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Anonymous 136594

What do you think about piercings? I don't mind most of them but some kinds of piercings look really dumb to me like nose rings/septum piercings. Something about them makes it impossible for me to take any person who has these seriously, they're just so ridiculous looking.

Anonymous 136596

When I see them I feel an urge to pull them out. I don’t know why anyone would make themselves more susceptible to injury.

Anonymous 136610


I think flashy and edgier ones are a sign of there being something emotionally wrong with the person. Why would they feel the need to signify how edgy and different they are? People in the west usually do that to be rebellious against some sort of authority figure in their life, so it's just a vain attempt at differentiating themselves. Like you can already tell what kind of person picrel is.

Anonymous 136614

Personally think theyre hot

Anonymous 136617

it’s just a fashion thing i guess

Anonymous 136618

>another person who hates septum piercings and thinks theyre dumb and silly

Anonymous 136625

i wonder what'd happen if someone like this took an MRI and forgot to took out the piercings beforehand

Anonymous 136626


Anonymous 136638

septums are ugly and trashy as fuck, it reminds me of those spanish bulls. Its gross.
I like small diamond studs in the nose but wouldn't get one myself.
Eyebrow piercings are uglyy, all facial piercings are really really ugly unless they are small studs on the nose.
I have my ears double pierced, I think more than like 3 or 4 ear piercings are ugly, and hoops anywhere but the lobe are ugly too.
Belly button piercings are kinda cute but I wouldn't get one.
Genital piercings are NO.

Anonymous 136639

and no nipple piercings.

Anonymous 136668


Don't care if other people wear them, sometimes they look kinda cool though. Wouldn't get one myself except maybe faux piercing. I have a big nose that does not fit beauty standards so I think maybe getting a small faux piercing to highlight it sometimes might be nice. But it would probably still look bad on me

Anonymous 136669

Some of them are definitely wild but I think they're cool either way.

Anonymous 136691

perfect for letting people know you stick your fingers up your nose

Anonymous 136692


I think they look terrible but that's just a preference. I don't dislike people for having them. I judge though.

Anonymous 136761


Ear and mouth piercing are beautiful. I'm gonna get some some day. Not a big fan of septum/nose, but you're not special for disliking them.

Anonymous 136762

Forgot to add, I don't find particularly extreme ones pretty, I think having a few is quite tasteful. My favorites are snake bites and industrial piercings.

Anonymous 136834


Shame that oral piercings completely fuck your gums and teeth. I always wanted a labret piercing but having my teeth corrected several years back cost way too much money to risk fucking them up for a piercing, plus braces left me with already receding gums so it's just be a waiting game for a labret to expose my tooth nerves.

I don't think it's worth it, and any miners considering mouth piercings should really consider how much you like having gums that cover your tooth roots.

Secondarily, as a septum ring haver- you can't convince me that it isn't the best piercing to get. It heals fast, you can hide it, and it doesn't leave a big pit scar in your face if you decide to remove it. Plus they hardly migrate. I have a cousin with an eyebrow piercing, and she's starting to look like Joe Exotic with the thing practically in her eyelid.

Anonymous 136835

I think they're cute on some people, don't see a problem with them

Anonymous 136843

Do you really have nothing better to do than whine about other people's fashion choices?

Anonymous 136864

Anonymous 136900


The nose rings always make me think of pic related and the ones with the balls at the end like in that pic you posted look like they have snot hanging out of their nose and need a handkerchief real bad, all around disgusting. Strangely I don't mind other piercings

Anonymous 136908

some of them look alright, some them don't. one of the ones that i really don't like are gauges, i always thought that they looked like the dumbest things in the universe and i don't understand why anyone would be willing to wear them. also, not a fan of septum piercings. eyebrow piercings, on the other hand, can look pretty good when done properly.

Anonymous 136913

They make a person look 'dirty' IMO. I can't explain exdactly why but they make everyone having them look like they smell bad, you know that low key butyric acid smell that you get when you don't wash yourself and your clothes for several weeks

Anonymous 136914

Tbh, yeah I'd still get it. People like to talk about how bad it is for this or that reason, yet consume carb filled foods. I'm not talking specifically about you, just in general.

Anonymous 136915

I'm neutral as far as aesthetics go, but they remind me of metalcore, and I hate metalcore.

Anonymous 136935

I don't mind them really, septum is probably my least favorite. Also I find nipple and genital piercings an unpleasant surprise but I don't dislike them that much, it's not a deal breaker, I'd just rather they not be there. I had a lower lip piercing when I was a teenager.

Anonymous 136936

Quoted the post without adding: gauges are indeed wack

Anonymous 136963

I like them but I also have two septum piercings, two nostril piercings, nipple piercings, and am working on curating my ears. Hell if they didn't fuck up your teeth I'd probably get some piercings around my mouth. It's weird because I never really liked wearing jewelry for the longest time so it's nice that I've found a way to wear it that I can enjoy. I just saw cool gold jewelry and was like "I want that" for pretty much all of my piercings and for some reason I never felt that about necklaces or bracelets.

I will say it does feel weird knowing that I got my nipples pierced even though I've never even kissed someone, but I think it looks cool so oh well. Works out better since there's like a 0.000000001% chance I'll have a kid I need to breast feed.

Anonymous 137217

I get that anon, I kinda hate piercings but want nipple piercings just because they seem cool? I could only get one though (long story) so idk about it. What's your experience with it been?

Anonymous 137582

Yes and no. Id say its alright when theres a whole aesthetic with it because it comes out of personal taste and personality
But yeah it also can be one symptom of stupidity and/or mental illness if we use big words

Anonymous 138191

One of them had a piercing bump that kept coming back for like two months but they're not really painful. The initial piercing was the worst part and even that wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Like I cursed a lil bit under my breath but didn't start screaming or faint or anything. Though for what it's worth my piercer is APP certified. I really like them and can't wait to hit the year mark so I can buy nice jewelry and not feel bad about potentially having to remove it.

Anonymous 138263

I love piercings. I have my vertical bridge, 2g septum, 4 nostril, tongue, and my nipples. I used to have my labret and philtrum, but I took them out. Might get my vertical labret done, but idk.

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