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I have to.jpg

What are some alternative chans beside this one? Anonymous 134451

I know of fujochan, lainchan, otterchat and dreamchan, what about you?

Anonymous 134478

classicchan and 420chan

Anonymous 134491

How do I enter classicchan? I tried org, net and com.

Anonymous 134494

dot mooo dot com
classichan dot moo dot com

Anonymous 134503

does not work for me

Anonymous 134504

There's sushigirl or whatever. Out of all the ones you've tried, which is your favorite anon?

Anonymous 134508

sushigirl is a troon-run and troon-infested website with unironic pedophile threads.
didn't we have another thread exactly like this?

Anonymous 134509

oh and 420 was created by a troon-simpatizing wife abuser

Anonymous 134512

>troon-infested website
At this point, what imageboard isn't?

Anonymous 134566

well, there is a difference between troons lurking and having to be lowkey and troons being obnoxious in a website literally made by troons. that's what sushigirl is. pedophile troons, at that.
i am suspicious of anyone suggesting sushigirl.

Anonymous 134753

anon cafe /comfy/
2kind dot moe
ralee dot org
heyuri, alogs dot space, and mootxi even though they're pretty degenerate
wapchan if you like retro anime
late dot city

Anonymous 134754

and frenschan

Anonymous 134755

Why are you trying to leave anons stay herr

Anonymous 134767

Did yakui fucking die?

Anonymous 134875

classichan dot tk

Anonymous 135166

They advertised on 4chan, its DOA. Already seeing frogs and "cope" being posted

Anonymous 135176

I'm not leaving, don't worry!

Anonymous 135241

>anon cafe /comfy/

I really like some of the stuff that people share there. It's nice.

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