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Capture d’écran 20…

which style do you use Anonymous 138965

i used yotsuba b until today, now im using girltalk

Anonymous 138966

Screenshot (79).pn…

dark crystal (old) + dark reader extension for fonts and tint

Anonymous 138975

Autumn Light

Anonymous 138988

Same for the exact reason
Crystal is very cute anyway

Anonymous 139064

I used the default for a while bc i didnt even notice you could change the style
I liked it but I like to change

I wish editing was possible tho

Anonymous 139065

Autumn light, cute n cozy.

Anonymous 139066

Dark Crystal, it's more comfortable to look at

Anonymous 139067

Autumn Light is pretty cute.
I mostly use crystal/default because I open cc on incognito

Anonymous 139090


Anonymous 139124

Wintery :3

Anonymous 139128

Same I need my themes dark or else my eyeballs burn

Anonymous 139156

Wintery, it's very soothing to my eyes.
I love Girltalk too, but I'm unable to use it because the color contrast between the text bubbles and the background is very low for me, so everything looks like a single long text

Anonymous 139322


Me until just now! Nice!

I'll have to remember to switch over to Autumn Light and Halloween for October. Really like it.

Anonymous 140645


I use girl talk! I like pastel colors but my eyes hurt

Anonymous 141306

I like how /x/ has it’s own default theme.

Anonymous 141337

I like winter

Anonymous 233733

I use the Firefox "Manage Colors" feature to have every webpage follow the same colors so I can't really use any theme. Does anyone make their own custom themes?

Bumping this thread to get rid of cp btw

Anonymous 233739

thank you angel I didn't know about this firefox feature I might start using instead of using an extension to darktheme everything

Anonymous 233741

Happy to spread the word nona, it's seriously one of the best features ever! It runs quicker than any extension does and I don't notice any sites breaking. Idk what OS you're on but on linux you can set it to follow your system theme!

Anonymous 233742

Honestly I use the dark purple one that's also on /x/, it feels really nice on the eyes

Anonymous 233743

Dark crystal solos

Anonymous 233969

Default. Light green is a soothing color and I like that it's distinct from lolcow and fujochan.

Anonymous 233971


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