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Reducing Imageboards Anonymous 136136

I think I spend too much time on imageboards. I change boards like I change TV channels. I am always bored and I do not do anything productive. Even as a lurker. Maybe it is time to restrict myself.

Anonymous 136138

Same but im also a neet hermit. This has been my life for years and I can't stop. All I do is open imageboards, refresh, feel guilty, close tab, and then open the site again. The one thing that helps me spend less time on these is by only using slow imageboards like this one. The lack of new posts force me to do something else with my time. Sometimes my internet doesn't work and that helps too.

Anonymous 136139

that practically sums up all my days

Anonymous 136140

I use imageboards for inspiration. Maybe try to make art that encapsulates your mood as female hikki imageboard user? The world needs more art like this.

Anonymous 136142

good advice, I'll definitely give it a try

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