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Traveling Anonymous 140376

Have you done it before? Which places did you go to? How was it like? Any recommendations?

Anonymous 140379


Love the cold

Anonymous 140380

Wow you have been to a lot of places. I have only been to canada once with the alaska marine highway.
How was indonesia? Did you go to bali or some other island? What about india? Can you go to those places alone?

Anonymous 140382

Yea I went to Bali, it was loads of fun. I probably would've enjoyed India more if it were a vacation, but I actually lived there for a year and had to go to school and stuff. I'd say Bali and maaaaybe Kerala (India) are safe to travel alone, but I REALLY recommend you don't with the rest of India. Many of the moids there are hyper-creeps; (coming from an Indian) Also are you living in Alaska? If so, lucky

Anonymous 140390

What about colombia, cr and panama?
>Also are you living in Alaska?
Yes. I live somwhere in the 9nside passage.
>if so lucky
Nah its depressing in winter and the bugs are huge. I am probably going to move to europe because i have a useless degree thats probably only useful there.

Anonymous 140398

Costa Rica is AWESOME, everything from the cities to the beaches to the rainforests are beautiful. Colombia's pretty great too, but I'm pretty biased towards it 'cause I have family there (Colombian mom, Indian dad) From what I remember the beaches in places like Cartagena are really nice. I don't have a lot to say about Panama, I just visited for a bit after crossing over for Colombia, they're pretty similar.

Anonymous 140436


aa I love travelling, want to see every country at some point tbh, can't wait for the plane travel situation to return to "normal"(lol)

Anonymous 140439

How was China?

Anonymous 140440

I was only in hong kong, so it feels a bit like cheating to mark the whole thing lol. it was pretty nice, really liked the aesthetic of the city and the mountain hikes. i am half-planning a trip deep into mainland china soon tho, hope I'll make it

Anonymous 140480


Thats where i have been so far. I am quite old and didnt travel that much but here it is.

Anonymous 140974


Anonymous 140978

I was part of this tour thing for school and went to Britain, Germany, France, Austria and Czech Republic. I am going to sound like a piece of shit but i hated it tbh. being trapped in a different culture is terrifying and confusing and my retard ass kept getting lost. There were people everywhere and shit there was just to much going on. It was overall just stressful. idk why people like traveling so much.

Anonymous 141657

crystal map.png

Anonymous 141671


I've travelled a lot for uni, then work doing genetic and medical surveys. Honestly, the only place I'd recommend visiting for fun would be Argentina because it is so varied and beautiful. I just want to visit a country that isn't stinking hot and humid.

Anonymous 141672


Being older helps.

Anonymous 141673

What does the green mean

Anonymous 141683


I don't even want to go outside.

Anonymous 141708

I'm trying to get to png. Is ot a nice place?

Anonymous 141709

How was french guiana? What about chile uruguay and argentina?

Anonymous 141715


Yes I'm serious


Anonymous 141717

It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The highlands are so steep that the view just drops away to misty valleys of untouched rainforest, then rise again to more mountains in the distance. The entire landscape is primeval in a way that even untouched parts of Africa just can't match. It feels like Pangea. It may be hot and humid, but it's incredible.

That said, I would not suggest visiting.

Travel is long, uncomfortable and can be dangerous. Road rules are a suggestion and taxi/bus drivers often could never have a license and/or are intoxicated while driving. Getting anywhere outside of the few main roads really requires a 4x4 and experienced driver.

Local crime is a problem in Port Moresby, but being a foreigner gets muggings downgraded to being menacingly asked for money or belongings. Worse than the locals are the ex-pats and holidayers who saw relative lawlessness and decided it was an invitation. Most acts of sexual assault and rape against tourists are from this group.

Outside of the city centre you may encounter roadblocks and checkpoints run by local 'militias' that take tolls to enter villages. It's best to have a local driver for these as they can pay a small amount and pass in under a minute, while for foreigners they love to flex their muscle and get you out of the car, search your things and demand larger tolls.

Being touched and groped, even by boys as young as 8, is common if they can get away with it, and some men will proposition you forcefully and try to physically pull you away from people, then isolate you somewhere. These rapes aren't reported because, to the police, they propositioned you for sex and you didn't fight them, so it was consensual.

If you do plan to visit, either stay in the tourist destinations by day and hotels by night, where there are always plenty of watchful eyes and police brutality to keep tourists secure, or hire one of the handful of Aus/NZ security companies who'll send a big, imposing ex-military guard and a local driver/fixer to take you places.

Anonymous 141723

never ever had been anywhere, traveling is too much stress for me

Anonymous 141734

Really? I know moresby and lae are dangerous but i am planning to cross through vanimo which should be safer. I have lived in pacific islands before so idk if id be fine

Anonymous 141735

How was cabo verde?

Anonymous 141737


Maybe we're not so different after all

Anonymous 141739

The general rule is if it's travelled by corporations, it's safe enough. Police and security are extremely heavy handed with crime which effects foreigners, so the crime is really limited to areas they can actually police.

Anonymous 141744

Yea this and never go out at night. Thanks a lot for those infos. Btw is this map accurate ?

Anonymous 141780

I'm from the US. I've travelled to Canada, Italy, Japan, Thailand, China, and South Korea.

There's nowhere I really want to travel to, except maybe Hungary and Germany because I like their history and musicals.

Anonymous 141962

Have you been on a cruise?

Anonymous 141967



France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Ireland

>Want to visit

Russia, Finland, Iceland, China, Cuba, USA, Argentinia, Peru, Brazil, India, Iran, Israel/Palestine

If I had money (which I don't) and a friend to join me (which I also don't), I'd like to take the Transsib through Russia one day. Russia is such a fascinating country. I have been learning Russian for a while and really wish I could visit.

Anonymous 142107

A few. They’re more pleasant than planes.

Anonymous 142193

How was central america and the caribbean?

Anonymous 142195

They were all family vacations I was forced to go on. I laid on the beach for a bit on all the islands. Beaches are mostly the same anywhere. There’s one tiny island that’s not on the map that’s owned by a cruiseline. That one was my favorite because there were no other people or things on it. Just a bar and some sand.

Anonymous 142210


south korea, belize, dominican republic, japan
>visiting in a few weeks
poland, italy
>want to visit in general
austria, germany, mongolia, iceland

also does anyone has any good ideas for things to do in gdansk, rome, naples, krakow or other cities in poland? just wondering

Anonymous 142321


Anonymous 142322

I hope you're fine, anon.

Anonymous 142344

I genuinely think travelling is vastly overrated. It's a serious drain on time and money and screws with your head so it's harder to accept your home community and adjust to it. I think you'll find that the happiest and most stable people in the world have lived in the same place for a very long time and have deep roots.

Anonymous 142392


Would be nice to see things once I graduate college.

Anonymous 142452


Baku and Tbilisi are great

Anonymous 142466


The list of countries I want to travel is much more inexhaustive, but in particular I marked:

- Former Soviet Block countries because of my homeland Bulgaria being one.
- Scandinavian countries because they actually seem to care about their population.
- Almost every Oceanian and Caribbean island because I want to visit a bunch of extremely remote islands.
- Central America and South America because they feel much closer to my European roots than any place I've been to in the U.S.

Fuck most of Western Europe, China, Middle East, Somalia (And other pirate/AIDS-infested African countries. Didn't mark it all because of laziness though), and North Korea.

I live in the U.S. but otherwise I would have put that in red too. Especially because of the Bay Area.

Anonymous 142467


One day maybe. I only want to visit the middle east if things improve there for women. There is too much cool history there not to go if they kick the chuds out.

Anonymous 142585

Are you from vladikavkaz by chance?
I wish too. I 'm used to taking the train but my russian is absolute dogshit since i have never been to russia and unfortunately i dont think europoors are allowed in right now

Anonymous 142619

Hey i mean well but how can your homeland be two countries. And you don’t want to visit france?!

Anonymous 142620

I'm going to walk you through this concept called "immigration".

Anonymous 142622



Yeah, I'm an immigrant so I just decided to mark both.

>And you don’t want to visit france?!

No, I don't really care for it and it seems like a terrorist-overrun shithole tbh. Although I have an online friend from there so I might for him at least.

Anonymous 142623


take a wild guess at what i hate doing, anons. i love learning about different cultures but vacations are so stressful

Anonymous 142631


Anonymous 142635

>misspelled Antarctica
End me.

Anonymous 142667

No, I'm from Dagestan. I've never been to Vladikavkaz but I heard it's pretty nice

Anonymous 142668

worst one yet

Anonymous 142743

I'm from france and it sucks. The other poster is right

Anonymous 142744

Isnt that the place with a lot of different ethnic groups. It looks pretty rad ngl.
Do you like it there?

Anonymous 142768


>Isnt that the place with a lot of different ethnic groups. It looks pretty rad ngl.
Yeah, we have like 14 official languages
>Do you like it there?
It was bad for some time after Chechen wars, terrorism and all, but it's getting better
>They're ethnically Russian & Arabic
No, we speak Russian but we have nothing to do with ethnic Russians, we're not even Slavs. Population of Dagestan consists mostly of Turkic tribes + few local highlander tribes

Anonymous 143272


Decently well traveled for a 30 years old i guess.

Anonymous 143597

How did you like azerbaijan and georgia?

Anonymous 144309

Can i still go to belarus?

Anonymous 144419


Anonymous 144420

I feel like I should explain I haven't actually visited the british isles but I did go to Gibraltar while vacationing in spain. I got bit by one of the monkeys. it was pretty cool.

Anonymous 144430

Thats awesome nona

Anonymous 144495

So happy to see a miner from my country

Anonymous 145031


I haven't travelled much, but I would like to see more of Europe and the Americas.

Anonymous 145038

>euros wanting to visit US but have no interest in Canada

I'm kinda surprised by that even as an American. The US seems to get a bad rap nowadays. What about the US interests you more than Canada? Is it the diverse geography?

Anonymous 145039

Yeah I think they would find Canada interesting, its Euro roots are a lot more prominent than in the US.

Anonymous 145125

>North Korea

Anonymous 145141

NTA, but maybe because it is radically different from the West without being too dangerous to visit (especially as a woman). There are actually quite a few organisations offering regular tours to North Korea. As long as you are not a complete idiot like that American guy who stole a propaganda poster, nothing will happen to you there.
The downside is that you only get to go in groups, with a fixed schedule and a North Korean guide staying at your side the whole time. Still would make for an interesting visit imo, if you have the money.

Anonymous 145149



Anonymous 145419

Why do people want to travel to India

Anonymous 145431

>Ireland is red like UK
I'm about to infight

Anonymous 146203

>want to visit
egypt, algeria, morocco, senegal, mali, russia, mongolia, vietnam, china, north korea, japan, spain, italy, peru
at the very least, i want to see egypt before i die

Anonymous 146473

Do you know how i could get a job in new guinea or madagascar?

Anonymous 146897

Unless you plan on emigrating, your only shot is an NGO or university running programs, usually in capitals and the poorest areas. I wouldn't suggest Madagascar unless you're fine with spending a long time there, maybe a year or more. PNG is easier to find work for with companies based in Aus/NZ and Indonesia, as they run shipping, import/export, hospitality, security ect. Fair warning about taking a job with Chinese companies, as contracts are often highly predatory, may stick you in demountable barracks with men in a locked compound and they will frequently violate contracts with total immunity. What kind of work are you looking for?

Anonymous 146906

Any tbf, could be mining related, could be tourism… anything.
I have a degree thats not very useful so it wont be much of an help here.

Anonymous 147784

Which part of chile/argentina would you recommend?

Anonymous 147819

you're not welcome here

Anonymous 147820

are you the person that's been spamming these ogres on /img/?

Anonymous 147821

Those ogres are probably nicer people than the average soiboi numale.

Anonymous 147822

why is it that whenever you are called out you start talking about soibois, numales, and low e like an incel?

Anonymous 147825

Literally ugliest humans ive ever seen. Russians are hardly people.

Anonymous 147833

those aren't russians

Anonymous 147836

suka blyet

Anonymous 147840

i remember that one russian lolcow chick who made a racist drawing out of caucasus people on her VK account, yet she she was a landwhale that had those stereotypical pig-nose/flat slav nose's in her pics and dated a random brown guy in the US just so she could run away from russia and get a free US visa card

Anonymous 147847

okay? why did you feel the need to share this?

Anonymous 147848

cuz she was ugly das it

Anonymous 147897

Just say you hate non-whites and go.

Anonymous 147910

Those guys are visibly not Russian/European

Anonymous 147911

Are you going to pretend that those Chewbacca-looking guys are attractive? Lmfao.

Anonymous 147946

Where were you in indonesia and how did you like it?

Anonymous 147951

I basically ran a circuit of the bay of boni, going to smaller communities off the main costal roads to collect blood and saliva samples from locals. Like most of the islands in the area, they're incredibly beautiful, and these little villages remind me of really rural Australia if it they were modern day frontiersmen. All they need is a decent road and they build communities into the landscape around it. The people are very friendly and respectful, if a little distrusting of people in full PPE wanting to take their blood and stick rods in their mouths.

Anonymous 147953

Looks awesome
Is that in sulawesi? Looks nice, how do you fine long term accomodation? How do you get arpund?

Anonymous 147954

Also which islands would you recommend?

Anonymous 148196

You have been to georgia and azerbaijan?

Anonymous 150841

Do you happen to know any import/xport companies?

Anonymous 152211


I just went abroad for the first time. I went to the netherlands. It was pretty great, the cities are clean and there are jobs around. I might consider moving there.

Anonymous 154028

I’d like to live in east Asia. Mainly because I like how people seem to mind their own business there and aren’t constantly trying to interact with strangers or forcibly pull a conversation or reaction out of them. I also heard Scandinavians are similar like that, at least outside of the big cities. People are just so annoying, I don’t want to live in exile but I don’t want to have people constantly breathing down my neck either. I just feel like people won’t let you live in peace here, they’ve always got to be in your face and business.

Anonymous 154074

>people seem to mind their own business
Throughout most of Asia, generalising heavily here, there is no such thing as privacy unless you carve it out for yourself with a lot of money. If you have a different ethnicity to the local population, you will be pulled into conversations, stared at and photographed daily. The only way to escape that is to move to the heart of an international city, somewhere suitably modern, but you also don't want people breathing down your neck, so I guess you don't want to live in a city of 5+ million stacked on top of each other.

Anonymous 154094


>mind their own business there and aren’t constantly trying to interact with strangers or forcibly pull a conversation
I'll probably sound ignorant saying this but isn't this every big city ever?

Anonymous 154437

excuse me why isn't the north and south poles on this map? i want to relive life as an arctic explorer and ski on barren landscapes

Anonymous 154668

The north pole isnt located on land

Anonymous 155197


I've been to:
- the US (LA and Hawaii)
- Thailand (Bangkok)
- The Philippines (for a layover, still got to leave the airport)
- London and Paris.
- Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka)
- Italy (all around the place, did a big tour.)

my personal recommendations would be Italy and Japan. If you're ever in Italy, go to Capri and San Gimignano. Or really anywhere in Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast area. Rome, Florence and Vatican City are beautiful too. Venice is also wonderful but fucking hell, the canals smell like absolute shit sometimes.

Japan is fantastic, i'd honestly recommend avoiding tourist traps and expensive gimmicky things in Tokyo (like the robot cafe, etc) unless you're super keen on it. Kyoto is really peaceful and interesting and worth a visit, same with Osaka, especially for the food.

Anonymous 155697


Anonymous 157777

Do you want to go to png too?

Anonymous 157810

You traveled a lot more than i did lol. I am interested in going to the baltics, which one would you recommend?

Anonymous 157822


Some of the countries I want to visit in theory aren't safe enough atm.

Anonymous 157878


Anonymous 158128


I've been in most EU places and I want to rant about Paris/London/Most northern EU highlights. Northern EU capitals are mostly highly overrated and only for people who have a lot of money. Period. I've been there as a broke ass college student as well as a person with significantly more money and the experience difference is drastic. For instance Italy, Greece and I'd say Albania are 100% low budget friendly spots that won't ruin your trip at all. There's something magical about south of Europe that makes you feel welcomed even when you are a broke ass. North is hostile and I realised the only reason to go there would be business, never again I go there for my own sake.

Anonymous 158248


I haven't traveled much but I'd kill to go back to Peru. I don't know what it is about the place, maybe it's just something in the air (probably dust). It felt like everything was made out of squares there. There even these popular cookies that are much like Oreos, and they're square too. I like squares. squares are fun. do you know what also comes in squares? acid tabs.

Anonymous 158628

How long were you there and which part of the country did you visit?

Anonymous 158730

>retard hates china, france and hungary but wants to visit syria, iran and russia

Anonymous 158739

I don't hate France, but it's a joke that everyone in my country goes to France every summer and I have to keep up my streak of never going to France. Also I said that some countries I want to visit, aren't safe atm. Syria, Russia and Iran would fall under that, among others.

Anonymous 158832

peru is a shithole, what are u even talking about

Anonymous 158924

>that hostility for no reason
scrotes rlly cant stop outing themselves any chance they get dont they

Anonymous 158975

I spent a little over a week in Santa Clara doing stuff like playing with kids and cleaning up a local park when I was a teenager. That's about a hour's bus ride out of Lima iirc. church missions trips tend to be really cringe, but the experience of hanging out with the community there instead of doing tourist stuff was valuable.
I thought it was really cool. but I'm from a shithole myself and learned to see the shine of a turd.

Anonymous 160051


Yea france is ugly af, what are you on about?

Anonymous 160316

this looks so nice compared to the place in which i dwell

Anonymous 161091

I feel that, Italy Spain and Greece were all super cheap and beautiful (minus Rome), but England and Scotland especially were so cold and dirty

Anonymous 161438


Regardless of your country, its probably a much better place to live in than france.

Anonymous 161443


most of the places I want to visit are based around historical interests. the girlies who write off central asia as some middle east backwater are missing out though, the region is gorgeous and the people are incredibly kind to outsiders.

Anonymous 161563

How did you get there and how dyou cross borders say between uzbekistan and tajikistan

Anonymous 161596

flew in from istanbul, and just walked over the borders after being driven to them. tajikistan might be a little more difficult now considering the war they're trying to start, but otherwise the process was pretty quick. I recommend making some friends that speak russian and/or local languages (and if I can do that as an autist I imagine it'd be pretty easy for others lol) to help you bargain, or pick up some russian on your own.

Anonymous 161744

Did you use official checkpoints or did you got dropped in the middle of nowhere?


u can take pictures like this in 99% of countries.

Anonymous 162107

All of france looks like this. Its the most disgusting and uninteresting country on earth

Anonymous 162116

That is false though. The French countryside is beautiful. Also, central Paris doesn't look like that at all.

Anonymous 162117

No. Its ugly bland, overpriced and overall a terrible place to live in.

Anonymous 163658


Anonymous 163734

Cool map and almost same for me.

Anonymous 163747


To the I can't reply directly to for some reason, north carolina is best for camping. Very green and nice, south carolina is pretty bleak, and florida is either beach or swamp.

Anonymous 165476


Kinda related but how do i find cheap flight tickets? I usually use price comparing website then go on the airlines official page.
I only used ryanair and easyjet so far
Any airline recommendation?

Anonymous 169428


I've never travelled to actually enjoy and explore. Only to visit family

Anonymous 169730


I was lucky to travel a lot with my family when I was a teenager. Hopefully in a few years I'll be traveling again, but this time by myself.

Anonymous 173851


Fuck islam

Anonymous 173888


Anonymous 173902

It's a lot less stressful with a smart phone. I went to Germany 10 years ago and then again a few months ago and the difference having a computer in my pocket made in my anxiety levels and ability to actually enjoy myself was huge.
I think this would only really apply to well-developed countries though. Like if you actually traveled to Jamaica for example and not just a resort there, it would still be pretty hard to navigate just because they're so disorganized and things are very unofficial.

Anonymous 173916

why did you feel the need to say fuck islam but then colored turkey and tunisia as blue?

Anonymous 174285

Anonymous 187985

>Xinjiang and Taiwan
Go back to Reddit

Anonymous 203375


I'm travelling to Albania to see my sister on the 1st of January. This will be the first time I get to travel alone, and I'm really excited. Any tips so I can stay safe, or anything I should keep in mind? I'm planning to stay there for three weeks.

Anonymous 203386

im traveling to japan in late may and early june. is there any area i should check out? im planning to see parts of hokkaido and tokyo but open to any suggestions. i love great food and interesting places to visit. im considering visiting tashirojima for part of the trip because i love cats but idk if its worth it?

Anonymous 203403


I also hope all scrotes from the orange countries, especially SA and the UAE are enslaved and tortured. c:

Anonymous 204280


I'm a Eurofag myself so this list is not as impressive as one would think
>Spain a few times
>Portugal a few times
>France (twice, one for Disneyland)
>Rome (including the Vatican)
>Ireland a few times
I would like to visit parts of Eastern Europe, namely Russia, but for now that's not the best idea and I feel this is an aspiration I have to bookmark for many years before things settle down enough to make that possible

Anonymous 204285


Anonymous 204296

similar but I'm from USA. I've seen a little bit of UK/Europe by train/plane (Dublin/scotland, italy/switzerland/france/germany/iceland RIP wowair) and I've been to a couple countries in SA (Panama/Costa Rica).

2 favorite places:
Domodossola Italy especially if you can get a room up on the hillside overlooking the valley and the Alps (oh my god it's pretty). Easy to get to by train. I hope it's not super touristy now, it was chill like 5 years ago but if I found it other people must have.
Costa Rica specifically the La Selva Biological Station if you're an animal nerd but the whole country is gorgeous and easy to drive around or bus around and find affordable places to stay. The cloud forest is very memorable and unique.

I want to go everywhere. I wish it was safe to travel everywhere alone but I have the feeling if I really let myself go crazy and walk around wherever I wanted I would wander into something stupid and dangerous. I am cautious but sometimes paranoid travel advice makes me feel like it's all stupid (saw something recently about whether the natives in Hawaii are safe… girl what lol).

I'm going to Portugal and the Canary islands in a couple months. I fly in and out of Lisbon/Lisboa; if anyone has advice on where to go in Portugal from there I would much appreciate it because there are like 5 days of my trip I have not planned, I have my flights booked but I'm still deciding where I'm gonna stay (I thought maybe I should leave Lisbon and stay somewhere else in Portugal for part of the trip).

Anonymous 205325

No Kyoto?

Anonymous 205342


samefag: I should add for people looking to travel to the US that the Puget Sound area in Washington state north of Seattle is extremely nice and unique, would recommend for relaxation and nature with comfortable lodgings. The air is different, the water is different, the mountains are close… it's amazing.

Anonymous 205420


>I want to go everywhere. I wish it was safe to travel everywhere alone but I have the feeling if I really let myself go crazy and walk around wherever I wanted I would wander into something stupid and dangerous.

The Department of State lists travel advisories for each country. You can reference that if you need to.


Anonymous 206560

The botanical garden in Lisboa is gorgeous, definitely check that out!

Anonymous 206610

im considering it more after some research. im only worried about it being too hot as im very sensitive to high temperatures.

Anonymous 206684

I love botanical gardens, I will do that for sure! It will still be winter when I get there so it probably won't be in its full splendor (unless there is a nice greenhouse and it's not all outdoors?)
Do you happen to know if the Lisboa Card for tourists is worth it or if it's overpriced? (honestly regular tickets to things look pretty cheap but I haven't meticulously done the math)

Anonymous 207341

It isn't too hot in June yet! August is hellish, but the main problem is the high humidity.

Anonymous 207540

Vacation is approaching (two weeks away!) and I'm freaking out about lack of plans. Where should I stay / what should I do in the Canary Islands? (Tenerife specifically but I could take a ferry to another one)

Anonymous 208200

Train (6).jpg

I want to travel but I feel like traveling alone isn't as fun and I'm too chicken.

Anonymous 208226


Anonymous 208231


Anonymous 208263

They also didn't realize that Alaska is part of the USA

Anonymous 208342

Same. I don't have any friends or anyone in general who would travel with me. I originally want to travel alone but believe it's tough as a solo female… and like what you said, it'd be fun with others.

Anonymous 208351


My map

This might be a stupid question: Does your race greatly affect travel experience? I am Inuit/Native American.

Anonymous 208357

Why not Australia?

Anonymous 208374


It absolutely does, I'm latina and when I'm in a white country people think I'm there as an immigrant and give me suspicious looks, and somehow airport security always pick me in their "random" tests, even when I travel mainly as part of my job and I'm there with all expenses paid by a multinational corporation.

Anonymous 208435



Anonymous 208489


I didnt really understand the homeland question. I live in canada, but i'm not canadian/white. I love scandinavian culture and i'd love to visit any of those countries

Anonymous 215985


Besides for work, traveling always felt like a balancing act for me. Do you want to go on an adventure or do yu want to be safe? Europe is very pretty, but it doesn't feel like an adventure. India, South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa are adventures but they are risky. If you don't lik strange men staring at you and following you around for a few blocks, stay in the west or be a moid. Even the most dangerous country has pretty nice tourist areas that are safe, but why would you go there when probably live at least an hour away from a nicer city. South American Islands like the Falkland and Galapagos Island are cool, but they wont be around for much longer which is sad.

Anonymous 215988

Are you a Chinese heritage nona?

Anonymous 216045

I get Africa and the Middle East, but is a shame to see that not everyone wants to visit South America. Its really beautiful and is safer than a lot of the Third world if you do planning before the trip.

Anonymous 216047

Sorry, >>216045 wasn't meant for you.

Anonymous 216215

wdym, many people want to/have visited there

Anonymous 216319

>Inuk anon
Another Indigenous miner! I don't see many passing through here or lc, which makes sense statistically I suppose.
I assume you're Alaska Native given your map? Most of the Inuit I know are in Canada (I'm also Native American, though not Inuk, but live across the border). Your culture is very cool.

Anonymous 216322

Chinese/korean lmao. It's pretty obvious isn't it lmao

Anonymous 219512

It’s still fun but I guess it depends on your personality. In some ways it’s a lot better than traveling with other people. As for being a solo woman you’re not much different from the women on the street walking to work around you in a foreign city, it’s just life. If you go somewhere that a woman walking alone on the street is unheard of then you might have to worry.

Anonymous 220046


Lisboanon here, I went to the botanical gardens it was cute! It was winter though so the plants weren’t in their full glory but I expected that. I really liked the natural history museum next door especially the old laboratory stuff. I went on Sunday when it was free lol

Lisbon was so fun I didn’t go anywhere else in Portugal. There’s so much to see just walking around. I’m not a rambunctious tourist, I just like to walk around and look at stuff.

Anonymous 220049

Anyone ever gone skiing in Canada? Specifically in Whistler? Is January a good time to go? I'm thinking of going for 2 or 3 weeks

Anonymous 220051


(Sameanon) Also Tenerife was cool, it’s absurdly pretty and the hikes are great. I would recommend renting a car if you can drive stick. The dust from Africa got us halfway through so it got really hazy but cleared up in a few days; gave me a headache but overall good trip

Anonymous 220055

are you a spanish anon

Anonymous 220057

because she's a clueless eurofag lmao

Anonymous 220060

No I’m an American. I flew to Lisbon and took an easyjet flight to Tenerife from there. Spent about ten days in both places.

Anonymous 220066

Omg thats really cool i've never met anyone from Dagestan. What is it like there? does Dagestan have its own practice of islam? do you live in the mountains?

Anonymous 220067

Its funny how all the nonas who blacklisted muslim countries still made exceptions for the muslim countries where they are most likely to be robbed, assaulted, harassed by men, or killed (Egypt, North Africa, Turkey), but avoided all of the chill Muslim countries that are way nicer to tourists (Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.)

Anonymous 220080

>made exceptions for dangerous north africa
>avoided chill countries like algeria

Anonymous 220091

The only "chill" country" in this list is Turkey

Anonymous 220107

Muslim countries are horribly stereotyped due to the few popular touristy ones being unsafe. Lots of cool places that have a lower crime rate than many western countries or latin american countries which are way more dangerous but still attract so many tourists. Aside from the gulf and maybe Iran, the biggest issue you have to deal with is crappy infrastructure since they're poor

Anonymous 220119

Is Kyrgyzstan chill? because I want to go to Central Asia so fucking bad but I don’t want to be a dumb bitch about it but I’d probably have to go solo so I’m nervous

Anonymous 220121

Oman is so beautiful but I don’t know how to go there as an American. It’s like Iceland but a beautiful desert full of wonderful animals instead of a frozen shithole. I think you have to have a guide?

Anonymous 220129

Geography isn't anon's strong suit kek

Anonymous 220176

It's chill but unless you speak russian you'll have nothing to do, unless you Make a Kyrgyz friend or find someone online to be your tourguide. (preferrably female, Kyrgyzstan is a conservative muslim country and people will give you strange looks if nothing else if they see you with a boy).

Kyrgyzstan can be really fun but you need the right people

Anonymous 220179


Contrary to popular belief, Iran is a very warm and welcoming country for tourists, even as a foreign non-muslim woman. Even after the recent protests. I actually visited Iran as a tourist.

But what you said is correct, ironically the Muslim countries with the most tourists and openness/lax gender segregation laws are the most unsafe ones, especially for women. The same is true for all gulf states with the exception of Saudi Arabia.

Many Muslim countries don't hold foreign women to the same conservative standard as they do local women so unless you're acting out politically you have nothing to fear in Iran and people will treat you very kindly and try to practice their english on you.

Iraq is similar in that regard as a foreign woman, if you travel with the right people and stick to the right places you should be completely safe.

Way safer than you would be in Turkey, Egypt, Morrocco, or Tunisia, where thieves and sexual harassment are a frequent problem for Single women tourists.

Anonymous 220180

No need to be pedantic lmao. What I said is still true.
Algeria is the only north african country where you're not likely to be targetted or robbed for being a tourist.

Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, are not safe for single women traveling alone. People in Algeria are far more likely to leave you alone. Simple fact.

I was talking about the rest of North Africa though.

Anonymous 220181


As an American you can travel there Visa-Free for any stay under 10 days.


You're so wrong and you have no one to tell you. So many instances of single european women traveling alone in Turkey being kidnapped, killed, extorted, and raped.

Just because Turkish laws have more gender equality than other muslim countries doesn't mean it's safer for single women traveling alone. The culture in Turkey is way more hostile.

Anonymous 220183

I want to go to Vladivostok and see Russian Asia. Has anyone ever seen Russian Asia? Is it cool? or is it just as boring as eastern europe.

Anonymous 220245

Oh ok. Just ten days? That’s pretty good though I thought it was harder I don’t even remember why.
I also want to go to Cuba but that’s actually not happening lol, I’m not flying there from Mexico or whatever Americans have to do now.

Anonymous 220263


Anonymous 220418

You want to visit Haiti!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

As a Dominican, I barely understand why people visit this country, why in god's will would you want to visit that place.

Anonymous 220443

Maybe that anon is Haitian?
As an aside, there are plenty of reasons people travel to third world countries (family, cultural interest, etc.). Being from a wealthy country shields you from most of the problems affecting the general population, and if you know where to go/how to act you'll be fine in most places. It's not really equitable (that poor people get wombocombo'd or whatever) but it's just how it is

Anonymous 220514

Touring a country is very different from actually living there.
I know Haiti has a lot of problems, but the beaches are very lovely from what I hear.

Anonymous 220583


Anonymous 220586

do you have family in India or did you just coincidentally only go there and the US?

Anonymous 220747

Papua New Guinea probably still practices cannibalism.
New Zealand implemented some disturbing governmental decisions that go against liberty.

Anonymous 220805

of course nobody gets sexually harassed in Algeria because nobody goes to fucking Algeria at the first place. you're more likely to to win the green card lottery than getting the visa since they basically cut everyone off from entering their country almost like north korea

Anonymous 220807

you're exaggerating how difficult it is to go to algeria as a tourist. The people are objectively nicer than Turks, Egyptians, or Moroccans and less likely to rob or harass you.

Anonymous 220842

Australia is about as bad as NZ when it comes to nanny state nonsense

Anonymous 220853

True, but i have slightly more hope for Australia and they have less earthquakes than NZ.

Anonymous 220900

I had family in India, now they all live in Canada or the US. But yes, I did go and visit them over they before they immigrated.

Anonymous 221043


From Indiana, only ever left the state twice lol. I've always wanted to go to western Africa, especially Ghana, and Nigeria. I have hopes of traveling to every African country before I die, but i decided to be realistic with this map. Fuck Somalia lmao

France because they're my favorite colonizers.

Anonymous 221055


Anonymous 222046

Why are the local guys so tough? Moids into the ufc seem to have a boner for them

Anonymous 222047


Anonymous 222299

I don't have a hateboner for china or generally doubt their public statistics but that can't be right.

Anonymous 222589

france is overrated, its a bland country at best

Anonymous 222609

Oh my Hellzil always make me sooo proud!!!!

Anonymous 222676

Lived the first 20 years of my life in Brazil, it's safer than people think. Most murders are related to drugs and happen far from tourist spots, you'll be safe.

Anonymous 222678

If ill ever want to go to Africa, i'll just go to Paris instead, because its closer.

Anonymous 222705


I'm afraid of flying, but I'd like to get over my fear so I can go globe-trot. My best irl friend is from Finland, so my first flight will probably be visiting there with her when she goes back over Summer. My ultimate dream is to dedicate a year to travelling all over America / Canada. I'm fascinated by how stark the differences are between states.
How was Poland / Italy?
I like the way it looks like you're contagious. One by one, anon will enter every country and assimilate them into her army.

Anonymous 222721

my brother got extremely sick in Ghana but otherwise he said it was nice. I forget why he went… it wasn't missionary work but he was there with some nonprofit doing something in a random village.

Anonymous 223113

Lol it's just that every French person I've met has been really snobby & every snobby English person I know has a holiday home in South France. If I go to Paris, I'll be disillusioned by the trash and the high prices, and if I go to the southern French country side all I'll see is other holidaying Anglos.

Anonymous 223228


I mostly just wanna go to latam. I have friends in Chile and Argentina that I am planning do a road trip with when I can afford the plane ticket ^^

Anonymous 228293


they.. are the chudes..
do u really suport genocide or ethnic clensing?

Anonymous 228294

just clean your room then, LOL

Anonymous 228588

<3 u ukrainian nona, hope you manage to visit my country

Anonymous 230161

france is ugly ngl

Anonymous 231722


stay the fuck out of rio and dont leave the resort.

Anonymous 231727


Didn’t do everything but as an African nona i wanted to add some nuance kek

I wish we could delete 99.9% of all moids, most of the reasons certain countries are on my red list are because of moids. Most of the planet is gorgeous and i’d love to be able to explore without any concerns

Anonymous 232213

can you tell me about zambia, its the african country i am the most interested in along with tanzania

Anonymous 233197


I have been to Alaska, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Israel.

My top recommendation is Alaska just because there are so much cool wildlife, nature, and cultural museums. For instance, the Native American Museum was cool.

Italy has very long lines and tons of tourists.

Anonymous 233201

Zambian nona here! It’s super peaceful and everyone is super calm and easy going but a bit conservative, foreigners absolutely get a pass though :)

This trevor noah bit is painfully accurate. The best times of year to visit in my opinion are February/march at the end of the rainy season when theres a lot of wild fruit and MUSHROOMS and the middle of the year in winter when it’s a bit cooler and very dry so the sky is blue every day (but there’s still a lot of greenery left over from the rainy season)

I haven’t been yet; but the rift valley lakes in the east are supposed to be gorg; as well as victoria falls etc. i really want to do the touristy thing at home one day but whenever i visit my time is taken by family haha

Anonymous 233203


Incoming mushroom spam; i like to call zambia the mushroom kingdom

Anonymous 233204


Anonymous 233488


Armenia <3

Anonymous 234076

I stayed in ak for 3 months too. Where were you

Anonymous 234077

Do you think i could get hired there? I do banking related legal stuff

Anonymous 235694

Whuch latam countey would you recommend for a first visit?

Anonymous 235722


There is no country that i feel repulsed to. Just some countries that I have no big intrest toward, but if I got the chance to go there for free or some big deal, I'd go anyway

Anonymous 235723

come to brasil

Anonymous 235881

Because most of Canada (except Québec) is virtually identical to the US. The few distinct elements of broder Canadian culture, like hockey or maple syrup, are almost all of Québécois/French Canadian origin.
That's why they don't want Québec to become independent (and probably rigged the 1995 referendum), despite the increasing political tensions between Québec and the rest of Canada. Anglo Canada is just USA light.

Anonymous 235922


with what right can a nona who lives in a shithole of a country that was almost (or totally) genocidated by turkey talk about brazil? you shouldn't even exist anymore, your country practically doesn't exist anymore, it was totally raped by all the other neighbors. your language was invented by a pedophile monk, your country was considered the second country with the WORST economy in the world in 2011 by forbes and the most important person in your country is fucking kim kardashian. and worst of all is that you must still be very ugly physically because even kim kardashian had to have a lot of plastic surgery to remove those disgusting borat genes she had. and that you most likely have too.
kek and even worse are you border rats. And I'm not even going to spend so much time talking about you because you don't deserve it and because everyone knows what a shitty country you have. Literally the little whore of the United States. Leave CC and go back to your job as a drug dealer or prostitute for the few gringos who go to your country for sex tourism. i wish people in your country still had the same hobbies and still did human sacrifice so you would at least have some purpose in life besides posting shit on forums.
latvia: nigeria of europe. other than HIV, natural resources are scarce
>My top recommendation is Alaska just because there are so much cool wildlife and italian theres so much people and long lines
translation: "I'm fat so I can't walk much and on top of that I'm ugly so I don't like to be in places with a lot of people because I know they'll judge me."
france is nice!

Anonymous 235960

Nah france is boring af

Anonymous 235979

yeah much better to go to fucking LATVIA or see ice mountains in alaska. france is nice and has a lot of things to do. ofc any country will be boring if you are a boring person to begin with.

Anonymous 235980

The epic 100 Reddit crew found this thread and is now telling us how terrible France is

Anonymous 235983

Don't they have vasectomies to be getting? Faggots.

Anonymous 236022

Lol I'm Ukrainian and you should try re-reading my post.

Anonymous 236025


ukraine lol another shithole of a country that was almost (or totally) genocidated and was raped by their neighbors. at least armenia has kim kardashian you guys only have famous online sex workers to be proud about. but anyway i really admire you for even in extreme poverty to get some free time to post on cc. I hope you are very successful in your job (prostitution) and that your nazi pimp doesn't fight you for lurking imageboards! and btw besides france russia is a pretty nice country too and has a lot of things to do

Anonymous 236038


no. ironically i like england and i am not unfair to speak ill of good countries. ive never traveled there but I dont understand the obsession of americans in saying that the british are ugly or have rotten teeth because I don't think so. there are a lot of handsome men there and obviously ugly men too (I believe it's like that in almost every country except some horrible ones like India or Armenia where every men is hideous). britain made a great contribution to the world in various fields like music, literature, art. and to tell you the truth I don't even find that typical heavy makeup that some british women wear that horrifying. And I'm glad you guys took the Maldives from the argentines! im sure you are so frustrated with me not feeding your roast country kink that you must be crying on the floor right now drinking your afternoon tea and saying something stupid with you probably crooked teeth in your cute british accent.

Anonymous 236054

kek. thank you nona

Anonymous 236060

youre hilarious nona

Anonymous 236087

>Latvia is the Nigeria of Europe

No, France is the Nigeria of Europe. You're more likely to be raped and robbed in the rich parts of France than in the slums of Latvia.

Anonymous 236088


Ta gueule putain d'américain

Anonymous 236092

by nigeria of europe i meant because latvia has one of the highest hiv rates just like nigeria is the filthiest country of africa with their stds. in france the worst thing that can happen is you be pickpocket on the subway, in the latvia shithole you WILL be raped AND get hiv AND die because the country is so poor they don't even have a lot of hospitals. its almost sad. this remember me of romania anon sperging about how romania is the worst country of europe i bet that if she was from latvia she would kill herself kek.
no comparison with tourism, art, books, interesting people coming from latvia. It shouldn't even be a discussion. they are close to one of the most developed countries in the world (Scandinavian countries) and yet they are insignificant. the anon who said france is boring would probably love to see goats starving on farms, the still-spreading 21st century bubonic plague and end-stage aids in the great country of latvia.

Anonymous 236096


and btw

Anonymous 236104

Literal who country, I bet you couldn't name a single thing that Latvia contributed to the world, or even one aspect of Latvian culture. The Baltics in general only exist as a western buffer zone to keep Russia in check, similar to Ukraine. They have no history and no identity beyond "not Russia"

Très basé nona !

Anonymous 236106

omg! a brazilian nona…? (maybe? :p)

Anonymous 236111


Mine is not really impressive, I have only ever left Europe once to visit family in Canada. We visited Toronto and Ottawa (where my family members live) as well as Montréal and Québec City. Loved Québec <3 but Ontario was interesting too, Toronto felt very American and unlike any other city I visited so far.
Out of the European countries I have been to my favourites are France and Ireland/Scotland, although the Southwest of England is very beautiful too. Italy is overrated, Poland is underrated. The Netherlands (especially the islands) are nice for beach vacations. The other anon here saying that France is boring is full of shit, France is easily the best country in Europe.

In general I'd travel to any country given the chance, with a few exceptions. I don't really want to visit most Muslim countries, especially not North African ones like Egypt or Algeria. I also have no interest in South Korea and Australia, especially Australia which just seems like a horrid hot desert full of poisonous animals.

Anonymous 236114

I would like to visit Russia, very cool to have the republics. Have you ever been?

Anonymous 236116

images (20).jpeg

thank you nona
kinda of!!! but not currently living there through. i dont understand why people are so afraid to go to there? like this canadian bitch >>236115 would rather go to syrie but no brazil????
- im jealous of everyone who lives in Europe everything is so close
i hope all the aeroports from canada closes and you get stuck in you fuck ass boring country and lives a tedious and sad life forever
based anon. why did you not liked italy? i understand it's a very crowded place but i liked it a lot. and you are right about south korean too i never understand why people are so obsessed with this country? they are boring AND very misogynistic and xenophobic, i mean i guess it should be related to kpop but like why would someone visit SOUTH KOREA AND UKRAINE >>236115 before any other country lol such bad taste that its not really a surprise that this nona is canadian after all
no but my ex bf was from there. very misogynistic and xenophobic people (if you are not white) but not as dangerous as syrie, ukraine, muslim countries.

Anonymous 236117

I would like to visit Ukraine as I was born there , depending on how you view Crimea. Ever been there?

Anonymous 236122

The user above you isn't the user you're responding to, though

Anonymous 236123

download (7).jpeg

i mean??? do you want to go to a war zone? the ukraine x russia war will not end soon so i guess you would have to wait a long time to travel to there and be safe. and no, ive never been there and I wouldnt want to even before the war
>syria is also safe
as safe as being a black gay moid and traveling to crimea in ukraine
>the only countries I've visited are family related
so that just makes your situation worse! do you have descent from south korea, syrie, canada and ukraine? literally the worst school project ever done. you must be so ugly that you must look like a platypus with all these traits from all the worst countries possible lol you would easily end that internet discussion that incels ask "does femcel women really exist?". I may even be annoying but you're ugly and that's worse.
poor ukrainian/russian nona just got called a retard out of nowhere

Anonymous 236124


Ukrainians take another L…
To be honest I had plans to visit but covid hit, blessing in disguise as I don't want to be stuck in a corrupt and war torn country.

Anonymous 236252

Just go to mauritius instead. You will have far less issues with dogs

Anonymous 236253

Lmao no france is bland and boring af. Idk why people visit it in the first place

Anonymous 236254

>france the worst thing that can happen is you be pickpocket on the subway
*brutally murdered by gangs or stabbed by terrorists
Its the litteral most dangerous country in the EU

Anonymous 236257

Its not the most dangerous european country retard

Anonymous 236264

t. Ameritard who saw Emily in Paris once

Anonymous 236274

Dangereusement basé

Anonymous 236914


switzerland is hands down the best place i've been to. but it's expensive. i had to stay in a hotel in france at the border and then drive into switzerland otherwise i would've gone bankrupt

Anonymous 237296

Nah im french and i can tell you are full of shit

Anonymous 260972


Any tips for making solo travel more interesting? Or travelling tips in general. I've had enough of sitting on my ass waiting for people with no will or aspirations in life to stop making excuses.

Anonymous 261000

went on a solo trip a few years back and it was some of the happiest days of my life.

-do some research on the climate/culture/safety for female travellers
-pack light but sufficiently
-I like exploring and getting lost in places on my own but if you’re anxious about it you can hire a local guide to bring you around
-i try to make small talk with the locals, they’re great sources of telling you which food joints to visit/avoid, best ones are usually some hole in the wall restos kek
-learn how to greet/say thanks in their language/dialect, people appreciate the gesture and effort
-socializing with other travellers has greatly enhanced my travelling experience
-research about events/festivals happening when you’re there, they’re usually pretty eye opening and a great way to experience and learn about local culture
-offline maps app come in handy for me every time
-keep an open mind and a positive mindset even when mishaps happen during your travels
-have insurance/bring meds/find out where hospitals/clinics/your country’s embassy is

Hope you’ll have some great adventures, nona

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