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I hate pets Anonymous 142544

Especially dogs. Anyone else like this?

I feel no connection to them whatsoever. Ever since I was a kid I would see a dog or cute animal and not feel anything. I was more drawn to lizards and things. I wouldn't want to pet them because I actually think their fur feels disgusting and greesy, not soft. I didn't want to play with them. I thought they were annoying and I can say I could never handle a fucking dog because they annoy the shit out of me, I'd end up beating it in a rage.
It came to the point where ever since I was little I'd really try and convince myself I loved animals and I would force myself to play with dogs and pet them just to feel normal.
Another reason I played with them was out of pity, despite not feeling much emotional attachment to them I felt fucking awful they had to live their lives like they did. Most dogs are with shitty owners who treat them like luxury cars instead of living beings, and even though I disliked them I always felt bad for that reason. Recently my grandmother's dog died of cancer. My family has his sister, litter. She is healthy as can be. The difference in their health is that my grandma treated him like crap. They lived in this shitty apartment with no space and she would never walk him (he eas a german shepard) or let him outside for anything but taking a shit. And then when he'd act out from maltreatment she'd scream at him, too stupid to realize why he was acting out. Now she has the fucking gall to pretend she ever loved that dog now that its dead.
Most dogs live like this. And it makes me sad even though I don't love them. I really hate them for being unsuitable for domestic life yet unable to sustain themself in a natural life, it makes me so sad and its cruel to breed the things. They're genetic monstrosities, lool at fucking pugs for fucks sake. They can't even breathe properly and are ugly as sin because of what humans breeding them has done.
This isn't exclusive to dogs. I feel similarly about bunnies, hamsters, cats, etc.

Anonymous 142546

>My family has his sister, litter
I meant "my family has his sister, from the same litter"

Anonymous 142583


I don’t like living things either.

Anonymous 142629

I sort feel that way about all domesticated animals, accept cats. I cant really say i hate pets but i hate rodents. I LOVE cats but I think keeping them indoors is fucking cruel and inhumane. Same with birds. Exotic reptiles. Monkies.

I agree I think dogs are annoying but I'll easily easily sympathize with them the same way. I can't hate dogs, but they are pretty neutral to me. I don't think about them at all.

I want a house with a garden so my cat can chill under flower bush shade .. near a fish pond ..and gaurd my veggies from squirrels, rabbits etc. I live in an apartment and let her spend hours outside but she's very bored here compared to a neighborhood with a yard.

Anonymous 142634

I dislike people who are cruel to pets, but don't feel strongly about the pet itself unless it's really starting to encroach on pug-tier genetic monstrosity.

Anonymous 142641

Edit:I think some exotics are fine, like frogs, pythons, Amano shrimp, but I even feel bad for most fish kept in aquariums

Anonymous 142662

i live for animals, they are one of my only joys in this shit world

Anonymous 142906


Cats are cute for a few minutes but keeping them sucks. Dogs are filthy and smell like shit and very few are “trained” esp not to jump on people. Any other animal, it just doesn’t feel right to domesticate unless it’s a farm.

Anonymous 142939

Puppies make me feel nothing at best and disgusted at worst. I don't know what it is about them. They don't register as cute to me at all, unlike kittens.

Anonymous 143032

dogs make me feel genuinely sad because of how much they trust/depend on their owners. very miserable pets. cats are perfect though

Anonymous 143092


it doesn't sound like you hate the animals, it sounds like you notice how out of place they are in society. the way people usually treat dogs irks me, too. lizards and snakes and stuff just kinda chill if you give them some humidity, a heat lamp, and some bugs. they don't seem out of place, but a big dog in a small apartment someone got as a fashion statement is just a tragic situation.


doggies are so good

Anonymous 143124

I'm literally the opposite. Cats make me feel nothing or even disgust whereas (most) doggies get the cute pass.

Anonymous 143214

> I really hate them for being unsuitable for domestic life yet unable to sustain themself in a natural life, it makes me so sad and its cruel to breed the things.
well hopefully you won't be able to breed, either

Anonymous 143221

I love cats, dogs are okay.

But I understand feeling sorry for pets. My mother in law has a dog that's a pup of her old dog. It's essentially an emotional support pet w/o the certification and she ALWAYS has it with her. The dog freaks out if they are seperated for even less than a minute, even if it can see her. (like when my MIL has to pump gas or do a shopping run). The sad thing is my MIL is chronically ill so most of the time the poor dog is just stuck in a dark room with no stimulation. It doesn't get daily walks or get excited bout walks. It also gets fed this expensive healthy pet food that must taste awful because the dog clearly hates it, has to be force-fed it over the course of like 30 minutes, and is medically underweight.

Anonymous 143224

How do you force feed a dog?

Anonymous 143229

>I'd end up beating it in a rage
I'm going to go out on a limb and say you have quite a few antisocial tendencies and your indifference/disgust towards animals mirrors your interactions with people.

Anonymous 143230

I love animals, especially cats, but my mom hoards them so I don't think I want to own one anytime soon.

Anonymous 143241

Some dogs can be cute
Some cats can be ugly -_(•^•)_-
I dont hate them but… I don’t super love them. I like kitty cat they can be extremely cute. But the poop, hair, puke is too much. I want my house to be clean and not find hair in my food…

Also can someone explain me people kissing their pet/dogs???

Anonymous 143256

She heats up the food and puts it in front of the dog's mouth for half an hour until the dog gives in and eats it. For every meal.

Anonymous 143257

Pet dogs r for moids that can’t live without someone worshipping the ground they walk on

Anonymous 143314

Honestly this.

Anonymous 143324

Honestly I'd think all dog food tastes bad.

Anonymous 143445

Yeah I am but not in a lame way like in a cool way like the joker is

Anonymous 144360

The worst possible thing about dogs is that they will eat the nastiest most vile thing imagineable from God knows where. Poop from the cat box, rotting animal, they'll lick vomit off the ground…. I'm just convinced these animals are all wrong. I don't hate them but they are all wrong. The rest of the animals are ok

Anonymous 144373

I like some dogs, I love hanging out with other people's dogs, but I think I wouldn't really want to own one. My brain just has them inexplicably linked to gross/germy. When one licks me I have to go wash ASAP because I feel like the area is teeming with germs now. I also really hate that 'dog smell'.

I definitely prefer cats. Can cats be gross sometimes? Sure, but it's not the same as the germy association I have with dogs that are licking assholes, eating poop, etc.

Anonymous 144377

Says the human, species that literally has the weirdest eating habit out of the whole animal kingdom.

Anonymous 144389

model disgusted.jp…

>she doesn't like dogs

Anonymous 144492

If you know people that lick vomit off the ground and eat out of the litter box I've got news for you….

Anonymous 144508

I used to like cats but I find catfags insufferable for their tendency to worship their pets. Plus, outdoor cats can be massive pests for others. I used to live in an apartment complex that was periodically plagued by cat feces and dead animal parts since the landlord kept feeding the strays. I'm just glad there are more and more cat owners who are aware of these issues and are promoting catios and walking their cats instead of letting them roam around freely.

Can't stand most dog breeds too. I don't get how people find some toy dog breeds like chihuahuas and pugs adorable. They just look pathetic and gross to me with their bulgy eyeballs that don't seem to fit in their sockets. Then there are the dangerous breeds with completely delusional owners who don't care that they make others uncomfortable. The only group of dogs that I'm completely fine with being around are sighthounds but I wouldn't want to own one.

Anonymous 145000


>completely ignores the typical family pet breeds that are most popular
Most dogs are good and cool.

Anonymous 145054

this inspired great mirth in me

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