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Anonymous 140854

How do I stop smoking weed every day?

I at least wanna cut back to maybe 3 times a week. I only smoke at night (thank god) but it's not helping anymore, its just getting in the way. I'm fucking stupid enough sober and I can't even play games with my friends online anymore because I'm so high I can't perform. The cravings and mild withdrawals fucking suck and I get so depressed I think that it's the only way out. But now instead of helping me wind down after the day it's presenting my problems right in my face, half of them I chave no control over.

Anonymous 140860

Try going somewhere where you won't smoke and just kill time.

Anonymous 140945

start abusing xanax or some other benzo instead.

you'll just have to force it, try going cold turkey for a bit and then introduce it for pleasure/fun after a few weeks. don't supplement it with some other drug instead though while you are cutting down/quitting

weed isn't that bad to be dependent on compared to other drugs tbh but its good you can recognise the issue now

Anonymous 140947

benzos are like 20 times worse for you than weed

Anonymous 140963

Holy shit, what a terrible idea. I do have Lorazepam prescribed but only take it rarely.

I did skip last night and I feel ok so that's good.

Anonymous 140964

>move from breaking a weed addiction to a benzo addiction
Stop giving advice to anyone ever

Anonymous 140968

^correct. try giving benzos instead

Anonymous 140976

Benzos literally wake up bloody tier drug. Or wreck your car on the side of the road and wake up. Or so I've heard.

Anonymous 140986

i would kill to have prescription benzos. instead i have to risk fent every time i want them
thats all part of the fun of xanax!

weed is a man's drug tbh girls should only do benzos/ket/coke/md/psychedelics

Anonymous 140988

>Smoking it
Ma'am. No. Make edibles. Higher for longer. Saves you money overall.i use it because it's cheaper and less damaging than sleeping pills.

Anonymous 140989

Fuck off loser. Weed is for everyone.

Anonymous 141022

If it's legal to grow in your country/state then switch to high CBD sub 1% thc weed, then try to taper off from that and eliminate weed for at least 2 weeks. After that try shrooms in a sub 3,5 dose in a relaxing enviroment. Weed will never be a problem again if you follow this whole process to a T.

Anonymous 141023

coke is literally the worst thing possible for you. longtime use will literally rot holes in your brain.
please do not suggest anyone do coke, it is not worth it at all.

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