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Are you afraid to die? Anonymous 138044

Anonymous 138045

Usagi Tsukino rame…

Not really but it would really suck if I died at such a young age.

Anonymous 138046

no, in fact i am genuinely waiting for it every day

Anonymous 138063

This. People who say 'nothing happens after death' are certified idiots imo. We literally have no idea. The afterlife could be big fat guy sitting on your head for eternity. It could be mind shattering torture. It could be floating through a dark void. We don't know. And that's terrifying.

I'd love to die otherwise. I'm so embarrassed to exist.

Anonymous 138087

I second this, if I died tomorrow it would be a shame, but it is what it is.
You would not be floating through a dark void, you would just not exist anymore, it's hard for us to imagine since we only think in metaphors. Anyhow this take puzzles me because, well, why not? Humans are organisms like plants and animals and fungi and bacteria and we can accept their non-existence dissolution into particles after death so why not us?

Anonymous 138103

You don't know what happens to those things when they die. You can observe what happens to the remaining plant and or bacteria. That's it. To assume you know everything about what happens in the after life just strikes me as arrogant tbh. Atheists are so close to religious it's wild. 'I believe in this because I just do, okay?'

Anonymous 138131

Yes. I want to kill myself but I’m scared of being uncomfortable and in pain and doing any of the things which would cause one to die. Bridges, knives, rope? Terrifying!

Anonymous 138132

if you live in the US you can easily get a gun, that's instant death if you can use it and it's not a peashooter

Anonymous 138134

Its funny when i read the post of suicidal people who haven’t figured out less messy methods. Keep being scared of death and suffer here with me.

Anonymous 138135

you could also make a helium tank/mask combo, you'll pass out in about a minute without any pain, and be dead in a short while. but it would be better to seek therapy and stay alive obviously, but i'm sure you hear this a lot

Anonymous 138136

That would be my preferred method too, but I can’t get a gun.

Anonymous 138140

>tells her how to kill herself
>go to therapy tho!!
kek why

Anonymous 138145

Dying isn't scary at all. Living is.
As long as I live, pain can come to me. I will be hurt, I will suffer, I will be forced into painful circumstances, I will watch terrible things happen as my family slowly withers away and the world continues its collapse around me before I start to wither away myself.

And I'm scared.

Anonymous 138182

I'm not afraid of death, but I'm a little afraid on the off-chance some religion ends up being right. Heaven or hell, endless existence sounds like torture.

I used to think like this, but I gaslit myself into thinking that suffering was a positive thing and now life is pretty ok.

Anonymous 138186

>Heaven or hell, endless existence sounds like torture
I can't see Hell existing. I've research enough about religion to know that it was most likely a ploy by The Church to scare people into religion.
Reincarnation though terrifies me especially with how much evidence there is to suggest that it's a thing. I'm not looping forever and ever, constantly having to live out lives here. No way no how.

Anonymous 138249

how do you know its limited to here. but anyway i'd love to be immortal. rotting and not existing are both yucky

Anonymous 138252

>how do you know its limited to here.
Doesn't matter. I don't care if I become another human, a koi fish, or a Squarbo from the planet Xunah III. Living is suffering and I sure couldn't imagine being immortal.
I'd love to just be allowed to eternally dream. Always be the one in control of my entire fate forever. Anything else is just slavery to something, be it people or nature.

Anonymous 138275

Everything about decaying and dying scares me.

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