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Inside you, there are two wolves Anonymous 141491

Which kind of wolves do you have inside of you?

Anonymous 141495

Only two? That implies, that I'm binary (lül).

Anonymous 141496

Inside me are two wolves. One is lazy the other is boring.

Anonymous 141497

pink and purpl

Anonymous 141498

You are

Anonymous 141499

sleepy wolfy.png

the meme originated with two wolves, but ppl can add more wolves for some sort of effect if wanted

Anonymous 141503

I hate wolves.

Anonymous 141538

Inside me, there are three wolves. A wolfe that hates, a wolfe that loves, a wolfe that wants to eat unhealthy, sugary shit and a wolfe that masturbates.

Anonymous 141541

is there a wolf that can't count/makes typos :P , because you said there were three wolves, but you mentioned four of them. unless two of those wolfes u mentioned were the same wolf

Anonymous 141543



The wolfe of chaos, it is inside of all of us, to some degree.

Anonymous 141545



>My my, Grandma! What sharp teeth and flat head you have! I'm glad to finally be acquainted with the wolf that was inside of you!

Anonymous 141551

The wolf inside me is a cat. And it flips its turds all over the place.

Anonymous 141561

The wolves inside me are sewn ass to mouth, kinda like in The Human Centipede, but in a loop.

Everything just keeps going around in circles.

Anonymous 141562

>the furry centipede

Anonymous 257977


This one

Anonymous 257984


Anonymous 257994

Love wolf and hate wolf

Anonymous 258471

gay and retarded

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