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Screenshot at Apr …

YouTube shooting Anonymous 13535

Anonymous 13536

I can't wait for all the racism, misogyny and veganism sperging that will come of this.

Anonymous 13542

Is she really a woman though? She looks a bit trans.

Anonymous 13543

What a stupid post. Do you really think the media wouldn't be all over it in a second if she were?

Anonymous 13545


Things like this make me wish we could go back to a simpler time when mass shooters couldn't broadcast their retardedness online.

Anonymous 13546

> someone finally shoots up the headquarters of a major corporation
> only kill they manage to get is themself

Anonymous 13547

Well, I like her.

I like how you think too, Anon.

Anonymous 13548

Why is it stupid? She looks manly as fuck. also, you forgot to link the original post, tranny

Anonymous 13549

Her website is still available: http://nasimesabz.com/Videos.html

Please don't make this about trans wank until it's actually confirmed.

Anonymous 13550

Screenshot at Apr …

Anonymous 13551

Why is it impossible? For the very reason I said it my post, numb skull, because the media would be trumpeting it from on high. You're very self assured for someone who can't read.

Anonymous 13566


The media sides with the males, always. They silence anything that goes against the trans agenda, do you really think they wouldn't keep it quiet?

Anonymous 13568

Like the notoriously LGBT friendly Fox News and Mail Online who make no reference to the shooter being trans?

ur a bad troll anyway, too silly get upset about

Anonymous 13569

So why did she do it? Was it actually because her ex-boyfriend works for Youtube and she wanted revenge for something, because her videos got demonetized, or both at once?

Anonymous 13570


Anonymous 13571

Do you know how sources work, Anon?

Anonymous 13572

Iranian women tend to have features that look masculine to the rest of the world. I think it's kind of racist to think she's a tranny.

Anonymous 13575

Lmao what kind of logic is that? Here we go… Did you get lost trying to find tumblr or pull?

Anonymous 13576

No one is even sure what her reasons are, it literally just happened. The fact that they don't have this piece of information to report yet doesn't mean this information doesn't exist at all. Absence doesn't prove anything etc etc.

Also: you can't really state that "because (eventX) has happened every time (conditionY) was met, any time (conditionY) is met, (eventX) will follow". That's simply not how things work.

Especially in this case - if you go looking for cases of violence perpetrated by trannies, you'll quickly notice that every time it is reported, it's done by a smaller news outlet. Bigger ones try their damnest to stay neutral on this, simply because the people who defend trans ideology are so fucking loud and currently exerting so much pressure, pushing their agenda so hard, that even being slightly negative about the matter is just shooting yourself on the foot. Yes, even by people who are not very LGBT-friendly.

I even went looking for anything regarding transgenderism posted to fox news and couldn't find a single negative word on the matter. In fact, I actually found quite a few positive words on it.


Anyway: not a troll. I'm not saying I believe she was trans (wouldn't be using female pronouns if I did), I'm just saying that nobody would have the guts to say it if she were, simply because the backlash would be way too big.

Anonymous 13578

I'm just trying to say it's unfair to judge someone like that. And also there's a ton of evidence against her being that.

Anonymous 13580

>>I'm just saying that nobody would have the guts to say it if she were, simply because the backlash would be way too big

Exactly. Now that I heard her voice I doubt she was a tranny, she's just has a manly face and her choice of wardrobe was very tranny like.
Anyway too bad she went completely nuts. I wonder if she ever got mental help.

Anonymous 13582

actually there's tons of comments about her being a tranny in her ntive language.

Anonymous 13583

because we never use terms like that to insult people even when it's inaccurate, right?

Anonymous 13584

this psycho literally tried to kill a bunch of people she didn't even know in a really horrible way. why are you so butthurt and offended that people think she look like a tranny? stop.

Anonymous 13586

I'm neither butthurt nor offended, and I'm not the same anon you replied to before. Would you take it for a fact that someone is gay because people call them a faggot? Is every girl who gets called a whore an actual prostitute? I want to see a legitimate source, that's all.

Anonymous 13587

Okay, but it isn't racist. If you thought a black girl looked like a tranny because she has masculine features, that wouldn't be racist just because she's black. By your logic, you seem pretty racist to assume that most women in Iran have masculine features when they don't.

Anonymous 13589

It says she posted very graphic pictures about animal abuse and was really crazy against youtube and believed they were against her.

Her being trans isn't very relevant, it's pretty obvious someone who goes that far is not okay in the head, and she had plenty of other extreme behaviors that aren't related to gender stuff.

So Iranian women look like men? Way to be racist ;)

Anonymous 13594


it's a man

Anonymous 13595


Anonymous 13596

>Her being trans isn't very relevant
it totally is, mtt are usually insane and it's no surprise he's a violent idiot.

Anonymous 13597


and breastplate

Anonymous 13598

any Aghdam/Rogers romance fiction yet?

Anonymous 13599

Trans or not, she(?) looks uncanney valley as fuck. It's like she has only one facial expression.

Anonymous 13601


What am I looking at?

Anonymous 13602

She's not a tranny.

Anonymous 13603

Whether she is or isn't I can't imagine being happy about leaving this kind of legacy.

Anonymous 13604


So much for her being trans.

Anonymous 13605


What about it?

Anonymous 13606

Her face legitimately looks like a silicone mask holy hell.

Anonymous 13607


Unless the trans tinfoil anons in here want to claim her parents are incredibly liberal, I think this solves the mystery for good.

Anonymous 13608


Anonymous 13609


Anonymous 13610

She reminds me so much of Adam. :(

Anonymous 13611


Anonymous 13620

It’s true don’t be offended, they look manlier than levant Arabs

Anonymous 13621

i just feel like you have to be an arab with a chip on your shoulder to care about this kind of thing

Anonymous 13625

You know, this is a really fucked up situation. At least she didn't kill anyone but herself, but she could have taken many lives if she had prepared better, I guess.
I don't want to start a war, but it's interesting how this type of crime is pretty much a regular thing in the American news at this point. Not saying that other countries don't have problems of their own, with crimes created because of religion or drugs, but Americans have a long history of shooters. I wonder if anything could have stopped this woman and if she ever got mental help before the incident.

Anonymous 13646

>Americans have a long history of shooters.
Not really, it's just gotten huge over the past two decades. I think because of that that guns aren't the problem, really, though there can be some sort of solution in limiting their availability. The source comes from deep-seated societal problems in America that may have gotten worse in recent years.

Anonymous 13653

Statistically mass shootings are nothing compared to other gun related violence. There's just an anti-gun agenda behind every article indicating it's a major problem.
I don't want to sound racist but statistics do indicate that gun problem in america is mainly tied to the black population.

Anonymous 13656

brave anon is brave

people want to deny or ignore stats, call them racist, or try to justify them because black people are the perpetrators, but that's racist as hell when you consider that tons of black people are the victims. if i lived somewhere like chicago i'd want the police force tripled and random stop and frisk for a year. more dangerous cities have had success with just putting tons of boots on the ground in the past. today's media, social media, and outrage addiction doesn't help though. one black person going for a cop's gun and getting shot could mean long riots. oh and all the gun laws in Chicago don't stop anything.

Anonymous 13659

>The majority of the victims are young black men from a small number of neighborhoods in the city.
Haha, they are pretty quick on naming the victim. Yet they keep silent about the perpetrator. Perfect example of biased reporting.

Anonymous 13669

No one talks about it because it's just black people killing each other in a certain area. Mass shootings are a Big Deal because, as we've seen, it can hit shopping malls, churches, schools, businesses, etc. The average person is going to feel like they're more likely to be caught in a mass shooting vs a hood shootout because of their circumstances and habits. It's less so the amount of mass shootings that affect people emotionally, but their unpredictability.

Anonymous 13671

Which is totally unsreasonable. According to this site:
437 people died in 346 mass shootings last year. Corresponding to 3,2% of all the people killed by fireamrs.

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