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Anonymous 135601

>Dad showing me his reddit gold from a recent post he made
>decide to try and catch a peak at his username so maybe I can troll him
>look up his reddit account
>mostly innocent stuff about his interests
>look a little deeper
>posts in r/Blonde berating, scrutinizing yet simping for random pornstars (he is married and has multiple kids)

Once I found berating pornstars funny and well deserved, but after seeing a male close to me who is otherwise mostly normal appearing berate them while simultaneously using them to get off, I don't think so. Women really are just objects to men and its depressing.

Anonymous 135602


I don't even know how I would feel in this situation. I'd feel like vomiting. I'm sorry for you anon. I guess you shouldn't be surprised because all moids are trash but still. Ugh.

Anonymous 135674

I'm so glad my dad is anti-porn and doesn't use the Internet.

Anonymous 135675

One thing is to be into that shit when single and another is to be into that shit when married and with a family. Moids are retarded they destroy the most important relationships they have in their lives.

Anonymous 135710

I'm glad I didn't know my dad and he's been dead for years, I don't know how I would handle finding out my paternal figure is a fucking creeper. Sorry for that OP.

Anonymous 135957

wow, that was shitty opsec on your dad's part

Anonymous 136008

My dad gave me his laptop without deleting anything. The closest thing to porn he had was some scanned risque pictures of his wife and of clothed women he found strikingly beautiful. I was very proud of him.

Anonymous 136019

that's what he wants you to think, all men consume porn one way or another

Anonymous 137577


my father quite literally had a twitter account where he would genuinely just be a public coomer, with his full name attached no less, constantly retweeting and liking photos of literal pornstars all the time. then, some time later, lo and behold he deletes his twitter and then randomly barrages me with advice to "be careful about what i post on the internet." ok coomer. genuinely disgusted by my father sometimes to be honest.

Anonymous 137578

I found porn on my father's tablet when I was 10 years old. I was fine with it because at that time I was a weeb kid and also watched my fair share of porn already (full internet access from a very young age does that to you). Now I find that pretty disgusting…But what can you do, a moid will always be a moid.

Anonymous 137581

No, he goes on rants about how coomers are degenerate. He hates it more than me kek.

Anonymous 137585

Urgh, this reminded me of the time my dad cornered me and was very insistent that I show him how to delete the internet history. I didn't look at what it was because I didn't want to know.

Why couldn't he have just googled how to do it…

Anonymous 137615

Moids are robots with cocks. The sooner you realize none of them can ever actually love you the happier youll be.

Anonymous 137633

My dad sucks at technology and doesn't close the tabs on his phone. I saw "barely legal" porn there once, as well as some other shit. He sexually harasses young women at his work place, too (in front of me), going so far as to "jokingly" threaten to rape them. I don't respect him anymore.

Funny thing is, he's still one of the nicest people I know. He helps anyone that asks him to, to the point that he gets taken advantage of. He takes care of his mother.
Why are men like this?

Anonymous 137711


build yourself a harem of males, but above all, invest in friendships with other women.

i'm only half-joking.

Anonymous 137858

I think it can't be helped. They are controlled by their lust and worship at the altar of it. No matter how nice a man is, 99% of the time he is going to be into some disturbed pornographic material.

Anonymous 138165

>implying he didn't delete all the bad stuff and left those bits as a red herring

Anonymous 138260

My Nigel literally hates porn. I snoop through his phone and laptop too. He only uses the internet to talk about music equipment and get on fb.

My dad however is a gross coomer. But he was abusive, so I don’t care.

Anonymous 138333


>looking into a moid's internet history
>being surprised when there's porn involved

Every moid is some form of degenerate that will get lead along by their dick at some point, no matter how pure or innocent they may seem.
What was once Playboy and Sports Illustrated, is now just internet browser history

>Why are men like this?
Lust is basically a binary switch for them. When it's on, they're no better than a dog in heat. As disgusting as it is, I can't view them any worse than when a dog humps the sofa or when a cat is mewing at 2 o'clock in the morning

Anonymous 138361

or he knows how to use private mode

Anonymous 138973

And now you've discovered why religion is so important to moids. And exactly why undermining it has been so disastrous for humanity.
It helps to control their sexual urges, which helps the other half of humanity also become human. Undermine these things at your own risk. I hate all of modernity so much.

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