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Anonymous 141797

Is drinking milk bad? I drink like a quart a day and some people find it weird but I have yet to hear a good argument why.

Anonymous 141799

No milk is completely normal. Drinking milk (horse) was one of the advantages that let the Mongolians defeat all of Asia. Psueds like to go hurr durr its from an animal while ignoring the fact people eat honey, cheese, and meat.

Anonymous 141800

Milk is the best drink, I love it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Anonymous 141801

>iTs FoR bAbY cOwS
>Im NoT a BaBy CoW

Anonymous 141803

it has a lot of fat in it, which means you probably have a ton of it, but otherwise it's a good thing to drink with all the vitamins and other nutrients in it.

Anonymous 141820

Theres no antibiotics in milk
Raw milk aka not flash heated to kill bacteria causes renal failure via infections. Theres no nutritional difference. Pasteurization is one of the miracles of the 20th century, dont get memed into avoiding it by “muh natural” fools.

Anonymous 141823

>Raw milk aka not flash heated to kill bacteria causes renal failure via infections.
If the milk in the first place is bad. Raw milk in and of itself is not a bacterial soup, it certainly becomes one when milk production is scaled to the industrial level and you're not risking one particular cow having a problematic bacteria, but hundreds of different cows shitting all over each other dumping all their milk into one location. Suddenly pasteurization becomes a must.

I'm not avoiding "pasteurized" as much as I am dreadfully avoiding "industrial" scale food.

Anonymous 142109

I used to drink about that much every day, or more. I drank whole milk so I got fat (I also had other poor dieting habits that contributed). No regrets. I only don't drink it now because I have dysgeusia and now it tastes like shit.

Anonymous 142115


If you have an allergy to it, absolutely. I didn't realise how allergic I was to milk until I stopped consuming it, my school and doctors had convinced me that I would be malnourished if I didn't drink as much as you. I had unbelievable stomach cramps which were explained away as "anxiety" and a rash all over my face which doctors would give me shitty creams for that didn't work. I've never felt better since ditching it.

Now after living without it for a few years, I find the concept of drinking milk repulsive. I don't even know why we do it, it seems so archaic to do that to animals. It's also a weird cultural practise to me that it's added to literally everything, navigating restaurant menus or supermarkets as someone with an allergy is hell.

Anonymous 142134


I love milk so much, and narrowly escaped being lactose intolerant myself (father's whole family is). I know because I was off of it for a year and it had no effect on my skin or body that I could notice. My dietary restrictions are already limiting so I'm glad I can drink milk.

Unfortunately I'm taking a break again to help recover from caffeine induced gastritis. I'm coping with oat and almond milks but it's not the same. Rest assured when I return to milk I'll be chugging it like OP.

Anonymous 142150

Were your ancestors pastoralists for thousands of years? If so, then no.

Anonymous 143258

Idk but my brother drank as much as u and then suddenly stopped and became SUPER lactose intolerant. So be aware of that I guess

Anonymous 143261

Whole milk tastes better than mil replacements/alternatives in stuff like milkshakes, ice cream, etc. I don't think I'll ever drink milk on it's own though.
Morally, nothing unusual about it, biologically though, you're not meant to drink it past the age you start growing your first teeth I think.

Anonymous 143263


Anonymous 143265

Milk is good for you. Even moreso it you can get it unprocessed from farmers, altho you run risks doing that, gotta know who are you dealing with. No there is nothing wrong with it. No it wont get you fat. Your inactivity will.

Anonymous 143266

It's only bad if you are allergic to it or have lactose intolerance. With that said, it's a lot better to get organic raw milk since most milk producers pump their cows full of hormones, and most milk contains some level of pus and antibodies from infected cow teats, which can give you serum sickness. It's hard to avoid this though which is why goat milk is the better option, preferably you want to get it locally sourced.

I used to drink about a liter a day of milk and it gave me horrible inflammation, so I stopped.

Anonymous 143294

I love milk. Especially with cereal or Cake or something. I like the vitamin d you get from milk.

Anonymous 143298

My stomach is allways kinda acid SO it feels really good

Anonymous 143323

I don’t like milk at all. It just doesn’t feel good for me or healthy when I drink it. It also gives me migraines if I drink more than a few hundred mls.

Anonymous 143346

They drank raw milk that wasn't heated and pressured enough to denature the enzymes and restructure the milk's fat globules

Anonymous 143425


I would drink more milk but everytime I do, I get bloated as hell. Back in middle school and high school, every single time I had hot chocolate in the morning I would get so bloated that I had to lay down.

Anonymous 143869


I’m more into super icy cold milk! I think it’s really refreshing ! Strawberry,vanilla,chocolate, and banana milk !!! All super cold is good!! I also dont mind hot cocoa

Anonymous 226475

I can never keep a gallon of milk for long in my house. And it's just ME drinking it. Give me two days, boom it will be gone.

Anonymous 226477

Have you ever tried putting honey in milk? In the winter time you can heat it up in a small sauce pan and it's just divine.

Anonymous 228361

I find regular milk revolting, I can only drink it mixed with something else. Or fermented milk, fermented milk is glorious.

Anonymous 228362

I hated milk as a kid but I like it as an adult. It's filling and has a sweet, fatty taste. It has fat and protein for your body. Even low-fat milk tastes really flavorful to me.

Anonymous 228363


chocola te milk yummy ╰(°▽°)╯

Anonymous 228364

I’m lactose intolerant so I blend my own almond or oat milk and never looked back. I can consume enough protein from other foods/isolates.

Anonymous 228387

You're consuming the bodily secretion of an animal, its kinda weird when you think of it. Like ants milking aphids for honeydew. It's really bizarre when you look at it from an outside perspective, bizarre alien tier shit IMO

Anonymous 228528

It's galaxy brain harvesting of sweet, sweet energy from a nutritious liquid that sustains a babe for a long time. Easy fat and protein, no hunting or gathering required. Just sit down and put a teat in your mouth.

Anonymous 228551

You think thats good? You should try stirring honey into milk like chocolate syrup. It's to die for.

Anonymous 228563

>bodily secretion of an animal
meant specifically to nourish its spawn. when you eat meat you eat a carcass with a percentage of body fluids still intact after cooking

Anonymous 228733

My ancestors developed tolerance for milk for a goddamn reason and I am enjoying it. Humans are omnivores and I'm not going to be manipulated into feeling bad about my nature or my culture.

I also enjoy oatmilk. The planet oat brand has a good amount of fiber in it and I drink a glass every day to help reach my intake. Most of the other brands have 0 fiber.

Anonymous 228794

kek this is the right answer. I hate cows though

Anonymous 228797

I heard whole milk makes your tits bigger if you care about that, I have no idea of it's actually good for you or not

Anonymous 228815

I have no horse in this race but why do vegans think using scientific or otherwise "gross" words to describe non-vegan foods will convince others to join their cause?

Anonymous 228823

Them talking about "hen period" or "bee vomit" is somehow supposed to deter us from eating eggs and honey because human period and vomit is gross and totally equivalent. It just so happens that hen ovum is nutritious for humans and we accept it as food, such is life. Not wanting to drink a random woman's milk is apparently a gotcha against dairy. I wouldn't eat her flesh either but I'll gladly eat beef, it's not that complicated.

Anonymous 228828

Soy milk is also a good source of calcium (perhaps even better than whole milk/oat milk) though it tastes a bit more watery than oat milk

Anonymous 228848

I'm not vegan but its just odd from an outside perspective, imagine being some alien biologist studying this behavior, I think it must look gross to someone not used to this

Anonymous 228855

fat's good for you. your brain runs on fat. what you don't need is bleached enriched white flour extra extra extra fortified with corn and sugars out the wazoo

Anonymous 228876

Its good and its yummy but also not as calorie efficient as things like meat. Raw milk is best if you can get it

Anonymous 228883

ants eat aphid shit. in comparison humans consuming milk from cows is not that weird at all.

Anonymous 229046


Anonymous 229053

biologically hardwired instinct

Anonymous 229058

This is such a Reddit shower thought and makes no sense

Anonymous 229059

was it really so hard to discover through? like imagine you were walking for a few days hungry and thirsty and you happen to approach a cow-protoplast feeding her babies, wouldn't you think about joining in and sucking her breast?

Anonymous 229060

Babies can literally not live without breast milk. Baby formula is one of the greatest inventions.
Babies can't drink water, if a mother couldn't produce milk, a wet nurse would have to be found, many babies died of malnutrition otherwise.

Anonymous 229085

that would've been funnier and made more sense

Anonymous 229101

I think drinking milk helps you from going lactose intolerant unless your fate was to always go lactose intolerant. Being lactose intolerant is annoying and makes you look like an asshole because you'll have to send food back when it inevitably has cheese, like every time I take my mom to a Mexican restaurant. You can't eat ice cream, most desserts, and enjoyable foods like yogurt.

Anonymous 229482

>you'll have to send food back when it inevitably has cheese
You know that in the process of cheese fermentation the bacterias are feeding off the lactose so basically every cheese is lactose free despite what they write on the package?

Anonymous 232033


Anonymous 232073

Anonymous 232310

casein lowers your iq.

Anonymous 232312

this is why babies are dumb because they drink milk all the time

Anonymous 232326

Well you would be a shitty mother if you fed them burgers and fries

Anonymous 232434

its a "special" protein type -1_iq +1_hp

true nona!

real aliens are perfect beings…

Mammals rule team cows

Anonymous 232640

strawberry milk.pn…

i'm lactose intolerant now but my only regret is not drinking more of picrel

Anonymous 232641

that stuff goes so hard!!!

Anonymous 232665


The rare cousin is also good. Why is it only popular in asia??

Anonymous 232713

it sucks that they do not sell these in my countrys supermarkets anymore

Anonymous 232769

These are so good. I love milk idgaf that I’m lactose intolerant just to drinking milk I just smile through the pain

Anonymous 232801


>Supporting Nestle

Anonymous 232811

shit. u right

Anonymous 232841

Right. Or you could always get a banana shake from sonic.

Anonymous 232855


Easier/Better to make your own
2 pinches of cinnamon (opt)
2 Ripe bananas
2 tablespoons of powder sugar
2 cups of cold whole milk or if you like it thick, a cup of milk and a cup of cream.
2 mins blending, done.

no supporting corporations that hate you
no retarded amount of additives to keep it on the shelves longer
no danger that some disgruntled fast food employee came in it.

Anonymous 232890

I used to make banana shakes all the time at home too, but I've never heard of straight up making banana milk

Anonymous 232909

>sucking on cow tits is totally not weird

Anonymous 232960

>biting into tree gonads is totally not weird

Anonymous 233015


>taking the armor off baby plants and wearing it is totally not weird

Anonymous 233054


>mammals rule
why would you consciously cape for fucking mammals? most of them bear live young (literal torture for the bearer (always the female)) + internal fertilisation (male hyperaggression and sexual coercion (rape) as a result).
bow down to your externally fertilising amphibian overlords.

Anonymous 233055

ur right nona, sorry. i just love cows <3

Anonymous 233058


it’s ok, cows are cute. here’s some amazon milk frogs, they produce a milk-like poisonous sticky substance when stressed

Anonymous 233800

>liking milk
literally white supremacy


Anonymous 233806

image_proxy (30).j…

what about liking brown milk?

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