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Anonymous 134084

Is having kids in an open relationship better? I know its different for everyone. But in theory. If you marry someone and live together the chances you get tired of eachother and divorce is much higher. But if you are just friends and live seperatley and give eachother lot of space you will always have that longing for eachother because you dont get to see eachother that often


Anonymous 134085

>open relationship
unequivocally nad unironically a mental illness

Anonymous 134086

It's my personal preference, what's wrong with that?

Anonymous 134089

no, not really.
being in an open relationship isn't good in general. The way you described it isn't how it works, especially with children involved.

Kids need consistency and routine in their lives, i've seen posts and stories about kids resenting and hating their parents for being poly because "they just want quality alone time with their parents, not random people intruding on them." I know being poly is more or less different but it's still kind of the same.

And also, being apart just leads to communication issues. Are you gonna be happy with your partner being away when your kids are being insanely difficult and you're crumbling under the workload? or when you have nobody to help you when you've had no alone time looking after the kids and you're stressed to death? don't bother, honestly.

Anonymous 134095

If you cant even commit to someone how can you can take all the responsibilities that come with a pregnancy and a child… you do you when it’s only about you but you cant be egoistic when there is a baby involved. Be stable

Anonymous 134099

I think it'd create a very unstable home for the kids and a lack of a good foundation for the parents.

Anonymous 134105

not exactly the same, but a similar situation. my uncles got divorced some years ago and neither of them found a stable partner yet. My uncle does nothing but my aunt keeps looking for a husband.
i can tell you my little cousins hate having new dads every year: and even thought with a few of them they got along, they never fully consider them their fathers.
if you got kids on a open relationship it will most likely the same, they will think of you as their mother (if you live with them), but the rest of your partners? nah.
if you dont want to have a single partner, just be single and hook up or something; as others have said before kids need a routine and a bond with their parent/s, having a new parent every few time will accomplish nothing of that.

Anonymous 134108

My mother inflicted this on me and my two sisters. Her boyfriends have been changing, and even rotating, every few months for the last 20 years. It was incredibly destabilising to grow up in a house where one day the guy who suddenly started living with you is suddenly gone, shortly to be replaced by another. Maybe he was nice and cooked breakfast for us and drove us to school, or he just ignored us and bought a really nice TV, or he was a violent psychopath who threatened to repeatedly rape and impregnate us. It was a wheel of mystery boxes where 1 in 3 would touch, speak to or look at her children inappropriately, all so she could live through the honeymoon phase of living together on repeat. The worst part is we all have the same dad, who is in our lives all the time, but doesn't spend more than a night or two under the same roof as us, unless mum's just had a breakup and it's time for her to get pregnant again.

Anonymous 134109

A lot of damages… I’m sorry

Anonymous 134116

>unironically advocating for """open relationships"""
Cringe fucking thread.

Anonymous 134141

How would you keep a relationship stable between two people then? We all know marriage always leads to divorce and people living with eachother just grow tired and start hating eachother

Anonymous 134143

Having kids at all seems like a HELLISH idea nowadays, there are too many good reasons NOT to.

Anonymous 134149

If you want to have kids it is advised that you be a responsible parent. I would say an open relationship is completely irresponsible for starting a family.

It is a lifestyle that is suited to the childfree only. It would be a complete disaster for the kids.

Anonymous 134153

>open relationship
those never, ever work out, and it's even worse when you add children to the equation. i'd advise you to completely abandon that idea.

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