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contemporary architecture opinions Anonymous 135863

I recently thought about how the place I live in changed over the years, and how much I dislike how much of it looks these days. The best of newer buildings are just unremarkable and featureless, their main positive being that they at least don't immediately stick out negatively. Many buildings are jumbled messes with no symmetry or even nice harmonic proportions. There's ominous looking slabs that feel like alien structures. And how cheap all of it looks! It may look somewhat nice when it's fresh and pristine, but after a few years, with a bit of wear it has the character and appeal of a tool shed. I've noticed that like, after an echausting day at work, seeing them literally makes me feel worse.

What do you think about current architectural trends?

Anonymous 135872

They're a bit plain and minimalist, at least the ones in my area are. Just the like new trend in computer user interface graphics of making everything flat-coloured and simple :/

Anonymous 135874


I can't find the article because Google sucks these days but I remember reading something a few years ago that pointed out that a lot of these building are built to show what the architect can do with their fancy computer programs, and not because they are the best building for the people that live and work in the area. These buildings lack adornments and things that are pleasing on the eye, making these places less pleasant to see on a day to day basis. Having whole cities like this is really an assault on regular people who have no control over it.

The article said you can compare the buildings by looking at them and thinking, would it say "blerp" or would it quote Shakespeare? The OP pic is clearly a "blerp" and pic related would be Shakespeare.

Anonymous 135875

the concept of buildings saying "blerp" is very funny to me. thank you for introducing me to the concept.

Anonymous 135876

>The article said you can compare the buildings by looking at them and thinking, would it say "blerp"
lol, I love this

Anonymous 135877

Anonymous 135885

I think if a nice colorful mural were painted on that building, it would be less depressing.

Anonymous 135886

There should also be a couple of trees around it, and some plants like ivy growing on it's facade.

Anonymous 135888

Anonymous 135889


Large buildings are always depressing because they bring the promise of swathes of people. Nothing is cozier than the small, remote abodes accomplished by the hard work of the individual, free from the terror that is cityscape living.

Anonymous 136101

I remember reading an article somewhere talking about how the brick homes in New York were first seen as an eyesore and ugly compared to the wooden homes nearby. Now those brick homes are seen as classics. Guess what I'm trying to say is old becomes gold so we'll like it later in the future

Anonymous 136125

Modernist styles like Bauhaus are over 100 years old by now yet most people still think it's ugly as fuck.

Anonymous 136133


Wow, I love op pic building, I envy you for being able to turn your nose up at something like this, because the only contemporary architecture I can see is something like picrel

I love all those minimalistic and constructivist type - so pleasantly smooth, big geometric chunks of forms, they look like you can feel the smell of a concrete dust, mmm
The only thing it usually lacks - like on the op pic - a place for plants - grass, trees. If you have a big dead looking building it should be contrasted with something green.

What I can’t stand - is a bio form buildings - they rarely looks decent, especially the blobby and wavy ones. Glassy blobitecture is the worst crime!

Anonymous 136146


it might sound like pickme behaviour but part of why I got into architecture was bc of art deco esp in cities like NYC/Chicago

Anonymous 136151


makes me sad to see all the old neighbourhoods with edwardian or victorian architecture getting bought out by rich families, bulldozed, only to build a custom ugly square/rectangular house with too many windows that reflect the sunlight and blinds anyone walking or driving by.
they also tend to look like mcdonald's restaurants without the logos

Anonymous 136152


i get the minimalism as a houseowner because you don't have to worry about re-painting the siding, repairing your pretty iron wrought fence, ensuring the scalloped trim doesn't have paint chipping, etc. but just look at how soulless this looks… Mcdonalds houses are everywhere where i live

Anonymous 136153


I feel like what is missing many times is urbanism around the ugly concrete pieces of shit. Anything can be reasonably beautiful if surrounded by vegetation and nice squares with benches and fountains. There are examples of brutalist architecture that is saved by their well thought surroundings. Pic related is a literal factory transformed into a house by architect ricardo bofill.

Anonymous 136165

Art Deco isn't sp bad because they still made an effort to make the buildings pleasing on the eye, even if it wasn't as much as previous generations.

Anonymous 136188

if houses were meant to look appealing they would be made of glass point being many people only need them to roof their heads really

Anonymous 136223


I hate the mcmansions and track homes!! I love the modern look from the 70s though. I grew up in one of those neighborhoods I really hope I inherit it

Anonymous 136226


Honestly op some of these vintage contemporary houses were done extremely well. They're not all like that.

Anonymous 136246


I also think modern architecture is not nice. When I look around, the peak of it is to build a gray cube with non-symmetrical windows.
When apartments are built, there are usually really very small with small rooms. The house is painted white or gray with black windows. Interiors are so minimalistic you feel like in hospital - white clean floors, white walls, white ceilings, white banisters (or black or gray ofc). There is lack of detail.
Office buildings are of course only steel and glass.
I really like architecture, even 90s and I am really sad that people do not care what is around them.

Anonymous 136356

I want to lick all those cube houses

Anonymous 136372

I miss when houses had roofs. Those flat top houses look like part is missing.

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