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Crochet/knitting/sewing etc Anonymous 137729

A thread dedicated to garment and textile making, including, but not limited to, crocheting, knitting, and sewing.
Share patterns, questions/advice, what you're working on, etc.
Questions to get started:

>What craft(s) do you enjoy

>what is your skill level
>how long have you been at it
>what got you into it
>what have you finished recently
>what are you working on now
>what do you hope to make in the future
>what materials do you prefer using (brands, fiber, etc)
>how often do you get to participate in your craft?
>any other online spaces oe resources good for discussing your craft?
>what do you think is beneficial about your craft
>advice for any beginners

Anonymous 137731


>What craft(s) do you enjoy
primarily knitting and crocheting, but I have sewn before.
>what is your skill level
I'm pretty good and can make pretty much everything except some more complex lacey/cable patterns
>how long have you been at it
almost 3 years
>what got you into it
Just felt like learning it after I got some cheap knitting stuff at a second hand store
>what have you finished recently
I haven't finished anything in a while honestly
>what are you working on now
I just got back into it and am making a crochet halter top as a gift for someone I know's birthday.
>what do you hope to make in the future
I want to knit myself some stockings, because nylon stockings constantly rip, so I figured I should knit myself some sturdier ones. They'd probably be warmwr and more comfortable anyways, and I could put small lace patterns going down the back on them.
>what materials do you prefer using (brands, fiber, etc)
Whatever. Drops is a good brand for natural stuff, I buy their alpaca yarn. I usually buy acrylic yarn from second hand stores and make blankets out of that stuff. Its way cheaper. You can also get some relativelt cheap fancy yarn on ebay.
>how often do you get to participate in your craft?
Every day if I want but I haven't much recently.
>any other online spaces oe resources good for discussing your craft?
The only thing I ever found r*ddit useful for, but I barely used it even then.
>what do you think is beneficial about your craft
There isn't anything really concrete and beneficial about it considering its no longer cheaper just to make your own clothes. You can make some unique clothes though, and if it brings you joy its beneficial enough. I'd say everyone should know how to fix their clothes though, which makes sewing beneficial.
>advice for any beginners
Be persistent. Also learning crochet first was easier because I learned to construct clothes that way, a lot of it could be applies to knitting which is a littlw trickier, but knitted clothes are usually so much nicer.

Anonymous 137732


something like this is what I'm making. I personally think they're ugly but she likes them and wants one, so

Anonymous 137733


Anonymous 138078

>What craft(s) do you enjoy
Like, all of them. Sewing is too mundane tho. Also it gets on your nerves because undoing mistakes costs too much time
>what is your skill level
Intermediate+ at crochet, beginner-intermediate at knitting, "i can crop skirts and trousers and operate a machine very well" at sewing
>how long have you been at it
8 months at crochet, maybe 5 at knitting, sewing - since 5th grade, but occasionally
>what got you into it
Some lady was firs to get a knitted ushanka at a thrift store, got sad and decided to learn myself
>what have you finished recently
I've been doing very simple things recently, because uni takes all time. Granny square mitts and a pillowcase
>what are you working on now
Tram model, hexagon cardigan
>what do you hope to make in the future
Lace gloves, they are sexy. Why no modern crocheters make them?
>what materials do you prefer using (brands, fiber, etc)
Cheap wool-acrylic blend, bc why not
>how often do you get to participate in your craft?
I have yarn scattered in my room all the time, but i get to work on it like twice a month
>any other online spaces oe resources good for discussing your craft?
>what do you think is beneficial about your craft
People simping for you when you say your clothes are self-made
>advice for any beginners
Don't do ugly crochet checkered bags and tops.

Anonymous 138181


>Don't do ugly crochet checkered bags and tops.
I mean…do whatever you want for practice but don’t show them off and be surprised when people think your newborn creations are hideous


>What craft(s) do you enjoy

90% crochet and maybe a little felt crafting
>what is your skill level
Hella advanced, the harder the better. Irish crochet and vintage patterns, designing my own patterns, novelty stitches…
>how long have you been at it
15 years
>what got you into it
My momma. I did nothing but fucking granny squares for months
>what have you finished recently
My duck :3
>what are you working on now
Nothing but I want to take commissions, free is ok
>what do you hope to make in the future
Never thought I’d say this in 2022, but boho clothes. I can’t believe crocheted clothes are back! My true passion will always be amigurumi and little characters though
>what materials do you prefer using (brands, fiber, etc)
For clothes, cotton and novelty blends like bamboo (sooo soft) and soy protein. I don’t often do warm articles but I would choose pure merino. I also prefer wool for my amigurumi and felt characters
>how often do you get to participate in your craft?
I stopped in college and ducky has been my only project since
>any other online spaces or resources good for discussing your craft?
Ravelry is ok but annoyingly libtardy
>what do you think is beneficial about your craft
People tell me I won’t get arthritis?? But that sounds fake. I prefer crochet to knitting since you are less constrained by an invisible grid and making round/dimensional shapes is easier. You can join pieces and change colors easily without sewing. The only downside is that crochet leaves more open holes than knitting, so it’s less optimal for certain types of clothes
>advice for any beginners
Learn proper grip early on, it will save you from potentially injury if you are a tight gripper like me, and you will be able to stitch faster and with more consistent size.

Anonymous 138203


Can anybody make him for me ?:c

Anonymous 138205

If you like granny squares - make granny squares. They are the simplest thing that would not look shitty. There are projects whith small ones, continuous ones, just granny stitch, also willow squares etc. I made a lot of collars as a beginner. Knitted cables are easy to make, but knitting takes a lot of time. I personally need to finish my amigurumi bf so I can knit cabled sweaters without spending a gazillion years on average sized ones.

Anonymous 138681


Can anyone else not stand the sheer amount of trannies in knitting communities these days?
I try to ignore it and just enjoy the knitting aspect, but honestly when I see shit like this I would rather just knit with handmaidens or something. Its unbearable

Awaiting the inevitable report for the TOS violation of "not sparing my fee fees ;(" and banishment of my discord for my reply

Anonymous 138682


my reply

Anonymous 138683

the lord's work, truly

Anonymous 138695

Why would you doxx yourself like this

Anonymous 138696

More like it will always be wood, even if it looks like a chair.

Anyway does anybody have any guides that can help explain tension in amigurumi? I started recently but have issues with the tension, never know how tight it should be, sometimes it's too loose and things look weird.

Anonymous 138698

hi, im doing a portrait through embroidery. any tips for making the hair and the skin? btw im using aïda tissue just like for cross stitching

Anonymous 138779

>why would you doxx yourself
I challenge you to use this screencap to doxx me. You won't be able to find so much as my first initial.

Anonymous 138786

I've been wanting to make my own tights/stockings for the same reasons but I only know how to crochet and sew. Are there any patterns for crochet tights/socks that don't suck? I've seen some tunisian crochet socks that look nice. But at that point I feel like I might as well just learn how to knit.

Anonymous 138787

In my opinion, all crochet socks fucking suck because the stitches are just way too bulky and not stretchy enough. However if you comprise your entire project of slip stitches, it might actually work nice, its just that you usually dont crochet in slip stitches.
When I first started crocheting I accidently kept slip stitching instead of single crocheting. My fiest 2 projects, a hat and fingerless gloves were all slip stitches and the fabric is similar to knit fabric, though I don't think as pretty.

I would say to do it like this, measure your thigh, and make FOUNDATION SINGLE CROCHETS (very important you dont use a chain or it won't be stretchy enough) about 0.5-1 inch less than the thigh measurement (so that it grips your thigh and stays up), and gradually decrease until you are at the width of your ankle. Then form the sock portion.
Of course I'm just spitting numbers and ideas, its gonna take some math and testing first. In a minute I'll crochet a swatch of slip stitches just to show you what they look like.
Then you can write up an official pattern and sell it :)

The best advice I can give you is just to learn to knit though, its so much prettier and better for almost all projects. The only thing I would really always prefer knitting over crochet with is blankets, knitting just isn't thick and sturdy enough for blankets

Anonymous 139007

Thanks for the advice. I think I'll try making a test sock using slip stitches and see how that goes.

What beginner knitting projects would be good to help me work my way towards knitting socks?

Anonymous 139177

I personally don't see many troons in knitting communities, TIMs are stil wallowing in moid communities with their programming socks, and TIFs are too insecure to even have hobbies. I am more sick of everyone simping for moids making the simplest thing ever. They always get twice the attention women get.
Anyway, I wish people would come back to chrocheting lace gloves, collars, blouses etc. The patterns I find are from 40s-70s and the are unavailable.

Anonymous 139249


When I started knitting, socks were kind of my first "real" project.
I think I knitted a couple of ugly garter stitch scarves (in the wrong needle sizes at that) and then I went and made some dishclothes which were mostly to practice stitches, like seed stitch, moss stitch, stockinette, ribbing, and then some fancier things I found on random youtube tutorials. knit with me on youtube has some good tutorials, and an insane amount of them at that. Another was dandelion stitch.
After that, I jumped right into socks. Socks are really one of the most fun things to make, they knit up quick and even though they're simple you can do so many different patterns with them, you can make them lacey or cabled or with colors. I also think its nice because you're never really bored, there is always something engaging like turning the heal.
My first socks were kinda ugly, I helical knit them in red and white worsted acrylic yarn. I still have them somewhere, in a pile of dirty laundry ;-;
What knitting communities are you in? I've checked reddit and discord and they're literally full of troons. Last I checked reddit there was some dumb video about "muh genderqueer fibre artists" calling knitting "historically female dominated" which is something factually incorrect and easily visible on the wikipedia page lmao.
>I am more sick of everyone simping for moids making the simplest thing ever. They always get twice the attention women get.
Where do you see this?
I'm not a fan of moids who knit because they're always pretentious and hilarious douchebags like picrel. I did learn to knit from RJ Knits on YouTube though and I like him. My grandpa crocheted and I don't mind him either.
>Anyway, I wish people would come back to chrocheting lace gloves, collars, blouses etc. The patterns I find are from 40s-70s and the are unavailable.
Here is a blogspot I really like that features some lacier crochet stuff, idk if its what you are looking for though
She has a longer pineapple skirt tutorial that is floor lenght, i kinda wanna crochet of of those pineapple croptops as a blouse and attach the skirt to make a dress even though I usually dont and wouldn't crochet clothes.

this one too

knit with me :
RJ Knits
Seed Stitch:
Moss Stitch
Rib Stitch
Dandelion Stitch
Fern stitch pattern I did as a beginner
Daisy Stitch (I really like flowery knits):
^that is I think all the shit I learned before I attempted socks

For Socks:
Knit in the round:
Helical Knitting Tutorial:
Sock tutorial:
This is the only tutorial I did NOT use when I was learning (other than the basics like moss, seed, and rib which I dont think i did tutorials for and just used common sense), because I could not find the tutorial I used which was called "cottage socks tutorial" ans featured blue and orange socks. I didnt follow it exactly anyways, I just used it to get a general idea. I will say that I would recommend using short rows to form the heal. Idk what this tutorial tells you to do but for some reason most tutorials I see feature a gusset or heal flap, which IMO is ugly and uncomfortable (well, I think socks are uncomfy anyways and I jyst like knitting them for fun).
Here os a wrap and turn heal tutorial I recommend:

Anonymous 139999


I'm on reddit fibre arts communities. Yet to see a single troon, but men's posts "I am a guy and i made my first chain" are so overly praised. And i meant picrel

Anonymous 140006

I’m surprised there aren’t any FtMs at least since that’s one of the things I noticed about AO3

Anonymous 143210


Knitting some underwear. I have bamboo yarn in this ugly pink color which I have no idea what to use for, so I decided to knit underwear because its soft like silk and stain proof.
I'm making it up as I go but for the lace panel I am using this:
Its suprisingly fun, like knitting socks.
What I did:
Cast on 26 sts, knit 20 rows, decrease 2, knit 10 rows, decrease 2, knit 10 rows, increade 2, knit 10 rows, increase 2, then begin the panel, 10 edge stitches of stockinette + 3 garter stitch on either side
This is the back. When I go to knit the front I will pick up stitches. Then after knitting thr front I will join thr pieces in the round to knit the waist band.

Anonymous 143211

Beetle needle poin…

It looks like a manta-ray so far. Nice.

Anonymous 168198


Just got a copy of A Stitch in Time
Here is what I started working on
Not a fan of the yarn tbh, it doesn't look nearly as nice knitted as it does on display.
Next I will probably make "It can not fail to please" from the book.

Anonymous 168201

forbidden funfetti

Anonymous 168218


I'd love to knit this next but the pattern is so expensive.
This too, this pattern is affordable though, the yarn would cost an arm and a leg though

Anonymous 168812

Where can you get the pattern for this??

Anonymous 202471

1910s blouse.png

is anybody here into historical costuming? Are there any projects you particularly want to get done this year?
I personally want to make some 1910s blouses this year. I think they're really cute. How about you all?

Anonymous 202490

I haven't made anything in that area yet but I'd be pretty interested in replicating old traditional clothes from a few different countries. It's more the embroidery that draws me to it but I'd love to learn how to make costumes properly

Anonymous 210516


I’m gonna make this blanket
I generally love stuff that looks crocheted but is knit

Anonymous 210616

It is beautiful

Anonymous 212824

I’m a lurker rather than a poster so I’m a bit nervous, but eh why not.
>What craft(s) do you enjoy
>what is your skill level
Beginner, I’ve only sewn accessories and a skirt. Had a pattern for it but I ditched it because it didn’t make sense.
>how long have you been at it
I’ve only sewn a handful of items in the past year
>what got you into it
Loved the idea of making my own high quality clothes.
>what have you finished recently
Wrist cuffs for a lolita dress.
>what are you working on now
Thinking about recreating a dress from my favorite show.
>what do you hope to make in the future
I’d love to make the majority of my wardrobe myself.
>what materials do you prefer using (brands, fiber, etc)
Cotton > Polyester.
>how often do you get to participate in your craft?
Hardly, I don’t own my own machine and have no room for one. I borrow a family member’s.
>any other online spaces or resources good for discussing your craft?
Probably reddit or discord but I’m sick of troons. Some cosplayer accounts on Instagram have good advice.
>what do you think is beneficial about your craft
What’s NOT beneficial? I’m tired of the expensive, low quality clothing I see in stores. None of it is my style.
>advice for any beginners
I am the beginner.

Anonymous 214556


I have been getting more into vintage knitting but not from such an early period or very seriously, usually just 1930s-50s patterns.
One I have plans to make is picrel, I love the frilly color. I have a very fine yellow alpaca yarn I want to knit it in. Yellow usually isnt my color but it was very cheap and I figured I should switch it up.
I won't get around to it for awhile though. I have a baby blanket and sweater for myself in progress and also have to start a sweater for my boyfriend soon as he will probably be visiting in march and I would like to have it done then.

Anonymous 214557

*collar not color lol

Anonymous 214567

holy based reply

Anonymous 215139


Are these hard to do? They do look nice.

Anonymous 215145

ive never made one but it doesnt look like it would be hard, probably time consuming though and not a great first project. Just increase/ decrease and maybe some sewing.

Anonymous 215159

What would be a good first project then? (I've already done a crochet rug with trapilho, but not much more)

Anonymous 218851


How much time would it take for a noob to learn to knit a cute doll like this?

Anonymous 218853

That isn't even knitting, thats crochet lol.
Look up beginner amigurumi projects and start learning

Anonymous 218854

>beginner amigurumi projects

Anonymous 219125


I think not much at all. I'm a beginner crocheter and have completed like 7 simple amigurumi + 2 beanies, and I'm going to make this one now.

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