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oversharing Anonymous 138313

anyone else here have an issue with oversharing? i never realised how bad it was for me until lately i told a lot of people at work about kissing a colleague and he definitely didn’t want people to know lol. my therapist said i overshare because i had no boundaries growing up

please share experiences/advise

Anonymous 138314

oversharing is also a sign that you dont empathize or think about how other people feel

Anonymous 138315

yeah not entirely true for me. i care about everyone else’s feeling too much (though in this case yes my need to overshare overpowered empathy for this guy and trust me i feel very guilty about that)

Anonymous 138318

I know it's becoming a meme here but it's also a sign of autism

Anonymous 138329


I used to overshare a bit for the opposite reason, I think: loneliness and lack of freedom to share things growing up. I got into pop psychology (cringe) and tended to open up too quickly about my “deep” thoughts and experiences to people I barely knew. I had a bad gut feeling right before I was about to overshare, so eventually I stopped. Of course many of your thoughts and mine are worth sharing, but with the right people. Pearls before swine and all that.

Now I’ve got another friend who is a chronic oversharer…known to all as that TMI girl. I think she does it for the exact same reasons I did but never realized that it makes people around her uncomfortable. Re: pop psychology, I think we all love to be diagnosed but not to actually work on our issues. Diagnosis helps and feels good to do but at some point probing your psyche like this is just narcissism and victimhood. My traumas and unlocked inner truths are interesting to me but not usually to you. So that’s why I’ve become more shifted toward action than self-analysis and talking about its findings.

Anonymous 138412

i think its easy for people who never experienced something to make fun of it. oversharing could be many things like OP wasn't taught boundaries, oversharing because you're extremely lonely, oversharing after a traumatic situation. the oversharer is aware they're oversharing after the fact and they hate themselves for it which is why i don't understand the need to shit up the thread. we get it, you never had the misfortune to be forced out from your little comfort bubble and can't relate.

Anonymous 138433

I don't know if I over share or not: because while I don't like when unnecessary people have too much information about me, especially irrelevant one BUT overall I don't really care what people could think of me and surely don't care if they would feel uncomfortable because of me lol. So I might be saying something what counts as oversharing, I don't know.
I always try to be max delicate and nonchalant when someone is in awkward situation themselves - that is my tactic for oversharers - I pretend that it is not a big deal and try not to talk about it further

Anonymous 138434

Would you stop making threads? At least use some capital letter, jeez.

Anonymous 138507

Well, just know you're not as bad as some people.
I remember once this girl in college who at a Christian youth group was telling people that she was adopted from China and that the reason her parents put her up for adoption is because she's the product of incest.
Her mother and father were full siblings.
She went on to talk about how she's had bone surgery because she developed bumps on her bones from a genetic disorder as result from the incest.
I don't know why some people share so much, but a kiss is nothing compared to something so personal family history/dirty laundry.

Anonymous 138526

Anonymous 138543

I overshare sometimes, unfortunately. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does I regret it a lot, even when it's with a friend or something. I've mostly overshared about tons of information on some very weird and niche interests I have. It isn't relatable or engaging for most people to listen to I'd imagine, I probably just sound insane when I talk about it because the subject matter is usually about something morbid, or criminal. Maybe I'm autistic, not sure.

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