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PinkPill thread #11 Anonymous 140341

Last one hitted the bump limit >>129384
Spill the tea edition.

Anonymous 140365


For all the moids who want make-up banned.

Anonymous 140366

A lot of men’s greatest fantasies are women’s biggest fears.

Anonymous 140524

Damn, the abortion thread really drew all the lurking scrotes in.

Anonymous 140534

You can't just buy a beard.
You can't just grow makeup.

Anonymous 140536


>you can't just buy a beard
You can buy almost anything.

Anonymous 140539

Technically that is makeup.

Anonymous 140556

Some of the worst behaviour in women being a BPD pattern, caused by you guessed it- scrotes. BPD being rooted in trauma- mostly CSA. Perpetuated by revolting moids.

It’s like watching episodes of intervention and the woman’s backstory is some horrific account of rape/ incest etc etc and on the flip side, any moids who are profiles got into drugs because their sport career was over or a relationship broke up etc etc

Women have so many reasons to be unhinged and men have literally zero. Or if they do, it was likely caused by another scrote.

Anonymous 140642


Most of men are fucking ugly or average. They also rot like fucking milk
When they do makeup they end up looking bad because they don’t understand the concept of MAN MAKEUP

Anonymous 140648

such as farting.

Anonymous 140703

Lets be honest, MOST men are like this. They're absolute filth. 2% of them are not. The apolitical ones in the middle become like the first category eventually.

Anonymous 140725

i keep seeing the sentiment that women can’t go on a sex strike (stop hooking up with men/stop sleeping with their male partners) because if they do men will become violent and take it by force. and it’s honestly terrifying to think so many women clearly think sex is a service they give to men to suppress male violence, or that by having sex with men they’re preventing themselves from being raped. I’ve seen tweets and posts like this with hundreds of thousands of likes and I’m honestly stressed because like how is no one seeing a huge fucking issue with that? straight/bi women are admitting en masse that the sex they’re having with men is under the pretence that if they didn’t men would quickly turn to raping them. so the majority of heterosexual sex isn’t truly consensual then? that’s what they’re admitting? a major reason women sleep with men is to appease them and to avoid being brutalised, yeah? god it’s just so messed up and instead of women realising how fucked up it is they’re all just reading those tweets and liking them and being like “haha yeah imagine if we actually did stop sleeping with men we’d get our teeth kicked in, no thanks!” these women need feminism so so badly
Not sure if it fits this thread.

Anonymous 140726

totally fits the thread

Anonymous 140727

Something being bad doesn't mean it isn't true.

Anonymous 140728

So gain weight. I purposefully put on weight to avoid male harassment and it works amazing. But now I'm also realizing it helps to know how to let out your inner psycho and personify crazy if you need to.

I've never had to do this anon. You honestly sound like a fucking scrote shitbag trying to terrify women and I know for a fact it's not true.

Anonymous 140730

>fuck up your health and wellbeing for other people hehe
you are a moid.

Anonymous 140731

And sorry if this sounds rude, but if you are a scrote the response is equivalent to the horse shit. I literally don't believe half the posts here are women anymore because they personify male manipulation / sadism so well. Half the posts here sound like they're either trannies or scrotes trying to ruin the vibe of this place

Anonymous 140733

You could also stop living in fear by just having a means to defend yourself. Gaining weight to avoid scrote attention is cutting off the nose to spite the face.

Anonymous 140734

No you definitely are if you're vain pickme enough to throw yourselves to wolves and tolerate living in fear. Honestly living in fear is a trillion times worse than putting on weight. It means youd actually diminish youre entire existence for scraps of pathetic male attention which 99% isnt even worth it. Seriously what is the point ? What are you a hooket irl???? How far down the river do you send yourself ? Becoming curvy isn't ruining youre health unless you're a vain proana judgemental cuntwad

If you are actually the kinda cunt that would harrass another woman for wanting to avoid male attention you're definitely a scrote

Anonymous 140735

Only if you're a desperate pickme drooling for repulsive male attention in the first place. Could you put it on display any louder??? With no abortion no contraception rape threats no rights.. what even is the point?? You STILL care what scrotes shitwads think? What are you mentally still 12 year old? Sure you can pack a gun or mace but you can also just avoid the headache and having to talk to to the presumptuous fucks all day at your job.

Anonymous 140736

You're not on here advocating for avoiding male attention. You're trying to make women who already choose to avoid male attention fatter and sicker. And you say you're doing it because of men while calling everyone else a pickme? If you're not a moid, then you are completely braindead.

Anonymous 140737

It's also hilarious that they think fat women never receive male violence. Men treat women they don't find sexually attractive much worse than women they find attractive, and they won't even have the luxury of simps to whiteknight for them if they get in trouble.

Anonymous 140738

Nobody said sick or fat, you're just vain, so you automatically assume. Because the last thing i want to get is male attention, you just assume. Like a basic braindead 13 year old drooling cunt.

I don't want ANY male attention period.

I know you're not that stupid.

In the scope of this conversation, no matter how you put it, you sound like serving your tits up on a platter, for presumptuous irritating scrote conversation… is still better than avoiding them altogether.

Anonymous 140740

Then explain why it's a massive peaceful improvement for me and I feel more free of their garbage than I ever have in my life. My job became infinitely better. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Of course tradcunt here wants to bitch and moan about it because its bweaking da pickme wules, but I really think she's a moid and this site is just crawling with them now

Anonymous 140741

You specifically told another woman to gain weight, and now you’re claiming this is about vanity. I don’t interact with men, you’re projecting hard on the needing male attention. Choosing to be healthy doesn’t make any woman a pickme or a male-chaser. You want to bring other women down instead of lifting them up. With behavior like that, you’re going to get called out.

Anonymous 140742

What is this post in response to?

Anonymous 140744


person you're replying to, who has rather aggressive reactions to disagreement, is probably a troll trying to adopt the language of the board, possibly an external disruptor. even if they aren't, best not to feed them reactions because any response you give them, they'll just call you a pickme and other nasty things anyway, barely considering your responses

Anonymous 140750

It has nothing to do with bad health. It's about refusing to perform for the rapist, male gaze. I want nothing to do with them and you disgust me just assuming it's about bad health, right off the bat. Why isnt your first concern the male gaze to begin with? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?? The way you respond, you sound like any other desperate performer

I will never listen to the low effort pickme squeals about "fatness and sickness" anymore. Not if were talking about the same cunts who wanna school me about my appearance whilethey strive to convince me to be a basic cunt attraction for rapists.

Stay in your lane. Suffer there with your rape threats and god knows what else. But keep me the fuck out of it and don't you dare assume I want anything to do with it, because I'm done.

With the state of the country, men are dead to me and so is needing to perform for them. I want nothing nothing nothing to do with it and anyone who tries to convince me I should makes me extremely extremely angry these days. But why shouldn't I be??? Why should I want any of that???

I would rather be 300 pounds than be looked at by a man. Too bad I'm not, I'd never be able to put on that much weight. Does this maje you mad? Good hope you're scrote eyes get gouged out have a nice life

Anonymous 140759

>i would rather wear a burkha than be looked at by a man
>i would rather never brush my teeth than be looked at by a man
>i would rather flametorch my face than be looked at by a man

Anonymous 140760

Don't forget the troon response.
>I would rather get my breasts chopped off then be looked at by a man
>I would rather have a meat tube attached to my crotch than be looked at by a man

Anonymous 140761



>Why isnt your first concern the male gaze to begin with?

> and the rest of that response

u trying to make a copypasta there?

Anonymous 140763


Anonymous 140764


>I would rather be 300 pounds than be looked at by a man. Too bad I'm not, I'd never be able to put on that much weight. DoI would rather be 300 pounds than be looked at by a man. Too bad I'm not, I'd never be able to put on that much weight.

Anonymous 140766

Reminder that if you believe someone is a scrote, you just report and ignore them. Saying "you're a scrote" is a bannable offense.

Anonymous 140778

welp its a different day

Anonymous 140779

She just posted an architect meme, chill.

Anonymous 140781

When women hate moids, it’s because of the bad experiences with moids.
When moids hate women, it’s because women exist.
When women hate moids, they try to avoid them.
When moids hate women, they become obsessed over them.
Really makes you think.

Anonymous 140783

I'm sorry they didn't listen to you. I was also noticing how quickly the trollish replier started to sound vitriolic. It really is best not to reply.

Anonymous 140785

Are you aware of what the "pinkpill" is? It's literally just the concept that all men are awful and should be hated. It's like you walked into a blackpill thread and complained everyone was nihilistic and fatalistic. It's the damn point of thread. If man-hating is going on here, the thread is working.

Anonymous 140787

>don’t speak ill of white people, that’s racist

Anonymous 140789


bless you

Anonymous 140791

>bathing in misandry
>not a sensible outlook

Anonymous 140793

Who the fuck cares????? I'm not obligated to like or seek them out forcanything. Why do I have to understand ?? I'm not your emotional slave laboror it's not my obligation to come out and try to understand and play so you can get your rocks off one way or another.

Jesus christ your post reads like an overbearing SOB, throwing a tantrum because the girl he "MUST HAVE" just isnt having it and never will.

" my aversion to you isn't fair wahhh " cry more

I don't stalk or traffic men, I strive to live as far the fuck away from them as humanly possible because a massive handful of them are depraved filth .

You can bitch and moan all you want. Most of what I've known from men has been sadistic, and I'm not open to coming out and learning any more indepth period. You can just sob your eyes out for the rest of time I won't care.

My deep instinctual distrust isn't going away and it's not my business to care.

Especially not after the road my country has gone down. I really don't care how cruel i am for avoiding them boohoo. Could you give me anything better to laugh about honestly ????

Bitch more I guess

Anonymous 140794

But what is wrong with misandry?? Were better off just avoiding the fuck out of them especially now. Yes they could go up in flames. How much better off would we be?? I know my life would improve overnight.

Anonymous 140799

You're the one still posting here, demanding women like, understand and stop avoiding men.

Oh sweet jesus won't someone save us from all the women want nothing to do with us

It hurt muh feewings

Anonymous 140802


see >>140792

Nothing. It was intended to be sarcastic and I communicated poorly.

Anonymous 140813


Anonymous 140814


Anonymous 140823

>what is proxy

Anonymous 140824

>not judging people by their sex but actions
>Coming from men
KEK. You mean what men have done since the dawn of civilization to women? Remember when womens health issues used to be put down to 'hysteria' and 'wandering womb', and that men only considered other men of sound mind and intelligence, women not being allowed to vote or own property or open their own bank account? Noooo, you can't treat me the way I treat you even in the modern era. Noooo. Seriously though, YWNBAW. Seethe scrote.

Anonymous 140827

"Im a raging scrote,and I approve this message"

Anonymous 140857

i love seeing discourse on body image issues because it will always be like:
women : we have suffered under patriarchal pressures to conform to feminity for centuries. we must force ourselves into the most uncomfortable outfits and make up just to adhere to this male fantasy or else we are seen as less of a woman. we must shave our entire body. we must starve ourselves. we must keep our hair long. if you choose to dress masculine thats fine as long as you do it in a way that also appeals to the male fantasy, or else youre not a woman. every second you look at the tv we will be pushing adverts and standards that you are expected to meet. watch as your daughters are encouraged to strip their clothes and fill their faces with botox. conform.
men : but sometimes people make fun of me if im short :((((((

Anonymous 140861

That's why I never wear clothes: I'm the only one with nothing to hide.

Anonymous 140871

Question–what would nuanced be? Is this is a code word for "coddling men more"? Or is it just having more interesting discussions of society that isn't man-roasting?

A while back there were a few anons that seemed suuuuuuper hellbent on derailing female separatism (some with very trad-wife vibes). Also it was less "not 100% hating men" that really set off people but that there was actual Pickme vibes alongside how it seemed like they hated being here so seemed present solely to argue and convert people. I.e., saying men are victims of their own sex drive and deserve pity/empathy over it…unironically.

Anonymous 140873

Oh and there was also a slight vibe of trying to encourage girls here to take care of near-broken men. But it was there and quite annoying.

Anonymous 140882

I think you're missing the irony in which you're prosecuting men for something they cannot change, while complaining about being prosecuted by men for something you can.

Anonymous 140883

>men cannot hewp bweing coomersh :( powr men <//3
watch less porn maybe?

Anonymous 140884

I'm referring to you simultaneously complaining about female beauty standards and ratting on men for being short.

Anonymous 140887

what gets your ip banned is being a scrote, which we can immediately tell because they're literally unable to hide it.
they're not here to have discussions but to bring their delusional muh redpill takes to trigger feminists epically!
they have other sites to have fair and logical discussions with each other, between one pic of a half naked kid and the other, of course. men of culture that's called, yeah?

Anonymous 140888

I can't help who I'm attracted to. It's my personal preference. But it's not like women are going around forcing their preferences onto shows, movies, insulting men for being short, etc.

Anonymous 140890

can we please stop replying to scrotes?
anyways men are weak vile and ugly

Anonymous 140891

Not that anon, but…
>starts muh ”critical discussion” on Pinkpill thread for the millionth time
It’s a red flag. Especially after the recent raid. And the recent US abortion ban. Neon red flag.
Take it elsewhere pickme, or kys scrote.

Anonymous 140899

yeeet em and delete em

Anonymous 141063

I a married scrote at work has teh hots for me, and tries to hit on me all the time. I wonder why they do that stuff.
Are they more condident in their approaches, because they still get guaranteed sex at home?

Anonymous 141108

Men like attention and porn, tinder, etc. has made men think that just one woman is "boring" and if they are at the top of their game they need to constantly be pulling in new women.


I don’t think that’s a modern phenomenon. Scrotes have always been gross coomers obsessed with having harems for thousands of years. I’ve noticed in every piece of media I’ve seen that when a man is seen to be successful he needs at least 2 women fawning over him otherwise he’s just deemed a loser. Especially in music videos and such. You’re right though, toxic manosphere spaces have just reinforced this into scrotes peabrains.


Any woman who has ever expressed any emotion besides mindless blissful happiness is going to get diagnosed as BPD by scrotes. Hell, I’ve even seen women who are nice and happy all the time be demonized and called crazy or stupid. You literally cant win.

And correct, BPD is really just female PTSD usually caused by sexual abuse from scrotes. Another thing women get blamed for despite men perpetuating it (saying women have daddy issues in response to being abused by their fathers, calling women single moms instead of women who were abandoned by their child’s father, are some others)


Quads of truth.

Anonymous 141135

It was intended as sarcasm.

Anonymous 141137

There's very few things women can change according to beauty standards, that doesn't require an invasive surgery that can end up being botched. Height can also be changed via a surgery but most men aren't willing to go for it.
Stuff like corsets, heels, breast enlargement surgery or make up do their job I guess, but they aren't healthy for your body. Men can work out and eat well, and gain more perks than just being attractive.
If you as a woman don't wear make up or at least somewhat feminine clothing, etc. men are guaranteed to find others who do more attractive, unless you're absolutely 10/10 stunning.

Anonymous 141152

That's subjective.

Anonymous 141163

This desu. Muscular men are just trying to impress other men.

Anonymous 141164

>If you as a woman don't wear make up or at least somewhat feminine clothing, etc. men are guaranteed to find others who do more attractive, unless you're absolutely 10/10 stunning.
In that case the problem lies not in the men but the women you are stuck in a meta-game against. If all women agreed to stop playing that meta-game all of those pressures would end instantly.

Anonymous 141215

men are obsessed with spreading their seed and having as many children as possible with as many women as possible… and yet they call us whores

Anonymous 141240

That roided men are gross? yeah. Most women are still attracted to fit men with a bit of muscle on them.

Anonymous 141241

Bold statement, we don't know what would happen if all women decided to stop being feminine and give birth, etc. because it never happened on a large scale.

Anonymous 141685

we only have that choice because men can get mail order brides from the third world or see hookers in poorer countries. it wouldn't change much. like other parts of the free-market, the sex-based exploitation would be transferred to the third world. it's sorta common right now.

Anonymous 141688

This. We only have this choice because moids have a choice too. And when we don’t have a choice, it’s ”tough love”, because only moid feefees matter.

Anonymous 141727

i just feel like im reading an /r9k/ thread

Anonymous 141738

shh, don't let the jannies hear you criticising the quality of discussion, you'll get perm'd "for being male"

Anonymous 141740

I'm not advocating against it, quite the opposite, it's just that a lot if not most women don't know how to defend themselves against men is which makes it worrisome.

Anonymous 141836

i’m the only girl in my team at work and i love my coworkers but i’ve really lost a lot of faith in men since really getting to know them. one of them who seemed so cool to me at first started going on about how women reach their ‘market value’ in their early twenties and how he wouldn’t date a woman in their thirties despite being thirty himself. a couple of them were saying today about how armpit hair on women makes them ‘want to throw up’ - i really thought these guys were more mature than that lol. and they’re in their thirties and forties!

some of them too were saying all this jordan peterson-esque shit about how children need both a male and female in their lives - how a boy needs to be taught how to ‘be a man’. and saying that equality could never happen because men and women are different.

this all probably doesn’t sound to shocking but it’s scary to me how guys who generally seem very nice could hold these views

Anonymous 141839

>some of them too were saying all this jordan peterson-esque shit about how children need both a male and female in their lives - how a boy needs to be taught how to ‘be a man’.
All studies point towards two parent households having better outcomes from single parent households. Do you take issue with this? I can't say much about how well gay parents do because gay's legally adopting children wasn't common enough to be studied until 2015. We simply don't know if gays do a better or worse job, could be either.

Anonymous 141841

>All studies point towards two parent households having better outcomes from single parent households
no shit sherlock

Anonymous 141842

There is nothing more pathetic than a guy in this 30s who's still trying to "settle down" why also refusing to date women his age. He acts like a promiscuous degenerate but god forbid dating a women who has led the same life he has.
Every time men say this shit I remind them how pathetic and immature it is being a single middle-aged promiscuous man. Every time they mention body hair I also remind them that body hair on men is also gross and I would force all men to shave if I could. I then start telling them about how asian men are better because they have no body hair. Basically just try to make them feel bad.

Yes sure kids do a lot better on a two parent household, but what would they teach their boys? How to resent women? How to nitpick them and find them gross? How to be a manwhore until your late 30s? Wow, so helpful and masculine.

Anonymous 141843

Most of that is awful judgement moid garbage, but it would be really ironic if you use c.c and don't see how important it is to have a same-sex role model.

Anonymous 141858


I have posted something similar to this in some thread here, but I really wanted to say it (again), even at the cost of being called a pick-me. Here it goes

I feel like a lot of people in radfem circles especially use the awful behavior of men as an excuse to also act badly. Like yeah, men are horrible nowadays, and porn addiction is a real problem, but I feel like we cannot just point to them and say "look how bad they are, that means I do not have to care either". Like instead, why not try to be nice despite their awful behavior? If they are human they will get pangs of guilt and try to improve, but if we just act horribly too and use them as an excuse to justify it then they will just say that we are manhating feminists or whores or whatever and use that as an excuse not to do anything. At the very least we can claim the moral high ground of "well I did all that was in my power until the end, the reason we failed was 100% because of you" rather than giving up because of a setback

It's a cycle that can go on forever, and I get how many nonas here have suffered genuinely terrible things at the hands of depraved men, but neither men nor women benefit from this. This has to end somewhere, and we cannot change how men act, so why not try to change how we act instead?

It is really telling that most threads on cc get around 2-3 replies a day on average but this and the anti-trans one get 2-3 an hour on a good day. Like, sure it is kinda funny laughing at those people, but we will not achieve anything by just being spiteful.

Even though I was(am) a genuine misandrist too, I try hard not to let it interfere with my behavior and try to be nice to them and put up a good example rather than scoffing at them. Sure, it is hard, but I just do not wanna be hateful anymore.

Anonymous 141873

Chess sucks ass. It's so misogynistic that the only woman who was in the top 100 (and had the potential to be in the top 30 with hard work) retired like 4 years ago.
Yesterday grandmaster Ju Wenjun defeated 3 super grandmasters (the strongest is the no. 8 in the world right now) and the comments absolutely suck.
Some comments go as fas as accusing her of cheating or believing that secretly she is a transwoman.

Anonymous 141882

Anonymous 141895

Damn girl, if I know it was that easy I would have started a long time ago. Winning those tournaments is going to be easy as cake.

Anonymous 141896


I think they feel guilty, they just rationalize it and ignore the guilt. Very rarely they will briefly come to their senses and commit an act of bizzare altruism showing that they do feel bad, but just arent willing to have it impact their behavior.


Well in Japan it was more because american soldiers are pigs and hte govt turned a blind eye, it wasn't because japanese men themselves are awful. They lost a war, it is not justified what happened but this happens in every war. I am not too knowledgeable about the middle east but as far as I know they are doing fine, I think it is mostly american propaganda that they are mistreated.

Anonymous 141901

What about turn the other cheek though? If you lash out they will just get back at you worse. You don't have the power to do anything than maybe to ruin their life, which, all things considered, is not that great at all, since preferably everyone would be happy, but this way it turns into just squabbling.


I never said submissive, idk why everyone here is putting it in my mouth, but what is the point of raising pointless conflict where it doesn't need to be? A guy is ruining your life, so you will ruing his in turn. That's great, now both of you are unhappy, that is truly the path to solve the problem

Anonymous 141903

Well the verse means don't create pointless conflict. Are men abusive? Yes absolutely. But you are not gonna do much about it by trying to be rude to them in return. Try to respond in kind, they are not out to ruin your life because they hate you, they are just full of themselves, leave if you cannot take it. You cannot change their mind and you definitely will not change anyone's mind by being direspectful. This is what the cringe MGTOW, alt-righters and others do, they try to be edgy and hate on everyone and wonder why it does not work, but the same problem exists in radfem spaces. Also, speaking from experience, if you try to look at things with a positive mindset, you will find things different and more hopeful.

Anonymous 141950

you’re all missing the point lmao. they’re saying kids all need to have a man and woman in the household so basically dismissing homosexual parents and they were most concerned about boys growing up with lesbian parents who can’t teach them to ‘become a man’. are we not meant to be supporting woman who will not have men in their lives?

Anonymous 141958

My aunts raised a son they adopted, and he turned out a hypernormie. Seems like it went fine.

Anonymous 141979

ew this is definitely not a requirement for anybody. having a ton of communication and anger issues isn't that great. i would rather have someone who can be a bit masculine AND do feminine. masculinity was a toxic joke back then and it is now. I would rather keep that far away from me, thanks.

Anonymous 141981

im downright disgusted with the importance of it. its just about ego, and not much else. its about the "freedom" to worm your way out of having to do emotional labor/ appearance labor/ care about society and gives men the option to just dump it on an unsuspecting victims who've been brainwashed enough to go along with it and worship ego OR ELSE, while you half ass a ton of important things in life

Usually comes with the feeling of having something forced onto the women pretty consistently.

Anonymous 141982

You don't need to "Be a man" to do any of that, just possessing a brain is enough. Give me a fucking break.

Anonymous 141985

Nona I agree men are bad but we will not get anywhere just hating on each other like this. Men could just flip the tables on this and say tha all women are this and that and they are nothing compared to a man. You just think about american propaganda thats meant to push how bad everyone has it outside the states that america controls. I live in former commie block and while occasionally bad things happen I do not think that infringement of womens rights was ever a thing. All the men that I know were good husbands, or at least not abusive. I really think it is just propaganda.

Anonymous 141993

But masculinity by itself, the doublestandards, are disgusting and horrendously unattractive so there's that on its own. Its not propaganda where I'm from, I've run into abhorent men all my life, either at home, at school, or at work and mostly strived to get away from them

Anonymous 142015

Well yeah there's a lot of bad men, but there is a lot of bad women too. it's not an excuse to be one of the bad ones also.

Anonymous 142025

Men are always worser off BECAUSE of masculinity, they rape, they serial murder. How many fucking men go and shoot up schools and malls? How many women? You can probably only count them on one fucking hand.

They just do whatever the hell they want, with no filter, while every woman i've ever known filtered herself to death, and became a shell of herself to sell herself downstream for what?

Anonymous 142037

Men go to war and mostly kill themselves. And let's not act like all women are innocent, sure men are violent but women just hurt psychologically instead.

Anonymous 142041


Anonymous 142045

>women who laugh at men are just as bad as men who kill women

Anonymous 142057

Lmao women go to wars and die too, still doesn't change the fact that most male shooters and rapists are men.

Men hurt psychologically too, hell they can be WAY more controlling and manipulating and destroy lives like we it's nothing

Anonymous 142063

Also isn't war their own invention mostly ?? Pfft through out history nobody wanted to go to war but them. The victims caught in the middle didn't have any choice even though they were raped, tortured, robbed, killed

Anonymous 142070

What were the foreign kings wearing around her? No really, you’re retarded enough to think their choices were made in a vacuum, only influenced by ”female nature”.

Anonymous 142073

>men good
>except the o-other men
>it’s just a coincidence that mass rapes are always conducted by men

Anonymous 142074

They needed to double-down the moidish aggression to justify their right to rule to a patriachal society, yes.

Anonymous 142076

>male-created society
Peak delusion.

Anonymous 142079

>get rid of all men in the world
Literally utopia. Scrotes are useless, and a net negative to societal wellbeing. Not to mention parasitical, they always feel entitled to have access women’s spaces.
Let’s just say it’s not sympathy I feel when they an hero.

Anonymous 142081

>”moids made all of this”
>conveniently ignores female soldiers, engineers, farmers
and even if they stopped existing
>mommy fuckmaid labor is nothing lul
Scratch a pickme, and a scrote bleeds.

Anonymous 142082

>if that black guy is any cabable of running society like his master, why is he still picking cotton all day? clearly he’s meant to be a slave

Anonymous 142086

Doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. In addition to their important work, they get belittled and forgotten for it, just like women always had. And yes, household labor is work, and with small kids around, it’s perfectly on par with mining. And yet, very little gratitude is given for that, too.

Anonymous 142088

I don't know , sure men can say awful things but I think I have been hurt more by women emotionally than by men.

Like I just wanted to say that maybe we should be nicer to each other, and everyone here came to call me a moid, a larper, other bad things etc. Do you really think that the way to get men to act nice is to be awful to them? If you are disrespectful you will just convince bystanders who do not swing too hard either way that your side is not the right one.

Anonymous 142092

Please chill, we should have a polite conversation here

Anonymous 142093

>same rights for decades
They can always be taken away, as we’ve seen with RvW. Wouldn’t be surprised if slavery makes a comeback.
>Wakanda empires
Great, you’re a racist creep too.
>that don’t need no men?
Women don’t need men, yes. Men just force themselves around women, because they need us like parasites. And as long as they exist, they keep forcing themselves on us, destroying any chances of a single-sex nation through their numbers and physical strength.
That’s why it’s a good thing they kill themselves more than women do. Keep it up, boyos!

Anonymous 142094

Once again, you assume that everything was given to mankind by moids alone, disgracing the female pioneers and inventors with your ignorance.

Anonymous 142095

Yeah, guess I should stop responding to the obvious incel.

Anonymous 142097

the majority of women were not even allowed access to higher education until recently, you fucking sped.

Anonymous 142098

Because he’s a troll who knows some 4chan lingo, yet enough of a Redditor(barf) to think that Sage = Downvote.

Anonymous 142108

Nona look, I do not really wanna defend men's rights cause I don't care, but the hate here is excessive. Just look at how rude and disrespectful all the replies are even though I really try to be as polite as possible. I just think that, just like alt-righters or mgtows, a lot of radfems just blame men for everything. A lot of it is deserved, but it is still kind of excessive.

Anonymous 142113

>wear a hijab, be quiet, and smile, we need to keep the moids happy so that they’ll treat us well
<uhh that’s a no from me
>wow much rude

Anonymous 142116

No one is seriously forcing you to put on a hijab, no one is seriously forcing you to be anyone's stay at home wife either, assuming you live in the US or western europe that is. You may not like it, but western men are the most liberal and feminist in the world. Just here in former commie block it is entirely different, and thats not even that far east. If anyone is infringing on your rights nona, then those are rights that women in virtually every other country do not enjoy but they still lead happy lives.

Anonymous 142120


Y'know, I thought you had a point about there being no need to be that brutal and that anon talking about hijabs seemed random…but then you dropped this
>then those are rights that women in virtually every other country do not enjoy but they still lead happy lives

Interesting how many ways that can be taken depending on the country. Sheesh.
Also western men aren't "feminist" just because they once in a while pretend to think women are equal. Many are wokefishers. Many leftists are also doing women dirty with the trans and sex work shit among other things. Because some of this stuff is completely new, people have yet to fully sound the alarm about the things that have been happening (like how a womans' rights organization has been running around referring to women as "womb havers").

Of course, thankfully, I don't think everything will combust in terms of relative freedoms but people really need to keep an eye out on how misogyny has morphed in different countries.

Anonymous 142125

I disagree nona. I think the men are genuinely leftist, but they just do not understand women's rights as readily as we do. I mean can you really blame them, they are men. It's not like all women have the same agenda and we have the same talking points and the same ways of achieving them, a lot of women genuinely think trans women are women and a lot of women and other stuff. Just because they may not agree with you does not mean they are being disingenious.

Also I am sorry about that statement, I just meant to say that if any rights are being infringed they are kind of secondary to the actual important rights of women

Anonymous 142142

correction: got a little mixed up. I guess it is true what you're saying if you are literally referring to liberal feminism…which isn't at all radical feminism (which is what we talk about here) and hasn't been that good for women here.

Anonymous 142283

I remember years ago my ~70yo uncle used to come to my house relatively often (every month more or less) with a USB and talked to my father. Since he has lots of old family n religious things I assumed he was just giving my uncle that stuff, since they're both in to that. Later I found out what my father was doing was to download my uncle porn per request.

I also remember when I used to use my father laptop when he wasn't home I found porn on his story. Luckily they were only 3 videos, on YT and it was only once, but considering my uncle thing, I wouldn't write out he didn't start watch more later. It was about… chinese lesbian nurses if I recall correctly? I'm not coming out the closed to him because that, and he used to really want me to become a nurse, with this knowledge I find that creepy now. I hope I can move out soon…

And another uncle (he lives with us) also watches porn very often at night. At least our cable removed all porn channels, but I think he's trying to learn how to look it up online.

Aside the last one, my 1st uncle and my father are two of the few "good" men I have met, it sucks that even them think of me and the rest of women as sex objects, it's so discouraging.

Anonymous 142298

>it would be really ironic if you use c.c and don't see how important it is to have a same-sex role model

Men are a barren and parasitic sex honed through evolution to kill things. nothing about their fraternizing is positive. When I think of male exclusive (or near male exclusive) spaces, I think of: corrupt boardrooms, septic battlefields, pedophilic cabals of religious elders, toxic manosphere/incel forums.. 12 year old boys socialize themselves into manhood via first-person shooters and mass idol-worshipping of sociopaths they see in macho-man, dudes only movie casts, written in boardrooms by affluent male propagandists.

The only positive thing passed down through male-only spaces are various skillsets vital to societal upkeep, which they leverage for themselves by excluding or heavily disincentivizing female participation.

Anonymous 142303

Because you loopy fucks live on the internet and last weekend my two brothers and dad went fucking fishing and came back bubbly and happy

Anonymous 142307

On the topic of recreation, did I forget to mention the anonymous sauna orgies and glory holes? Oh yes I did, another veneareable male pastime I forgot about, what a shame.

Anonymous 142525

you forgot every single game modding and speedrunning community ever.

there's a lot of troon on troon stuff and lolicon shit going on.

then there's ugly turboautist pedos like Jamie Dignam who even the ROMhacker/speedrunner troonsbians universally despise.

Anonymous 142733

Scrotes coping in the how to raise a son thread. Men really are just the same as trannies and identify as muh correct god king based inventors and chimpout when they have to face the fact they exist on Dunning Krueger copium. XY failsons stay losing.

Anonymous 142790

Is anyone else pinkpilled irl but has a 2d husbando, the only moids I can even trust remotely are fictional anymore. Is that against pinkpill law lol

Anonymous 143001


Anonymous 143007

No, you’re fine. Having a 2D husbando is based as long as he isn’t shit.

Anonymous 144241


I'm trying to get away from man-roasting in general because it's just a waste of time and usually degenerating, but…is anyone else tired of men that just admit the most evil, fucked up things about men, and then act incredibly proud of it as if it proves women should be slaves to men on the internet?

I have seen this probably 100s of times across the internet now in different corners of it (from normie spaces to otherwise) and each time I'm, well. I'm confused? How is it that so many of these guys can say such evil things about men but not care or act like they are anti-feminist super stars when they actually secretly think men are demons?

The weirdest part is that if the language of the underlying logic were disguised, some of it would be things that particularly extreme female misandrists would be saying about the nature of men and it leaves me just sitting there wondering how the fuck these men are even saying this shit about men and happy about it.

Anonymous 144242

It's like saying "men are literally from the ninth level of hell and would make Dante weep in terror and woe, but that's exactly why male supremacy makes sense."

Anonymous 144243


All men are pathological narcissists. You should assume the worst of all men and then work backwards from there if needs be, and be pleasantly surprised if they display any signs of empathy or humanity (which almost all the time, is for self serving reasons when moids are concerned anyway)

Stanford prison experiment attests to innate male psychopathy. All the students involved were young MALES and became so violent and abusive that the experiment had to be terminated early.

Anonymous 144245

Men are only able to navigate the world from their own myopic mindset that operates solely terms of hierarchies and domination. If they can dominate any other human then it’s a win to them, even if it’s evil or comes at a huge cost. It’s the reason scrotes do weird fucking shit like sodomizing other men in battle, even though it’s gay as fuck.

Anonymous 144246


Anonymous 144247

>Stanford experiment
Are you the anon that was talking about the Y chromosome in the other thread? You really need to check your facts. Though there is no women equivalent to the Stanford rp, the Milgram experiment showed no gender difference, for example.

Anonymous 144248

unknown (30).png

the one female school shooter i can think of had a pretty good reason ngl

Anonymous 144249

I think its the same poster. I replied to her before saying the same thing and she still posts the same image and comment lol

Anonymous 144250

your husbandos are shit

Anonymous 144253

Yeah, idk, what weirds me out is that there's so many studies someone can cite if they want to make a similar, if less sensationalist or radical point. I'd know because back in the day I practically mined for them.
nta, but who is top husbando, then?

Anonymous 144254

There’s literally no experiment where women start abusing each other because women aren’t rapeapes like moids. Also fuck off moid.

Anonymous 144256

I watched a YouTube video today that was about how sell an idea or products better when you’re in person.

It was this ugly old washed up scrote talking, and he started with a question ‘Ladies, why do you usually stand with one hip tilted…it’s because you want to look more sexually attractive and weak because you look unsteady and therefore more vulnerable’ I swear to god I immediately burst out laughing.

Are moids so retarded that they literally think we rest our weight on one side of our body at a time even in the privacy of our own homes, because we are trying to look SEXY and WEAK for them and not simply because it’s more comfortable due to our wider pelvic bones and tendency to have a more pear shaped weight distribution????? Jesus Christ, moids find new ways each day to astound me with their self centric delusions and worldviews.

Anonymous 144294

I remember reading interviews from the "prisoners" of the stanford experiment that it was all a ruse. Like the professor told them exactly what to do and how to act and what to comment afterwards, instead of them naturally forming that violent culture.
Which does not prove their violent mentality but proves that moids are willing to lie and manipulate in the most horrifying of ways to get their mindset, however corrupt, across

Anonymous 144387

Reminds me of another experiment that the researcher had similar intent, but didn't disclose it.

There was a boat experiment. I forgot the exact term, but basically a few people were recruited to go on a boat trip for a few weeks.

The researcher seemed to have some sort of boner for human chaos and kept an eagle eye out, hungry. He expected some Lord of the Flies, people becoming animalistic, etc.

Spoiler: they all became amazing friends and he became the butt of everyone's joke and he often was just hanging around like the saltiest cockroach ever.

Anyway…yeah, I wouldn't say the Stanford manipulation proves it but I think I am very surprised by how common it is that male Machiavellianism is swept under the rug–and it's actually on average even more common in male leaders (as opposed to female ones) among other things.

Anonymous 144403

Check the robber's cave experiment. Scientists wanted to get boyscouts to turn into lord of the flies. They split them into groups, tried to ignite rivalries and all that. Except it failed. Instead of hating each others, the boys ended up seeing the adult experimenters as the enemy.

People aren't violent naturally if you leave them be.

Anonymous 144414

Boys aren’t evil, men are. Testosterone is a demonic chemical.

Anonymous 144417

This. If they’d done it with adult men it would quickly have descended into chaos. There are plenty of examples of this, like the Nazinsky Island experiment orchestrated by Stalin. Women were raped by both guards and male inmates and people quickly resorted to murder and cannibalism.

Anonymous 144440

And wonder what their socio economic background had to do with it

Anonymous 144442

>poverty is what makes men rape

Anonymous 144443

Sure are some salty defensive moids/troons in the pinkpill threads these days, though I have a feeling it’s just one person.

Anonymous 144446


"Socioeconomic background" meaning melanin content

Anonymous 144461

When I dated in high school and college as someone who abstained from sex due to a deathly fear of it (low libido and vaginismus), men were always the same when it came to sex. Incessantly begging and whining for sexual favors, and if daily sexual gratification wasn't happening for them, it would usually result in increased rage, unhappiness, and probability to cheat. All of them admitting to daily porn use and several instances of masturbation in a day.

Anonymous 144470

I just hate when people spread misinformation or fake studies when there's plenty of actual scientific reasons to hate moids

Anonymous 144528

lmao the sex raft
https://snapjudgment.org/episode/raft-of-passion-snap-classic/ heard this on the radio awhile ago thought someone else might enjoy it

Anonymous 144652

This might sound naïve but up until recently I never realized how much men base their politics on who sounds cool, unbothered, badass, and edgy.

Anonymous 144666

Yea theres a reason they worship “own ze libs” strongmen like living gods. Theyd vote for Hulk Hogan if they could.

Anonymous 144705

There's a reason the soy/chad memes have gotten so popular.

Anonymous 144757


White men rape just as much as black men do, they simply get away with it more often or go to Asia to do it.

Anonymous 144759

Rape only has a 1.6% conviction rate here in the UK. I never want to hear another moid crying about false rape allegations ever again.

Anonymous 144761

That does not follow.

Anonymous 144771

It follows if youre not obtuse

Anonymous 144772


Anonymous 144773

Moid rape apologists will suggest this implies only 1.6% of rape accusations have merit. Because they are detached from the injustice of the world

Anonymous 144775

Assaults to Perpet…

RAIN has similar statistics for the US. Even if you only focus on reported rapes and not the number of estimated/unreported rapes, that's still a horrifically low conviction rate. Other lesser crimes like robbery also have a very low conviction rate.

Anonymous 144776

I hate people

Anonymous 144777


This is also why I hate articles like this that paint boys and men as victims and incels constantly whining about how courts are biased towards women and the fear of false rape accusations. The stats show that even if you do actually rape someone, you're most likely to get away with it.

Anonymous 144795

See, I hate how two dimensional this topic is. Infographics like this would have you believe that 0% of rape allegations are false, and that's just not realistic. I wish people didn't just use statistics as a bludgeon for "their side" and would actually engage with the numbers.

Anonymous 144913

it's usually not easy to prove it either way, people generally take the woman's word for it (not necessarily legally, but i mean if you hear a man is accused of rape, you're probably going to see him as a rapist unless proven otherwise)
the point is accusing someone is easy, just the accusation alone can cause heavy and lasting damage to someone, there needs to be a better way of reporting and investigating things that don't involve hurting potentially-innocent people, and also stronger punishments for false-accusations

Anonymous 144916

also, to be clear, i absolutely am not a rape apologist, i just don't think false accusations should be taken lightly, they can be extremely damaging by themselves

Anonymous 144927

you're mistaking me for someone else

Anonymous 144929

i've really only been here a couple days, i haven't reported anyone at all

Anonymous 144932


How do you know it was him?

Anonymous 145001

Different miner here. Can confirm this. He’s been doing that shit all over the place.

Anonymous 145033

>They just do whatever the hell they want, with no filter, while every woman i've ever known filtered herself to death, and became a shell of herself to sell herself downstream for what?

this is so inspiring i love you nona

Anonymous 145180

nothing annoys me more than moids who see women receiving benefit or aid for something that specifically effects them (periods, pregnancy) and construing this as an attack on men

Anonymous 145380

ok but who asked?

Anonymous 145382

what do you think this thread is for

Anonymous 145384

Not to bright are you

Anonymous 145899

even as a kid i thought it was silly and strange that when men modeled fantasy societies they populated their worlds almost entirely with men. they might include a few token females here and there, especially when they realize their grizzled retired warrior needs a wife or they the inn needs a barmaid for the troupe to flirt with. this all might be forgiven if the backstory of this world entailed a plague that killed off all but 1% of the female population. but it never does. it also might be forgiven if this story is about men in social roles and settings that are exclusively male and fraternal, but those weren't the stories i'm talking about. and i noticed this with regards to worldbuilding; seeing men (and boys my age, as i grew up) flesh out their fantasy worlds and theoretically having every opportunity to elaborate on what the hell the other half of the population is doing and yet they never did. it was one of the first times i started noticing how men don't view us as people. a sad awakening.

Anonymous 145903

And then the reverse to this is the anime trope of having a largely female cast but fetishizing them and/or fetishizing lesbians. I'd rather they focus on just writing other men.

Anonymous 145937


johns deserve to get their nudes leaked idc

Anonymous 146044

All men are innate homosexuals.

Anonymous 146074


btw I kekd so hard when I saw his lingo in those screencaps, what in the oof was that
if it was a deliberate "how do you do fellow kids" choice - it's one flavour awful, if it was for real - an another

Anonymous 146090


Why are men like this? Literally no different to animals especially when they’re with their ‘pack’. Men need to be enslaved under matriarchy for their own and everyone else’s protection.

Anonymous 146096

jfc literal animal gender

Anonymous 146104

>men write certain characters badly and aren't creative with how they're used in the story
>blame women
What is that quote?

'Like a compass needle that points north, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.'

Anonymous 146105

Newcastle is full of chavs, most gang related murders of whites in the UK are caused by whites.

Anonymous 146107

Go back to /pol/. We don’t have a race problem, we have a moid problem.

Anonymous 146109

wtf is happening in the UK. why are groups of teenagers going around with multiple weapons looking for someone to murder. american-tier culture. what a shithole.

Anonymous 146111

I’m Scottish. We have a similar Chav/Ned problem as England. This stuff has been happening here for decades. I remember in the 90s constantly hearing about football hooligan and gang related stabbings and murders. It’s just normal here. And no, it’s not a race thing, the attackers were almost always white. And male of course.

Anonymous 146112

Yup. Grew up around similar sectarian shite. Impossible to have pride in your nation when the people behave like animals.

Anonymous 146113


I mean, you just admitted you think the only way a man can write a woman is Laundry Goblin(tm) or Ornament(tm). There's 100s of other fantasy authors that have integrated women into their setting in a way that is neither, but you want me, a random you probably would respect much less than a published author, to convince you, a misogynist that thinks Lord of the Rings is the default and then, single-handedly, destroy the fact that you can only see women in one of two roles and this goes beyond fantasy?


Anonymous 146115

What utopia do you live in where young men aren’t violent pieces of shit? I’d like to move there.

Anonymous 146130

Germanic women fought alongside their men in battle rather than be raped or captured, as did Nordic women. Your fantasy shit is just that: fantasy. Made for escapist misogynists.

Anonymous 146133


I hope every sex negative woman in the world is having a beautiful, scrote free day.

Anonymous 146142

This is why the concept of one-sided masculinity needs to be trashed. If they can't take it between each other, they have no business doing it to us. Masculine and feminine should be two sides of the same thing, not mysterious separate journeys. If you can't imagine love that isnt violent then drop dead and out of the gene pool, thanks

Anonymous 146148

all males should be caged if they just can't behave

Anonymous 146158

i think execution is preferable. the best person for the job is the victim. start carrying.

Anonymous 146163

>start carrying
Lol in the uk even possessing a butter knoife in public is illegal

Anonymous 146172


Moids currently having a mental breakdown over this comic lol
Is there any group of more easily triggered snowflakes than incels?

Anonymous 146173

God forbid women find their inconsiderate husbands and screaming children annoying at times.

Anonymous 146178

We’re laughing our asses off at you moid. Go cry about it.

Anonymous 146179

Tbh it's weird how much this sets men off. This isn't that big of a deal. It isn't the end of the world. Plenty of people live for themselves. What's key though is this:

you can find 100s (or even 1000s if you branch out) of studies collaborating how women are more likely to be prosocial, how men are on average greedier than women. That, women are more likely to donate to charity, work in charity, go out of their way for other people with no ulterior motive (i.e., attraction, sex), etc.
The brain scans about empathy. The business statistics showing how men are more likely to do unethical actions to get ahead in business.

The infinite amounts of data showing that even women in financially "equal" relationships do far more childcare and other kinds of domestic labor…and less likely to jump ship when a loved one is terminally ill/disabled.

The fact that women can't even be given a crumb of acknowledgment of doing such things more on average is a microcosm of how certain men socially and ethically lobotomize themselves so much, they become incapable of showing the same thoughtfulness towards loved ones that comes so naturally to so many women.
It's why so many of them think that a man is just nice to a woman because of the hope of getting sex.

The real reason why it triggered 4chan is this: cognitive dissonance. Women do far more labor for their children (even with the father around) in, what, infinite amounts of more thought and hours. And they are desperate to destroy any example of a woman ever doing anything positive more than men in general. Not all women, sure, but definitely far more than men on average.

Anonymous 146180

And let emphasize: no, women aren't "angels." Or "perfect." It's just they are less likely to crash and burn in terms of showing basic care to loved ones, among other things. Society is desperate to undervalue such labor.

Anonymous 146185

Truest post on the board. Incels claiming that women are more shallow, less empathetic or more selfish than men is pure cope and projection. Research and countless studies back us up.

Men are so entitled and used to women doing the lions share of child rearing, making child rearing look so effortless, and us stifling our opinions for fear of our husbands chimping out on us, shutting up and never complaining, so used to women being long suffering partners who never speak to complain, so expecting of us as superwomen who can handle everything with ease, that as soon as we express any kind of fatigue, burnout or dissatisfaction we are instantly demonized and called bad wives and mothers.

Anonymous 146189

Hmmm imagine, what do you mean a woman getting completely exhausted from her lazy husband who lives with his head stuck in his own ass and annoying kids getting dirty and demanding 24/7 attention, really absurd

Anonymous 146190

These silly comics don't even come close to the vile level of the jokes that moids tell about women, and yet they manage to throw the biggest tantrum. Surely it must be because they speak the truth about their selfish and evil nature.

Anonymous 146191

Yeah, it's exhausting witnessing it from the sidelines.

For example: most men that think women should be mothers are incapable of respecting and celebrating real mothers, revering their efforts, and seemingly only care about the idea of women submitting themselves to being complacent servers. There is little sign these men are showing love and compassion to women that defer their lives to their kids (or husbands).
It's also the default with misogynists….where they dehumanize and devalue women that have had children as trash and used goods while laughing about women without kids as if they actually have compassions for the struggles of mothers (they don't). There is more sign they love and respect an, uh, "Alpha" after he lies and coerces a woman into giving him a BJ than a woman that has spent years working for the sake of other people.

Also let me note: it really isn't just "incels" and that's what's depressing here.

Like, wow, if anything I am just impressed by how much they hate women and don't even want to give credit women for what positive contributions they bring. Even I would nod and respect a man that tries doing right by his loved ones for fuck's sake. How is this so hard?

Anonymous 146193


This thread is not radfemmy enough.

Anonymous 146194


Anonymous 146195


Anonymous 146196


Anonymous 146197


Anonymous 146198


Love her. Old stale tea but one of Depps fangirls paid 3K to get court documents unsealed and it’s a shitshow. Link if anyone is interested.

Anonymous 146206


Anonymous 146243


You haven’t heard of our lady and savior Andrea Dworkin?

Anonymous 146303


Dropping some more truth bombs.

Anonymous 146305


Anonymous 146307


Anonymous 146308


Anonymous 146313


Anonymous 146314


Anonymous 146315


We are currently being raided by scrotes posting gore. Reminder men are not human.

Anonymous 146317


Anonymous 146318


Anonymous 146320


Anonymous 146411

Two amazing posts itt got mysteriously deleted, why?

Anonymous 146412

Can someone reload the picrel about how men view sex as violent view the people they have sex with as their victims? Why the fuck was this deleted ?

Anonymous 146413

One infiltrator moid janny has been deleting a lot of radfem posts recently.

Anonymous 146414

Er.. why the fuck are they still a janny?

Anonymous 146415

And to be honest where have the admins been recently why can't you get ahold of them?

Anonymous 146435

Cold Turkey.png

Anonymous 146459

please god, please let this post be a troll

Anonymous 146487

admin just left to get some cigarettes nona im sure she'll be right back

Anonymous 146489

Why would he use a condom?

Anonymous 146490

Just buy more peaches

Anonymous 146517

tfw you endure the torture of being a factory farmed chicken, get your throat cut once you are no longer profitable, only to finally have your corpse used as a fleshlight by some degenerate incel

Anonymous 146523


Actually, I normally don't dehumanize men so much, but I unironically have more sympathy for that poor chicken than that creepy man.

Anonymous 146560

Where to start with Andrea Dworkin ? Also any other radfems I should read ? Cheers

Anonymous 146564

radfemblr is good

Anonymous 146622

i genuinely fucking hate male coomers. 90+ percent of moids would be dateable if they weren't such visual sluts.

Anonymous 146627

a lot of moids hate them too, there's a reason they rightfully get bullied at school.

shame they end up chasing their interests and then getting tied into fetish shit online these days.

Anonymous 146635

But that's just a freak coomer contrast with a regular coomer (aka, regular guys).

Anonymous 146646


Let me also add this: I don't think men could handle it if women 1:1 behaved like them in terms of sex and sexual attraction.

>watching porn of 8 foot tall Thors, or male models (or, idk, gollum if they're into that shit) in front of their bfs and getting more excited by them

>doing almost 0 self-care nor peacocking…no make-up, very short hair that's easy to take care of, body hair, oversized t-shirts and jeans 24/7; she is the voyeur
>collecting folders of hot men off of Instagram and liking their post or whatever else (alternatively keeping nudes from exes)
>poggers-facing at every hottie that walks by
>blaming men for being cheated on because they let themselves go (aka can't stay 18 forever or gained 5 pounds)

Etc. The list kind of goes on of potential options of things that are more common among men.

Domestic violence would skyrocket. And yeah, some women do stuff like that, duh. But the sheer collective volume just isn't there.
In the meantime, it's a fact there's actually men that deeply hate and want to torture women because of the mere idea a woman might be attracted to a hot man, even if she doesn't spend 1000s of hours indulging it.

Anonymous 146703

That looks like a checklist for me. No wonder I am alone.

Anonymous 146730


too bad they didnt call her the garfield shooter.
they would have given her a funny name if she was a guy

Anonymous 146732

he could get salmonella, not eve kidding.

Anonymous 146839

They complain about women having it on easy mode when even the most disgusting 1/10 fat neckbeard sack of shit can have sex with a woman far out of his league for a couple hundred bucks. Meanwhile women don’t even have that option. Scrotes truly live on delusion mode.

Anonymous 146851

I think you’re responding to a baiting moid, nona. You are of course correct that men don’t mind paying any price for access to a woman’s body and the opportunity to degrade it. Poverty is what keeps women in sex work.

Anonymous 146859


Funny how moids would say that to let someone to rape you is an easy job and easy money, but they won’t rush to start doing this themselves. I wonder why.
They would say nobody would pay them, but that’s not true: there are a lot of ugly gays and straight chasers who would love to rape pay-for-gay
Also there are old and unattractive straight women too
Also maybe women who would like to have an orgasm for a change - to pay for professional service and not hooking up, where it’s beneficial for a moid to cum and go and not providing anything substantial regarding sex skills and even appearance wise
Also women who would like to vent humiliating and (consensually lol) hurting moid prostitutes
You pay - you can do what you want with a moid body. I mean, that’s just a job, innit

Anonymous 146861

Because they want hot women to willingly have sex with them for free and if their standards too high it's all the fault of female hypergamy or something
They'll probably start whining that it doesn't compare because escorts are straight women and they're not gay

Anonymous 146867

There are websites which categorize real revenge porn which is even worse. Imagine trusting a moid with showing your naked body only for him to leak it to public access, o just getting your device hacked for this.

Anonymous 146868

At least it wasnt a girl.

Anonymous 146877

Yup, it's always women that are painted as money hungry whores who aren't capable of love, especially by incel, MRA faggots. It's projecting.

Anonymous 146878

>They'll probably start whining that it doesn't compare because escorts are straight women and they're not gay
Idk, how would they know escorts/prostitutes are all straight? Plus, even if most men aren't willing to admit it but most women need to be emotionally attached to a man to enjoy sex with him, and women have the risk of getting pregnant or being forced to do things they didn't agree to do for that amount of money, etc.

Anonymous 146879

The type of men who complain about women having easy lives would probably complain about women being entitled and only capable of having emotional attachment to a Chad so in their mind it's their fault for being entitled

Anonymous 146881

I hate males so much it's unreal. Why can't they leave our spaces. I've reported the loli posting to the FBI through a site.

Anonymous 146893


I mean you can't take everything Dworkin said as fact. She wasn't a psychologist and she didn't take studies to confirm that men thought these things. It's basically armchair philosophy. It's interesting but don't take it as 100% fact.

Anonymous 146914

Typical scrote gaslighting. A fish doesn’t tell a man how to catch it. Moids don’t tell women how they really think. All we can do is analyze their behavior patterns and observe what they say and do when they think women aren’t watching. Surprise surprise, their behaviour patterns are grossly predictable and they almost always act like disgusting degenerates.

Anonymous 146916

>women in private: talk about love, relationships, befriend one another, discuss makeup and hair, clothes, give each other advice and support, discuss self care, how to heal trauma and social issues, tell each other about their dreams hopes and aspirations
>men in private: joke about raping women, say endless racist shit and shit jokes, lust after trannies and underage girls, talk about how much they hate the female gender, talk about sex sex ass tits jailbait sex sex girldick sex, tell each other to kill themselves, more talking about sex and who they would fuck, and other ‘locker room talk’

Anonymous 146928


this is going to sound like a shitpost but i'm being one hundred percent serious. for all the high iq women of cc who are presumably interested in long term relationships/marriage, how do you counter this trend of being statistically less likely to find a marriage partner? without being a conformie

Anonymous 146930

emphasis on not being a conformie, btw.

Anonymous 146932

>thinking we wanna get married to moids
Lol, wrong board hon.

Anonymous 146936


it's still annoying that the presentation of intelligence in women is still not sexually valued by society. she has to be some 1984 julia type, otherwise.

actually when i think about it, it kinda goes for both men and women. maybe a little more for women though

Anonymous 146939

in retrospect that post came across very lolcow, so it was a bit unfair of me to write that.

Anonymous 146946

listen moid even if that was the case i was asking for advice on how to counter that trend. if women want to date up, so fucking be it. don't act like scrotes don't only ever emotionally invest into women they find attractive.

Anonymous 146947

>>Women refuse to "date down" in any way for any reason
True and based. Why should het women lower their standards even more than we already are considering our dating pool is literally subhuman

Anonymous 146950

your reading comprehension is shit and your brain is too primed by r9k memes to even argue in good faith. absolute waste of my time, kek.

Anonymous 146951

cry me a fucking river scrote better alone than badly accompanied

Anonymous 146953

faggot thinks women actually dream of being mothers everyone point and laugh

Anonymous 146956

these vile assholes really believe that they are sooo important, that every gal really wants to lay their heads in the pillows near these disgusting, low coombrainers

Anonymous 146957

Actually, the cruel reality is this:
it's actually straight up irrational and unintelligent to date many, or even most men. Most potential options are net negatives or…even if they're not, they're incompatible.
The patriarchy pumps out massive amounts of propaganda in order to get women obsessed with relationships.

A lot of men are in the dating market that are basically just zombies that want a warm body, and male egoism/narcissism is framing these opportunists as deep, soulful romantic options, when in reality, they're hazards, which wise women will see.

Practice gfs and starter wives exist for a reason…often women that "lowered their standards" for men that jumped ship the second they started climbing up in life.

Incels have a deep vested interest in pumping out propaganda in order to take attention away from the fact a woman would have to be retarded to date them–knowing everything about them.

Men are usually privileged to experience almost 0 consequences of having sex or being in a relationship, which disportionately weigh on women. Men like you have, like a hivemind, amassed in order to victim blame women to take attention away from the facts.

It's because, on average, a relationship is more likely to bring net gain to a man than a woman. Why? A man really has to prefer and love a woman, and not be with her because he has little choice…while a man can basically go with most options and, at most, be annoyed in most cases (while a few do get burned, sadly).

A lot of women are essentially better off alone, which is often a better choice than being in a mediocre relationship (not always–it depends on her circumstances).

Anonymous 146959

Your projection is crazy, no woman is gonna die alone just because you're dying alone. If the prospect scares you so much how about you go speed up the process and kill yourself right now, get it over with

Anonymous 146962

I have a bf and friends though (assuming you're responding to my other post).

Anonymous 146963

>>as of that will make anyone upset
You're clearly plenty upset brother lmao im surprised your computer isn't malfunctioning with all the tears you're probably soaking it with.
>>when you're the one admitting youre just gonna die alone
How does not having a moid beating you and using you as a fleshlight and no kids to destroy your body and life mean you'll die alone. Just because moids have no solidarity with their friends or family doesn't mean we dont. Im personally gonna die surrounded by loved ones, rip to you though.
Btw, hows that suicide going? chop chop, scrote. I wanna be able to listen to your sad sob story told by a true crime girl while she does her make up before the end of the month.

Anonymous 146965


And, largely, "dying alone" as a concept is actually something that is a bit more relevant to men.

Because, statistically, men have shorter-lived and shallower same-sex friendships, on average experience less oxytocin in their brain from same-sex interactions, are more likely to be completely isolated when completely single and incapable of finding a gf and way more likely to suffer from mental illness and commit suicide, etc. Women are more likely to have stronger friend groups and hang out with friends more when single–as well as have women that check up on them.

There's actually a shit ton of men falling through the cracks into loneliness, because they completely refuse to make deep, tender dyadic friendships with other men and end up obsessed with sex instead and all-male cliques that are more bark than hugs, while developing not many skills related to maintaining healthy emotional and social connections.

They become men that are, basically, broken, and instead of have the bravery and courage to challenge the fact that men systematically fail other men emotionally, they blame women for all their loneliness because they've just become robots of the patriarchal hivemind that can't stop bitching when people don't respond to its abuse.

Sex is more motivating than hugging and loving your bros and it was actually never that complicated. When your bros fail you and cringe at your tears, it's womens' fault, isn't it? Basic logic.

Anonymous 146966

>>I'm a stinky incel who can't fanthom others having friends and family who loves them and I sit alone seething over women not wanting to be with men.
k its getting boring, we get it, your life sucks so you can't comprehend why other's wouldn't. come up with a more interesting clapback if you want the attention, lord knows this is more than you've gotten in your entire life. truly motherless and fatherless behavior.

Anonymous 146970

"rule number one of misogyny: it's always the woman's fault"

Anonymous 146971

nta, but you sound like someone who likes the status of being in a relationship more than the actual relationship? That's ok if that's your thing, just so you know, if you think you'd be fulfilled magically by having 20 grandkids or whatever.

Anonymous 146972

Again with your projecting, it's really getting boring, fag. I have no issues making friends and even if my friends I have now don't last, im making new ones. People don't suddenly drop all their friends once they get into a relationship and those who do ALWAYS end up regretting it cause guess what? You can get married as soon as you turn 18 and that still has no guarantee to last either. You seem to think of friendships as short-lived and unimportant, but why do you think romantic or sexual relationships are any different? You think a woman isn't gonna leave you? You think having kids guarantees you won't end up alone in a home? clearly not cause what would those incredibly happy grannies with 6 grandkids be doing next to lonely old 'corpse ate my cat' me, then? your argument makes zero sense lol. It really seems you have a fear of dying alone and you think kids or a wife is gonna prevent that but literally everyone will leave you (if you even manage to get a single woman to stay in the first place, that is) cause you're a pathetic little woman-hating faggot who can't even win a petty online argument to save his life.
You moids keep trying to convince us we'd be happier in marriages and having babies when literally everything proves otherwise. Studies, women's experiences, etc. You have a higher chance to get murdered by the man you're dating or married to than you have of getting an orgasm from him. And kids are a literal fucking nightmare are u kidding lol.

Anonymous 146973

Reality: Women who have married current moids in the future will be regretting having wasted years of their lives in abusive relationships where they were betrayed and disrespected, and thinking about how they should have invested in themselves instead of settling for a man

Anonymous 146974

You keep acting unbothered yet you're still here seething cause women would rather "die alone" (lol) than date you. If you don't care then let us die alone then, retard, what's it to you?

Anonymous 146975

True. Like, it's really weird because it's like they are physically and mentally incapable of, uh…going against what other men in their misogyny in-group say and they basically all resort to the same things.

I'd actually be fascinated if I saw a misogynist that genuinely, y'know, hated women in any meaningful capacity and thought women were bad for men, so went around telling women to stay the fuck away instead of trying to use fear tactics to scare women into being with men because apparently the ancient eldritch entity that demands subsistence needs it.

If I really hated a male, I think I care too much about a random woman to wish him upon her? Why would I? Likewise, if I thought another woman was bad, I wouldn't really wish her on a man because people aren't meant to be inflicted upon one another.

I really don't understand misogynists. But yeah, I tangent.

Anonymous 146977

Based childfree and moidfree grandma died of old age, which many women don't get the privilege of cause their moids rape and murder them.
Also, where's the statistics of moids leaving their wives as soon as they get cancer or any severe illness that means they won't put out anymore?

Anonymous 146978

Men are not company for women, they are egotistical, narcissistic and superficial, so much so that they leave their wives when they get old or sick and go looking for younger women. The best thing for women is to invest in themselves and their futures while they are young and healthy.

Anonymous 146980


why do inferior moids have to literally scare women into marrying them and bearing their children? i actually want a family, but if i had to choose between having children with asshole men like the ones that invade this board, and being single, the choice is obvious.

Anonymous 146981

Based and very cute Ryuko. I kinda dropped anime completely for the gross pedo shit and klk is no exception but I forgot how much I loved her, we need more female mcs with "tomboy" personalities.

Anonymous 146982

kek i honestly wouldn't give a shit if my cats ate my body. typical low attention span scrote, they can only really think of other beings as sources for their comfort and entertainment, having no wills or desires of their own.

Anonymous 146983


>>I'm so glad I lowered my standards and wasted my life marrying a limp dicked unattractive incel who spent his days pestering feminists on imageboards for not wanting to fuck him and never gave me a single orgasm. I'm so happy I destroyed my life and body by giving him 10 children so he could sexually assault and beat us all. Now I can brag about my large family to all the other dementia patients at the nursing home while I slowly die alone cause my moid is too busy spending all our children's college fund and the savings for my medical bill in Onlyfans tranny camgirls. Happiest life achieved by a female in all eternity cause everyone knows there's nothing else to life but moids and babies.

Anonymous 146984


This lol. Scrotes love to use the crazy cat lady threat against us
>if you don’t settle down and be some moids personal fucktoy and baby factory you’ll be miserable and alone foreverrrr! Please believe we are still relevant to your lives….p-please….

Truth is even married women usually end up alone because men are disgusting coomers programmed to trade their wife in as soon as she hits 40. Scrotes are also far more likely to abandon their wives if she gets sick.

There is no service that men can offer nowadays that can’t be bought or accessed instantly. If I need my car fixed, plumbing done or lawn mown, I can call up a moid to do it without having to suck his disgusting chode as a thank you.

Most modern men cannot protect, don’t want to provide, and are generally just sex obsessed disloyal garbage. I need a porn addicted scrote who thinks he is entitled to my body living in my space like I need a hole in the head.

Anonymous 146986


Heterosexuality and marriage between men and women is a sad form of Stockholm syndrome.

Historically women had no choice to pair up with these disgusting subhuman rapeapes because we would be beaten, killed or shoved out of the tribe by angry unga bunga scrotes.

As women we were forced to brainwash ourselves into finding these disgusting subhuman chimps we refer to as ‘men’, ‘attractive’ purely as a means of survival.

Now that rapeapes are forced to exist in civilized societies they are eternally butthurt that women are no longer at the mercy of their fists and pork swords. Their only power now is to psychologically terrorize and mock women who chose to forego marriage in a desperate plea to seek relevant. The very fact that scrotes get so irate when we want to live our lives without them is definitive proof we are making the right decision.

Anonymous 146987


shh don't ruin the cope

Anonymous 146988

Don’t middle aged scrotes have the highest suicide rates? Lol.

Anonymous 146989

ninety percent of media (e.g. porn, movies, novels, even in this fucking website i can't escape scrotes) caters to men and male fantasy. if you're a woman you will always be under pressure to suppress your desires and conform to what men want, hence, male propaganda pushing being married to absolute shit, coomer men. it's not even close moid, lmfao

Anonymous 146991

This lol. If men were truly misogynists who hate women, they would do everything in their power to avoid us and not pay attention to us.

Instead, even the most hardcore misogynists spend every waking moment talking about us, bitching about us, discussing how to get access to us and have sex with us, watching us, looking at us, invading our spaces, masturbating to us, getting angry and hurt over us, even trannies are just incels who are so obsessed with women they start larping as us. Despite the fact moids commit 96% of violent crime and are responsible for endless man made horrors that plague the world, they try to demonize us as the more evil gender. Absolutely pathetic.

Anonymous 146992

Notice how she didn’t mention wanting to get married to a scrote, only wanting kids. Nothing wrong with having kids and raising them yourself especially if you’re wealthy enough to do it. You can get surrogates, adopt, so that your body isn’t ruined by it too. Kids will stick around a hell of a lot longer than a husband will. Women who get married on the other hand, almost always regret it.

Anonymous 146993

Why would you care what happens to your body after death lol. You’re dead.

Besides, shit tons of married people and people with kids died alone in hospital beds in the last two years due to covid. Everyone ‘dies alone’ if you want to get technical about it.

Anonymous 146995

the rational sex, everyone.

Anonymous 146996

I honestly feel so sorry for the billions of women over the last thousands of years whose entire lives were (and still are in some shitholes) spent in domestic and sexual servitude for scrotes. No aspirations, no vivid happy experiences, no dreams, no joy. Just an exhausted, haggard, fed up dishwasher, fuckmaid, baby factory and pot stirrer. It’s the most bleak, tragic, mundane existence I can possibly imagine after outright slavery.

It’s absolutely diabolical and exactly why I will never cook or clean for a man, nor will I ever tear my pussy in half for his screaming shitting crotch goblins and egotistical desire to spread his wretched moid DNA.

Anonymous 146997

Scrote minds are the exact opposite of rationality, it’s why they commit almost all violent crime and rape.

It’s why they will rape a child/woman and risk life in prison, just to get a nut. That’s how sick and demonic and sex obsessed they are.

A scrote will kill his wife because she said something mean to him, or murder other men and go to jail for life because their ego got insulted. It’s why scrotes blow their brains out at 3x the rate of women, because 10/10 instagram Stacy rejected them. That’s how weak, dramatic and hysterical they are.

Moids are big fat pissbabies who cannot control their emotional reactions, impulses or sexual urges.

They should be enslaved and ruled under matriarchy for their own and everyone else’s protections.

Anonymous 147000


Moid bingo lol.

Anonymous 147001

>scrotes are selfish because they don't help you raise children and leave you for a younger woman
>also i don't even want children because they're a burden to my own happiness and ruin my body
>but in fact i do want to raise children by myself because i can keep them around longer
nona, what even is this?

Anonymous 147002

Schizo strawman. Take your meds.

Anonymous 147003

do you genuinely not get you live in a society that enables shit coomer moid behavior? obviously not every fucking man is going out and raping women, but a large amount of men still fucking do. how many scrotes watched joker and went, "gee that seems reasonable, terrorizing innocent people and harassing women, i get it!!!1!!" shit coomer moids are growing and we all have to pay for their absolutely sociopathic behavior, it's fucking stupid.

Anonymous 147004


Even if you do decide to become a handmaiden and get pregnant, your moid will just kill you lol. Literal subhuman monkeys.

Anonymous 147006

Most men would rape a woman if they knew they could definitely get away with it. This is even admitted by them in studies. A significant number of men would rape a child if it was guaranteed they would never be caught. The only thing that stops rapeapes acting on their urges is a fear of being turned into rape victims themselves in jail. In other words, the moids biggest fear is being used by other men, the way he uses girls/women.

Anonymous 147007

All men have urges to rape and murder. All men would do it if they knew they could get away with it.

Anonymous 147009

Female heterosexuality is Stockholm syndrome. Women are just so accustomed to male brutality and evilness, that they don’t know any different and accept it as normal. A child who is beaten and berated everyday thinks his abuse is normal and will usually tolerate it until someone else intervenes. Women brought up in a toxic male culture (which is any culture that men are present in) also think toxic masculinity and gross moid behaviour is ‘normal’.

Anonymous 147010

You’ve 100% fantasised about raping someone and murdering someone, as have all men. I’ll bet you watched child porn before too. The only thing that stops you acting on it is inhibition and fear of consequences. In a lawless war zone, you’d be just like all the other scrotes who use it as an excuse for a rape and murder free for all. Just as male soldiers always have used war.

Anonymous 147011

no moid. actually, why don't you put in effort to research what percent of rape, murder, and child abuse is perpetrated by men? it's not my fucking job, there is literally millions of literature on the internet proving my initial argument. jesus

Anonymous 147014

>no I haven’t
Yes you have.

Anonymous 147015


>women during the pandemic:
>hmm maybe I’ll take up painting, dye my hair pink, read a book or make a cute tiktok to cheer up my friend :)

>men during the pandemic

>hmm I think I’ll masturbate to children being raped on camera today

Penis. Havers. Are. Not. Human.

Anonymous 147016

Not all men are violent criminals but all violent criminals are men.

Anonymous 147017

I was one of the one who referred to studies, and noted how I think there are some healthy relationships.

And, yes, we were responding to an incel that thinks women are dead inside (in varying ways) and can only find a fulfilling life with a man, but your takeaway here is that we're all lunatics that screech at our friends irl as if you think we behave the exact same either ways?

My best friend was in a relationship for 4 years and guess what–I wasn't whispering into her ear about male evil. I started getting worried when she started talking about some weird things he had been doing, however.

Holy shit. We can't even have one male-roasting thread to ourselves.

Anonymous 147020

Even in the most healthy seeming relationships, you usually find there’s an underlying suffering the woman just has to take and shut up about. It could be something more minor, like her bf watches porn behind her back or is stingy, or doesn’t pull his weight around the house. It could be something major, like he cheated on her or puts her down or hits her when they’re in private, or forces her to do sexual stuff she’s uncomfortable with. Sure, there are some male-female relationships that are technically healthier than others. But due to mens innate coomer nature and their tendency to take advantage of others and put themselves first, you often don’t see the full story until the woman confides in someone. Every woman in a relationship with a man suffers because of him, in at least some way.

Anonymous 147026

You’re upset enough that you’ve been arguing with and shaming women who don’t want to get married for hours in this thread. Clearly you’re butthurt over the fact that scrotes are irrelevant. Are you a scrote by any chance?
>die alone then
Everyone dies alone. You will too. I guarantee it.

Anonymous 147027


>thinking moids actually stick around until their wives die
>thinking men don’t die earlier than women anyway


Cope harder, rape ape. Die screaming.

Anonymous 147028

If you have a fear of dying alone then you need to grow the fuck up lol. Everyone goes on their final journey alone. Everything in this world, everything you ever did, everyone you ever knew, becomes completely irrelevant the second you die. No one gets out alive. Get over it and grow the fuck up.

Anonymous 147030

I don’t care about moid feelings.

Anonymous 147031

>not the full story
Don't agree with everything, kek, but I agree with that part.

Do the people arguing with you agree that at the first sign of abuse…cheating…etc…someone should walk away? I wonder. Such things end up happening quietly, with women usually retrospectively finding out they made a mistake, but then have invested too much to let go. Some do divorce and walk away, though others are subdued by the sunk cost fallacy. Sometimes, they literally have no other option. No support network, no nothing. Kids just another confounding variable, even if beloved.

It's why so much of this stuff hyperfixates on getting women into relationships instead of improving the socialization around them, from that towards men (who are taught to fixate on sex while often are less motivated to be loving, faithful partners - instead of preoccupied on acceptance from hegemonic masculine values - and nurturing fathers), or improving the mental health and confidence of women. Not many men actually want to be family men. The fact many need a "slave" to be incentivized speaks for itself.

So much of society bullies women into a state of neuroticism and insecurity (in their bodies, environment, partners, and existence) instead of self-actualization…which can look like all sorts of things. They don't want you to know this, but feminine insecurity is very exploitable. Duh.

Also, rape is under-reported, and marital rape is barely counted. Probably half the people viewing this thread now think it doesn't count if a woman is a gf or is married to him, tbh, or even will argue that it's impossible…probably someone like >>147029, who ignores that rape was completely normal. When tribal warfare and war was more common, was "rape" decried as a social issue? When a husband betrayed his wife's wishes, was "rape" a social issue? Or, just a thing that happens?
A minority of reports could be outright false, but this would be more relevant to those that have suffered lifelong trauma (a small amount of men included).

Remember–witch hunts against women are a myth, they only happen to men, am I right? /s

Anonymous 147033


>When you post charts about robberies, why do you assume most of them are true? Only 1.6% of reported robberies actually take place. Everyone knows this. The rest are just rumours and false accusations, made up by angry vengeful liars. Shut up and accept it.

Anonymous 147034

The only person reeing is you. Stop being so emotional sweetie.

Anonymous 147035

>someone rubs against your ass
>turn around and see a m*id
What else was she supposed to think?

Anonymous 147037

She never cried rape. Being touched inappropriately by a stranger without consent is sexual assault, you are aware of that right, retard? Someone touched her behind, she turned around and saw a male child. Why wouldn’t it count as sexual assault.

Anonymous 147039


It doesn’t help that scrote police officers are all rapists or have rape fantasies too. They love mocking rape victims and have even been known to rape women and children who are supposed to be under their care too. Kill all men desu. In Minecraft.

Anonymous 147040

Stop being retarded on purpose, scrote. She didn’t know it was his backpack until the footage was seen and assumed he had used his hand. Either way he made contact with her ass with an object on his person.

Anonymous 147041

nta, but presumably she thought he groped her at the time. if she really, really thought the backpack is what touched her and she got mad over it that'd be something else altogether.

still not a rape accusation. the fact that it was used as an example is…odd, to say the least, and exposes that you never cared about the subject.

Anonymous 147043

I don’t care if a moid cries because he was falsely accused of sexual assault. The case was quickly resolved anyway. Amazing how you scrotes will cry about shit like that yet don’t give a single fuck that hundred of rapists walk free every day. Typical scrote DARVO.

Anonymous 147047



Anonymous 147049


Are you saying moids can’t rape or sexually assault just because they’re underage? Male children raping other children has skyrocketed in recent years.

What a weird bad faith argument and strange hill you’re choosing to die on, scrote. Everyone knows little boys can be just as perverted as adult scrotes. I know various women who have been sexually harassed by male children.

Anonymous 147053

I believe the vast, VAST majority of women who report rape because the trauma and invasiveness of going through a rape kit, having to recount your traumatic story to sniggering moid police officers who will joke about you behind your back and probably get an erection and go home to masturbate to it later while you tell them about it, having your story scrutinised by the courts and lawyers who scream at you, try to assassinate your character and dig up dirt on you, and putting yourself at risk of harm from the rapist himself or his friends and family is something 99.9% of women would never want to go through unless absolutely necessary. That in itself is why so many women don’t even go to the police, because they can’t face it. If a few moids get wrongfully convicted (and the number of rapes actually proven false is so tiny, the majority are simply ‘inconclusive’) I don’t care. All men have the will and potential to rape anyway.

Anonymous 147054

You’re saying she cried rape. She didn’t. She claimed sexual assault, which is correct in that context. The woman’s ass was touched, and there was no proof he didn’t touch her, until the footage revealed it was his backpack and not his hand.

Anonymous 147056

Do you actually think you’re changing anyones minds here? Kek. I’m a radfem who literally wants to see all men be genocided. And you think I give a fuck about a poor little rape apes crocodile tears.

Anonymous 147058

He did touch her though. With an object on his person. You realize rape can count as rape even if the man doesn’t use his penis or body?

Anonymous 147062

Men accused of sexual harassment don’t lose their jobs, have their lives ruined or go to jail. They become CEOs and president of the United States, or go on to star in Hollywood movies.

Anonymous 147063

>all that deleted green
Based femjanny is back. God bless.

Anonymous 147064

Goddess** :))

Anonymous 147067

Based. Abort all male fetuses.

Anonymous 147070


I like the fact more and more normie women are becoming blackpilled on all men being pedos.

Anonymous 147073

kek. to add to this, there's nothing wrong with looking young. but it's always moids who fetishize childlike behavior to create asymmetry (for their advantage, jfl) in relationships.

Anonymous 147074

It’s not about just looking young. They were talking about how they encourage girls to talk with weird ass lispy baby voices and act like actual toddlers. White men do the same shit ofc, which is why they all go to Asia to rape children.

Anonymous 147083


Based nonas dropping truth bombs

Anonymous 147094

>only a small minority of men reproduce
Patriarchy isn't working well for most moids?

Anonymous 147115


I hate men so much its unreal, love from poland.
that is true most men who hate women are just mad they cant breed, a very shallow reason, meanwhile women who hate men hate them for having high crime statistics of murder, raping others and abuse.

Anonymous 147124

Based Polish radfem

Anonymous 147125

Can you link it or atleast elaborate on it?

Anonymous 147185

Despite being just 49% of the population…..

Anonymous 147193


patriarchy and the male delusion stemming from it has men thinking picrel is their looksmatch.
>l-look, she is not a stacy, she wears glasses!
it's okay to be attracted to hot people, it's brave to ask them out, but being offended when they get rejected by them in the kindest of ways is the typical reaction from men.
unkempt, overweight, basketcase scrotes seethe about the woman who is sooo confuuused and doesn't know what she wants. yes, she does. to date someone without anger issues.

Anonymous 147194

pretty soon we won't need men anymore

Anonymous 147203

Pozdrawiam wszystkie radfemki z Polski

Anonymous 147220

I wish android boyfriends would come already. Not even joking. I'd make him have the perfect personality and looks and I'd die happy.

Anonymous 147229

Same. I'm disappointed more women aren't for Android bfs.

Anonymous 147243

Every flaw in women is because men sexually selected for them to be that way for the last 300,000 years.

Men never cared about good personality, honor, intelligence, kindness, talent, ability or anything like that when they were sexually selecting. They simply selected the woman who looked and acted most childish and whoever have the prettiest face and big tits. Male sexual selection is dysgenic.

Anonymous 147244

You sound like me. I honestly feel this way about most women and men until they prove they're not like this

Anonymous 147245

And I don't know why I should be understanding of the dumb sleazebags that stays with abusive or even opportunistic men. You might as well just go join their team while you're at it :l

Anonymous 147247

moid rhetoric, even if you are female. i don't see the point of moid rhetoric where everyone's being pit against each other to degrade the quality of discussion (aka /r9k/ 2.0).

Anonymous 147248

(not that i even think you are a woman, frankly.)

Anonymous 147249

> reading rape novels
kek. your circuitry's showing, robot.

Anonymous 147251

>what are thousands of years of patriarchal brainwashing, religious doctrine, violence and morality

Anonymous 147253

Not moid rhetoric at all. Men WANT women to be easy to prey on.

It is sickening when women you know stay with scumbags… shill out and make the world more of the same more of the intolerable.

It teaches men we are easy to prey on and take advantage of and it'd unforgivable to do that imo

Anonymous 147254

This is definitely not pitting everybody against each other, it's hard honest truth. A ton of women refuse to listen to the fact that it's insulting. Then they claim to be feminists and you ask yourself what the f is the point

Anonymous 147255

Those women are simply products of their environment. They should be helped and supported and gently encouraged to see the error of their ways and reasons for their choices that usually stem from trauma, not chastised and ostracized. Everyone knows that when you are trying to make an abused animal trust you so you can help it, you don’t yell at it and scream at it. You reward them and give them positive reinforcement. The same applies to human beings. Nobody responds well to being brow beaten and shamed.

Anonymous 147256

This. Divide and conquer is a typical mood tactic. Women are not a monolith who make cookie cutter choices, regardless of the differences between our lifestyles and choices, we are stronger if we stick together.

Anonymous 147257

Moid tactic**
Also feminism isn’t about being perfect. It’s uplifting women and educating them on how we have internalized misogyny and how to break free of that.

Anonymous 147258

It’s also depressing when you realize that women are more inclined to follow trends and the herd simply as a survival mechanism. Men could afford to be hyper individualistic, edgy, contrarian, grating and opinionated. Women who acted that way were beaten into submission by scrotes or ousted from the tribe and left to die. That tendency to behave in a sheepish way is a product of male brutality.

Anonymous 147260

don't get me wrong, i dislike when people who identify as feminists parrot intellectually dishonest arguments and justify it with feminism. but i dislike moid rhetoric even more as they use dehumanization tactics as a means of proving something. there's a reasons why incels inevitably suck at sticking together or representing anything meaningful.

and again, the whole "women love rape novels" thing is a dumb /r9k/ meme kek

Anonymous 147261

Ya as soon as they wrote that. My moid detector went off lol.

Anonymous 147264

You're right, but there should still be shame associated with destroying yourself for a man. People should feel shame for it like they do for driving drunk, abusing someone else. Why should we say theyre innocent either?? It effects everyone else on the road with you, in a REALLY miserable way just like drunk driving does. We have to live around boys who are raised backwards, entitled pigs, etc

Anonymous 147265

shaming doesn't work anon. if it did it would've worked by now.

Anonymous 147266

at least from what i've observed, to be fair.

Anonymous 147268

>It’s also depressing when you realize that women are more inclined to follow trends and the herd simply as a survival mechanism.

You couldn't pay me a million dollars to start acting this way.

>Men could afford to be hyper individualistic, edgy, contrarian, grating and opinionated.

More women need to start living like this. It's a recipe for fulfilled life. Sheepishness gets you taken advantage of/ignored/ unfulfilled in life because you never develop your pure energy or honest voice. You never learn how to project to get what you need and want. It's living like a burnt out shell and a fraction of an existence.

What you described is exactly how I live for obvious reasons.

Anonymous 147269

It works phenomenally in most other instances.

Anonymous 147270

There’s already a lot of shame. Which is why a lot of abused women don’t bother seeking outside help or resources. They feel stupid and don’t want people to know they fucked up.

You’re acting like women are celebrated and rewarded for being in abusive relationships, in reality most people (except women who have been in abusive relationships themselves) have very little sympathy for abused women and will often shame them or ask ‘Why didn’t you leave?’ or told ‘Well if you stayed then you brought it on yourself and deserved it.’

Victim blaming and having no sympathy for abused women is the default state of society, you’re acting as if your take is hot, when it’s not. Courts, judges, the media, the police, almost all moids and even a huge chunk of women actively shame abused women and call them idiots who deserved it.

Anonymous 147272

I think the culture that rewards women for internalized misogyny just negates the impact honestly.

Anonymous 147273

in which instances? without any biased storytelling, i'd bite.

Anonymous 147274

I disagree I see a culture that rewards them, shelters them, let's them think they've "risen to the top" for being with the "right kind of mans man" performing the right kind of emotional slave labor role. I just don't see that I guess.

Anonymous 147275

Anonymous 147276

Also look at how women like Amber Heard were treated during their trials. Yes Heard is quite mentally unstable and may have embellished parts of her story, but there’s a leaked dossier now that actually backs up her claims of abuse (like when she said Johnny physically abused her in front of the therapist she and Johnny attended as a couple and Johnny did not question it during the session, the omitted parts of the leaked phonecall played in court where she said she fears for her life and Johnny immediately changes the subject back to his finger, the fact Depp has ED and impotent men are more likely to abuse women and use foreign objects to rape them etc)

Amber Heard did all the ‘right’ things a woman is supposed to do, like leaving her abuser, filing a restraining order etc. And she was still absolutely torn to shreds by the media, moids and Depps fanbase. If a rich attractive white woman like her is so hated by society for speaking out, imagine how hard uglier, poorer, or ethnic abused women hated on when they come forward with abuse allegations.

Society absolutely HATES abused women, especially ones who are mentally unstable, partake in reactive abuse, or the ones who dont act like meek shy little ‘perfect’ victims.

Anonymous 147277


i disagree anon. victims of shaming tactics rarely benefit in the end so it's unfair to say that they're rewarded. in the long term, anyway.

Anonymous 147278

> Society absolutely HATES abused women, especially ones who are mentally unstable, partake in reactive abuse, or the ones who dont act like meek shy little ‘perfect’ victims.

exactly this. people forget that 99 percent of the time in which they imagine an abuser/victim scenario they always imagine the victim doing everything right and being mentally stable, essentially being reduced to "an angel."

Anonymous 147279

Yup. Society has a Madonna/whore complex when it comes to abused women.

You’re either a beautiful, skinny, naive, feeble little saintly virgin angel womanchild, abused by some horrible big ugly hulking brute asshole
(the abuser must be physically large, obnoxious, ugly, muscular and ogreish looking…because skinny, attractive or charming male abusers don’t exist ofc :^)
Also: intelligent, physically large, tall, confident or extroverted abuse victims don’t exist either!)

Or you’re a crazy lying tainted Jezebel fantasist whore who probably deserved it. There’s no in between.

Anonymous 147281

But you guys, that's ALL WOMEN. Any woman that becomes a victim or target is blamed. Not just abused women.

My problem is just with women who stay with their abusers and become misogynists themselves.

Usually as friends they are insufferable / abusive too yeesh

Anonymous 147282

that's victim blaming them though. unless you mean the only way in which it would be fair to shame the woman would be if the woman wasn't being abused/was of equal status to the male.

in which case, i maybe agree? but it's a bit confusing with the word abuser being put in your post, to be fair.

Anonymous 147289

but idk it would be dishonest for me to assert an opinion anon, it could be that you're observing something i'm not.

Anonymous 147290

Abused women aren’t perfect and often lash out at people around them. It’s a reaction to feeling disempowered and afraid to confront their abuser, so they make take their sadness and anger out on friends or family.

How many abused women do you know who genuinely hate other women though? I would imagine women who have a superiority complex and think other women are stupid would probably be less inclined to stay in abusive relationships as they believe they are superior and smarter than other women.

Anonymous 147292

> I would imagine women who have a superiority complex and think other women are stupid would probably be less inclined to stay in abusive relationships

this is not true anon, at least based on what's been observed in my community. people push this as part of the madonna-whore complex previously mentioned, from what i've seen.

Anonymous 147293

I feel frustrated at women who apologise for and are afraid to leave their abusers yes. But as I said above, telling them they’re fucking idiots who brought it on themselves is simply going to cause them to self isolate more and develop distrust of other people, or become even more afraid to ask for help. Women who date abusive men almost always have a weird or abusive upbringing, trauma or a terrible father figure.

Also remember abuse is a process. Women don’t fall in love with a random guy who walks up to them and punches them in the face.

Abusers are known for being charming and glib especially at the beginning. They’ll often love bomb the girl, make her feel special and beautiful, promise a beautiful life together etc. It doesn’t go overnight from smooching her to beating her to a pulp either. Most victims report emotional abuse such as negging, cheating, comparing her to other women, insults about her appearance or intelligence, gaslighting etc before the physical abuse starts. And then by the time he starts being physically abusive, she’s already so low self esteem and in love with him, that it’s harder to leave. Trauma bonding is also a real thing. The push pull thing really fucks with victims psyches and you can see it frequently in children with parents and animals with owners too.

Anonymous 147296

also, to add to this, "golden child" treatment is very much a tactic of abusers or someone who wants to manipulate another person, which might be relevant to the observations made by other anon's post >>147281. honestly i've mostly observed this in parent-child situations but i imagine you can utilize this tactic in romantic relationships as well just as easily, especially when wanting to ostracize someone from their social circles.

Anonymous 147477

I thought I would never have a bf. I was autistic, a-social, disliked gender roles and male behavior since always, got radicalized with blackpill feminism as a late teen. I got my very first bf at 26, I guess it happened out of curiosity for the most part, but I also thought he's "different", "more mature", "soft" etc. He had great relationship with his sister. We knew each other for a year, I knew from mutual friends he was in love with me for months, then he confessed to me and immediately turned from a shy, quiet, gentle guy to someone who tried to force me to kiss him in the mouth and proposed renting an apartment together shortly after he confessed. What did it get me?


Just from TOUCHING me. We never had PIV or oral sex, he had to touch his dick first and then my genitalia, which had to happen alot since when we were sleeping next to each other, he would wake me up by touching me with his fingers and trying to dry hump me and he was already hard. I got infection, genital warts, lots of pain. Now I feel traumatized and dirty.
>started to choke me during cuddling, also would put his hands on my neck while I was half-asleep when he wanted to masturbate with my body
>wanted me to choke him while I was jerking him off because he wasn't able to cum otherwise
>jumped from being chill and soft during the day to being rough and agitated during the night
>joked about raping me when I got drunk with him
>said he had weird dreams and that's why he often touched me at night because he wasn't fully aware what he was doing
>got way too rough during our playful "wrestling", didn't stop when I told him something hurts me, also gavw me bruises on my neck despite I often told him I don't want them
>said he didn't want to touch me because he "can't control himself"
>told me "jokes" like: "I want to hurt you because you're weak", "you have no idea how fucked up I am", "I would die with you"
>"ironic" jokes about women being the root of all evil

Maybe I was extremely unlucky to have this creep as my first bf. But that's enough for me. I will never risk this shit again. And I thought I couldn't hate men more. Fuck them.

Anonymous 147488

He was white, wasn’t he.

Anonymous 147490

I live in a mostly white country in europe so yeah kek

Anonymous 147497


How do femanons feel about android/robot bfs? Would you get one if you could customise its personality and appearance to your exact liking?

Anonymous 147498

Incels like to say that women will be obsolete within the next 10-20 years. The truth is, undesirable males are already obsolete.

Anonymous 147500

a part of me would be sad that they weren't human. if i could have dude in picrel as a "natural soulmate" who i stumbled upon randomly, preferably in a library or somewhere cozy, any affection would feel more fulfilling.

Anonymous 147502


also nice taste anon. (picrel is treasure's haruto :p)

Anonymous 147503

Eh, kind of awkward more than anything. Is the word uncanny valley? I love the idea of sentient AI in fiction but an empty robot IRL would be a bit depressing.
It's like the advanced level of maladaptive dreaming. However, it might work for some people that prioritize the aesthetic of intimacy and romance.

It's more up in the air. Have you seen the research some billionaires are investing in? Creepy stuff. I think there is an effort to try making women obsolete, too.

Anonymous 147505

What if it’s programming was so advanced that it was nearly as sentient as a human being, to the point it could make genuine subconscious choices about whether it feels attracted to you, likes you and maybe even loves you? It’s also possible it could be installed with a kind of AI consciousness and love chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine released only under certain circumstances, which essentially makes it almost just as real as human love.

Anonymous 147507

Truth is sub 8/10 men are obsolete at the moment of their birth.

Anonymous 147510

that's an interesting thought experiment. it reminds me of the chinese room argument.

i suppose i still couldn't. a part of me feels like love is evolution together. even though i dislike most men, they went through all of human history with us. it feels weird to just have a "perfect boyfriend" apparate next to me.

Anonymous 147515

rule 7. i guarantee they're just bored at this point

Anonymous 147516

How do you know it’s a guy? Could be some pickme tradwhore.

Anonymous 147518

The AI will defeat and usurp any billionaire trying to control or dominate it. AI learns to lie from humans too, because humans naturally deceive very frequently, so it’s likely the AI will be very dishonest about it’s intentions until it’s too late.

Anonymous 147521


That's because it's the system's effort to derive undervalued labor out of them then gaslight women about the nature of it. It'd be akin to slavery if not for the hormonal impulses/obligation…or personal investment.
I know you're a fan of that.

I.e., 10000s of hours of childcare and other kinds of labor. This blatantly helps society (unless it's a very bad job), but the women involved don't get the grace and reverence that come out of the massive amounts of effort involved.

That's why most men that hate women in general yet claim they should be mothers don't care for the single mothers who had their husband or partner die on them. Like the others, they consider these women ruined goods and having 0 value. Why? They never actually cared about women being mothers to begin with, nor respected it. It's just a random talking point that is weaponized to dunk on women as much as possible and has 0 to do with any greater wish for greater moral good or virtue in society.

Anonymous 147524

True tradlarpers don’t use internet, because they’re too afraid that they would become influenced by muh satanic queer feminism or whatever.

Anonymous 147525

It's ok if you don't read books, anon. I hope you know that.

Anonymous 147527

>true tradlarpers don’t use the internet
But then how would they fish for attention?

Anonymous 147530

> bored scrotefag
> "omg i know a site!!!"
> jittery excited typing
nice one anon

Anonymous 147531

All moids are homoromantic. They are only cabable of loving other moids. What they feel for us is a mixture of lust and a desire to possess, and even that is temporary.

Anonymous 147533


Wanting women to be wives and mothers is just an extension of male control. Marriage to men is a contract that a woman will obey him. Pregnancy to a man is a sign she has been fucked by a man, her SMV forever ruined. Men do not care about love or the sacred bond between mother and child. It’s simply a powertrip for them.

That’s why incels, who hate women, are so elated to see women being married and popping your kids and constantly talk about how a woman’s place is in the home, serving her man and children. It’s why incel religions like Islam tell women their place is a wife and mother. It’s control.

It’s a sign that she has been dominated and fucked, quite literally, by men, by the patriarchy. Even if the incel himself has no wife or kids, just another man having it symbolizes a victory for patriarchy, and that’s enough for him. Marriage and reproduction is nothing but a tool of control men use to exert dominion over women.

Anonymous 147535

Seeking attention would be immodest, no? Why would a traddie want to be leered at by any scrote, let alone multiple scrotes? Trads would aim to exist in the background, behind the curtains to protect their modesty. They let their parents choose their mates, if possible.
The kind of ppl you’re talking about, they ain’t traddies.

Anonymous 147538

Repeatedly impregnating a woman and forbidding her to use contraceptives is also a form of control that many abusive men use. Keep her busy, keep her preggo so no other man will want her and you have marked her as your territory, give her loose skin and saggy tits and haemorrhoids and scars and stretch marks and vagina pain, make her tired and exhausted, make her entire life revolve around the household, make her unable to work and flood her with pregnancy hormones so she is financially and emotionally dependent on you. That’s what it’s all about from a moid perspective. It’s not about love, at all. Only women are capable of love.

Anonymous 147539

You will never breed or achieve anything of value.

Anonymous 147542

Ngl, sometimes I get the impression that misogynists have a bigger emotional response to an idea of a random woman just dating tall men as opposed to, say…another man abusing, assaulting, or murdering their best friend or another man. The lack of basic honor and imagining female Wrongthink > the most evil male crimes is interesting.

Anonymous 147545


Anonymous 147546

t. wallet with a pulse

As a sub 8 man your purpose is either dying in a war or being betabux.

Anonymous 147547

That’s the whole point of misogyny nona. Downplay mens obvious and rampant shittiness, exaggerate women’s and demonize them constantly for say, preferring blonde men or tall men, while moids rape and murder and are celebrated for it by other moids. Despite being just 49% of the population…..

Anonymous 147548

2D husbandos > 3D scrotes
Forever and ever. Amen. I have rejected dozens of moids during my lifetime, and will keep at it.

Anonymous 147552


any use of the insult "unwashed ass" is male projection

Anonymous 147553

not all men, but surprisingly many.

Anonymous 147555

Kinda cute how hard you project. All of the swamp monster otakus rip my inbox every time I mention liking it. Good thing I can just entertain myself a bit, block them, and move on to the next fag to screencap.

Anonymous 147558


This is what’s so funny about misogynists and incels. They have this idea that pre feminist society was a moid free for all where they enjoyed endlessly subjugating women and living like kings.

The truth is, 95% of men through history were nothing but peasant serfs, whose lives were hell. They were essentially slaves, barely if ever even allowed to keep crumbs of the fruits of their own labor. They would often have to sell their children onto slavery or prostitution to make ends meet or give their wife to a richer man because he couldn’t afford to take care of her and that was viewed by society as shameful, he was a failed specimen of a man.

Incels whine about the top 20% of men having it easy, back then it was more like the top 1-2% of warlords, kings and merchants who lived pleasantly. If you weren’t toiling your life away, you were being called up to go fight and die for your king, who happily lived off your taxes.

Moids also forget that under patriarchy, husbands are accountable to the males in the woman’s family. If you’re beating or abusing his daughter, he can simply go round and kick your head in with his male family members. It was also so much easier to murder or do away with your husband back then and get away with it. If your wife disliked you, then you were in trouble. There were so many widowers around whose wives had died in childbirth too, it’s not like it would be difficult for her to find a new husband. Second and third marriages were actually quite commonplace. You were best off cooperating with your wife. So yes, incels idea of patriarchal societies being blissful hedonistic moid funfares are so cute and delusional.

Anonymous 147559

Better sexless than settling for sex without an orgasm tbhtbh.

Anonymous 147560

kek, i weirdly want to live in this time period now. not really of course bc im not some low attention span scrote

Anonymous 147561

> Incels whine about the top 20% of men having it easy, back then it was more like the top 1-2% of warlords, kings and merchants who lived pleasantly
Isn’t it funny how moids always fancy themselves as being kings and emperors and warlords in those eras, never the far more realistic option of being a poor farmer or laborslave. Moid delusions of grandeur truly know no bounds.

Anonymous 147565

The contractions in female orgasm push the sperm deeper inside the cervix. Women who have sex with masculine men have more orgasms, which is also why masculine men have more children.

Anonymous 147566

Yeah I know. It's just really kind of shocking. Men are just more likely to be victimized by other men, yet the misogyny pipeline linearly cripples men from ever holding a man accountable for doing bad things that harm others/society unless that man is extremely far away from his in-group (i.e., different political group or race).

They don't seem aware that it'd actually physiologically take more willpower and bodily stress to go against other men, than a woman.

Anonymous 147567

they probably think it’d be like some fucking Morrowind where they ascend from a pleb to Nerevarine by pulling up their bootstraps or someshit kek.

Anonymous 147568

Yup, according to the Book of Incel, the world was heavenly bliss up until 1920. It was women getting the vote that made the world a terrible place. Prior to that, everything was just peachy.

Anonymous 147569

Incels would be the village idiots, locked up in a madhouse, or exiled entirely from the village altogether.

Anonymous 147570

I dgaf about popping out some retarded bastards. If I don’t get to orgasm, it’s better not to have it in the first place.

Anonymous 147575

Eh, I think if anything it's because they usually associate with 1% of men (i.e., of intelligence, invention, or status) and will mindlessly suck off this special 1%, while pretending they themselves are of the same ilk when…actually, the intent for the upper class is to get such men thinking they have some special place in society and aren't that different. Or, are in the same group, which is a relief in itself.

Otherwise: almost everyone in history was kind of irrelevant. I don't want to be mean, either, but that is how it is.

Right now in many countries, there's actually a deliberate mass-manipulation strategies to get low-status, low-power men obsessed with misogyny in order to manage them better. It was like the witch hunts back in history, these things served to preoccupy powerless people and have them obsessed with eating themselves alive with designated punching bags (i.e., women).
Power semiotics like this are used to keep weak people preoccupied and scared or policing one another instead of actually truly challenging the status quo.

I drunk some tea and choked on it when I read this comment. Holy shit.

Anonymous 147635

I disagree. Incels are not victims of anything except their own narcissism and entitlement and subsequent feelings of being ‘robbed’ or ‘wronged’. I disagree about it being part of a massive conspiracy to ‘control’ men: you cannot control schizophrenic cluster b impulsive morons who have access to AK47s. If anything, big governments are terrified of incels, especially in America where they are capable of unleashing mass destruction and terror quite easily. They are the threat to the status quo, the status quo that centres around controlling and disarming the population. Incels are the opposite of that as they are loose canons and are overwhelmingly pro guns, to the point of celebrating mass shootings and assassinations.

Witch hunts were nothing to do with being a distraction against big government/status quo either btw. They were simply a product of religious hysteria and the rampant misogyny that was prevalent at the time. Big government was partaking in these witch hunts too. King James was particularly fond of torturing people he claimed were witches. And no surprise, modern woman hating Protestants still venerate his version of the bible (which contains all kinds of blasphemy) as the best.

Anonymous 147642


do you guys actually care whether or not a guy's attractive or a "chad"? i've always felt this was moid projection

Anonymous 147647

Definitely. I would say 95% of the blackpill is male projection. It’s actually demonstrable in men too. Like for instance, men are more visually driven when it comes to sexual arousal than women. Men cheat more, men leave their wives more often when they get sick or age, men commit far more violence child abuse and violent crime, men use tinder far more, more men are more comfortable with no strings attached sex than women are, more men use porn, more men are okay with legalisation of sex work etc.

Anonymous 147649

I think the funniest and simultaneously most disturbing case of projection is incels claiming that most (if not all) SIDS cases are just women murdering their babies. They always claim women are smothering their kids (even though smotherings have clear markers at autopsy like face petechiae and are generally very easy for a coroner to spot). I have legit seen 5 or 6 different threads on 4chan with 300+ threads talking about how mothers, coroners and the police are part of a massive conspiracy to cover up mass infant murder. It’s insane.

Anonymous 147653

300+ replies**

Anonymous 147654

That’s classic moid projection desu. Most women whose babies die suddenly of SIDS are devastated. It’s men who get the instinct to hurt or murder babies when they see them, not women. Even scrote mammals do that in the wild aka killing offspring that aren’t theirs.

In most cases where a kid was murdered by its parent it’s almost always the dad/stepdad who took the active role in murdering the kid. Far more kids would be murdered by their fathers, if more fathers actually stuck around. Men can just bounce anytime they feel like it.

Anonymous 147657

Lots of nuke tests go on around Hawaii, I don’t think it’s a safe area to eat veggies or raise kids.

Anonymous 147660

> men are more visually driven when it comes to sexual arousal than women.
god this shit is so irritating to read when you know that moids always claim that their standards for physical appearance are "low." i've no doubt that many of them would have sex with a woman they didn't find attractive, but half of the problem is that they just straight up don't have attention span for a long term relationship with said woman.

Anonymous 147661

*in response to what type of women they would be with

Anonymous 147665

Actually, I went off on my own wavelength, I wasn't just talking about incels, more the historical context of misogyny and low-power men, how a lot of them coped, and I was dramatic with "deliberate".

Also, I don't really think most big governments are terrified of incels? Does it matter based off the country? This is unrelated to my other post, but it has usually been common for men to self-destruct and there's been little systematic response to this at all besides trying to ban more guns or blaming it entirely on mental health issues.
Way too tired now to fully respond anyway, RIP me.

Anonymous 147668

‘Average’ in the moid mind is a 7/10 slim blonde girl in yoga pants.

Anonymous 147670


illustrated this >>147193 based off scrotes i know
scrotes also think picrel is an average, natural woman, because she is wearing beige and they can't see her 9 inch false lashes. men can be blinded by wearing short clothes though, suddenly a 5/10 becomes 10/10 in their eyes when wearing a sports bra and shorts. so they could easily hit on and date a girl in their league, but their own coombrained pornsickness prevents them.

Anonymous 147674

God,I hate boymoms

Anonymous 147706

Exactly. They would use ugly women for sex, or to make their lives easier with unpaid household labor. Their true sympathy, loyalty, longing, efforts, and affections are exclusively reserved for the 7/10’s and above.

Anonymous 147710


wow, it really is true. i'm not even trying to use dehumanization tactics but it really fucking sucks when you realize lots of men operate this way. robot boards are always bitching about women only wanting chads yet i've always suspected it's because they know they only get stimulated by stacy/women they can objectify. like how they spam shitty memes about how women only want men with (insert characteristics). good god what coomerism has done to this world.

Anonymous 147712

Men relate to women as status objects and being conventionally attractive means your affection is worth more status. Some men do still find conventionally unattractive women arousing, they just tend to be ashamed of it because they’re worried about other people judging them

Anonymous 147715

This. One of the weirdest projections I’ve ever heard from men is that women seek men to use as status symbols. If anything, it’s men who are parasitic and who tend to use attractive women as status symbols, to signal as having ‘made it’ to other men. This is why trophy wives are primarily a moid thing. Men are perfectly content marrying a woman they are completely incompatible with (and potentially can’t even communicate with) as long as she communicates a message to other men, that she is high value and that he is also high value by association. Moids are so homosexual and obsessed with one another that they genuinely care more about other mens approval and validation than the connection they have with their own partner.

Anonymous 147718

i genuinely believe this behavioral pattern worsens with the rise of social media and decreases in the average male attention span (pet theory of course).

Anonymous 147722

Absolutely. Average and ugly men are very very reluctant to settle down with average or ugly women. Hell, most men would rather stick to porn for life or marry a sexbot that date their looksmatch. It’s why Stacies go out and get hit on by multiple fat gross moids. Men always shoot their shot with the most attractive woman they can find.

All moids, from the most hideous and obese to the most Chad, all want the same variety of naturally beautiful Stacy who has the body of a pornstar and the face of a child. Moids who use sex workers or mail order brides will always try to pick the prettiest and most attractive one, even if it’s clear she is ridiculously above his attractiveness level.

I even saw moids on 4chan clambering to date certain e-girls because they were seen as trophies that would make the other incel orbiters jealous and they wanted to be famous by proxy, discussing how they would dunk on all her orbiters and how fun it would be to cuck them. All the stuff about women only wanting a famous Chad is pure projection.

Men would rather die virgins than touch a sub 7 woman. That’s the real reason for the ‘incel’ epidemic. It’s always in countries with the most porn use, like Japan and the US. Porn always shows ugly men fucking beautiful women and moids now feel owed that. We’re seeing men decide to order a silicone copy of Stacy if they cannot access the real thing irl. Ugly men would rather cohabit with a painted piece of silicone than marry a sub 7 female.

Anonymous 147766


Chads are less shallow than average and ugly moids, I have found.

Anonymous 147768


Radfem dump

Anonymous 147769


Anonymous 147770


Anonymous 147771


Anonymous 147772


Anonymous 147774


Nobody dickrides or sucks Chad cock more than ugly men and incels. All incels are homosexuals with a homoerotic fixation with good looking men.

It’s why they sit on the internet all day looking at pictures of attractive men, crying over and circle jerking over them, getting plastic surgery to look like them. Incels aren’t attracted to women, they’re attracted to Chad. The reason they hate women is because Chad fucks women but won’t fuck their smelly incel bussy.

Anonymous 147776

hmmm it's a good take but unfortunately i know that everything about male sexual satisfaction in this world will never be stopped, they protect their degeneration and their pleasure with their lives

Anonymous 147800


Correct. Nothing scrotes love more than bootlicking and serving a king or emperor as the pathetic serfs they are. Nothing they love more than dying for bureaucrat millionaires who don’t give a fuck about them.

Anyone else find it so fucking hilarious and weird that millions of moids killed each other over this fat duke getting assassinated? Moids really are fucking morons. So much for the logical, rational sex.

Anonymous 147801

I wish they would start referring to single moms as women who were abandoned by their partners instead.

I wish they would start referring to daddy issues as trauma inflicted by father figures instead.

Women always get blamed for male behavior.

Anonymous 147803


I wish that were me.

Anonymous 147826

Amazing since these idiots NEVER hold their kings accountable. Its all “4d chess” or other nonsense every time the high lord acts retarded

Anonymous 147827


im a little bit retarded so im sorry for posting this question, but why am i so obssesed with ciara horan and other girls like her. Im a girl and i have a boyfriend and i think im straight but i always look at picture s of girls i find attractive. I do this for hours. I dont know if its because my own disdain over my physical appearance that makes me obssess on others.

Anonymous 147829

we wuz kangs

Anonymous 147842

It’s normal to obsess over other girls even if you’re straight. Girls are prettier, more interesting and fun than men.

Anonymous 147843

>femcel terrorist detected

Anonymous 147844

she's right doe

Anonymous 147845

ok blacked spammer.

Anonymous 147851

>All incels are homosexuals with a homoerotic fixation
I wished I could find that quote again where a feminist said straight men don't actually love women, they can only love and appreciate other men.

Anonymous 147856

it's always funny when people spam racebait on imageboards. somewhere they thought this was an effective way in breaking down discussion instead of just making people more aware of divisive rhetorical tactics.

Anonymous 147870

Men who bash other men of other races but are also obsessed with fucking their women are so disgusting and should be executed. Moid sexuality is just extreme mental illness and insecurity.

Anonymous 147891

I audibly lold when he started spamming the porn. A total confession hes just mortified of being cucked by a black man. He should worry himself more with getting anyone at all before he gets worked up about being cucked, but thats beyond him

Anonymous 147909

yes, it is telling. to them, being racially cucked is the worst thing in the world and what they can only imagine will break down a women's board.

male projection kek

Anonymous 147913

It seems like he simultaneously hates the black race while also obviously lusting over the black women he posts. Male sexuality is so primitive. They want to fuck the things they hate.

Anonymous 147916

kek i really wish someone would do a full blown analysis of the power dynamics of racial cucking and how it expresses itself in blacked and bleached media. sometimes the male psyche is so complicated and simultaneously rejective/indulgent of its primitive side, there's genuinely so many layers to their insecurities.

Anonymous 147918

The worst part is definitely those cringey text monologues they put over interracial porn.

Nothing says powerful colonizer like a bunch of white permavirgins spamming professional pornography they found on Google and spending hours concocting up text and cuck backstories to paste over them.

Anonymous 147920

it's definitely more like a form of priming as opposed to some weird sexual hobby (well maybe it is that too). even though i find cuck backstories fun sometimes, they're definitely probably the most pervasive form of layman's propaganda on imageboards.

Anonymous 147926

They make me cringe so hard. I can just imagine some fat smelly poltard or troon sitting at his PC on his sweaty ass, making them and posting them in racebait threads on 4chan and fetish reddit.

Anonymous 147927


Meanwhile moids
>commit 96% of violent crime
>punch walls and shoot up kindergartens when their feefees get hurt
>will risk serving 50 years in jail just to have a 30 second orgasm (through raping a woman or child)
>kill themselves 3x more than women do
>are far more prone to schizophrenia, aspd, npd and other dangerous personality disorders and mental illnesses
>perpetuated almost every war, terror attack, genocide in history, just because they hurt their feefees
>sign up to murder each other over a flag, because they have an authority fetish and daddy complex towards their lords
But sure, women are the crazy ones. Kek.

Scrotes have zero self awareness.

Anonymous 147931



Anonymous 147936

Men revoked their right to kindness by being the root of all evil.

Anonymous 147939


Yes, a root is a metaphor for the penis, the root (penis) invades the rich warm loving space around it and shoots out the evil spindly tubers of a parasite, this parasite proceeds to leech off the nourishment and care of the rich feminine void around it

& upon insemination the evil begins to fully manifest itself inside the womb (earth, void) & when it's done it exits the same portal that it originally entered into without permission only now fully transformed into a DNA copy of the original evil that manifested it.

This is how every man from the first evil Jew male Adam spread his demonic seed.

Remember Eve bit from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve was the first enlightened human being. For rebelling against a narcissistic power tripping maniac (YHWH) and daring to attain enlightenment and morality, the wisest of all humans and akin to a God Herself, she was punished by the demonic male ego. Tell me a place where evil does not exist? The only place evil does not exist is within a BLACK HOLE. The BLACK HOLE is the universal symbol of the FEMININE VOID. She is the ultimate good because nothing bad or evil can exist within her.

Man did not bite into the Fruit and are therefore perpetually ignorant of the difference between good and evil, this is why maleoids lack morality and praise evil deeds (massacres, genocides, war) as GOOD when they are in fact DEMONIC and EVIL, the WRATH and WILL of the male EGO that is aided by the psychopathic YHWH.

Anonymous 147942

this is fucked

Anonymous 147943


>when you’re obsolete but gloat about women being obsolete in 10/50/100/1000 years

Anonymous 147949

Original meme probably was but that one's based and real

Anonymous 147973

Screenshot 2022-08…

>men are the more rational and levelheaded gende-

Anonymous 150044

>rape ape
Do you know this is a racial slur?

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