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Anonymous 134051

Honestly, one of the things about getting older is realizing that smarts don't mean shit about how you're going to get by in the world. I've known geniuses that can't function in a job or among other people, either because of mental health reasons, being an asshole about how smart they are, or being kind of emotionally-stupid because of having never bothered to hone social skills like they did with technical or academic skills. I've known multiple very intelligent people that died or almost died because of pulling stupid stunts with cars, cleaning fluids, microwaves, etc. You can be smart, but that doesn't mean you'll be smart in every single way. It also doesn't mean you'll be wise.

Anonymous 134054

You contradicted yourself in your own post. If someone is blowing themselves up with a microwave, it’s not because they’re too intelligent.

Anonymous 134064

Smart people can do stupid things

Anonymous 134082

Facts. Being creatively intelligent or curious is almost counterproductive for the sake of survival. People can have a lot of thoughts and ideas but not necessarily the right ones or they cant arrange them correctly/coherently

Anonymous 134126

>142 iq, proffesionally tested
>hopeless neet in mid 20s

tip for life: never be born with autism and adhd and never have an abusive as fuck mother that gives you lifelong anxiety issues

Anonymous 134148

I think it's smart to stay out of bs with people, especially if you're female though. You talk about "social skills" but wtf does that even mean ??

Women get a lot of grief from socializing. Sure you can network, have empty smalltalk, and talk to people for sales and networking but actually socializing ?? is often just primordial fucking hell for a woman. I knew so many in my life who had shitty friends and boyfriends and constantly endured controlling behavior or constant subtle bullying everyday from "friends". I knew people who completely lost themselves and became shells of their former selves for the sake of "friends". I don't have to watch brainless suburb soccermom "friends" to know it's low tier hell to participate.

You're going to have to sell me the idea that its really "smart" and rewards you as a female op.

Sure there are some people who find really good friends but even those friends often drift apart and can be one sided.

Anonymous 134392


failed both of these. is it over for me

Anonymous 134496

are you me? I swear the only difference is I just turned twenty. Does your mother have bpd too?

Anonymous 134500

Word. The whole 'social skills are important u guiz, emotional intelligence is cool' schtick goes out to a small pool of assholes. The type of people with no theory of mind – the type of people who have literally never considered why they shouldn't hurt others.

There's nothing wrong with focusing on booksmarts. Women are so, so discouraged from being intelligent in a way that's threatening. I worked at a summer camp for a few years, and I noticed that there was a certain age cutoff (late 4's, 5) when girl children having interests like math, robotics, airplanes, and so forth started making people uncomfortable. Even though these girls were often some of the smartest in the class.

It's okay to study and be smart. Just don't be an intentionally malicious asshole. But, I don't think anybody should need to tell girls that. The social conditioning is everywhere… we know.

Anonymous 134501

me but late 20s. my situation is uh..special. i'd really like to find some similar friends.

Anonymous 134502

waves 28-year-old NEET right here.

Anonymous 134506

C-can we have a NEET server or something? Or exhange contacts? I don't know, anything, feels lonely.

Anonymous 134513

Not the anon you replied to but I'd talk to you anon, I am 18 though so if I'm too young I understand and no worries

Anonymous 134514

Shoot me a message.
[email protected]

Anonymous 134517

18 is a little bit young yes (just because being a NEET later in life may have different implications) but I can contact you if you leave any form of contact anon!

Anonymous 134521

I'm this >>134496 nona here's contact I'mSoTired#7383

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