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Anonymous 141072

If human-like robots are invented would you get one?

Anonymous 141073


Anonymous 141074

>Robots are stealing the role of "partner" from humans.
There's no theft when nothing was there to steal in the first place.

Anonymous 141075

This is a scrote thread, just report and ignore it. He's the same moid advertising his shitscord in the /feels/ thread.

Anonymous 141079

Yes, for pure novelty. Any robot sufficiently complex it can replace a human partner in all areas might as well be a human at that point though.

Anonymous 141081

no because cleary I would never have enough money for that

Anonymous 141086

I feel like if you bought one they'd have to be a familial figure or a partner since they'd probably be living with you and would probaly be your responsibility. But I already have my own partner and family so why would I get one

Anonymous 141091

No. A robot is a robot and no matter how much it can act like a human it will never be one. The same way that no matter what sort of surgery you do to a man, no matter what hormones you give him, it will never change the fact that underneath it all he is a man. You can be friendly with it or have it help you do tasks but if you're looking for something human from it you won't get it, just like how if you're looking for something female from a tranny, you will not get it.

Anonymous 141098

It's my number one dream that I know will never happen. I want a robot boyfriend so bad…

Anonymous 141099

Someone who does household chores without needing to be reminded 500 times and doesn't complain about it all the damn time? 10/10 would replace all men with robots

Anonymous 141100

I don't know what's more sad, your standards for what a male partner is like, or you lack of imagination for the uses of an android.

Anonymous 141101

I've never liked androids. I wouldn't mind having a robot to do certain tasks for me (especially dangerous tasks I think no human should be doing), but I don't want or need it to look human.



If they could make it warm, with lifelike muscle and skin texture, real hair, has a programmable personality and off button, a good fuck with functional big robot dick that ejaculates, good voice, can do chores, work a job and earn money, and also be customized to look like a beautiful man, then absolutely. Absolute Boyfriend was my favorite manga growing up, so an android bf sounds ideal.



Middle school memories.

Anonymous 141159

would be nice to have one to help around the house.

Anonymous 141172

Thought I'm sure its impossible to reach that point, if they ever end up being indistinguishable from humans mind-wise and have a conscience, yeah I would love to be friends with one or something. I would even date one to be honest, I think they're cool.

But only as long as they look like humanoid robots, not 100% trying to mimic an human. Fully human-looking robots are unnerving and only look good on anime, plus there are actual humans out there if I wanted a friend…. And robotic/metal exteriors are nice, I like gears; be proud of who you are.

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