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hole in the wall forums? Anonymous 142225

Anyone have any interesting forums to share? Ones that are woman-friendly, bonus points if it's a goth one or focused on esoteric stuff.

I want that old internet vibe back.

Anonymous 142249

God I'd kill for an active goth forum

Anonymous 142258

I love randomly jumping through neocities, but i'd love some more social/chanlike recs too where you can socialize while remaining anonymous. Sucks that this place and lolcow are the only ones i really like frequenting, i wish i had more options

Anonymous 142262


Reptileforums.co.uk kekekek

Anonymous 142263

Lovely little snake, I would lay down my life for you. I love you so much.

Anonymous 142285

I've really been into browsing old sites (geocities, angelfire, etc) lately, but there is something ghostly about it. Finding old pages some teenage girl made 20 years ago about unicorns, or some goth guys poetry page feels like archaeology. I have a hard time remembering in the moment that those people are probably around today and not just frozen in amber with their websites.

I crave an old forum experience above all else. AgoraRoad is cool but unfortunately very small active community and I am not into vaporwave.

Anonymous 142289

While not an actual forum, have you heard of hypnospace outlaw? It's on steam, but the setting essentially has you as a moderator for an alternate reality 90s internet with a twist. All of the game mechanics and whatnot aside, browsing through all of the fake websites and seeing people interact was giving me some really sincere nostalgia. There's enough attention to detail to really make it all work without feeling like it's just a reference.

As far as actual interesting forums, I dunno. I've done a lot of looking and sometimes even the most 'underground' places (or places that SHOULD be underground) just feel like browsing another subreddit. Seeing someone type "poggers" on an obscure religious history forum really takes some of the magic out of the experience.

Anonymous 142290

thank you for reminding me of that game. I bought it over a year ago and haven't played it yet. I'm gonna go download it and play it this evening.

and, I hear ya- I have to admit I got some kind of psychic whiplash browsing a webring yesterday and seeing someone put they/them pronouns in their neocities site about page

Anonymous 142291


Anonymous 142330

This sounds fun, will be checking it out!

Honestly i'm not chasing a nostalgic magic feeling tbh. I'm just burned out on modern internet because it's all about social media… I just want some actual websites to browse/spend time on again instead of hours and hours of scrolling through memes

Anonymous 142333

That would be so nice. Right now discord is filling that void, more or less.

Anonymous 142334

Any alt/goth server recs, nona?

Anonymous 142341

I like ralee.org. It's a pretty inactive textboard made by some guy in North Carolina. I just like how the site is designed and I wish it had an active and mature community.

Anonymous 257270


Mariana Bay is pretty cozy, has that old web feel and has interesting threads and characters to keep things interesting. Has a board dedicated to all things strange and esoteric too which is cool, I'll link it below:


Anonymous 257273


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