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have you ever made friends here? 138702

im new and i like it here but it seems like the anonymous format would make it harder to make friends…maybe nobody's here to make friends in the first place but it seems like it would be nice considering many of us probably struggle with feeling lonely (or out of place with normie irls). btw sorry if i messed up! first time posting pls be nice<3

Anonymous 138727

nah but i have joined a server posted on here

it's been a week since i've checked it though kek

i'd be up for making friends on here but male lurkers are always a problem


thats true OTL it just sucks cause i have more in common with women here than anyone anywhere else and find myself wanting to dm them but cant. well ig people would also not act the same if it wasn't anonymous.
servers sound so fun but only if theyre active

Anonymous 138760

Not yet, but it would be nice to exchange more ideas with you guys. Hope more gals interact here also

Anonymous 138762

haven’t as far as i’m concerned even though i’ve introduced a few friends of my own. guess it defeats the whole point of the anonymity, but it’d be interesting to have some sort of online get together. who knows maybe in the future once the site is bigger that could happen.

Anonymous 138763


I've been phasing out my social media use for better or for worse so I haven't made a friend in foreverrr
I usually either feel too normie or too geeky

Anonymous 138765


I tried but talking directly one on one is hard for everyone I guess, they both ghosted after a day or two (':
I'm fine with that because honestly I'd prefer a gc so things are more relaxed
I would like to join pls

Anonymous 138768

i think so too, things could get chaotic without the anonymity but a lot of threads read like online sleepovers so it's a bit sad not knowing if you're gonna meet up in another thread again. kinda like making friends during vacation when you're a kid and having to leave afterwards.

it really is OTL i spent most of my years online friendless until my tumblr mutual added me to a gc, things flow much better

Anonymous 138785


I did! I've been using imageboards for years though and never really had the intention to make friends off of them. I guess I just thought the chances of me meeting someone online who I could have sustained conversation with would be pretty low (especially because I've joined discord servers before and usually end up losing interest after a while). I just happened to be talking with an anon on a thread and she asked for my Discord so I added her. That was a few months ago and we still talk regularly so I feel very lucky! Maybe you could do the same if you end up having good conversation with an anon on here? (don't do it super often though obviously) That being said, just as it's hard to make lasting friendships in real life I also think it can be difficult to maintain online friendships because it's easy to run out of things to talk about unless you happen to have good chemistry with the person you're talking to.

Anonymous 138812


I've only befriended one anon from here but she's one of the best people I've ever met and I feel so grateful to talk to her.
I'd like more female friends so I wish we still had a friend finder thread here, it's easy enough to avoid moids, just do a short call to confirm that you're both women or something.

Anonymous 138873

A friendfinder would be nice. I’m otherwise awol on social media but I’ve always kind of wanted to talk to some of the nonas I’ve seen on here. Dunno how many people would trade WhatsApp’s though.

Anonymous 138991

I would use WhatsApp if I could hide my phone number but I don't think I can right?

Anonymous 139135


most people i've met off here were deranged narcissists. but i have one friend ive kept for years off crystal cafe. she's like a mother to me.

and i'll always be loyal to her. we like rantin about our interests alot, and have no shame in talking about sewing, dresses, clothes or just video games in general. i helped her become an established vtuber by coming up with her design and stream assets. it was a nice experience overall. she has a great personality and is unlike anyone else from here.

Anonymous 139136

Cute and fitting image use, I want a homura gf…

Anonymous 139167

Nah but I kinda wish I could. But I wouldn't know how to contact them, I don't even use any social media since I basically don't know anyone. I've never had a female friend in my life other than if you want to count a couple of online ones who ghosted me years ago. Girls I've met don't tend to have anything in common with me and always seem to just think I'm too weird. Some people I see posting here seem to be more similar to me than ones I've met before. So yeah this site is just another one of my substitutes to make up for lacking an actual social life.

Anonymous 139175

patting you gently on the head anon even if most people here won’t know each other personally, your presence is still appreciated

Anonymous 140375

No, sadly…

Anonymous 141000

What are your interests anon ?

Anonymous 142415

Why there isn't the friend finder anymore? I just finally plucked up the courage to write to somebody and now I have found out there is nothing.
I wish to have a female friend since all my real female friends are only interested in their boyfriends.

Anonymous 142417

more people should use the email field like that one anon I saw doing it a month or so ago; I actually thought about emailing her one time but I got distracted.

Anonymous 142447

yeah i wouldnt want to meet anyone off an imageboard irl.. one could imagine what kind of people even use these things anymore…

Anonymous 142749

Post it here
Self-hate is sad

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