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Germany General Anonymous 13991

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Anonymous 109919

Fuck Germany

Anonymous 109920

I love Germany, I want to go so badly since it's my Motherland

Anonymous 109925

How do you make Berlin less depressing?

Anonymous 109928


At this point pretending countries in the West are different from each other is outmoded thinking and/or the result of too much scrutiny. In 20 years the we will all be alike.

Anonymous 109931

Accept the artistic and historical sides of the city

Anonymous 109932


Anonymous 109933

>kein süßer deutscher Freund um Hände hoch zu halten

Anonymous 109935

I'm moving to Berlin in November with my bf who moved there recently. Excited to leave the 3rd world. We found a room on the outskirts, commuting is gonna be a bitch but the place is really pretty and has forest/lakes/rivers really close by.

Anonymous 109976


Anonymous 109977

What’s cool about Austria?

Anonymous 109978

less autistic germany while switzerland is the more autistic version

Anonymous 109986

Austria/Switzerland > Germany
Austria/Switzerland - Germany > 0
Austria - Germany*Switzerland > 0
Austria > Germany*Switzerland

Fuck Germany AND Switzerland

Anonymous 110101

There's this German guy on Discord crushing on me. I fucking hate America rn and I was honestly considering moving in with him/marrying to get the fuck out of here. I'm not some germaboo or anything, and I like this guy well enough, but I'm really nervous about doing something like that.

Anonymous 110132

i NEED to move there i just NEED IT
it's so tiring being a 3rd worlder and feeling like i'm constantly fearing for my safety whenever i go outside
also not being able to buy anything cool because it's all in dollars/euros which means my work is about 5 times less valuable than it'd be if i lived there :(

Anonymous 110186

If you fear for your safety, don't move to a big city if you're serious about coming here.

Anonymous 110187

Anonymous 110190

Warranted, have you even met the guy?

Anonymous 110203

A more chill Germany with a sense of humor

Anonymous 110204

Nta, but is Austria very conservative? My mother travelled there from our EU country and said she couldn't believe how socially conservative the place was for women. Would anons say that is generally true? Same question for Germany I guess but I figure ye are a lot more open minded there than neighbouring countries?

Anonymous 110213

More like a German speaking Hungary or Czechia.

Anonymous 110225

Non-western refugees are fucking up our Euro cities. Not racebait, facts. It's unfortunately the inevitable when the EU makes our countries take so many fucking refugees with cultural norms that don't respect ours and completely clash with it.

Anonymous 110227

Damn. Is it like that everywhere? I’m not from EU but I learn your languages.

Anonymous 110235


AYRT I grew up in a small town so I have a bit of a bias, but I felt less safe when I lived in a big city for a while. Some areas in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt have a reputation for being crime spots and walking around in certain areas, you can just feel the bad vibes coming from the people.
Safety is less of a problem if you just stick to the "good" neighbourhoods in bigger cities.

Anonymous 110237

It's racebait
I'm in France and I see rightwing americans and bongs talking about "civil war" and things like that and pull anecdotal things out of proportion
Bad neigborhood are bad, yes, they were also bad in the 60s, even without refugees arabs or anything else. Paris is a shithole, yes, but it was always a shithole, it's not new.
I live in a big city and I'm never bothered and I never fear for my safety. It's total crazy talk

Anonymous 110249

When did your mom travel in Austria? It's not any more or less conservative than the surrounding countries really

Anonymous 110250

Can't speak for France but in Germany migrants, especially the recent refugees top all crime statistics and introduced new kinds of problems like Arab clan criminality, honor killings etc which weren't a thing in the past

Anonymous 110257

france, not even o…

Hasn't france had tons of immigrants from their colonies since forever? Do you guys have crime stats based on nationality/race? I'm pretty sure they commit most of the crime now. But nobody noticed the difference since they've always been there.

Anonymous 110266

No crime stats based on race, it's forbidden in France. Do they commit most of the crimes? I'm not sure frankly, maybe. I do see a lot of arabs in prison, but there is a lot of white people too (I'm a lawyer)
There was not "tons of immigrants since forever". We had colony, yes, but there was not a big amount of people coming to france, it was the other way around.
It's 100% racebait, like it always is when there is talk about immigration, I've lived my whole life in big cities in France and it's never been a problem. It gets unsafe when you go to a poor and bad neigborhood and guess what? If they're whites, they're still violent there, what a shocker

Anonymous 110298

The b-but x other group does it too!! argument can be made for literally everything. Going by that logic I should start avoiding women on the streets because technically there's a small chance they could mug or rape me too.

Anonymous 110429

No he's in Germany and I'm in the USA but we've been hanging out in a couple discords/PMing/gaming together for probably over a year now. I know from one of his friends that he has a crush on me but I honestly just like him as a friend.

Anonymous 110623

Oh hi Alice Weidel!

Anonymous 110724

Hi Baerbock

Anonymous 110743

You might have heard about that Cologne new years Eve thing

Anonymous 114361

Alice Weidel is a Miner

Anonymous 114516

>diversity bad

Anonymous 114724

>excited I finally see a Germany thread on this site
>looks relatively recent, because it doesn't have a lot of replies
>looks at the OP
>3 years ago
Oh well.

I would say to go for it. I met a German Guy on reddit, who was living in America and he moved back to Germany for me a year ago. I am a pro LDR advocate. I think meeting your SO like this is a lot more wholesome and romantic than modern dating.

Anonymous 114751

>meeting a guy on discord is wholesome and romantic
you can't be serious

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