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Bitch should be a misandrist insult Anonymous 142267

It should not be an insult against women. The ultimate bitch is the male

Anonymous 142270

And faggot shouldn't be an insult for gays it should an insult for the worst scrotes because they're all pathetic deep down.

Anonymous 142274


Anonymous 142277

Link is most def not a bitch. You will take that right the hell back.

Anonymous 142278

dafuq's goin' on in here?

Anonymous 142279

So true… too bad they already have meanings and connotations

Anonymous 142308


Anonymous 142313

Yeah I only used that for males tbh. Mostly heterosexuals BC I don't really know any homosexual man. In my language we have many homophobic insults that only work for men

Anonymous 142314

I think women should start calling men sluts btw. They literally are the ones who make horny jokes, horny posts the most and it's mostly them who pay for prostitutes, porn and onlyfan

Everytime they refer to wanting sex, having sex or anything like that, we should slut shame and kink shame them

Anonymous 142316

Reminder that all males are sluts. They are wired by their defective biology to be whorish and they should be deeply ashamed.

Anonymous 142317

I know this fairly handsome slut guy and I openly call him a slut. The first time I did it he laughed in disbelief and said men can't be sluts. I said "if anyone deserves to be called a slut it's your ilk with the amount of HPV you spread; men sleeping around is actually dangerous because it gives women cancer, you fucking slut" and it shut him up. At least he doesn't deny being a slut anymore.

Anonymous 142318

Absolute stacy

Anonymous 142324

Holy f anon you're the purest breed and the best kind

Anonymous 142325

Its the most powerful word we have but imo it has nothing to do with being gay, from what I've seen. It's always the most heterosexual males that warrant being called that

Anonymous 142326

Anonymous 142327

God bless you

Anonymous 142328

Exactly this

Anonymous 142329

Just making things right don't worry

Anonymous 142342

based slut shamer

Anonymous 142351

holy heckin basedorino

Anonymous 142352

i got called a fag hag today

Anonymous 142408

u have a lot of gay moid friends? just get more female friends

Anonymous 142451

is this board getting overrun by 12 year old retards or what?

Anonymous 142469

says the one getting mad for a conversation which you can tell is not THAT serious

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