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Anonymous 135679

What’s going on with mass shootings in the US? What kind of laws/rules/regulations would you make in regard to shootings if you were in charge?

Anonymous 135683

So nothing can be done? I agree with everything you said, stress is high and chronic for everyone living in the USA. But what would you do if you had control? Why is everyone miserable? Is it just economics? Culture war often begins when a group feels stressed and needs a fight to focus and energize them.

Anonymous 135685

The US has always been mentally ill for many many reasons and in many many ways.

Anonymous 135686

Lack of social contention for oucasts and cultural exposure to warfare and violent media.
More strict gun control isn't even worth it, anyone as bad to do this wont hesitate buying a glock at the black market.
The very premise of american cultue is being a winer or a loser, working to change that right from school is a good start. Punishing severly bullying would be very helpfull too.

Anonymous 135687


nta but i genuinely do believe the u.s. is beyond any kind of help at this point. i'd say another 10 years, give or take, until things get real bad. after that though, and the inevitable collapse of the american empire, maybe things will be done differently

Anonymous 135689

The most recent shooting had the guy playing music and telling his victims goodnight while shooting them. Like he was in a movie scene or something. Really don’t know going forward how we would stop this as it seem to be these killers are willing to accept a lot of the consequences (like being killed). The serial killer craze on the other hand died down a lot due to DNA testing . Jail/death sentence doesn’t deter schools shooters…

Anonymous 135713

SSRIs and public school too. You see that bullying always happens in primary and secondary but never university or work as often. If you just ban guns people will just start stabbing instead of shooting; imagine someone walking into a school with a greatsword or baseball bat and braining an entire classroom or two.
Media doesn't care for serial killers that much anyway anymore, school shooters get glory and attention.

Anonymous 135716

They have been cursed by the native Americans, and it's working

Anonymous 135717

The issue is these crazies can get guns too easily. You don't need to ban guns, but you do need to make it harder for the mentally unstable and the sociopaths to get them. Otherwise it's countre productive.

Anonymous 135727

Yeah it's really sad that American gun debate is basically just "Ban all the guns forever!" vs "Make no effort to regulate guns whatsoever!"
They always say America is the only country that has mass shootings, but never notice America isn't the only country that has guns.

Anonymous 135760

not even remotely true, the dems are trying to enact common sense regulation. there's no chance of the dems trying to take away everyone's guns, it'd be too unpopular because americans are children pretending to be adults who worship guns. 98% of them will not run on that or attempt to do so because it'd be political suicide in america. what's actually happening is that the dems are trying to regulate. stop lying.

Anonymous 135776


>You also cannot commit suicide after your preferred number of casualties and avoid all consequence either.
One, you're the stupid one, plunging a knife in your occipital bun or heart or cartoid will kill you (relatively) quickly or you could always slit your throat and suffocate, it's even possible to cut your own head off. Two, an American classroom has 20-30 students with only one teacher meaning you can lock yourself in with a saber or long blade, and cut up 30 people in 5 minutes. Not everyone dies from getting shot but you can make sure people do if you can't just run and gun through the halls taking pot shots like all school shooters do.
"Common sense" regulation happened in the 90s and that's when Columbine happened. They said the same thing in 1989 talking about full-auto guns and now they're saying the same for "high-capacity assault weapons".

Anonymous 135778

The real cause of all of America's issues:
Only 40% of Americans have passports and 20 years ago it was 10%. They are brainwashed since birth that their terrible country is the best in the world and can't learn how false this is. It's only since the internet that Americans are learning how the rest of the world really sees them.

If more Americans experienced the lack of gun crime and fear in places like the UK, Japan, etc then they would want that too. Same for healthcare, good schools, etc.

Anonymous 135786


I see. So the AWB was enacted for a year then Bush immediately repealed it instead of lasting for 10 years and crime definitely went down because of it, with many states voting on not to renew it not because it didn't work but because of the gun lobby. Brazil also has tight restrictions on guns, let's see how they're doing with that.
>it was working
So school shootings and gun violence were just happening on a mass scale every year like they were natural disasters throughout whatever period of time you want to start with and then within a year the AWB held it back like a turned-off faucet? Also a little fun fact for you: a mass shooting is defined by 3 concurrent deaths instead of 10~ that pops into peoples' minds whenever CNN and NBC run another scare campaign.
The grass is greener on the other side; British healthcare is a butchershop and the country has been depressingly stagnant for 40 years, and the Japanese work themselves to death and their court system will rail you just to name two examples from each. Did you forget about the knife crime they're "combating" now and Paki grooming gangs? I'd rather get shot then stabbed by a rusty STD-slathered shiv.

Anonymous 135787

*shot than stabbed

Anonymous 135788

The passport thing is more about them and international travel in general being too expensive for the average person to afford.

Anonymous 135797

there's also the danger that they might experience enthnically homogenous societies andmight start to think that this is a good idea

Anonymous 135799

>using percentages instead of fixed values themselves
Percentages can easily be used to obscure facts. A soup kitchen, for example, could say they made 100% more spaghetti than yesterday when that number would only be 1 if they made 0 that yesterday. I also couldn't find your source not that it matters since the ATF is notorious for its lack of standardization from policy to procedure.
Yes the NHS sucks ass, what other nations' healthcare system did I mention. America's only sucks because of how it financially dooms you.
Society is a prison and the subconscious is rattling in its cage about it. Political extremes, homosexuality, increasing violence, mental illness, NEETs, you name it, they're all fruits of a rotting tree.
>per million
A lot more people live in America than Europe let alone by judging Europe by country (although France does look quite high). You could've easily just used Latin America as an example for what happens when legally acquiring guns is made difficult, restrictive or impossible because why would a criminal not just buy an M60 or recoiless rifle from the black market.

Anonymous 135802

>Woman with a pistol shoots at deranged black man
why don't you mention the woman's race?

Anonymous 135804

The article didn't mention it and being black means little-to-no media fanfare which is why she ended her statement asking if you'd see something like this on CNN.
>well why would a shooting this small matter
Because it comes on the coattails of two mass shootings in which children could've died.

Anonymous 135805

It's so weird that every time there's a mass shooter, they seem to suddenly materialise funds to buy overpriced private sales and just so happen to be in communication with federal agents or one of their paid informants who get paid out of informant and asset development budgets. Then, out of sheer luck, these same federal agencies receive funding increases every budget, while agencies who don't police firearms and domestic terrorists are defunded.

I'm sure it's just white supremacy and incel rage.

Anonymous 135806

Americans are simply insane, whole country is mentally ill

Anonymous 135814

Hmm depends
Depending on the distance and the caliber of the shot, a knife wound is definitely be more lethal

Anonymous 135852

Nyeeeeh. This can't really be "fixed". There's nothing salvageable left, the entire system is rotten from the ground up. It's like those quest chains in RPGs, you can try to fix the shooting thing, but to do it you need to fix 3 other things, and to fix those you need to fix even more and so on. By the end you have almost nothing of the original left. Everything has to change, and for such a grand, sweeping thing it'll likely happen all at once. No one's united and focused enough to see it be a gradual thing while actually staying on track, so the default is a more extreme change with most of it happening at around the same time. Such upheavals usually aren't pleasant nor without their own sorts of violence.

Anonymous 135853


Anonymous 136104

Mostly just the metro in my experience, I live out in the conservative boonies on (mostly worthless lol) land I bought with a 1.4x min wage job & I save the majority of my income now that Ive payed it off. If you're willing to learn to do shit yourself & you're not a liberal, murica can still be pretty comfy.
As any operator will tell you, assault rifles and pistols are poor at mass-cas. A knife would probably rack up more lethal hits just by virtue of the wounds being harder to stitch / clot. Personally I think the school shooter = AR paradigm is a media influence. May or may not be a good thing, as I think shooters taking flechette (or worse, going for something dangerous like water towers or railways) would be more of a bloodbath.
Unless you're getting hit with a hollow point, a shotgun, or something really high calibur, a gunshot is eminently more survivable.

Anonymous 136108


"Support my desire to see a padded-wall police state or you just support murdering children" Your sanctimonious Twitter asshole impression is spot on.

Anonymous 136112


>The serial killer craze on the other hand died down a lot due to DNA testing
DNA Testing is a scam. If you pay to get your DNA tested, you're just paying them to comb through your family history and trace your ancestry. And they often times just throw some some random races in the mix and add a few % points to them.
They think it's supposed to "solve racism" by convincing people that they have "DNA" from some ethnicity that they don't actually have.

Anonymous 136115

I know this is just a shitpost pic, but as a biomedical engineer(-ing student) I feel compelled to point out that we have almost nothing to do with virology. Biomedical eng is basically just electrical and mechanical engineering, with a slight emphasis on medical applications.
Genetic engineering is completely different, and I don't think "genetic engineer" is a real job title anybody has at the moment.

Anonymous 136116

>If more Americans experienced the lack of gun crime and fear in places like the UK
Go to London or any major English city or Glasgow and you'll get mugged and stabbed to death instead
Go to Northern Ireland and you might get blown up by a pipe bomb or die in an arson attack. There was a woman from England who moved into a rural republican community with her two children and she and the children died by an arson attack. They sealed the doors and windows and set it ablaze. The police regularly find pipe bombs under their cars to this day, they just don't report it to the press. Sure you don't get mass shootings but over all its not any safer

Anonymous 136220

Seems to be getting their stat from: https://www.statista.com/statistics/811487/number-of-mass-shootings-in-the-us/
They don't provide a source for free so no idea on the veracity of that one, wikipedia has a graph that seems in-line with this data: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_shootings_in_the_United_States#
But uh.. its source is a political publication's investigation into gun crime: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/12/mass-shootings-mother-jones-full-data/
so that's not particularly trustworthy either.

Only place I can find that quotes ~200 is NPR (lol) and their source: https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/
GVA uses in-progress news articles for its stats & doesn't seem to verify the situation after the fact. Also doesn't seem to make a distinction between cases that are revealed to be inter-gang conflict. I guess those could still count as mass shootings, but I doubt it's what most people are thinking of.

After like two hours of looking I can't find anybody with any data that satisfies even the most basic of integrity principles. Also can't find any detailed statistics from the CDC on the topic, just general press releases which are less than enlightening. It's really no wonder why people can come to wildly different conclusions when most publications are just straight up lying to you.

If I can editorialize for a second: I still think your best bet is to just stay away from the metropolitan areas. You get to dodge the race-war AND the trannies AND the people who think the government should have a total monopoly on violence.
It's been pretty comfy for me, anyhow.

Shut up incel you're not supposed to be able to think about that

Anonymous 136224

Ah shit I got the (you)s backwards. There goes all my credibility.

Anonymous 136242

Well there goes Canada's guns. This shooting, like everything else recently, has just been so suspicious. I assumed this was the standard "distraction tactic" that they've been doing since the Corona ended but now laws are actually being changed so I really don't know if this'll all just blow over.
It's not like I use guns myself, but this sets a dangerous precedent.

Anonymous 136252


Anonymous 136253

i blame the hyper use of the internet and people living on an international scale rather than locally. We're not supposed to be this well connected on an international scale and it screws with peoples expectations and outlooks. Also doesn't help that the media fixates on shootings when they happen, which only advertises the activity than kerb it. Access to guns aren't the issue if shootings weren't as common back in the 80s since they had full access to guns then too

Anonymous 136257

This is how I feel too. I think the world is a lot more antisocial despite being connected now. There is little sense of community, and media (social and traditional) is constantly in doomer mode. If I were emotionally compromised I can easily empathize with eventually deciding to tear away what feels like strangling ropes.

Anonymous 136259

i feel smaller communities care for eachother more, and towns of around 2 thousand people always have zero crime rates compared to counties of tens to hundreds of thousands of people. Then you add internet to that and it almost de-sensitizes you

Anonymous 136260


Getting stabbed in the chest or neck will definitely has higher chance of killing then getting shot with a .22LR or .380ACP.
If they just pull arguments like that it's not even worth addressing, to me. It's old.
Here are some examples of your mass/school shootings from 2018. Excuse the racial slurring, hopefully it won't be a red herring for you.
I use to think school shooters were utter losers for killing their classmates instead of at least doing a massacre that'd benefit the population but after realizing how fucked American education is I sort of sympathize now. Some kids just don't see beyond their school and home life, and it's just natural to lash out.

Anonymous 136262

No it's psychopathic and the trash needs to be separated from the rest of the population

Anonymous 136264

In fact honestly maybe we should secretly just test the unstable scrote half and throw the ones in a separate institution that score low enough

Anonymous 136267


>I use to think school shooters were utter losers for killing their classmates instead of at least doing a massacre that'd benefit the population but after realizing how fucked American education is I sort of sympathize now.

Anonymous 136268

brenda spencer.jpg

My point is that technicalities are used by the media to exponentially inflate the amount of massacres that happen. Shooting a bus window with a BB gun isn't a massacre, neither is killing yourself in the bathroom.
How would you go about separating them? If they're loners or look weird? Weren't these kids already avoided or picked on because of that? I guess instead of reforming the entire public school system we should partake in our angry fantasies of punishing people who's crimes up until that point were merely existing and not fitting in. Give them more pills too?

Anonymous 136274

Sitting 8 hours a day in a classroom managing 8+ classes for things you don't care about or mostly need if at all, listening to dry lectures from underpaid staff who get disrespected on a daily basis, getting picked on just for time to pass, all from age 5-18 is enjoyed by very few and drives some to violence. It's an outdated rudimentary system that doesn't foster any community and functions more as a prison. The infrastructure to fix this is more than any act a politician will be willing to pay so it's better to slap a band-aid on it with more money or gearing up for another anti-gun campaign instead.

I especially wouldn't want guns out of the citizen's hands especially when the highly-armored well-armed SWAT team just sat outside the school playing with their dicks and clits, preventing parents from going in to save their own kids eventually pepperspraying and cuffing the lot. It took an off-duty customs officer with his barber's shotgun to put an end to it. If you can't protect your own life why would I let anyone else do so, especially when those who are supposed to do so when you can't will just let you die.

Anonymous 136276


1. Look at Finnish education for what school should be. It's relaxed and doesn't take up your life.
2. There are more problems than just schooling. City planning is also just another: going everywhere by car and built for the car destroys communities and fosters toxic individualism. Suburbs, apartment towers, the lack of a true streets, I could go on but there's plenty of public evidence something as simple as that snipping social lives in the bud.
3. In Japan and South Korea for example, not only is homework piled on top of them and their youth revolves around it more than America's but they're heavily encouraged to go to cram school as well. They just end up killing themselves or becoming hikkis instead of committing massacres. Oh wait, they've had plenty of massacres with knives and arson instead of guns.
4. Most of Europe has laxer gun laws than they're made out to be by Americans, Czechia has almost the same gun laws as America at this point in time. America is a psychotic country, one reason for it is that kids are giving SSRIs and gimped methamphetamines in childhood because they would rather not sit for 8 hours straight at a desk.

Anonymous 136278

Incel parasitic crybaby you mean

It doesn't matter how depressed most females get, they never become that out of control for pathetic reasons. Lol sonic rhe hedgehog could we get anymore special ed today

Anonymous 136280


The British said the same thing after the Hungerford massacre and now knives are the problem.

Anonymous 136283

>one is too many
worthless emotional talking point, if reality operated on this logic we would all live in padded cells under constant surveillance. are you equipped to discuss adult subjects?

Anonymous 136284

You seem a bit confused, I wasn't endorsing the notion of "useful massacres". I was very clearly making fun of the poster who said that.

Seeing as I'm here now, I may as well give my opinion. There's a very clear and obvious calculation for Americans: more guns = more massacres. It's that simple. Iraq, DRC, USA, all these countries have loads of guns just floating about and so there's loads of gun violence. Different motives, different reasons for all the guns, but ultimately there are more guns and so more people are murdered by guns. Guns, of course, being the most effective way for one person to kill other people. These are the facts of the matter and if American gunheads want to live with these facts then by all means, but don't blame it on mental health, the education system or the atomisation of society because these are factors all over the world. It's guns, plain and simple.

I'm not even going to reply to the knife post that popped up while I typed this. It's so obviously disingenuous, no one on Earth really thinks a knife is as deadly as a gun.

Anonymous 136285


You can be told about it in Japan and China if you scroll up. I think you should read the entire thread before continuing.
No it's just that knife crime replaced gun crime, and if you think the attached pic is ridiculous so was drag queen story time. Especially when recon snipers were called in for a protest against that troondom. If the government that controls a country would be afraid enough of concerned mothers protesting perverts being within 10 feet of children I would like to be on equal footing.

Anonymous 136289

Are you? You just keep repeating that guns caused this and if guns disappear violence of this kind will cease, not being carried out by other means.
They have, vehicle attacks too. Even some shootings still.

Anonymous 136290

>Knife murders are also higher stateside: there were 4.96 homicides “due to knives or cutting instruments” in the US for every million of population in 2016.
>In Britain there were 3.26 homicides involving a sharp instrument per million people in the year from April 2016 to March 2017.

Anonymous 136292

The problem is the media and politicians combined with American culture. The media and reporting and outrage on this is exactly why it keeps happening. Everyone is focused on the shooter and no one on the kids, the families or real policies.
The media needs to stop blaring this kids picture and name and motives. It’s giving him infamy and will lead to this shit again. The old fuck for president isn’t helping. They’ll blame the other side but it’s both of them and they’re doing it on purpose because they would rather campaign off tragedy than actual fix the problem.

Anonymous 136294

More food availability also means more overweight people.
The tool of the matter isn't relevant, but even if it was, this argument is completely unfounded.
There are many nations with stringent gun laws where people are found dead in far larger numbers than the US, like almost the entirety of LATAM where many citizens are helpless to organized crime and random muggings.
Your laser focus on the tool is a product of ignorant fear or intellectual laziness. I at least hope you realize that the prevalence of guns isn't intrinsically connected to laws abolishing their legal ownership.

Why should innocent people be punished more than they already are and put at the mercy of criminals?
You are at far greater risk of a violent crime on the street than a shooting.
You are at far greater risk of being raped with absolutely impunity by physically stronger men.
Will you tell all the victims who are stabbed or raped that it was okay because "less theoretical children died"?

Gun rights are Feminist rights, please get it in your heads. And before any detraction of "but we're only going after military style weapons", Sandy Hook was committed with handguns too as is the vast majority of gun crime.


If making half of the country your enemy to the point of wanting a civil war while also trying to pass nearly impossible to enforce laws that only hurt innocent citizens exercising their right is what you define as an adult solution, you should probably remove yourself from political discussion.

Every other nation with "working" gun laws never had widespread gun ownership or gun issues and have way more factors that contribute to their success that the US is long beyond or never was able to remove in the first place. The US is exceptional in that we are in so deep that we are going to be forced to tackle the issues at their actual roots instead of let politicians kill off the rights in easy-to-digest talking points like other countries, or otherwise risk far worse results.

Anonymous 136295

The UK and the rest of Europe aren't as social disharmonious as America on a mental, racial, and familial level either. America was always a violent deranged country pioneered by outcasts of Europe, built on top of blood and is probably the most violent country that isn't a warzone behind South America which is what I was about to say as well. Thugs in America usually think twice about mugging or raping someone because they don't know if they'll get riddled with lead.
>So are you read to discuss things like and adult or are you going to continue with the mental acrobatic?
What's there to discuss with you when you just want to be agreed with, this is the discussion. Your arrogance isn't winning whatever favors you could've had either.

Anonymous 136298

The moid knows this place isn't 4chan so he can't just blame all the crime on black people like he would if he was there. That's why he's talking about "social disharmony" now, he's really struggling.

Anonymous 136301

And how would taking guns have prevented the kid who attempted to blow up my school and stabbed one of my friends? There’s a direct correlation between the sensationalism and reporting in the media and this shit happening on an incline. It’s why we used to have rules in place for most of the news organization to stop this type of reporting, but maybe you’re too young or illiterate to know that?
It would also take 30 plus years to collect the firearms and given our police departments like to shoot us and fire at us would you like to just lay down and take whatever the government says?
Yes we need better laws and regulations, but it’s not a one size fits all and your blinded by your outrage which is exactly why your opinion isn’t rooted in fact and is just a wall of green text.
How about the fact NJ and TX shooters both shouldn’t have passed a background, so how did they?

Anonymous 136302

Most of this post isn't an argument. Acrobatics is thinking everything is just going to magically solve itself because a law passed with all other context ignored.

What makes you think people that melted down over a mask are going to take having the second thing written on the bill of rights erased sitting down?

Anonymous 136303

>Are we still waiting for the covid death camps too or no?
Unvaxxed Australians were literally forced to go to camps and people were getting arrested for not wearing masks. What could fly in other countries gets shot down here because of the guns.
I think you're projecting.
There is racial disharmony in America because divide and conquer is a classic for a reason. Have demographics of the population, white v. black or right v. left, attack each other instead of piecing together that the government is the cause for all of this. The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is who's wearing the pants.
>Excuse the racial slurring, hopefully it won't be a red herring for you.

Anonymous 136305

>they failed so their plan to blow up a school is noid

Anonymous 136308


I tried to find the archive linked in that post and it looks dead but try as hard as you can to avert your eyes from read the red text, and you will see that my point is that 200+ school shootings and mass shootings is bullshit.
>Lets get rid of the guns.
I guess people would learn how to make better bombs then.

Anonymous 136309

He wasn’t my friend, but you continue your outrage porn till your eye veins pop

Anonymous 136313

>they won't
It's possible to hone bombcrafting.
>UK is swimming in school bombings.
I'm not versed in logical fallacies but is this a strawman?
You can't. But you can still kill plenty of people with both and vehicles when your motive is to just kill as many people as possible and not fight a modern military. If you didn't have guns to fight back you wouldn't risk your life. If the country didn't have a slew of other issues as the first posts in this thread stated before it became a gun debate and were addressed instead of ignored or given band-aids then we would see less or no violence of this kind. Big news companies help glorify school shootings and civilian massacres because it makes a lot of profit to have millions tuned in or clicking links.

Anonymous 136315

No, you're right that it's a stupid talking point. It detracts from the actual problems caused by gun control and it makes for a low hanging fruit for people like yourself.

Guns and cars are already regulated.

Anonymous 136317

No, I don't and they won't. They'll just make you feel safer because you won't see scary news articles of the huge uptick in armed robbery and violent crime that's going to follow it.

Anonymous 136318

I'm Australian. Surely people in the US got arrested as well?

Anonymous 136320


If someone wants to kill they will find a way to kill. Hypothetically speaking what are one adult and 25~ 5-year olds going to do against one young adult with a longsword, or baseball bat and boots who already killed the security guard and principle's office. Say that's about 30 bodies and it's more than every individual school shooting aside from V-Tech. This problem is unique to America and it's not caused by guns implanting ideas of violence into peoples' heads.
>Explain to me why it would be a bad idea to give a school shooter a nuclear bomb.
You're very mad but I will play along. A nuclear bomb is a strategic weapon whose purpose is to erase cities and centers of industry & agriculture. A gun is a tactical weapon, hunting tool, and used for sport. One pull of the trigger is one bullet (since 1989 it's very hard to own a full-auto in America legally, as lightning links exist) and that requires some accuracy as bullets are measures in millimeters. It's destruction is used for flesh targets and thin materials. A nuclear bomb missing its target by a mile or 5 is negligible and it does far more than kill with the initial blast but I think my point suffices.

Not that it isn't possible as the FBI conducted a test to see if someone could build a nuke with information on the internet and they succeeded. After the Soviet Union fell apart it was relatively common to be able to procure suitcase nukes. Pic related built a nuclear reactor in his backyard with nothing but the book he was holding.
Enough will happen for people to start saying the same about knives and putting AI in cars, like in the UK.
>So lets save lives by getting rid of the guns.
You would be great at public relations.
People were asked to wear masks by store staff and were asked to leave if they didn't but I don't remember any Americans getting arrested or beaten for wearing masks. The worst I remember was some Californian politician saying he'd track smartphones on the move for people who didn't stay inside for the curfews.

Anonymous 136323

You've only bothered to acknowledge the easiest argument for you to repeat the same thing over and over with because you cant refute anything else posted here that challenges you.

Anonymous 136324

Because those kids are unarmed (inb4 you think I'm saying kids should bring guns to school). Because the military won't disarm either. Other countries won't disarm their militaries on behalf of America's. Guns are the current technological standard of weaponry and will never became the same status as a bow-and-arrow until something kills faster than guns. Same with nuclear weapons.
I think this is why people give up trying to debate on the internet and just call them retards while posting smug anime girls.

Anonymous 136329

>there is no 70 dead stabbing spree
You're right, it's only 20-30 dead with many injuries depending on the crowd.
>there is no 70 dead van attack
You're right it's 87 with 450+ injured or maimed.
Stabbing someone in the neck is a slow death that needs urgent recovery and braining someone with a blunt object just takes a little longer. I don't recall saying guns didn't kill faster but if I did I meant to say that 5 minutes at most is all it'd take to kill that many people, specifically children, by way of melee.

Anonymous 136330

*urgent attention

Anonymous 136331


I'd be 100% on top of gun control if, like most other first world countries that had have imposed similar bans, we had total control of our border. It is very hard to sneak guns into Britain or Japan, not impossible, but difficult. Ferrying in guns across the Mexican border is as easy as the fentanyl they bring over. Promise me a secure southern border and I'll happily comply with a complete removal of private gun ownership.

Anonymous 136335

She can afford it and that is what she deserves

Anonymous 136336

There are so many worse things about living in America but American liberals have given up on fixing anything bigger so they obsess over the issue

Anonymous 136339

>Yea the absolute worst one in the entire world.
How many kids died at Columbine or Uvalde compared to those mass stabbing numbers? The average isn't far off if we're segmenting by the tens but it is more, about the same if you add the two. How many died at the EoDM concert in a country that requires background checks and license fees? Are you going to bring up the Las Vegas shooting, where the lone shooter somehow managed to bring up a whole cart of ammo to his hotel room and removed a hurricane-proof window by himself?

Anonymous 136365

12 or 13 at Columbine, off the top of my head. If the columbine kids had been even a little more competent we'd be having debate about regulating propane & explosive primer as opposed to assault weapons.

Anonymous 136373


Kill every single American
Death to America

Anonymous 136378


based, the world if the usa did not exist

Anonymous 136401

They read the anarchists cookbook to make those

Anonymous 136435


Anonymous 136486

It's all just moid and incel rage. I advocate for sex segregated schools where moids can kill each other and girls can live in peace and focus on studies instead of being hit on by smelly moids

Anonymous 136495

Dismantling the FBI and CIA
Holding the police responsible for crimes they fail to prevent

Anonymous 136514

They have guns in other countires, where this doesn't happen. The versions of gun control popular with American left wing politicians are almost always crazy compared to other countries with some moderate regulation. The always propose magazine limits or arbitrary bans, when the reality is that simple licensing and some laws about where/why you can carry is enough.

Anonymous 136521

school shootings work because they reap the attention that nutters desperately crave and the media plays into it by turning it into a spectacle. and as long as nra exists and continues to pump money into crooked politicians' pockets, there will be no meaningful gun legislation ever. most americans own guns for safety reasons and with how the country has been these past few decades, it really isn't stupid to have a handgun or two stashed away because the police cannot always save you if someone decides to kill you in a home invasion, etc.

plus getting rid of guns isn't going to stop school shooters anymore than the war on drugs stopped people from overdosing on crack cocaine in the 80s. people are still dying from drugs and it's gotten worse now with fentanyl, opioids, and doctors writing scripts like candy. it's going to be the same thing with guns. people can still buy weapons off the black market, travel to whatever shithole third world country also doesn't give a fuck and smuggle them back in, or 3d print one from the comfort of their own home. we just need to start addressing our problems and stop covering things up like we always do with fast food and shopping.

plus a lot of american kids grow up in violent, depressing, shitty homes with a ton of mental illness stewing under the surface and no one gives a fuck because well, as long as you have two working parents, a roof over your head, and food on the table, why are you complaining? that was the mentality i was raised in way back in the early 2000's and this mentality still persists with assholes like the talking bobbleheads on fox news who spend hours whining about black people, women, and liberals. also obama even though he hasn't been president in like, forever. these kids are unsupervised and spend hours online being exposed to extremist bullshit and their parents are cool with it because they never wanted to have the little shit anyway so you have angry, underdeveloped, hormonal, depressed little demons being raised on vitriol and hate. then they go to school and they're getting bullied by their peers or their teachers or whatever other authority figure in life we're raised to think is quasi-god, and they have no one to reach out to because mental illness is not taken seriously in children. the boomers who run this country are legit retarded and think you just need to throw your kids outside more or feed them candy as if that's going to change anything because depression isn't real. bullying is character building! kids are spoiled and need to toughen up! if you're anything but happy all the time, you're just an entitled little fuck and should get the shit beaten out of you because that's what my drunk daddy did back in the good ol' days!

then the same parents who never paid any attention to their crotch spawn and deeply resented them because they were conceived after a night of heavy drinking and bad decisions, will stand up on television and ugly cry with snot driveling out their nose because they had "no idea" why little timmy was so angry and so violent and hated everyone so much despite them never being there for the one person who needed them the most. rant over.

Anonymous 136539

I keep a gun(s cabinet) because the alphabet agencies sometimes no-knock raid homes without just cause and I value my doggie's life more than that of a federal agent.

Anonymous 136547

this is a good point and it doesn't extend to just shooting. literally a lot of depression anxiety and feelings of worthlessness is tied to this

Anonymous 136564

This, only once the Great Satan falls the world will be able to heal

Anonymous 136595

Both of the 18 year olds had previously tortured cats to death.

Anonymous 136597

Good. Fuck cats.

Anonymous 136606

I agree with you on a lot of your points. I want to add to what you were saying about mental illness, and say that we have way more people diagnosed with severe, and chronic mental health conditions than ever before in America; this comes with the increasing rates of using psychiatric meds, and a lot of the most commonly prescribed ones have adverse side effects like suicidal thoughts, anxiety, low libido, and other things which can inadvertently add stress to someones life. Escapist media, especially ones that encourage avoidant, narcissistic, and anti social habits, are another contributing factor to this. It's subconsciously addicting, which encourages people to become more hedonistic, apathetic, and socially withdrawn. Pornography, social media, and video games are examples of that. More people are becoming exposed to this stuff at earlier ages, and it's ensuring they are more susceptible to be addicted.

Anonymous 136714

Ban reporting names on news

Anonymous 136741

I would love to see this.

Anonymous 136743

They do this in Scandinavian countries IIRC

Anonymous 136769


>all these deleted posts
Good thing I have an archive of the thread before you did that.

Anonymous 136829

You don't need to be a moid to be wary of a part of the population that commits MUCH more crime than the other, ON THE CONTRARY !
This is the correct take, the state of society is completely insane. Add this to the violent nature of men (some more than others, whether you like it or not, >>136298) and you get a stupid amount of violence that the media loooooves to spread everywhere.

Anonymous 136850

Moids already commit 99% of all violent crimes. They have no right to talk about "parts of the population." The are already the most demented and criminal part of the population.

Anonymous 137527

There is no fixing the problem. The United States is sick. The melting pot experiment has failed. Americans do not get along and they do not like each other.

Beyond that our children are lost, lonely, and depressed. The country's doomed and I don't understand people who blame gun violence on guns. No, it's the people. The source is a deep well of unhappiness and the solution is to let us eat ourselves.

Anonymous 137538

>itting 8 hours a day in a classroom managing 8+ classes for things you don't care about or mostly need if at all, listening to dry lectures from underpaid staff who get disrespected on a daily basis, getting picked on just for time to pass, all from age 5-18 is enjoyed by very few and drives some to violence.

Do you really think the USA is the only country in the world which has this system?

Anonymous 140654

"Common sense" is a meme. Any government that purports to use "common sense" in it's policies is going to end up with ridiculous results.

The thing is, guns are just tools with differing shapes and features. Full-auto guns are already heavily regulated, and so basically everything is semi-auto (one shot for each trigger pull). There is actually nothing particularly special about the "assault" rifles, e.g. the civilian semi-auto only AR-15. When it comes to mass shootings, going for unarmored targets at close ranges, it makes little difference what gun is chosen—save for some few very poorly designed meme guns.

You still see journalists refer to AR-15 as firing "high-powered" rounds, despite the fact that it is literally referred to as an intermediate cartridge. Standard WWI rifles fired vastly more powerful rounds.

Anonymous 140689

>the people
You mean men kek. No woman shooting up shit.

Anonymous 140690

Obligatory the first school shooter was a woman. School shooting is a feminine activity appropriated by men.

Anonymous 140697

If you’re thinking of Brenda Spencer, she wasn’t the first.

Anonymous 140699

Idk, take away guns and people will just run their trucks through crowds.
It's more a "people are at their breaking point" problem.

Anonymous 140756

such a dumb argument, if you take away guns most of these angsty incels will think twice before going on a rampage, they do so because they have the option of a painless death after their deed is done simply by shooting their brain off

Anonymous 140757

If I was in charge every adult would be required to be trained and own a rifle for personal protection.

Anonymous 140758

I don't understand why American lawmakers are against background checks

Anonymous 140803

Criminal background checks are preformed when you purchase a firearm from a a dealer.

Anonymous 140804

>"high-powered" rounds

This has always amused me. The typical ar short barreled rifles and "pistols" that are so popular now have very low terminal energy compared to any normal hunting rifle, shotgun, etc.. The only point they ever had was lowered recoil for automatic rifles.

The army is even trying to move on from this type of rifle and ammo because of its limitations.

Anonymous 140853

What? You can't trust Uncle Sam just because of all the well documented social manipulation, clandestine medical expirementation, intentional disease spreading, direct funding of Islamic terrorists, grooming people into illegal weapons purchases, consistent abuse of weak groups like natives and Pacific islanders, arming of Mexican cartels with BATFE supplied guns, etc.? What are you, a conspiracy nut?

Anonymous 141435

There was a another shooting in Highland Park on July 4th. As far as i can tell, the shooter was an attention whore who fetishized the aesthetic of mass shootings and thought it would be fun to carry one out. He reminded me a lot of the Danny Phantom tranny. I think these shootings would happen less if the FBI took the weird shit these guys say and do more seriously and if the media stopped making these betas look like tortured anti heros and putting their face and name everywhere.

Anonymous 141436

I bet if a female were to carry out a school shooting, everyone would immediately blame her gender and be like "WHAT A BITCH!I BET SHE WAS ON HER PERIOD" even though 99.9% of these are perpetrated by beta males who keep getting sympathy for some reason.

Anonymous 141441

Gotta sell those add slots though nona. This shit would die off hard if news media wasn't trying to use sensationalism to make money.


I live in the UK. There’s around 150K legally owned guns here, and I’m sure many more illegally owned. Shootings especially mass shootings are extremely rare here. The last one I can remember was the Plymouth incel a year ago and he only managed to kill 5 (still sad but very low kill count compared to other countries). The weapons that get used more often here are usually knives and crossbows and such which are legal. Carrying a knife is illegal here but many men still carry one. What’s also terrible is that mace tasers and other self defence weapons for women are also illegal here, even though tons of bad guys are carrying knives on them. So its shit for women who want to protect themselves.

Personally I’m a bit more scared of bombs, I grew up when Islamic terrorism was quite a big issue here especially in the mid 2000s to early 2010s, and it wasn’t really guns but bombs that were more the issue. Bombs can be cheaply made from legal chemicals here and they are capable of killing way more people (the one in Sri Lanka was portable enough to be put in a backpack and killed 270 people, of course theres other even bigger ones like Tim McVeigh). I often wonder if there will be a real, big mass shooting here one day. But I think a bombing is more likely. Even if you got rid of guns it’s still very easy to make a bomb. If the US started a gun buyback scheme all that would happen is the good people would give away their guns and the bad people would keep theirs. I think now Pandora’s box is open and trying to ban guns would be impossible in the US. Mental health and background checks are good, but most mass shooters were not on a database. I think the real problem is just angry young men.


Being a school shooter is low-key seen as cool and badass now.

Anonymous 141569

its a jawbreaker


Women have just as much access to guns yet men still commit 95% of murders, its not black women killing thousands of people a year it’s black men. We don’t have a gun or race problem, we have a moid problem.

Anonymous 141581



Anonymous 141585

Oh yeah this shooting that happened 56 years ago definitely disproves that women are less violent than men

Anonymous 141795

Anonymous 141822


Glowies. Even think how come these maniacs get to kill poor and regular people like it's nothing but they never ever target polititians or rich people? This is how glowies inflate their defense budgets.

Anonymous 141824

nope, i wish she did though

Anonymous 141877

I would allow everyone to have concealed carry. Then I would strip their citizenship and deport them to Canada/Alaska.

Anonymous 141878

I mean to say, I would deport them if they had 3+ violent felonies and served their time.

Anonymous 142111

The lack of (American) political assassination in these current times really makes the glowie narrative believable.

Anonymous 143009

You don't hear a lot of people going on about "white males" as the only problem?

Anonymous 144391


>What kind of laws/rules/regulations would you make in regard to shootings if you were in charge?

Simple, I would remove as much gun regulations as possible. This will cause more people to have a gun meaning more people will be able to shoot the next fucker trying to start a mass shooting.
I also just really want to own a pic related.

Anonymous 144398

Yeah nothing would feel safer than everyone going grocery shopping with an assault rifle, would truly be a paradise lmao.

Anonymous 144491


you dont need an assault rifle to go shopping. A revolver should be more than enough.

Anonymous 144621

If scrotes don't want to be called out as the problem, they shouldn't commit 99% of mass shootings, and stop posting retard manifestos about hating women and muh white genocide and muh jews etc. Simple as. Even polfags cope it's because they don't have there dick sucked enough. Male violence is a huge issue which majority male governments refuse to acknowledge because men rely on dunning-krueger double think.

Anonymous 144623

It's always muh mental health or muh psyop. No taking accountability for their actions as usual.

Anonymous 144791

can you post a link to that infographic?

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