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Anonymous 141571

How would you feel about your (single) mother dating a guy your age or even younger?


Younger guys are the best especially if they have money.

Anonymous 141574

Who cares, its only weird when men do it.
As long as he isn't trying to be your stepdaddy or anything

Anonymous 141582

I don’t care I just want a boyfriend.

Anonymous 141586

Kill yourselves

Anonymous 141593

is everything okay anon?

Anonymous 141597


Anonymous 141608

would be so so awkward around the guy

Anonymous 141620

Lol you asked for opinions, sorry everyone isn't telling you "yes queen she is such a bitch for doing that to you,"
If you want to be told things you want to hear just go to reddit.

Anonymous 141653

I would think that my mom is gonna get used for her money by a younger man. Younger moids that date older women is often for their wealth, all people who date older is often to gold dig them. So I would be suspicious.

Anonymous 141678

Which country?

Anonymous 141725

I can see what you mean part of patriarchal thought is that the man must always be older which is what has led to many problems like having 50 yo disgusting moids with money dating 20 yo girls. Or divorced fathers addicted to porn with younger people in it, its fucked up. It will take a while to make the reasonable "date your age you fucking creep" a well normalized thing

Anonymous 141729

My mother, at 56, is dating a 20 year old. Why would I not be ok with it? They're adults and can do whatever the want together.

Anonymous 141730

>legal reform
Legislate against age gaps?

Anonymous 141743

I'm not even the OP you stupid faggot lol

Anonymous 141764

My 51 year old aunt married a guy my age (27) back in 2019. They live about 200 miles/320 km away, so I only see them like twice a year if that. He's actually a really cool guy and we got along great but it's still kind of weird knowing that someone who could've been in my graduating class married a woman that's 24 years our senior, but I'm happy for them. One time I overheard her talking to my mom about how great he is in bed. Really didn't need to hear that.

Anonymous 141765

Imagine feeling the need to regulate adults

Anonymous 141828

I feel like my only concern would be inheritance. Attractive men will prey upon "less desirable" women if they have resources to siphon. Otherwise get it mom.

Anonymous 141848

I wouldn't mind. I agree with >>141828 that I would be worried he's taking advantage of my mom (asking her to contribute to his shady business practices, asking for loans, or encouraging her to liquidate assets, three of my big fears as my mom gets older – although she's never been a fool so I don't have to worry for now). I'd want to talk to her about it. If they got married I would start to worry that this might disrupt my inheritance (but I'll (mostly) be fine without an inheritance) and because of that I'd be really upset if the guy wasn't pulling his weight and contributed nothing to the marriage. My mom makes friend with a lot of young guys because of her job + hobbies so best case scenario he's someone who actually likes her and isn't just after money. Other than that, don't care.

Anonymous 141876

this. If my dad died and my mom got together with a younger guy (even 5-10 years), I would just assume he is trying to get put on the will.

Anonymous 142135

My 61 year old mother isn't exactly a looker so I'd question why a man in his early 30s would date her.

Anonymous 142136

They only care about pussy

Anonymous 142332

As long as he isn't some pot smoking unemployed bum who leeches off of her, I'm fine. If he's an honest hard working man that maintains personal hygiene and a healthy diet, I'll support my mother's love life even if he is my age.

Anonymous 142418

my mom is not rich or smth so id be against it i think because he would probably be just like a child and she would waste time and money on him.

if she had the resources and she just wanted to have her fun i would not mind tho.

brigitte is an absolute queen for that move with emmanuel macron tho, it went well for her.

Anonymous 142500

my mom only dates considerably younger men because she's based but she also never spends a dime on them and doesn't date them for too long anyways. i would be fine with it as long as he wasn't angling and was a legit decent person. my age is probably a little too young for it to be legit in most cases but considerably younger i am still okay with

Anonymous 144483

just date your moms bf, you can have both a BF and a daddy! assuming of course your mom is doing what OP suggested.

Anonymous 144751

Just curious, would you be alright with your 56 year old dad dating a 20 year old woman?

Anonymous 144752

Men dating younger women is creepy and predatory. Women dating younger men isn’t.

Anonymous 144790

>Younger moids that date older women is often for their wealth
You think too highly of men, most of them are purely looking for pussy and aren't thinking of much else. Money is just a bonus.

Anonymous 144824

I would be fucking weirded out tf

Anonymous 144827

I wouldnt care? She is her own person and has the sense to make her own decisions

Anonymous 144828

samefag, if my dad did it I'd tell him he's wasting a young woman's time and toying with her emotions, asshole behaviour

Anonymous 144830

Anonymous 144831

Reminds me of a co-worker I had who had a fling with a much younger guy we worked with. She was in her early 40s. I wouldn't normally describe someone as a former cheerleader but she had this bubbly and cute personality of what I imagined she must've always had since she was in hs/college. Either way, she looked good and attracted attention from the entire staff, I don't blame her for going for the young cute guy who was interested vs. the uggo balding beer bellied fucks her own age. Get it if you still got it, I guess.

Anonymous 144847

I actually agree for the most part. Even if he's a high school student it's still slightly less creepy than if the genders were reversed. In fact it's the only time it's really predatory.

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