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Anonymous 141697

Does anyone else feel like the older they've gotten, the more susceptible to cuteness and/or emotional stimuli they've become?

Anonymous 141720

The opposite, actually. Life’s steady and gray, and I like it that way.

Anonymous 142359

Not really.
I've liked cute stuff since I was a kid and it's just never changed.
If CC is still around then, I'll reply to this post when I'm 50 or something to see if I've changed my mind at all on cute stuff.

Anonymous 142361


Cuteness is forever

Anonymous 142386

I love her channel a lot. Wish she uploaded more vids of her actually playing games.

Anonymous 142393

yes I can’t stop reading BL

Anonymous 142394

Yes. I used to think my parents were morons for watching dog movies. Now I watch dog videos all the time.

Anonymous 142405


Cuz life is boring with nothing to protecc and love

Anonymous 142414

No I feel like I drifted completely away from that kind of crap. Pink kawaii crap became more demented and childish to me the older I got. I looked back and saw how wierd and childish it was. HUGE no.

Anonymous 142416

yeah i definitely feel slightly more emotional at the movies than i did when i was a kid. I remember watching Pacific Rim, and seeing this scene of Mako, and feeling my eyes water a bit. I don't think this would have affected me as a kid.

Anonymous 142509

just cute animals and cutely drawn animals, i don't like anime or anime leaning things or figurines etc

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