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Anonymous 137133

>barges in
>grabs your bf and says he's her bf now
wat do

Anonymous 137134

I dont see why we all cant be best friends

Anonymous 137136

wasn't this thread posted already a few months ago…

Anonymous 137137

nothing. depending on how my bf reacts, he will remain my bf or not

Anonymous 137139

That lady looks awfully familiar

Anonymous 137140

>wat do
Donate your boyfriend to science
If you can't have him nobody can

Anonymous 137144

Beat her ass legally for touching my boyfriend without his consent.

Anonymous 137151


What was that, bitch?

Anonymous 137152


>grab her other arm and say that she is MY gf now, thus beginning the uncuckqueaning process and asserting myself as the alpha female of this gym
>begin an intense homoerotic training program at her house after leaving my bf to his place (so as to not see me being hurt) that eventually leads to insane amounts of lesbian lovemaking and a myriad of mutual orgasms after an hour or so
>one day after said lesbian lovemaking, assert dominance everyday as the alpha female by slapping her ass as a greet, and blow her kisses directed at her lips and coochie as a reminder who's boss in this gym
No lesbo tho, our vajayjays never touched, so that means it's not lesbian, right girls?

Anonymous 137163

really don't worry…


i'd be very confused why she'd want him. i don't even want him.

he was single before me for 10 years. it's not hard to see why.

i'd grab the popcorn and watch how fast it'd take her to get sick of his shit.

Anonymous 137171

The only way to settle this is to see who the raccoon goes towards first.

Anonymous 137172

unironically stab her, maybe my boyfriend too if he betrays me. In that case I'd then cut my carotid artery open and bleed out with thr same blade lathered in both of their blood.
Yeah people here are unoriginal

Anonymous 137173

no amount of lifting will matter when i shoot her

Anonymous 137178

Tell her she's my GF now and that she can have the shitty moid.

Anonymous 137186

Wow she's pretty call poison control this thread is toxic :v

Anonymous 137187


Anonymous 137205

Vibrate my crystals at her

Anonymous 137206

This is why I don't have bfs.

Anonymous 137207

Ugly roids muscles.

Anonymous 137209

Bend over, spread my buttcheeks and fart as loud as I can

Anonymous 137223

i don't know why i was in deep thought over this.. what WOULD i do

Anonymous 137226

I wish I was as cool as you.. I'd probably go home and cry in the shower.

Anonymous 137276


>Sorry Stacy but this is real life, the chadette gets the raccoon

Anonymous 137277

What steroids would one need to take to achieve this, asking for myself (I have no friends)

Anonymous 137279

I think this might be photoshoped but I think the original was natty

Anonymous 137310

it should've been me not him

Anonymous 137412

If he goes with her then I don't want him, she can have him if that's what he wants. I'd feel shitty about myself and about the relationship I just lost after all those years but I don't want a disloyal bf that would drop me for another woman because of superficial reasons, so what ever happens I'd reconcile with it. Anyways what could I actually do? Nothing

>i don't know why i was in deep thought over this..
It's because there would be nothing you could do
>what WOULD i do
Nothing. Absolutely nothing

Anonymous 137439

You would do nothing? Even if he looked at you with fearful pleading eyes and shouted something like "Help me! Don't let her take me!"?

Anonymous 137440

This looks to be the upper limits of natty.

Anonymous 137442

Well if he wasn't wilfully going and she was actually stronger than him then I'd beat the bitch with a bat or something. I'd get my ass kicked otherwise. Obviously i wouldn't have anything on me at the time so I'd have to follow her to see where she takes him then come back
That or call the police but somehow I don't think they would believe me that some woman womanhandled my boyfriend and kidnaped him. When has that ever happened? They might not take it seriously

Anonymous 137472

It happens daily. I was just at the library and a wild Stacy stole my bf and carried him to a cave.

Anonymous 137506


NTA, but lmao, I bet all of that happened like in a silent film.
>"Ah, what a beautiful day to spend this quiet evening in the stone library with my boyfriend!" said Nona
>But suddenly, a tall, attractive woman with copper hair appears! Who is she?
>"Nona, haha. Where did you find this one? (talking about Nona's moid)"
>Guess they both know each other, huh?
>"Oh, somewhere in town haha. Thanks for joining us tonight Stacy."
>Stacy, having gazed at Nona's moid thoroughly, gives a very mischievous grin out of sudden!
>"Nona: I really, really, really like this cute boy."
> *BONK*
>In an instant, out of nowhere, the local Stacy hits Nona in the middle of her head with a small but heavy club that came from an unknown place, making Nona black out!
>A bit of time passes, and the local stone librarian wakes up Nona, telling her the tragedy that her personal moid has been kidnapped and is now trapped at Stacy's cave!
>Oh noes! What is Nona going to do?! Find out in next week's episode of "A Nona's (Prehistoric) Life"!

Anonymous 137542

would watch

Anonymous 137791


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