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Annotation 2022-06…

Anonymous 140067

Who wanna go with me

Anonymous 140069

If you make a reservation with the stipulation that no moids be allowed, I would go.

Anonymous 140071

This really gets my crystals vibrating

Anonymous 140072

omg meetup when

Anonymous 140075


LOL I live in that state and was aware of the city of Crystal, but I never knew it had a restaurant called the Crystal Cafe and Grill in it. I could have a miner meetup with myself if I go there. Neat.

Anonymous 140078

Take pics of the food

Anonymous 140085

This, do a review anon!

Anonymous 140578


Anonymous 140579


Anonymous 140584

If you actually do it I strongly recommend making a discord or something where you vet the people going and keep the date and time a secret outside of that server.
You're bound to get at least one moid thinking he's being either an ebin troll or "nah but I'm not like other guys I'm sensitive and I've been lurking on CC a long time :))))) anyway who wants to suck my sensitive dick".

Anonymous 140660

It was a joke

Anonymous 140698

Post pictures of the whole menu.

Anonymous 140777

This design isnt cute enough

Anonymous 141954

holy shit! I live about 20 minues away in Wayzata. Crystal Minnesota is a shithole though so I wouldn't go.

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