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Anonymous 134289

How angry are you in your daily life? Do you also feel angry at everyone both family and strangers?

Anonymous 134333

I'm almost constantly irritable.

Anonymous 134377

quick rundown on the girl in OP pic?

Anonymous 134382

Stabbed some host guy because he promised her he'd be faithful but he still continued being a host or something like that, moids have dubbed her as the "irl yandere"

Anonymous 134387


always irritable. i feel rage bubble up and dissipate just as quickly as it came over nothing. i scare my friends but people still regard me as harmless and cyoot because I talk like a tard and am "funny". i get embarrassed by how angry I get at my family/friends… over usually nothing… but I cant control it and pride too big to apologize…
what about you op? are you angry?

Anonymous 134390

I don’t feel that much anger on a personal level, but I frequently think like an omnicidal maniac raging against the entire world. It doesn’t manifest in any real way though. My face is as blank and my voice is as soft as ever.

Anonymous 134413

She is just a sociopath that shit is outta pocket. A slap across the face would have been fine (still illegal) but socially acceptable.

Anonymous 134414

the stabbing was wrong but if you read the full story you'd realize he was a sack of shit

Anonymous 134460

I loathe my family and upbringing with a disgust you cannot understand. Anyone who reminds me of that lifestyle is instantly dead to me. But I'm rally good at escapism and keeping my mind occupied by something good 💖

Damn did I ever used to be. I am also good at stonewalling most scrotes. 99% of them I want nothing to do with. :o

Anonymous 134505

Most Japanese men are

Anonymous 134515

I'm happy for you anon! I really do believe that escapism can be a healthy cope when done in moderation. Fuck your family.

Anonymous 134516

tbh that's just embarrassing. Ruining your life for some waste of skin? Unless by "sack of shit" you mean violently abusive or something.

Anonymous 134733

I'm often angry at how stupid my coworkers can be. But maybe that is because I have to spend 8 hrs a day with them being boomers, or interrupting my work so they can talk about the parties they go to (at age 50+), or explaining to me how white people suck and how woke they are (I'm white), asking me stupid questions that I've explained 20 times already.

Anonymous 134735

I too hate boomers. Today one couldn't remove a period at the end of a link to make it usable.

Anonymous 134736

I'm a judgemental prudent asshole but I'm not very angry at all. I'm very calm

Anonymous 134888

Yes, I punched my younger sister in the face

Anonymous 134953



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