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Anonymous 141632

has anyone else here considered becoming a vtuber? I’m insanely internet addicted and kind of a weeaboo i feel like I might be good at it

Anonymous 141635

Do you have a distinctive voice? That probably would go a long way to helping you be successful.

Anonymous 141637

Yeah I like the anonymity of it, and I think it lets me play more of a character which I think is fun
Kinda, I feel like I sound really nerdy but whenever I shitpost on 4chan with vocaroos it gets a lot of attention even from other women

Anonymous 141642

Any particular character ideas?

Anonymous 141649

You probably just have clean enunciation and pronunciation I'd guess.

Anonymous 141650

based, id support

Anonymous 141655

Yeah kinda! I have a model that’s not technically mine. Like >>141645 said the initial investment is really high so I got permission to use a free one from the rigger/artist. It’s like a white haired loli catgirl with braids and big glasses.
long term I wanna get my own one done but I really really like the design enough that I’m gonna stay pretty close to it. I stream stuff to some friends with it sometimes so I’m kinda attached now
gimmick and personality stuff I’m not really sure about i need to do more brainstorming for that
you should do what I’m doing and try and stream with a free one just to try it out as long as you have the permission and stuff to do it! If you’ve been thinking about it as much as I have then I’m sure you’d be great

Anonymous 141658

Yeah people upload them to the steam workshop and nizima and stuff.
A lot of the time they’re like copyrighted so you have to check the use policy for some. I’m my case I found a lesser known variant of an even lesser known vocaloid character and the license said it was okay to make monetized videos/streams with the character and even use a different name for her as long as it’s not for a company

Anonymous 141661


Anonymous 141746

>whenever I shitpost on 4chan with vocaroos it gets a lot of attention even from other women
post one here

Anonymous 141782

Fuck off, we're full

Anonymous 141829

I feel like the market is too saturated and what I think is "unique" about me isn't particularly marketable to the cumbrains and parasocially poisoned people who make up the majority of the vtuber audience.

Anonymous 141830

To make money? No, horribly saturated market.

For fun? Go for it. Don't bet the farm kid.

Anonymous 141837

has anyone else here considered being a chemist? I'm insanely drug addicted and kind of a methhead i feel like I might be good at it

Anonymous 141840

>I'm insanely drug addicted and kind of a methhead
I'd say you should really go the indie route. Corporate sponsors sound nice, but they require a lot of pedigree that you probably don't have. Just do a small scale start up in your basement. Hell, maybe people will even like it, now you have another form of revenue next to your day job!

Anonymous 141951

>crystal cafe vtuber
what would the design look like? bio-chan?

Anonymous 142112

Why not? give it a try.
You can start out PNGtuber-ing just to test the water.
It sounds like it can be a fun side-hustle if you're good at keeping a conversation with the void.

Anonymous 142161

just please dont be one of the cargo cultists who end up throwing away hundreds of dollars on models and backgrounds and a bunch of garbage before they even try out streaming
draw your own scuffed 2d model, rigging it up is extremely easy and fun, its basically just doing clip art

Anonymous 142163

My boyfriend's a pretty large youtuber who plays video games and makes tutorials for games. He basically spends a day recording anywhere from 5 to 15 videos, then the next day he does all the tags, title, thumbnail work and then does absolutely nothing for two weeks and makes more money in a single day than I do all month. :(

Anonymous 142165

your boyfriend is SplatterCatGaming?

Anonymous 151680

the rise of people just suddenly deciding "I'm going to be a vtuber" makes me think they just don't have anything else going for them so they do it because they need something to put into their social media bio or whatever

Anonymous 151681

That's accurate

Anonymous 151758

Ive noticed some vtubers seem to do it to get a large support group for mental problems they try to not talk about.

Anonymous 151832

This right here. Start by PNGtubing, because you have no idea whether you'll be successful, and decent Live2D/3D models can be quite costly. If you like it, you can invest a little more to bring in a larger audience.

Also, if you want to grow in audience members, clip channels are important. Even if you're streaming on twitch, what's going to bring in new viewers is when someone on youtube gets recommended clips of you via the algorithm, likes what they see, and then checks out your twitch channel. That said, you need a decent sized base of existing viewers for this to be practical.

Anonymous 151954

You're both correct but publicly calling it out will get you beheaded ^.^
It's almost impossible to find someone who isn't fishing for something or trying to mask way worse issues with vtubers, and genuinely does it just to stream as something cute.

Anonymous 159466

I mean, what good is there to start vtubing in 2022? The market is oversaturated already. You can commission the most sleek model and had the crispiest mic, yet its not a guarantee since there's already dozen of people having the same or even better setup on Twitch and they still only rakes less than dozen views.
Honestly, the only new-ish vtuber that stand out to me is that HoloID new girl, Kobo Kanaeru. She can sing, play multiple instruments, compose and make a song on a fly, had an unique voice, and can position herself as a friend to both viewers and other streamers alike. The only downside is that language barrier since she only speak Indonesian, but even then I can feel that contributes to her being the fastest growing vtuber there and in turn creates an impression to foreigners (like me lol).
I know she's corpo and all, but felt like the thats the bar nowadays. That, or just be the newest sex sensation. Keep recreating those tiktok dances, maybe one would get viral because now an anime girl is doing it.

Anonymous 159796

Ever since the 5th JP Gen and HoloMyth I have noticed COVERs pattern of having one member who has extremely rich parents ( Mori, Lamy, Reine (literally govt parents) and Kobo). Its interesting.

Anonymous 160285


Sorry if this is too off-topic, I'm not sure where to post it.
Do women seriously find this attractive? I cannot take this gender bent serious when it sounds like a tranny. It activated my fight or flight instinct.

Anonymous 160861

Where'd you get an impression that Kobo is rich? Or did I misread them brackets? She's definitely less fortunate than her senpais since they let her "loot" and "use them as wallet" when she just started. Even Ollie have her old chair for free. She never travelled overseas, and her food pics she used to post are cheap street hawker food.

Anonymous 161281

I considered it, because the concept of being a streamer without having to show your actual face and body sounds pretty comfy. I have an awful, very unattractive sounding voice though, so I couldn't do it. It sounds like a troon's. Plus I am not an entertaining enough personality to do things like play video games for an audience.

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