience and customer base because males are more willing to waste money on porn, no matter how tame. That's, sadly, why there are so many female Twitter artists who are complete pickmes (or appear to be).
That doesn't mean that having an exclusively female audience is not profitable at all, though. It's just that it'll never be as profitable as a male audience, but as long as you're not looking to become Sakimichan levels of rich, it should be enough.
Or you could also draw for scrotes at first, and when you've earned as much as you wanted/needed you can start from scratch and switch to catering to women instead.

Anonymous 134422

im so torn abt posting my art online because im lesbian so when i do nsfw content it's of women obvs, but i dont want moids to jack off at it @.@

i want a female audience for my nsfw stuff so bad, but finding other lesbians is almost impossible (nowadays 90% of ''''lesbians'''' online are men with wigs) and theres no way im drawing men n dicks to find other women to talk to…

Anonymous 134455

Learn to draw it digitally. It isn't too hard and it doesn't have to be good. As long as you're willing to depict their requests you should be able to make money off of it.

You could literally just trace over scenes/references and then render it in your own style

Anonymous 134468

Draw women that men hate like amber heard

Anonymous 134474

im not drawing/posting the tits of irl people, thats weird 😔😔 but now that you mention it, i could talk/draw abt topics men hate… 5 tweets abt period n vaginas per every horny anime woman lmao

Anonymous 134475

I hate that porn is the only thing that gets you money when you're an artist. That or drawing in an anime derivative style.
I became an artist to express my feelings in an unique idiosyncratic artstyle, but nobody wants that. Only anime and porn.

Anonymous 134483

sadly it's like that for every work, the only people who care about your feelings or how you express them are psychiatrists because they get money off it

Anonymous 134488

Only exists when he thinks you're cute. If he dislikes you / thinks you're gross / is a cynical little shit, nonapply
Wouldn't that attract the extra coombrained degens?

Anonymous 134492

Would work in theory as it would get rid of most men, but then you'd be left with trannies who cum over the thought of periods.

Anonymous 134519

do they? im not online much, but from what i have seen lots of transwomen trow a riot every time someone mentions periods (or women having periods)
but it may be just another excuse to call random women transphobic n be misogynist…. dunno what goes on their minds
on a similar note, at this point when i see he/him on someones bio i assume shes a woman & vice-versa lol

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