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Anonymous 139381


Anonymous 139383

Anonymous 139384

Be ready for crime and poverty to get even worse American nonas. If you think you can leave the US I would recommend it.

Anonymous 139388


Anonymous 139389


I’m normally against birth control (because of side effects) but anyone who thinks they might be affected please go to Planned Parenthood ASAP and get an IUD or IUS fitted as they last years, or at least buy some morning after pill over the counter to keep in case of an emergency. Even if you are not dating men, unfortunately r*pe can happen.

Anonymous 139392

Am I the only one who's happy about it being overturned? I support abortion, but I think women who want to live among a bunch of rapist men and have sex with them willingly are digging their graves and ours. This could finally be the catalyst we need to build a female separatist state and be free of men forever. Women need to wake up and realize they're just baby-makers and sex objects to males. The sooner they accept it, the sooner we can collectively escape the perils of moidciety.

Anonymous 139393

At the very least this could be the catalyst for better child support laws. Men should suffer for this equally.

Anonymous 139394

Good. A whole generation of women won't be murdered now.

Anonymous 139395


I wish I could be this optimistic lol. Wouldn't surprise me if men get "financial abortion" legalized before we can get abortion itself legalized again.

Anonymous 139405

Lol no. Having to carry the child is punishment for women for being promiscuous. They aren’t going to make it easier for women.

Plus the US military needs young people from poor backgrounds (meaning poor education and prospects so no choice but to join) to send to third world countries to blow things up.

Anonymous 139420

Now democrats can get off their ass and formerly ratify it into constitutional law as opposed to just a court interpretation.

Anonymous 139421


Oh don't worry, they won't. They'll just use the repeal as a way to drive fundraising to high levels while doing jack shit to get it enshrined into law even if they get control of the presidency, both houses of congress, and the supreme court at the same time again.

Unless… liberals argue that overturning Roe VS. Wade is oppressive because trannies won't be able to get one once implanted wombs become real! Will someone please think of the biological men, err, I mean stunning and brave transwomen!

Anonymous 139422

Whether you are for abortion or not its blatently true that nothing in the constitution can determine your right to have an abortion. Roe V Wade was bullshit in the first place.
You are impressing no one here by bragging about how trad you are. Go back to 4shit if you want to do that, or your discord orbiters.
I don't think you realize the point, its about restricting tue freedom of people to make their own choices regarding their bodies. What if this expands beyond abortion?

Anonymous 139423


…but that means a whole generation of men will be here too. unless you're talking about femicide, but i don't think that's much of an issue in the us.

Anonymous 139424


you know a majority of women who seek abortion are married women with children, who can't afford more, right?

have you forgotten how society pressures women into regular PIV sex? "keep him happy, or else he'll leave"?

think about this for two seconds.

Anonymous 139426


im genuinely happy to be living in a blue state that will most likely be keeping reproductive rights, but i just KNOW that theyre going to try and gut Planned Parenthood next, and Im absolutely terrified at how thatll affect the rest of us since Ive relied on it before

i had a terrible feeling this was going to happen, fuckass country

scrotes detected, go back to 4chins

the courts dont care about the constitution. They mandated the government can just arrest protesters on a whim if theyre not protesting in government-deligated "free speech zones," where the fuck does it say that in the constitution?

Anonymous 139427

sane women will find a way, sorry about the mentally ill tho. sad day for pickmes and frustrated religious women.

Anonymous 139428

pickmes and religious women will also abort, they're hypocrites who think its okay for them to have sex, just not other women. they're moidbrained in a female body (the true trannies?)

Anonymous 139429

I'm not a trad and I'm not a man. I think states should legalize abortion in the first trimester or thereabouts and should crack down on child support laws so men have a stake in this too. I also fully support the right to sexual bodily autonomy for women if it comes with the duty to exercise it responsibly. Sex is not inherently casual. I refuse to believe most abortions come from having careful protected sex where BC failed. As a working woman I KNOW that I cannot afford a child right now, and if that means temporarily giving up unprotected sex, I think that's a small price to pay. I'd love a legitimate explanation for why that is so difficult for others. All the right to abortion does for married women is provide a necessary evil remedy when husbands have an incentive to treat them like sex objects. It's near impossible to prove marital rape.

Anonymous 139430

>the courts dont care about the constitution. They mandated the government can just arrest protesters on a whim if theyre not protesting in government-deligated "free speech zones," where the fuck does it say that in the constitution?
Yeah I know, I'm just saying its objectively bullshit but so are many other things. The constitution is a bullshit document that isn't actually followed (how can one even truely follow it when the founding fathers used such subjective language?) but used and "interpreted" in whichever way will benefit whatever party while ignoring the parts that work against them (much like religious texts such as the bible in our modern life).
Its also very out of date, it was written for its time and not in a truely timeless way that our rights could be upheld with how technology and the world progresses; they're not written to sound universal and objective. I can't blame them though, who WOULD have thought the world would turn out this way? How can you foresee this shit?

Yes the constitution means basically nothing today but if we look at the situation objectively then yes, Roe V Wade is bullshit. Muh constitooshun means nothing.

Anonymous 139433

>I'd love a legitimate explanation for why that is so difficult for others. All the right to abortion does for married women is provide a necessary evil remedy when husbands have an incentive to treat them like sex objects. It's near impossible to prove marital rape.
Because most people have higher sex drives or partners with higher sex drives and because most people consider a healthy sex life key to a healthy relationship. Its how we are biologically wired to be, there isn't much else to it.
No most abortions aren't birth control failures. Lets look at birth control options, shall we?
>put on hormones that drastically change your moods and physiology
>have an expensive metal object painfully rammed up your cervix
>use shitty condoms (male and female) which a couple is soon to abandon due to issues with sensation
I don't blame people for not wanting to exercise these options; I don't
Didn't you say you were a lesbian anyways? You're obviously not at a realistic risk of being pregnant unless you are raped which makes up less than 1% of abortion cases. I don't think you can really see how this effects heterosexual women, which is part of the gaps in your understanding.

Anonymous 139435

That does not justify removing people's lack of bodily autonomy, scrote.
Imagine being a being who is driven by his own biological impulses so hard he searches for bread crumbs of attention while his dick is out on a girls only imageboard, and telling others they should deny their sexual impulses. Kys

Anonymous 139437

I'm pretty sure its a tranny larping as a tradwife.

Anonymous 139438

*bodlily autonomy not lack of sorry drunk

Anonymous 139439

SUPPOSEDLY "she" is a lesbian now that I see, but it contradicts earlier statements she made implying that she was straight, and sounded like a moid troll when "she" revealed it. This thread is crawling with moids lel

Anonymous 139440

Yeah, they're only keeping the baby or have 'safe' sex online, in reality they'd get an abortion if they had an unwanted baby or were raped, if they have sex or are female at all.

Anonymous 139442

Yeah quite convenient that akshually she' has a wife now that it's been mentioned you're more likely to be raped by someone who's close to you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 139446

>rape and marital sex dont lead to pregnancies

LOL LMAO WOW. I've been around all the crevices of the internet for years, and I've seen some shit, but this is the first time I've seen someone claim sex within a marriage doesn't lead to a pregnancy.

Congrats anon. I want to smoke what you're smoking.

Anonymous 139449

But of course, hormones that change your mood, mental objects inside you or condoms are all emotionally harder to go through than a baby picked piece by piece out of your womb with forceps. Certainly abortion is the least traumatic of these four.

Anonymous 139455


I just noticed that part. I guess all the unwanted pregnancies and abortions result from aaaalll of these whores riding the cock carousel. And married couples only have safe sex or have children and never cheat on each other, obviously.

Anonymous 139458

to all the people going samefag i hope you realize the replies to the moidpost are sarcasm…

Anonymous 139460



I'm in full agreement with you, brother. To keep our nation pure and free of bastards, we need to chop off the dicks of men who sleep with anyone other than their wives.

We need to stop these whores with their herpes riddled dicks from shooting their jizz everywhere and corrupting our nation.

Anonymous 139466


Absolutely. Men who cheat on their wives (or cheat with another man's wife) are the biggest whores, ruining families. A little cut should stop them from doing anymore harm.

Anonymous 139473


anyway anti-abortion is code word for anti-women

Anonymous 139480


Actually there's research on the subject of certain character traits…turned out most of the ones related to caring, prosocial behavior, dyadic relationships, etc., women on average have more of. This is why you have weird consequences like men being several times more likely to betray dying spouses.

In other words: there's more potential "wife" material among women than "husband" material among men. It's just the majority of them aren't hot or young…however, because of their character, are less likely to be a net negative than being with the average man so you usually see men refusing to divorce women, even if they hate them.

I am not saying women are perfect or endlessly loving. Or that all men are nonoptions. I am just saying as far as being in a relationship it's not rocket science:
most things relevant to being with someone intimately and doing right by them, women on average have more of. This is 1000000x more relevant in an age where both women and men tend to be breadwinners.

To a lot of men, "wife material" isn't an equal partner but someone that is 100x more altruistic and unconditional than them.

Anonymous 139498

Either way you're a trailer trash religious faggot, though god knows youre also a lying faggot and you're kind are in for sex recession the likes of which men have never known before. I know so many women who are straight up dumping, ghosting their filthmonger conservative boyfriends right now. You shitlords Belong in the trash and will increasingly go there for your filthy beliefs. You're undatable unworthy dumpsterfire people and nothing can save you from that anymore.

You're truly only capable of being parasitic turd in every capacity. It's no secret in female circles now, that we're all agreeing to dump the shit out of you. Money can't save you from that. Money doesn't fix you're intolerable bottom of the barrel personality, though we all know you yourself are a lying basement dwelling faggot who couldn't get laid either way

Anonymous 139516

Everything women have ever gained has always hung by a glass thread.

>Never forget that a political, economic or religious crisis will be enough for the rights of women to be called into question. These rights are never acquired. You will have to remain vigilant throughout your life.

– Simone de Beauvoir

I'm sorry, U.S. nonas.

Anonymous 139525

Married women also get raped. Married women also have unwanted pregnancies. Married women also suffer pregnancy complications wherein their life is at risk, their body permanently disabled, if they go through with a pregnancy that has an 80% chance of being a stillbirth. Married women might see via the ultrasound and early testing that their nascent baby is severely disabled or malformed. They might choose to abort for a slew of reasons.

The key word in family planning is planning. Knowing how many children you want to have, can afford to have, and knowing that you might not want children with birth defects or disabilities.

Anonymous 139558

So is /pol/ xtian now??

Anonymous 139561

Unfortunately I don't think this will get better until men suffer.
So I hope birth control gets kicked out next and women become even pickier and start demanding that men be husband material with good jobs and cars before risking a pregnancy. Maybe once the realize this shit fucks everybody over they might start to give a shit.

Also I told my bf about women who were getting left to die because doctors refused to perform abortions on unsustainable pregnancies and he told me it was "TikTok bullshit" until I showed him the news articles. Men truly do not give a shit until it personally affects them. It's so tiring.

Anonymous 139562

Sex strike, even with pro choice partners in committed relationships. There's your suffering.

Anonymous 139564

We need to start killing people

Anonymous 139566

You can't uneducate the world's women and send them back to being illiterate or unemployable. To try to sell that is ridiculous and insane and laughable. You would have ww3 trying to make most of the worlds countries like afghanistan. That is just a fact your trashy basement dwelling scrote ass will have to accept. I know this is scrote larping pretending to be blackpill, it's really sus

Anonymous 139569

And it's so fucking easy. Sex with most men is tedious or just ok. They don't gaf whether you enjoy if. Masterbation is usually 10x better. It's like an easy excuse to tell sex seekers to gtfo whenever you want.

Anonymous 139570

Anonymous 139571

Rofl internet filth's imagination is a stretch. You realize how tedious sex with 70% of men is though??? Its more often than not a let down, because men are selfish slobs in bed about 80% of the time. Masterbation is easily so much mor enjoyable

Anonymous 139573

This one is a literal virgin and is pissed. The fact that you use promiscuous and not virgin tells me you're a sex haver and therefore in no position to pretend you're better than any other woman who has sex. Doesn't matter who you're doing it with or what protection you use. Unless you're literally infertile this can directly affect you, not counting how bad crime will be and how much more taxes we'll have to pay to cover the cost of these unwanted kids.

Anonymous 139575

You said "rights gainee were always hanging by a thread", that can be interpreted millions of ways. Don't understand the rest of what you're saying

Anonymous 139576

Is this what men think women want? You think they want a "cock carrousel" and that that's the reason why this is upsetting?
I would ask you if you're fucking stupid but you're a man so I already know the answer.

Anonymous 139577

Exactly it's easy to go either way. Nobody normal is going to want to hand out sex like candy anymore like they did in the 2000s, not if it is such a huge liability. It will start to get excruciatingly hard for men. Sure there are random dumb af women who don't think but it will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Men always complained about how hard it was to constantly get rejected by women in the past. They think it was bad then? Post Roe/ contraception will utterly destroy them

Anonymous 139579

yeah, now it'll just be this generation. think about it:
>women don't want to have sex because now it's a lot more risky
>men get upset and turn into rape animals because they can't get any easy sex
>men go full unga-bunga caveman mode and use this as an excuse to attack women because "I just NEEDED sex, officer"
shits fucked.

Anonymous 139580

It's like they agreed to shred their own 'nads off with a rusty saw :l

Anonymous 139581

More scrote larping.
How much you wanna bet those already disgusted and enraged women will take advantage of stand your ground laws, and utterly enjoy shooting attempted rapists ?? I keep seeing the topic come up all over social media.

Anonymous 139583

>I don't think this will get better until men suffer.

This is a key part of male psychology and part of their lack of empathy. If they don't experience it and it doesn't affect someone very close to them they love, then it's not a problem. This also applies to the suffering of other men. Male factory owners in the 19th and early 20th centuries didn't give a shit if their male workers were dying and getting mutilated due to a lack of safety and used violent methods to break up strikes. Men are also far more likely to talk about the homeless as useless burdens who shouldn't be given any help and left to die of overdoses or heat or cold even though the homeless population in the U.S. is about three-fourths men.

They truly won't care about an anti-abortion law that doesn't allow abortion in the case of rape unless their sister, girlfriend, or daughter gets raped and becomes pregnant. Then they will finally see the issue.

Anonymous 139584

I'm the person you replied to, I'm terrified.
actually thinking of getting a gun now.

Anonymous 139587

I think women will just learn what it's like to have nothing to lose more and more. They'll always walk around disgusted, paranoid af, packing and just ITCHING to shoot a rapist. All thanks to stand your ground laws.

Anonymous 139589


I'm not the anon you replied to, but do it! Between open season on women for rapists thanks to the supreme court's stroke of "brilliance", rising crime from 2020 onwards, and overburdened police departments, women are at more risk without any help than in a long, long time.

There are gun clubs and firearms training specifically for women if you're interested in that. Try searching "women's gun club (your state's name)" or "firearm training for women in (your state's name)." If you live in a red state where abortion is likely to get banned, then that state also likely has stand your ground laws as >>139585 said.

The sense of security and confidence you can get from owning and knowing how to effectively use a gun is amazing. I haven't had to use mine to defend myself yet, but I like walking around knowing I could do it if I need to.

Anonymous 139591

/pol/ is on fire, they actually believe America will stop being white because of this wtf.

Anonymous 139597

Minorities do have lots of abortions tho. It won't stop being white but poor areas with minorities will become poorer, larger, and more dangerous, and the gap between rich and poor will widen.

Anonymous 139600

Depends on what brand of "based and redpilled" trad ideology is selling.
Do you want to be a nazi or an orthodox monk?
Also banning abortion isn't all about religion, at all. While its the most mainstream factor influencing most people's opinions on it, calling it entirely based on religion is just dumb and a way to water down the pro life movement deliberately intended to take away its credibility and to propel the pro choice movement foreward.

Anonymous 139601

I was already scared to have sex with a man and now I'm fully turned off the idea.

Also I heard they're forcing a baby boom because they're planning to go to war soon. Idk if that's true.

Anonymous 139603

The main reason why is because men dont talk themselves into holes, like women do on this board. They feel above the oppressed because they get a mentally high for any stupid reason. Women need to take advantage of that same quality and shut down men's feelings of being above women, by having women actually thrive mentally !!

Men may not say it outright, but they are constantly thinking to themselves "women always lose mentally, their head is in some repressed subjugated place, so THEY are always losing and below me"

If you dont see it, how is that not fucking obvious!?

They constantly walk around like they're untouchable, BECAUSE the women they know talk themselves into holes or openly talk about their suffering. ( just like a ton of the shit self loathing threads on cc, which i cant stand) why not just TELL men you want them to abuse you too?

They walk around "feeling like they've already won" ( often going over cliffs on accountbof it because they think theyre infallible)

Thing is you can focus on thriving as a woman and NOT do stupid shit like that too.

When women exist in holes, and succumb to more oppressive feminine expectations that subjugate them men get a kick out of it, and get the feeling they're invincible. Which leads to all the behavior youre describing. Thing is its also soooo easy to live the opposite way as a woman, and live for why you're thriving if you focus on thriving.

HOW this is not a conversation women have among themselves I do NOT understand. Men dont want you to thrive or enjoy your life, because they want to benefit from your suffering. It gives them this drug called 'power over the other', and because theyre constantly used to this perk, it easily explains why they get so hateful, reactive and insecure around thriving women. Its really kind of priceless. Men really are that filthy and depraved a massive amount of the time, just simplemindedly assuming they're better, Probably more than half the time! Meanwhile they want fucking sex from you??? Who would just give it to these slobs ??

They want to enjoy hearing you whine about wallowing in self loathing/ your subjugation. Why would you willingly do that if it makes them completely sadistic and cruelly indifferent in all the ways you're describing anon??

If you, as a woman, feel subjugated, or like a "loser" you should only express outrage directed outside yourself. NOT internalize. It balances things our, gets you out of your head, and sets things straight. You should NOT wallow in self loathing like a doormat.

How in the HELL this isn't female common sense yet BAFFLES ME.

How does nobody talk about this!!?
It's only the most obvious root of all gender problems. One gender is sadistic towards the other. How the fuck have women lived around men this long without realizing it ?!

Anonymous 139604

The elites are always planning on war, its like a more covert squid game for them.

Anonymous 139605

I don't think these are the reasons why they are whining though.

Anonymous 139606

They larp as trad and Christian with family values but in reality they're all terminally online permavirgins who jerk off to tranny porn. It's also cognitive dissonance to say you hate blacks and want to get rid of them, but also want to ban abortion, as 1/3 of black babies are aborted.

No one on 4chan has sex so they're celebrating this. Men who actually have sex have a lot to worry about, I'm sure they don't want to pay child support for 18 years for a drunken one night stand.

Anonymous 139607

The judge literally says he wants to ban contraception now. This is crazy. They'd never dream of banning guns as they know gun owners would chimp out and become violent. Unfortunately leftists and feminists have decided banning guns is the right idea. Well when you disarm yourselves this is what the US government does to you. Guns are a woman's best friend especially in these times of incel violence and government fascism. You should be arming yourselves, ladies.

Anonymous 139608

>so they're celebrating this
They aren't though, they are just as scared as people ITT.

Anonymous 139609

But nona, they're only terminally online and unemployed porn addicts because muh modern society made them that way ;((
It wouldn't have turned out this way if they had little farm to work and a 12 year old wife to satisfy them

Anonymous 139611

I would hope radical feminism and TERF becomes popular again like it was with millennial women but zoomer girls seem to be worryingly apathetic, with shit tons of internalized misogyny and self objectification, and quite self absorbed. They seem to have the biggest proportion of pickmes too. Maybe this will kick their asses into gear and force them to see that moids and trannies are NOT our allies and never will be.

Anonymous 139613

I know nona, I'm sure it has nothing to do with them watching porn since they were 7 years old and before they even knew what dating was……

Anonymous 139614

>The judge literally says he wants to ban contraception now
He doesn't want to ban contraception, he wants to oveturn the erroneous ruling that the constitution guarentees your right to contraception when there is no such clause remotely mentioning contraception, just like with gay rights and abortion.
It would then be left up to the states to determine and frankly no state is going to ban contraception because that is fucking retarded to do, not even hyper religious rednecks want that as they breed like fucking rabbits and can barely afford their kids

Anonymous 139615

I miss 2010-2014 era sailor moon aesthetic tumblr radical feminism so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 139618

Why do burgers care so much about a 300 year old piece of paper written by some dead guys?

Anonymous 139623

We don't. Each side LARPs as they do but neither actually follow it, its just used as leverage to push agendas.

Anonymous 139624

If they ban abortion but send millions of moids to die, I'm actually okay with that. Sounds like a fair trade off.

Anonymous 139627

There should be a porn site blackout and sex worker strike too.

Anonymous 139628

Interestingly, some of these talking points are out of the Gift of Fear noted to be used by male abusers.

Keep going, nonas. You're doing something right in triggering a man like this.

Anonymous 139630

>porn site blackout
I dislike porn but I dislike censorship more
>and sex worker strike too.
Yes. If only we could just abolish it alltogether.

Anonymous 139632

Censorship is based especially in this situation. If moids want to live in a fascist trad state where abortion is banned, they shouldn't be allowed access to porn either. Trad values for all or none at all.

Anonymous 139635

Most men I know are depressed about this ruling. Literally the only people gloating about this are guys who know they will absolutely never have sex and have nothing to lose, and pedos at the prospect of having more unwanted kids in care homes to rape.

Anonymous 139636

Based and true post. Men are unable to relate or empathize with other humans, even with other moids. I got mine, fuck yours is the default moid mindset. Until things start affecting them personally they will never get it. Bear in mind most of the scrotes celebrating this are porn addicted incels. A total porn site blackout is the only thing that would upset them.

Anonymous 139637

Pretty sure this is just a push to make the dems win the next election since all this shit is conveniently happening at the same time, normalfag social media is full of voting propaganda right now. Regardless, anti-abortion crap like this is just more men thinking they know better than nature/reality and trying to make everything work the way they want it to. Then chimping out if it dares to do different. Women are just a mindless resource to pass on genes to a lot of them.

>ooga booga mate with me i have food

>No, I have my own food.
>unga bunga you cant say no to me i will take away your right to say no and your ability to work, earn and make your own food
>Well fuck, now I'm in a forced dependency. I still don't want to mate with you.
>ook ook i will just rape you then
>I cannot stand to reproduce the genes of someone whom I did not like to start with and would also behave this way to everyone and everything.
>unk grunk no more abortions you must carry my spawn to term, woman no get choice
>You have trampled on every bit of freedom and agency I had as an individual and called it good solely because it benefits you and thus from your perspective. Women are treated like shit.
>ugugugug women so funny and weak, so dramatic, man know best JUST DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO AND ACT THE WAY I SAY DAMN IT REEEE HOARD LIKE GOLD AND WOOD
It's all so tiresome. Can't wait until the Illuminati or whatever power group they hate at the moment decides to start government-mandated organ harvesting. Imagine the mental gymnastics and "muh feels" while they try to explain why someone depending on someone's body parts to live is different from a not-yet someone dependent on body parts to live.

Anonymous 139638

the gubermint knows it has an incel problem. porn, junk food, video games, weed/pills and sex toys are their way of placating and neutralizing that threat. id love th government to ban porn (and yes it is possible, countries in asia have already done it) but we all know scrotes would probably start shooting up the place if porn went offline even for an hour, because they're such primitive violent subhuman coomers.

Anonymous 139639

> this is just a push to make the dems win the next election
They won't. People care a lot more about inflation, and Biden has so far failed at controlling it.

Anonymous 139642

>republicans take away abortion rights and threaten to take away contraception rights too
>this leaves our rights in a state of inertia waiting for congress to pass new bills, and there's no guarantee those laws will get through (yes, incels and neocons love to cut their nose off to spite their face, it's actually their speciality)
>but this is all just a spooky conspiracy to make the dems win next election
Never go full retard anon.

Anonymous 139644

Men commit 96% of violent crime. Men are the root of all of society's problems.

Anonymous 139647

so they're banning abortion because of """moral/religious""" reasons
but why not make forms of contraception easier/cheaper to obtain so that these pregnancies and by proxy these abortions never have to take place, to begin with?
is their goal to overpopulate the U.S? this shit is mega retarded

Anonymous 139648

They also don't appreciate him sacrificing the US economy over some Eastern European turnip patch that most Muricans can't even point out on a map. All US politicians are neocons, the nation is truly fucked.

Anonymous 139652

Here are a few articles related to another bit of "fun" that will be coming next for American women: investigating any miscarriage you have and jailing you if you cannot sufficiently prove it wasn't an illicit abortion! If abortion's illegal, then how do you really know if that miscarriage was a miscarriage or an illegal abortion? This has been going on in Latin America for years now, and now it'll be here.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/10/el-salvador-woman-sentenced-prison-after-miscarriage "El Salvador: woman sentenced to 30 years in prison for homicide after miscarriage"

https://www.vice.com/en/article/ypaamj/why-women-around-the-world-face-jail-time-for-miscarrying "Why Women Around the World Face Jail Time for Miscarrying"

https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/10/21/oklahoma-woman-convicted-of-manslaughter-miscarriage/6104281001/ "Oklahoma woman convicted of manslaughter for miscarriage"

Enjoy the fun Nonas! Remember! Even if you still play by all the tradwife rules by remaining a virgin until marriage and only having sex with your husband - the government CAN and WILL fuck you over! Isn't being a woman great?

Anonymous 139654

>claims to not have insecurities
>has to go to a website for women to laugh because our rights are being taken away
seek therapy, you have mommy issues

Anonymous 139655

Hue. Didn't say if it would happen or not, just that the attempt is there and it does seem to be swaying opinions. His approval rating tanked and the dems know that guns and abortions are hot button issues. No better way to control cattle than to make them mad, then say you will make the mad go away if you get voted in. Shit like this is all over the front page of any given site between all the other stuff.

Men want sex with infinity women but won't want the women to have sex, you see. And they want to have a bunch of kids but they don't want kids, so the solution is for women to just not have sex and then get mad when women don't have sex. Add in that some retards think contraception itself is bad and you have a quite a soup.

Anonymous 139656

You're a moid who came to raid and troll a female board and is posting here alone on a Friday night. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess what a repulsive loser you must be. How bad did you screw up in life to become this way anon. Who hurt you, unironically. Lmao.

Anonymous 139659

Christianity and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. If only that rapist Columbus hadn't brought Catholicism to Latin America.

Anonymous 139660


>I come here to laugh at you

Anonymous 139661

Abortion rights are at a threat, that is true. Contraceptive rigjts and gay rights being at risk is absolutely democratic propaganda. See

Anonymous 139667

careful mods (aka moids working with that troll) might ban you under the suspicion that you are a soyparty poster.

Anonymous 139668


>Contraceptive rigjts and gay rights being at risk is absolutely democratic propaganda
That's what they said about abortion rights too.

Anonymous 139670

Tbh it'd be one thing if faith was taken at face value, lol.

Instead you have bad-faith actors usually running the industry behind it or how it's levied, so you have people that wouldn't even meet the moral standards they hold others (primarily women) to.

A lot of the issues with religion would be fixed if the political weaponization of it wasn't a macrocosm of people being incapable of actually promoting virtue and morality at face value to people…without double standards. Instead, you have a system that's more confident that it can bully women into being goodly figures to others while enabling the adultery - acted up or fantasized - that is the default in men.

Women ironically are studied to, when faithful, actually be more into religion and actually uphold the values more. Is this a good thing? IDK. I just find it interesting that a lot more women can unironically be into religion have less power in terms of it or using it for political goals.

Anonymous 139671


This is you. You literally don't even know why you're mad, you're just acting this way because Stacy made fun of you in high school.
Seek therapy and touch some grass.

Anonymous 139672

Another good day not to be living in the USA, lol, so much for the land of freedom.

Anonymous 139673

>it's not about hurting women's rights, they just wanna make sure the laws are in line with the constitutional mmkay
LOL. This isn't about closing loopholes or technicalities. It's about men spiting women. There's shit tons of laws that are technically unconstitutional and iffy but nobody is going after them. This is solely being done to hurt and spite women.

Anonymous 139674

Yeah, we know most men objectify women and there's brain scans of mens' brains being less able to be empathetic because they're more likely to be selfish/greed-minded.

Anonymous 139675

All mainstream religions are inherently misogynistic and designed to hurt women. No religion with a doctrine written by men and a predominantly male clergy is ever going to have women's rights as a priority. Christianity says women should submit to their husbands and that Christ is to their husband as what their husband is to them. It's gross.

Anonymous 139677

Don't feed the troll Nona. Imagine how sad his life must be to be posting on here right now. His sad meaningless existence is comeuppance enough.

Anonymous 139678


Nah, I don't really think it's about spiting women per se. I think it's about sowing discord and exploitable dissent and partisan disagreement–for what ends, IDK yet.

Imagine the 1000000s of men now becoming convenient sows for powerful people to exploit because they hate women and have been taught to blame everything on women, kek.

A lot of these men would be incapable of having hatred for the man that betrayed and hurt their best bro. Imagine the rich and powerful men that have abused and promoted things that lead to the exploitation of millions of low-status men–and objectively have victimized men way more than women ever have.
It's like a man stabbing his best bro and another man blaming the murderer's action on women not putting out to him.

A lot of these men would literally burn down the well-being and rights of low-status men if it meant hurting women.

Peak cucked behavior. No honor. 100% audacity.

Anonymous 139680

It's like how now MRAs have switched towards complaining about women not being in war enough instead of actually arguing against war.
Like I said: peak cucked behavior rendering them perfect pawns for a corrupt system.

Anonymous 139682


the question that is fueling my conspiracy brain is: why now?
Midterm elections are this year, and its no secret that Biden is fucking up on an astronomical level. Literally the most disliked president in history.
So the Republican-appointed judges are like, "yes, RIGHT NOW, right before midterm elections, is when we should start striping away freedoms". Like what the fuck is going on?
Why is our government on a race to the bottom? What is their plan?

Anonymous 139683

Forced baby boom for upcoming war with Russia and China.


Anonymous 139685

Yup. Male-female combat units have also been shown to lead to more male soldiers in those units dying, so they're really shooting themselves in the foot here.

Anonymous 139687

Once you realise absolutely everything incels say about women is projection eveyrting starts making a lot of sense.

Anonymous 139688

>men more likely to start shit, challenge authority and generally do whatever the fuck they want regardless of consequences
>write an entire religion based around a naughty woman not listening while a super extra perfect good man listened and got dragged down into ruining everything
>women exist and men can't fucking control their boners, stop thinking about sex or trying to have a billion sons even when dedicating their life to meditation
>monks write a bunch about how women are sex-obsessed baby factories that can't possibly achieve enlightenment because men are super perfect and it's a man's club
>men projecting
Naaaaww. lol

Anonymous 139693

Impossible, no one touches the "little toys" of moids and trannies, easier to use porn against then

Anonymous 139695

Its a popular choice.
The ruling didn't directly make abortion illegal, it gave individual states the option to make it illegal. If an American woman wakes up tomorrow and abortion is illegal in her state, its because she lives in a state where the representative government made it illegal.

Anonymous 139697

Well that's why a sex strike wouldn't affect the incels and trannycels who get off on taking women's rights away. The only thing that would really hurt them was if there was an internet blackout on porn, onlyfans, tiktok, etc.

Anonymous 139699

Idk, what kind of kills me is when specifically their misogyny talking points involve things that research shows men are more guilty of. Almost all the character failings pinned on women are in this category; either more common among men or neutral. A lot of the biggest feminist points are things that men objectively do more than women and are of more moral relevancy, in the meantime, because male desires are far more likely to intersect with the exploitation of other people (their bodies or otherwise).

In fact, when women are bashed, it's usually over a shortcoming that women aren't even encouraged to be by them to begin with and ignoring the corrupt incentive structure they helped to design around women. It's like a guy that says no woman is competent or able to have any skills…who then just reaffirms and praises beauty while getting offended there's some woman at work that's better at him than his job and writes it off as some accident constantly.
Always goes back to "haha, you're not young and a super model!"

Anonymous 139701

but the thing is that it isn't going to help the Republican party at all. Like all they had to do was nothing at all for the rest of this year and they'd be fine. Why wouldn't they just wait till next year? It's like they saw the Democratic party floundering and said, "hold my beer".

Anonymous 139703


Yep, women have to worry about men beating, raping or murdering us. Men have to worry about being told no by the Stacy they asked out.

I also love how MRA talking points revolve around stuff like false rape accusations (the chances of serving jail time for rape are absolutely tiny btw, even if you actually raped someone) and the draft: as another nona pointed out, they'd rather more men and women die in war, than argue against war altogether.

Anonymous 139705

The other moid talking points are always male rape, dying in wars, homicide and suicide, funnily enough those are all things moids do to each other or themselves, and women have nothing to do with.

Anonymous 139706

Porn industry is too powerful and multimillionaire to be stoped. I wish terfs could infiltrate there and push trannies more and more, make then being objetified and enslaved as women did (cause muh diversity) until they ruin their bussies and their hideous fistulas until they kill themselves; moid brains would be totally melted by their miserable tranny porn addiction, their lives and souls would became totally empty, and they would doom themselves also

Anonymous 139707

I don't think you can plan when a SC decision is made. The process is some court case is escalated up the ladder from local, state, federal until it gets to the SC, then they deliberate for some time and release a decision.
The reason that its happening now is that Missouri as a state tried toughening their abortion laws, which led to a case, that case got escalated to the SC and the justices on the SC ruled in Missouri's favor.

Anonymous 139710

I'm pretty sure South Korea banned porn, and they were the second biggest porn consumers after Japan before that. Mongolia also banned porn sites, so it is possible to do but, freedomland would chimp out too much over it and it'd be hard to implement due to muh censorship laws.

Anonymous 139711

Wtf I love korea and Mongolia now

Anonymous 139712

>and push trannies more and more, make then being objetified and enslaved as women did (cause muh diversity) until they ruin their bussies and their hideous fistulas until they kill themselves; moid brains would be totally melted by their miserable tranny porn addiction, their lives and souls would became totally empty, and they would doom themselves also
Hasn't that already happened though? Tranny porn gets shilled constantly on 4chan and most incels are already tranny porn addicts, many of them ended up transitioning and doing weird sissy shit. I hate trannies and find them repulsive, but I really don't think cis moids oppressing them helps us in any way. Cis moids just view trannies as ugly women anyway. The way ugly women and trannies are treated by cis men is basically the same.

Anonymous 139713

Also most trannies are just porn addicted incels in dresses. Their lives are truly miserable already which is why their suicide rate is so high.

Anonymous 139714

>>The way ugly women and trannies are treated by cis men is basically the same.
This has to be a moid. You did not just compare privileged trannies to ugly women. If you genuinely believe this, you're utterly retarded and a misogynist because moids treat trannies EXCEPTIONALLY lmfao they fucking love them.

Anonymous 139715


Anonymous 139716

Roman Slaves on an…

>Imagine the 1000000s of men now becoming convenient sows for powerful people to exploit because they hate women and have been taught to blame everything on women, kek.

>Imagine the rich and powerful men that have abused and promoted things that lead to the exploitation of millions of low-status men–and objectively have victimized men way more than women ever have.

I think you're onto something Nona. Putting all women into a secondary class means that no matter what a man's position in life is, women are always lower than him and he can feel like he's not at the bottom. He can be a modern day minimum wage worker, a slave in the Roman Empire, an industrial age factory worker working 80 hours a week in filthy conditions, or a drafted soldier sent off to war so the elite can grab some more land for themselves - but at least he's not a woman. Creating and enforcing a notion of "brotherhood" and "bros before hoes" means that the mass of men will identify only with other men and try to win their favor even if they're being blatantly exploited by the elite men. Despite this - they still have much more in common with other women in their own family and economic class than the powerful men who exploit them and who they so desperately want to hang around with and be admired by.

It makes me think about Islamic society. Islam is extremely misogynistic even by the standards of organized religions, but it finds its own way for the large mass of men to be exploited by the few. Islam allows men to have multiple wives and/or concubines, and elite men had loads of them in their harems. The last Emir of Bukhara had 100 women in his harem, and Sultan Ibrahim of the Ottoman Empire had over 250. Where did this leave all the men who couldn't get married and have a family? Don't worry! Islam ensures that if they die in battle as a martyr in the service of Islamic causes they will get 72 virgins in heaven! How do they find an Islamic cause to die in service of? Good thing the Sultan just said war needs to be waged so nearby land can be seized from the heathens and put under his - I mean Islamic rule. Allah told him so in a dream.

Thanks for the post Nona. It gave me a lot to think about and is helping me make all kinds of connections between women's second-class status throughout history and the tools those in power have used to secure their goals.

Anonymous 139717

The point would be made them degrade themselves, as men do with normal women; cause porn already reached a point that degrades and perverts the ones whos uses it, maybe it could potencialize the process of male doom cause they don't get satisfied at anything that isn't hardcore; I really wish their addiction rot their sould until they became empty vessels and strip their guts out

Anonymous 139718

Tranny porn is an L for women. Because troons are so mentally ill and self hating, a lot of them use sex as a form of self harm. This means they're willing to to do the nastiest most degrading shit and this only props up chaser men's egos even more. Most troons are absolutely desperate and will date even the worst kind of men if it means getting some attention. It also means even if less women are having sex with men, men will still have alternatives (like troons) to fall back on. Societies that upheld trannies like Afghanistan Persia and Greece were misogynistic as fuck and treated cis women like shit. And it emboldened men because they knew they had trannies and little boys to fall back on even if women got angry.

Maybe the good looking too 1% of attractive passing ones, the rest are just a laughing stock.

Anonymous 139720

I've lurked on r9k for years and there's a huge amount of incels transitioning. Even if incels degrade themselves by sticking things up their bum and swallowing HRT pills, it doesn't help women in any way. In fact it threatens us by allowing these freaks to access women's spaces like bathrooms and female prisons, as well as getting more access to little girls. After all most troons are just rapey autogynephiliac incel pedos in dresses. Women and young girls are still threatened by them.
Top 1%*

Anonymous 139721

Ya it used to be most incels hated trannies with a passion, but there's a weird and threatening culture now of incels and trannies teaming up to harass and bully women.

I guess because there's such a big overlap between sexless porn addicted incel and degenerate troon now. It's a slippery slope.

Anonymous 139723


Not trying to sass you but why lurk r9k?
Asking as someone with a healthy appetite for morbid material…there is only so much I can take.

Anonymous 139740

I like to see what moids are really saying about us, unfiltered. It helps blackpill me on moid nature even more than I already am and reminds me they're all subhumans.

Anonymous 139751


>come to cc
>men spamming and sperging
Wow. Shocking.

Anonymous 139754

Notice how the thread was so active until the retard started spamming? LMFAO they really think they're triggering the femoids with le epic soyjacks!!! meanwhile everyone just instantly lost interest and are probably waiting for the mods to clean it up

Anonymous 139756

It's not even a guy sadly, it's some Australian pickme e-girl lolcow from r9k who larped as a tradwife and whose nudes got posted a couple years ago by her pedo e-husband, she defended him wanting to groom 12 year olds for marriage lol. She is obsessed with trannies and spams wojaks and anti feminist memes on 4chan constantly and on here.

Anonymous 139759

Ew. If this happens often how is she not banned?

Anonymous 139764

Jannies have banned her hundreds of times on 4chan and she just comes back and posts more soijaks, probably using a VPN or some shit, sometimes she would be arguing with anons in the threads about her for more than 20 hours a day. She still posts on r9k and pol every day I think.

Anonymous 139766

you're right; it's a lowbrow means of controlling people. Look into Machiavelli's work, the subject of semiotics and power, etc–which is based around scapegoating someone in order to intimidate the masses into submission.
A lot of the men we refer to essentially become mindless monsters that are obsessed with witch hunting women and genuinely believe they're doing some big-brain shit. Reality? Maybe they could have actually been able to mobilize against much greater threats but their ability to do so has been crippled because to them, feminism/women ruined literally everything.

They don't care, actually, because that threatens the supremacy of men. They'd rather see random women being lynched in the name of male supremacy, to intimidate women into submission, than challenge the men that have victimized countless men. Cowardice reigns supreme, but at least, briefly, they get one iota of validation from the hivemind.

Islam being such a shit storm is pretty much par the course; unfettered male greed being the standard to aspire to and die for and these men being too weak to challenge themselves. No surprises.

Anonymous 139819


Yes. Nobody can be helped. They must do it themselves. In the nordic countries, where gender equality efforts have gone furthest, we see that as society mandates and enforces equality, gender roles and wage disparities intensify, to the contrary of the expectation of the very progressive researchers carrying out the studies. Men ocuppy all the nooks and crannies, for better, and for worse. What drives them to do so? Women have held an innate power over men since the beginning of our species. What is the result of this bargaining chip by birthright? Is it unfair for men to claim dominion over the things they have created? Did women invent marriage? What about Mesoptamia? What about the Bill of Rights, individualism, laissez faire, art, literature, religion, culture? So much has come of men "getting me and mine", and yet one of the responses replied to says something interesting: "things wont get better until men suffer". Why not, "things wont get better until i do something about it."? to be fair, even on frenschan there is hesistancy on applying values irl. i sometimes wonder if a female-led world that was better than what we have now would have women fill the roles of traditional masculine archetypes and positions and power structure, or if something unique would emerge. please, if there was a time in history for women to evolve into something greater, it is now. dont let it be too late. if you can lead humanity to victory, DO IT! and take credit where it is due!

>hardmode: "you cant do it by tricking men into fixing the problem"

>p.s. the discussion on this site is much better thought out than most of the posting going on in 4trans. its tough being anyone in current times, but it's still harder to be a woman. I'm sure you'll find something wonderful if you keep looking after you and yours.

Anonymous 139835

We need another Aileen Wuornos or Nasim Aghdam. It's a shame that women are naturally more empathetic and less predisposed to violence, because more female serial killers and mass shooters (in minecraft) would be neat.

Anonymous 139843

And the US will fill up with even more neglected children, more shitty people and more crime. Just what you guys needed!

Anonymous 139861

Because protected sex can still result in a baby, you could get raped, you could have a retarded kid. But hey, if you're willing to genuinely raise, love, and throw a lot of money at a vegetable who can't walk or speak, you are a better person than I.

Anonymous 139872


This thread reminded me that having a Y chromosome should be classed as a disability.

Anonymous 139876

Hope that'll be an ex-boyfriend soon

Anonymous 139880

I've always known that men use pregnancy to control women. This just proves it for me.

Anonymous 139948

men will be broke, living with garnished wages and 0 wealth, driven to the point of suicide because they think they're "owning" women with this decision. men cannot sign away rights in america without a suitable person to step in and take over their financial obligations. men are four shades of triple dipped fucked and it'll be funny when they find out how fucked they are.

Anonymous 139981

This thread is proof that abortion is a good thing and that the wojak spammer not getting aborted is a tragedy.

Anonymous 139991

>We need to start killing men
Fixed it

Anonymous 140014

this but unironically.

Anonymous 140113


Ok, I don't want to start a flame war. But, unironically, have any of you girls gotten into a deep discussion with one of those weird hypocrites that are anti-choice though also think sex is a need? What is their justification for this? We all know the sexual double standards but by now it seems like the default for all anti-choice men to want sex constantly–and it's a good chance they want risky sex on top of that even if they don't even want children.

A distant friend of mine that is basically an virgin trad wife (not because of online shit–she was 100% unexposed to the internet) Christian type who found a Christian guy that everyone considered kind (straight down to volunteering with disabled dogs) and up front said he was 100% on the same page and didn't want to have sex yet, that he sees it as for baby making…won't go into details but it went exactly how you'd expect, lol, with her starting to snap at her after 2 months. Easily annoyed. Berating. Disrespectful.

Finally after prying, he confessed that he was frustrated over her not giving him sex and that he had lied, that he expected her to be "easy." This eventually lead to a break-up with her trust in men shattered…because she had at least talked to plenty over the years and this was easily, up front, the kindest.

Pretty much 2 weeks afterwards he found an obese girl that actually had many, many boyfriends before (no, really, she had been making the rounds on his entire friend group). My friend has been alone since then and shrugging off advances because she doesn't want to go through that again.

Oh. There's also lots of tragic details like…them being good friends back in a nerdy high school club for years and him being the only guy to ever do kind things consistently for her. Whew.

So often these situations boil down to a guy demanding to be treated as the exception and demanding sex for reasons other than baby-making. To be a girl's first. For a girl to put out to him regularly. Naturally, most relationships won't work out, so, why this culture of demanding people to have sex constantly? Why are so many men acting like they go insane if they don't get sex? What about the men that get pissed off at women not opening up their legs to them?
Why is there a lack of actually destroying this culture of framing sex as a need if accidental pregnancies are that evil–why attack women over it when women literally can't dispense infinite sex under a system where almost all the consequences of sex rests on their shoulders?

Between that and shitting on actual 100% chaste women that are full separatist, the math just doesn't add up. I get women having to take care of themselves and avoid sex but it seems like there's a lot of men that don't understand what this entails.

Anonymous 140114

Oh. Also. I say this all in context to birth control apparently being partially on the chopping block, if the rumors are right.

Anonymous 140115

It's because Republicans abandon abandon children to die on the street but a Democrat saves them so they go on and have low in children so the cycle begins over again. It's why abraham Lincoln was depressed because he knew the south should of just seceeded and starved to death.

Anonymous 140119

Well they're in for a world of misery because having casual sex goes out the window without BC and abortion. Its going to be the most fucked sex recession men have ever known in decades

Anonymous 140131

I was pro life but watching hypocritical moids ree about women being whores all day while being the biggest cause of unsafe sex and failing to take any responsibility for their own sexual actions makes me more and more in favor of the "no uterus no opinion" and if that means pro-choice so be it.

Anonymous 140137


daily reminder that anti-abortion is code word for anti-woman

Anonymous 140140

Collectivism VS In…

Right wing men seem to believe society is a collection of individualized atoms bouncing around whose actions don't affect each other. As in your example, it's very common for a right wing man to demand sex from whichever woman he's dating at the moment while simultaneously claiming all woman should be virgins until marriage. He doesn't seem to be able to make the connection that if men are entitled to sex, then that means a whole lot fewer virgins to go around and marry. This individualized view of society extends to the way right wing men view other issues like homelessness and drug addiction. They overlook that the sharp rise in both these is caused by wider problems like poor access to mental health care, the de-institutionalization of the mentally ill from asylums, overperscription of opioids by drug companies for profit, and increased loneliness and depression among people (see surveys asking how many close friends people have and how happy they feel). They instead view each homeless person they encounter or drug addict they hear about as an individual failure and hate them for it without looking at the bigger picture.

Jordan Peterson is an excellent example of this way of thinking. He loathes collectivism and extols the virtues of individualism regularly in his videos and books. To him, viewing society collectively or acting collectively inevitably leads to communism and secret police and gulags. I'm not kidding. Even though he's not as active as he used to be, I like him because he lays out modern right wing male anxieties so overtly and doesn't try to moderate his language to make them look less bewildering. Recently, he whined on Twitter about how the women in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue aren't as sexy as they used to be. This seems like a making a big deal out of a nonissue to most people who have a lot more to worry about, but not being able to see/be with sexy women on demand is a big deal for right wing men. He also doesn't fit the stereotype that the only type of man who thinks these things is Billy Bob in his trailer in Alabama who loves watching NASCAR all day, so his views don't seem as easy to dismiss, mock, and overlook.

It's interesting to contrast the views of right wing women online with right wing men. They are much more likely to advocate for conservative beliefs as a way to return to a more traditional society where people are more connected and friendlier with each other. They idealize small towns as places where everyone knows each other and someone's always willing to lend a hand. This is very different from the "I've got mine, fuck you" stance common of right wing men.

Anonymous 140151

It’s interesting how moids shit test women, by asking them for sex early on.
If she agrees to it, the moid silently writes her off as a whore, and just uses her to satisfy his lust, rotting away any emotional attachments he originally had.
If she disagrees, he might appreciate it at first, but he will grow frustrated rather quickly, and break up, if she doesn’t put out in a timely manner.
There’s no way to say when the time is right, she has to figure it out by herself.
And now, there’s no way for women to have sex with the knowledge that it doesn’t wreck her life.
She has to trust whoever convinced her to take such a risk, because everyone will require sex from her, sooner or later.
Or to remain outside of the dating market, facing discrimination, loneliness, and ridicule.
I think it’s just that moids enjoy controlling women in general.
Nothing pleases them more, than a woman who is forced to carry a pregnancy to term.
Nothing pleases them more, than a woman who reluctantly loses her virginity.
This abortion debacle, and the virginity requirements go hand in hand. Both are saturated with hypocrisy.

Anonymous 140167

Same, I used to be pro life. But it seems every other pro life person just hates and wants to control women, not to mention polfags and incels are pro life. It's completely turned me off the pro life movement.

Anonymous 140168

Being born a woman who is attracted to men is a curse. Men are all objectively garbage. I wouldn't wish it on anyone,

Anonymous 140171


Based post, anon. It's strange tho; this individualism begets ferociously denying almost all accountability and consequences of it unless it isn't considered something that gives men status. It's hivemind behavior and hivemind defense disguised as individualism. So, you notice them men bullying, coercing, manipulating, deceiving, etc., women into sex–almost 0 mention of this from men that shame women for having sex.
It's funny, but it's like they see sex as oppressing women…except women are discouraged from actually remaining chaste because it'd make them frigid and of 0 use to the hivemind. Most redpillers and incels are right-wingers and regularly spite women for this, blame male violence on women not putting out to them, pressure women into being people-pleasers. Spew something like "you'll die alone." Or, the classic…acting like women that don't constantly put out practically ask to be abused or cheated on.

My friend could have easily said "yes" to her deceptive bf and he could have discarded her for any ol' reason even if he existed he was in it for the long-run. Many virgins have experienced the same with all types of men (from hot to not, to religious or not). There is 0 introspection about men being highly motivated to get with someone, perhaps less motivated to maintain/grow that connection with someone.
Above all: there is 0 grace afforded to women that just want to keep the man in front of them happy…only seeing her as an eternally depreciating NPC whose value to the hivemind entirely rests on it slowly consuming her.

I wonder what this system's greater function even is. Is it to keep women being exploited by men, blamed by men for being tricked into being exploitable, etc? To upkeep the hegemonic degeneracy and supremacy among men?
I'm not surprised about the contrast between trad women and these right-wingers either.
Overcompensation vibes. I notice it a lot across the web and I sit back and think, "you are aware your male peers aren't actually on the same page as you? You might want this thing you see as a deep, meaningful way of living, but they primarily see it as another thing to consume and possess even if they claim differently–so, naturally, most will fail at it." Being a dutiful wife is playing russian roulette…like any other relation with almost every man.

All in all, what always gets me is that in matters of sex: it takes two yet this is 100% inconceivable to the right-winged male hivemind (and even many, many other men…abet in a less united front).

Anonymous 140206

I would strongly recommend reading #AdopteeVoices and #AdopteeTwitter. Tl;dr: Adoption is hella traumatic for a great many adoptees and those who give birth to them. And in the US, much of it is driven by conservative evangelists who think of children as property, not people.

Anonymous 140271

This. It 100% has to do with opportunity.

What people don't seem to get the reason why men do bad things is because the average man isn't kind. It's like being around children that they feel 0 ownership over and how men are substantially more likely to abuse them.
Of course the person that has potential power over someone is 100x more likely to do something. Wow! What rocket science!

Also it bares noting there's research on how insecure men and men that don't measure up to standards and feel bad about it are actually more likely to be violent and mistreat others. Similar to how neuroticism in men is correlated with similar tendencies. These are just trends, but there is little signs to show that angry misogynists bitter about not getting status or women are magically just kinder people.
Stressed out, desperate men are, in fact, more likely to be dangerous than a stable, well-adjusted one.

The "haha, women choose bad…" thing took off because most men are dubiously bad options, many of which takes months to fully figure out or show his true colors…because, again, it's actually a thing that men are on average more likely to show high effort, good behavior up front.
Plenty of psychopaths act like good people up front, too.
Someone can do 3D chess to obfuscate away from the outliers of comically bad men immediately going "ugly fat cunt whore" and getting a woman but it won't change that most men up front are usually ok.

Anonymous 140276

And it's pretty much almost a given these men frame themselves like one of the "good ones", which often is a huge part of why they're often so dangerous. Even if one woman didn't fall for it…who's to say someone else won't?

Anonymous 140289

This is probably very antifeminist of me, but I can't help but somewhat blame usamerican women. They've been consistently spewing nothing but misogyny under the guise of liberal feminism for YEARS now. They've been canceling any foreign feminist movement (you know, the ones that actually get shit done) for being "too manhating and terfy". They've been grooming young girls into thinking stripping, only fans and straight up prostitution is an easy fun hot girl career they should aspire to so they can get their nails done and their pussy waxed every week. They've been calling any woman who dares to speak up on how men are our oppressors "evil terf misandrists" and went on to make boy positivity posts about how cute and sweet they are while men kept jerking off to snuff videos of femicide victims. They've been supporting males in women's sports, males taking up jobs reserved for women, males in women's bathrooms, prisons, etc. They've been actively covering up all the little girls and women that have been raped by said males in women's spaces and calling actual feminists transphobic liars whenever it's brought up. Theyve been patriarchys best, most obedient little allies for YEARS. And NOW theyre shocked their country is going full right-wing when it comes to women's rights? Im sorry, but you did this to yourself. Hell, im shocked they suddenly haven't decided its kinda terfy to get abortions anyway and the ban is somehow empowering. And now theyre posting pictures of feminist protests from Latin America or Korea like "Why can't this be us? This is how you protest!" yeah that will never be you because you're spineless bootlickers. Do you know why those protests work? Those feminists don't allow men in them! Those feminists aren't actually scared to break shit, spraypaint, fight the cops, etc. Those women dont suddenly believe a violent, misogynistic male is suddenly free of sin the second he slaps on they/them pronouns. And most importantly those women actually know what it's like to not have rights. You can truly tell how sheltered usamericans come off as whenever something is happening regarding their politics and they suddenly start exaggerating to the extreme and comparing their still very privileged situation in a first world country to the reality women in third world countries have been suffering for ages and its beyond disrespectful. Not to mention ridiculous, they really put their tinfoil hats on when it comes to this shit. Nobody's gonna put you in jail for using the fucking. period tracker app are you insane.
I will always support women's rights and obviously do not want usamericans to lose their rights to abortion but this behavior is incredibly frustrating. The whole world revolves around the US again and suddenly the women who up until a few minutes ago were claiming sex based oppression isn't real are now comparing themselves to impoverished women in Brazil with a high femicide risk.

Anonymous 140361


Unrelated, but I’m saddened by the fact that even ancient Romans had better access to abortions than present day ’muricans.

Anonymous 140372

Howd they do it

Anonymous 140373

Archaic methods, mostly.
But they also used herbal remedies, more or less efficient. Most notably the laserwort plant, driven to extinction due to high demand, which speaks numbers of its efficiency.
Plus they never suffered any punishments for it.

Anonymous 140377


I'm actually glad scrotes are showing their true colors now. This is the best possible blackpill material, even normalfag and pickme women are becoming blackpilled on men. For years radfems and terfs have been saying moids hate us and want to subjugate us and take away our rights, and got called crazy for it. Now we have proof.

Anonymous 140404

Sex strike now. Men hate women. Women shouldn't serve men in any way. Don't give them money when possible, don't speak to them when possible, don't have sex or even like them in any way. They see us as a support class and not equal people. Fuck scrotes.

Anonymous 140417

> Later abortion recipients experienced logistical delays (e.g., difficulty finding a provider and raising funds for the procedure and travel costs), which compounded other delays in receiving care.
Maybe if you don't want to see late term abortions you should stop advocting for bullshit counciling and such to try and convince women to not get them then? Sounds like you're creating your own problems to me.

Anonymous 140419

Oh and also you know not making it illegal in some states so they don't need to travel and also not defunding places that provide family planning services to women like Planned Parenthood. It's really that fucking easy.

Anonymous 140424

>lack of universal healthcare
>widespread gun violence
>low-quality public schooling
>unhealthy food
>religious fanaticism
>and now, abortion ban
I’m amazed how the center of the Western hemisphere can be so… non-Western sometimes.
It’s regarded as the pioneer of the 1st world civilizations, yet a significant portion of its people are absolute barbarians, in every sense of the word.
Thank fuck I’m not living in there. Thank fuck.

Anonymous 140473

yea the USA sucks so bad

Anonymous 140488


reminder that anti-abortion is codeword for anti-women

Anonymous 140495

I would never personally have an abortion, but that doesn’t mean I want other women to be denied the right to one. If you don’t like abortion, don’t get one. The state should not have authority over another persons reproductive organs.

Anonymous 140507

The Dems don't have a massive propaganda machine like the Republicans. The Dems don't have SCOTUS power like the Republicans. Dems don't have dozens of gerrymandered districts that ensure state control like the Republicans do. Democrats don't get out and fucking vote.

The older I get the more I realize all of the stuff Republican say about Democrats having an agenda is basically just Republicans being afraid of Democrats treating them the way they treat Democrats. Projection, combined with pure fearmongering that their political opponents are capable of using the same tactics as them – because Republicans know how darksided their tactics are, and the idea of their enemies using those tactics to support an opposing agenda is an easy way to whip up terror.

When in reality… Democrats are barely cohesive. They're a fractured political party, and most of the propaganda aimed at Democrats encourages voters away from the party, whereas the same propaganda encourages would-be Republicans toward the GOP. It's almost like scattering your enemies is effective.

That isn't to say Democrats never use underhanded political tactics, but it's nothing compared to Republicans who play politics like it's a violin.

Anonymous 140510

>make abortion illegal
>make it difficult for women (especially poor women) to receive abortions safely and without shame early in her pregnancy
>increase in dangerous abortion methods, an underground market for these dangerous abortion methods, late-term abortions, and mangled abortions
>more broken families, more heartbreak
>more women die
wow who could have predicted this

Anonymous 140512

>Men think women […] get late term abortions as a fuck you because they project their lack of humanity and empathy on to women kek.
Men actually believe this is a leading, or at least commonplace, cause of late term abortions? What the fuck. I actually teared up a little bit. That's sick. And sad. And very telling.
This reminds me that one time me and my friend were teenagers, very into urban legends at the time, reading a version of the La Llorona legend where she drowned her children as "revenge" for their father cheating on her. We literally stopped reading, looked at each other and she said "…a man must have written this".
(And before some moid comes at me with the news articles about how some women have done this in the history of ever, I know. Some women are crazy and literally sociopathic and/or psychopathic, and insane people do insane shit.)

Anonymous 140515

I'm not American but american repubs aren't the ones that got neoliberal crazy shit enshrined in many Europeans law like troon stuff in Ireland for example, American liberal propaganda worldwide is way more intense than American republican equivalent. I wonder which countries will respond in what way as these changes roll out in your country

Anonymous 140516

They do. They think women are literally evil and need to be kept in line by moids, when in reality it's just moid cope on why they should get a state mandated GF, which is why the younger ones support it. They think it will lead to them getting laid and having the status which comes with a child with no real desire to actually raise the child. Men are all homoromantic and only pursue the respect of other men and use women as trophies to show off to other scrotes. They're mad they can't show off something achieved with 0 effort anymore because they're hedonist retards responsible for 90% of violent crime and cause most misery in the world yet want to be praised because they have retard level ego.

Anonymous 140517

in short, women don't care about made up retard hierarchies the way men do. It's why men become incels while women never do, and at best hate men for treating them as support humans rather than just a fellow human being.

Anonymous 140538

I hate men so much it’s unreal.

If there’s one silver lining from all this, it’s more and more men showing their asses and exposing themselves as virulent women haters. Hopefully more women are finally understanding how much moids hate us.

Moids will try to gaslight us and say being passive and subservient to them and they will treat us with respect and be our benevolent dictators: look at how passive, subservient women were treated in the Middle East, east Asia etc. The only way to win rights and respect from moids is to fight them, not kowtow to them.

Anonymous 140544

Don't forget rocketing infanticide rates and child murder. But honestly, with the world so fucked up like it is now, why would anyone want to raise a child through all this clown shit? History still repeating itself and people staying dumb forever.

Anonymous 140546

>It's why men become incels while women never do
I've seen self-proclaimed femcel threads/posts on this very site.

Anonymous 140559

‘femcel’ when not used ironically never is the equivalent of incel men. Incel men on all incel websites have the common through line of being rapists and pedophiles mad they are not worshipped, while those slandered as femcels by scrotes often are just reaction to moids hatred of women, those who call themselves femcels unironically are volcel. Even male incels say there is no such thing as femcel. Femcels aren’t really incels, people just use that word to try and equate them to pretend women can be just as bad. Plus, on here anyone calling themselves a femcel unironically is probably a tranny who really is an incel with the troon to incel pipeline and all.

Anonymous 140782

As a non-American, RvW ruling seems to be mostly about scrotes being emotional over the termination of their precious seed, under the guise of ”muh gawd, muh jizzus, muh biblerino”.
I mean, this whole hassle is basically the primal insemination anxiety, on crack.
They have no scientific or moral justifications for that.
They don’t care what happens to the kid after they’re born.
It’s all about their sperm.
They’re enraged that an inferior lifeform, a walking meat container, has the ability to reject his seed.
They let their seed go to waste every time they wank.
Yet if a woman does the same, she has to be jailed?
So much for scrotes being ”the rational gender”.

Anonymous 140795

The perception of abortion as infanticide is pretty common in America. Although I don't agree with them, I don't think all men saying it is a mater of moral or religious principle are being disingenuous.

Anonymous 140805

It’s definitely immoral to let a 13yo girl die, while delivering a fatally deformed r*pe baby. It’s definitely immoral to turn the prospect of having a child into a punishment. Both to the mother and to the child.
As for the religious POW, if it is just about religion, they would only impose such ridiculous rules onto their fellow believers, not on everybody. It’s like forcing nonbelievers to go to church every Sunday, by law. No, this is something deeply personal for them, as well.

Anonymous 140815

>if it is just about religion, they would only impose such ridiculous rules onto their fellow believers
Are you not aware of the massively religiously-motivated anti-homosexuality movements both in the US and around the world?

Anonymous 140832

Anothee great example of scrote insecurity. They know how predatory they are towards the things they’d like to fuck.
When they feel that they might get hit on by gays, they become paranoid over their anal cavities, knowing full well how potentially dangerous it would be to refuse the advances of a fellow horny scrote (equal physical strength) who wants to have it.
Their own entitlement towards sex might bite them in the ass, literally. They would have to police their own behavior in order to look clearly disinterested, and to avoid certain places at night. Just like what they would tell women to do.

Anonymous 140834

>When they feel that they might get hit on by gays, they become paranoid over their anal cavities, knowing full well how potentially dangerous it would be to refuse the advances of a fellow horny scrote (equal physical strength) who wants to have it
I don't see how this would be a motivation for things like legislation forbidding gay marriage, though.
If anything, by your logic it would make that problem worse since it reduces the access gay men have to consensual gay sex.

Anonymous 140846

That’s not how republitards see things. All progress is scary for them.

Anonymous 140869


If you support the right to get an abortion, you're pro-life. Because, either way, you value the woman's access to safe medical care and want her to be able to get what she needs without issue.

If you support the right of the government to pass laws against the human body receiving medical treatment, you are pro-death, anti-human, and a willing slave to the system.

Fun fact: Up until around the 70s or so, maybe the 60s, the American religious right were once very pro-choice in that the woman shaped the family. I think their line of thinking fell more into classism since poor people were associated with having lots of children carelessly.

Anonymous 141035

there is nothing more heartbreaking for a mother than knowing your fetus has deformities that will end its life hours after birth, being forced to bring it to term, holding it for a while, only to feel its imminent death in your arms… i know women can travel out of state, but that isn't an option for everyone, especially girls and young women who live at home and aren't financially independent.

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